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xx The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Thread started on: Apr 18th, 2008, 3:58pm »

Chapter 1

San Francisco 2015 (This story is set 10 years after the events of The Struggle and The New and 14 years after #54 That would make Jake 31, Cassie 30, and Rae 12)

For those who are new to this universe, I would suggest that you go back and read The New and The Struggle in that order. Otherwise you will be utterly confused and start reviewing with stupid questions like “Why can’t Jake Morph out of his injury?” and “Who is Rae?” that you would have known if you read my earlier stories.


My name is Rachel.

But everyone calls me Rae.

My parents had their story.

Now this is mine.

It all started before I was born. Almost 20 years ago 5 kids decided to take a shortcut through an abandoned construction site. They stumbled upon one alien (later his brother?) and the greatest evil that this side of the universe has ever seen. The Yeerks.

After 4 long years, they managed to defeat the aliens and save the world. But not without a heavy cost.

You see, two of the kids happened to be my parents, Jake and Cassie Berenson. The other were my Dad’s cousin, Rachel, his best friend Marco, and Rachel’s boyfriend Tobias.

Rachel died in the final battle, along with my Dad’s brother, Tom. The survivors were heros, but my Dad and Tobias went into a deep depression over losing the people that were closest to them. But that all changed once Ax was captured by a new threat, the “One”. My Dad went with Marco, Tobias and the US Special forces under the radar to go save him. And they did.

Mom stayed behind and had me.

I wish I could tell you that everything worked out fine.

But it didn’t.

In the process of freeing Ax, Dad was injured pretty badly.

Paralyzed badly.

He ended up in a wheelchair. And there was no way to fix him. No morphing, no special Andalite technology. Nothing worked.

When he got back, he had it pretty rough, but everything turned out better in the end.

We lived, along with my little brother and sister, in Berkeley. Mom ended up being the doctor that she always wanted to be, a psychiatrist to boot.

Dad took a more relaxed position due to his injury. He ran a place part-time for injured soldiers, but he also became a writer.

For the most part, I could say we were the prototypical happy family.

But that all changed the week before 7th grade

“Rae, RAE! Dinner time!” I heard Dad yell from the hall.
“Give me a couple minutes!” I yelled back to him. I was on the phone with my friend Robin.

“Of course, I want to go downtown, we can ride the cable cars. I definitely want to go to get some Ice Cream at the Ghiradelli store. Mom says it’s full of calories and it’s totally unhealthy, but I can’t resist!” I put the phone down for a second

My plan was to leave before dinnertime, so I started brushing my light brown curly hair and I put it into a ponytail. It wasn’t as tightly curled as my Mom’s or bone straight like Dad’s, but it was still a pain in the butt to comb.

I frowned at myself in the mirror.

My dark brown eyes stared right back at me. Everyone says my eyes are just like my Dad’s. Ugh. Why? Mom’s eyes are soooooo much prettier.

Dad also was nice enough go give me embarrassing freckles that dotted my light brown skin. As well as a nose that didn’t look like it belonged anywhere on my face.

The joys of being mixed...

At least I got my Mom’s beautiful cheekbones and lips. But that was an aside. In reality, I never focused too much on the fact my parents were different races. When I was little, I knew they looked different, but I didn’t know that Dad was White and Mom was Black until my kindergarten teacher pointed it out to me. But most people in the Bay are mixed with something or other, so I never cared.

I put a Green hoodie on over my yellow tank and picked the receiver back up. Robin came back

“Oh I completely understand! It’s been forever since we’ve been able to try and sneak into the city. Too many paparazzi try to follow you around Rae.”

“Tell me about it,” I muttered.

That was one of the drawbacks about having world-famous parents. All the attention.

We couldn’t even go out to the movies without a bunch of crazy cameramen following us.

Mom tried to shield us by sending us to private school and giving us bodyguards, because people had done some crazy stuff in the past...

“RAE! The food’s getting cold! Plus your Mom is coming through the door! You know she just got off her shift and wants to sit down to a nice meal. Together. Before she passes out.” I could hear Dad’s voice getting more impatient by the second.

“Dad, I said I’ll get off soon!

I heard him wheel up the hall and come into my room. He came into the threshold. He was not happy.

He stroked his goatee and frowned. I could see him staring at me from behind his glasses.

He folded his muscular arms over his chest and glared at me.

“Rachel, I have been waiting for ten minutes for you to get off the phone. I expect you to actually DO something when I tell you, not to have to come get you.” He said, in his super-creepy steely voice he had whenever he was pissed.

“Robin, I gotta go, call you later.” I whispered just as he came over to me.

“Possessive much?” I grumbled.

“I’m not being possessive Rachel. I’m parenting. There’s a difference.”

“Yeah,right.” I rolled my eyes

“Excuse me? Don’t roll your eyes at me” He raised an eyebrow.

I thought of a snappy comeback. But decided against it. I never wanted to get on Dad’s bad side. I never won. Not like Mom. She was a pushover.


I followed Dad out of my room and into the dining room and sat down at the table, where dinner was waiting.

Fish. Ew. At least it wasn’t Mom’s Tofu surprise.

My litter brother Tommy and my little sister Melissa were sitting in the booster seats at the dining room table.

Let me emphasize Little.

Tommy is 5 and Melissa is 3. Tommy has bright golden skin and this cute little black baby afro. Melissa has an almost copper color to her and her hair is wavy dark brown. They both look more like Mom then Dad. Unlike me. Everyone says I look more like him.

They’re cute, but can be little pain in the you -know-what’s.

At the current moment, Mom walked through the door in her scrubs, looking completely exhausted.

“Hey my babies.”

I see all these photos of her from when the war ended, and she hasn’t changed a bit. She looks a little older, but she cut her hair short again.

She went to kissed Tommy and Melissa on the forehead.

“Don’t I get a kiss too?” Dad rolled over to her and she bent down to kiss him. Not by much though.

I always thought it funny with Dad in the chair, that I was the tallest person in my family so far, even though I was only 12.

“Ewww. Gross. PDA.” I half-joked as I shielded my eyes and took a seat at the table.

Right now, Melissa was reaching over and putting peas in Tommy’s little Afro.

“Melissa sweetie, that’s a no-no” Mom said kindly, taking the food out of his hair.

“Well at least everyone is here together. Honey, you work too many overnight shifts.” Dad said as he rolled to the table.

“I know, I know. There are a shortage of psych interns at county.” She took a seat and we all started to eat. “But that should be over soon.”

“Why, what happened?” Dad asked.

Mom tried to hide a smile.

“It came through..TOMMY! You don’t throw carrots at your sister!”

Dad went over to wrangle Tommy.

“It did?” Dad beamed.

“Yes. UC-Santa Barbara accepted my application. They’re excited that my residency went so well.”

“Wait. What came through?” I was confused.

“What did your parents say?” Dad took the carrots off Tommy’s plate.

I never realized how good my folks were at multitasking.

“They’re very excited. This will give them the opportunity to finally move into that Condo downtown that they always wanted to. And after Daddy’s heart attack...” Mom trailed off into nothingness.

Pop-Pop had a heart attack last year. He didn’t die, but it scared all of us. He started to cut back his hours at the clinic, and Mom-Mom started working less at the new zoo.

I was shocked. The farm was ours so long...I needed a moment to find out what was going on.

“Wait, wait, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop are seriously moving? I thought they were kidding! The farm has been in our family since the dawn of time!” I asked.

“Yes sweetie. They’re not as young as they used to be. Taking care of that place has been hard on them the last couple of years.”

“So what does that mean? Are they selling it?”

“Not exactly...” Dad trailed off.

Mom and Dad shared glances.

Uh-Oh. This CAN’T be good. I thought.

“They’re not selling it, Rae. I would NEVER allow that to happen.” Mom reassured me.

I blinked, confused for a second.

Then I got it. Just as Mom said...

“We’re moving. Back home.”

“WHAT?” I yelled.

“Outdoor voice!” Tommy said as he pointed at me.

I gave him a sneer.

“Rae, don’t make faces.” Mom said.

“Ok, but excuse me for being upset! You cannot barge in here today and say, ‘Oh honey, we’re moving, could you pass the potatoes?’ ”

“Would you, Rae?” Dad asked.

I groaned as I passed them to him.

“I know it’s a lot to deal with, but this has been in the works for months. We were just waiting for me to get the position.” She tried to explain.

I wasn’t buying it.

“How come I didn’t know? Tell me you’re joking!”

“I didn’t want to tell you until I was sure they picked me honey. You have to understand-”

I had a hard time ever listening to my parents, especially today of all days, the day where they were going to rip everything away from me.

I pushed my plate away.

“This is so unfair? What about me? You know, I have friends! I have a life too! Or at least I try with the crazy paparazzi everywhere.”

“Rae this is not just about you. We made this decision for all of us.”

“I bet. You know what, I’m not so hungry now.”

“Rae, we’re not done eating dinner.” Mom started to say. But I wan't having it.

“I am.” I got up and started to go back to my room, but Dad tried to cut me off at the hallway

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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #1 on: Apr 18th, 2008, 4:00pm »

“Rachel Berenson. Don’t go down that hall!” Dad yelled.

I ignored them.

Life as I know it is OVER. I thought as slammed the door and plopped down on my bed.

I didn’t know it then, but in more ways than one, I was absolutely right.




A mysterious being with a giant red eye materialized out of the void. “Across” from him, looking over the San Francisco Bay, was a rendition of a giant whitish human spirit.






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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
-Alicia Keys

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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #2 on: Apr 19th, 2008, 9:16pm »

Chapter Deux (or two, for Sinister Shadow!)

Mom knocked on the door. I knew it was Mom because I could hear footsteps before she knocked.

“Go away,”

“Rae, I just want to talk to you.”


“I don’t want to talk to you guys ever again!” I pulled my hoodie over my head.

I could hear a pause.

That meant only one thing.

She was going to talk to me anyway.

I heard her open the door from the outside and come in the room.

“How did you do that?”

“These doors don’t lock, remember?”

“RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.” I remembered. They did that for a reason. So Dad wouldn’t be able to hurt himself, in the old days.

And I guess when my little brother and sister were born she never fixed them.

She put a hand on my shoulder and sat down next to me on my bed.

“Rae, Rachel. Look at me. Please?”

I started to cry.

“How could you go and do this?”

She turned my head to face me.

“Rae, you and I have been through a LOT together. A LOT. And you’re angry that you have to leave everything you’ve ever known. That’s the nature of life, Rae. Change. Everything changes. Everyone changes. You just have to accept it and move on.” “

“That’s easy for YOU to say. I have a normal life...or semi-normal...or”

I regretted that as soon as I said it. Sometimes, when I’m angry with my parents, I forget they used to be the Animorphs and had terrible teenage years. More horrible than anything I ever would go through in a thousand lifetimes.

But if Mom was upset, she wasn’t showing it. She just wiped some hair away from my face.

“What I mean to say is-” I tried to continue. But she didn’t let me

“You’re scared, anxious, and not quite sure about how you’ll fit into a world you only used to visit. One that doesn’t have the people or the atmosphere of the Bay area. You don’t know how you’re going to make it without your friends,”

Man! Mom was good!

“Yeah. That’s right...” I sniffled.

“You will, Rae. You know why? Because we’re a strong family, that’s why. We’re able to get through ANYTHING that comes our way. Now give me a hug.”

How could I not? Mom knew just what to say to make me feel better. I don’t think it was the psychiatrist in her either.

Begrudgingly, I sat up in the bed and gave her a hug. I felt so safe nestled in her scrubs, even though they had that nasty hospital smell to them.

“Now go apologize to your father.”

I KNEW there was a catch!

“Aw, Mom!” I pouted.

“Rae, I mean it. You’ve been vicious to him for the past few weeks, even before I told you about the move.”

“That’s because he doesn’t understand me AT ALL. I mean, he took down my Corbin Bleu, Omarion, and Adam Levine posters and said they were too old for me! He even returned them to the store!” I looked at the bare walls of my room. I started taking down all of the unicorns and teddy bear pictures that had been there forever.

Dad had other plans. He didn’t want me staring at ‘Dirty Half-Naked Men’, in his exact words.

“Aw, he’s just trying to look out for you.” Mom stroked my hair.

“Pssh. He’ll never let me have a life. He doesn’t understand that I’m not a little kid anymore,” I told her.

“Your father has own special way of showing that he cares about you. Trust me. He has your best interests at heart,” Mom lifted up my chin. “Now get out there and apologize.”

“Fine, fine.”

I didn’t want to, but I got up from my bed and went out the door

“He’s in the family room!” Mom yelled.

I narrowed my eyes and went back down the hall, past the kitchen and breakfast nook, and into the family room. Tommy and Melissa were almost asleep on the big couch, it was close to their bedtimes. Dad was typing away at the computer. If he heard me come in, he didn’t show it.


No response.

“Uh, Dad?”

I walked over to him.


“What Rachel? I’m busy. I need to finish this outline before my editor’s deadline. Unless it’s important-“

“I’m sorry, all right?”

He looked at me skeptically. I can’t help but think that on some level, I could have said ‘Frog guts,’ and I would get the same response.

He just shook his head and looked at me. He had this vein popping out of his forehead, the same one he gets when he’s so angry it’s like he’s fighting space aliens again.

“You know Rae, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.”

He shut the computer off and went to go put Tommy and Melissa to bed.

I just turned off the light and went back to my bedroom.

2 weeks later...
“Ok, we’re here!”

Mom’s voice woke me up from the back of the car.

I blinked once, twice.

Mom’s farm.

The home of my new life.

I must have fallen asleep to my MP3 player when we got on the highway.

It was a miracle, considering Tommy and Melissa were so loud and Dad was trying to make everyone sing road-trip songs.

But I couldn’t bear to leave Berkeley. The last two weeks were just unreal. I spent as much time as I could hanging out with my friends Robin, Juan, and Mike. What else could I do, pack?

It was upsetting enough to see potential buyers poking their way around the house.

Eventually this couple from Canada bought it, I think.

It didn’t matter, because it would always be my house.

When we left for the last time, I started to bawl as my friends waved goodbye. We made a pact the day before to be ‘Friends Forever’ and hopefully Mom would let me go back and visit them, but...

It’s never going to be the same...I still can’t believe this is happening to me...

But now, I looked up to see my grandparents looking back at me from outside the car window.

Mom-mom had gotten a few more streaks of gray and white in her hair, and Pop-Pop was balder than I remembered him to be, but they were the same as always.

“Oh Rae, you’re getting so BIG!” Mom-Mom exclaimed as I stepped out of the car. “Come over here and give your Mom-Mom some sugar!”

I walked over and gave her a hug.

“It’s good to see you too Mom-Mom.”

“And what about me? Are you too old to hug you Pop-pop?”

“Aw, you guys got me,”

I loved my Mom’s parents. I LOVED them. They were an extension of Mom. Such kind-hearted people. When I was little, I remembered being so spoiled by them. They even got me a horse!

“And because we love you, we made your favorite!” Pop-Pop’s voice snapped me back to the present.

“Five-Alarm Chili!”

NOTHING beat Pop-Pop’s Chili.

“He probably made that great Jalapeno cornbread too,” Dad said, holding a box in his hand.

“Of course Jake. Along with Macaroni and Cheese, the baked kind. Topped off with Grammy’s sweet tea, rest her soul.”

Grammy was my Mom’s Great-Grandmother. She died soon after my parents got married. It still amazed me that 5 generations of out family were alive at once.

Dad smiled at my grandparents and went up the ramp to the porch they installed after his accident. My little brother and sister stayed outside, helping Mom unload the car. We mostly had our clothes and shoes. The moving trucks were already here, apparently.

Then we saw another car come down the road. I recognized that to be Grandma and Grandpa.

Dad’s parents.

Once they came into the driveway, they came out of the car and hugged Tommy and Melissa.

Dad saw them and came back out of the house.

“Hey son!” They instantly wrapped him up in a huge hug.

“Grandma and Grandpa! What are you doing here?” I asked, following him.

“I can’t believe you’ve forgotten!” Grandma said as she came over to squeeze the life out of me.

“Um, we moved? I think I remembered that pretty well. I mean, I’m pulling my suitcase-”

“The ten days ring a bell? Rosh Hashanah? It starts tonight,”Grandpa said.

“Oh yeah...”

“Rae, you seriously need to brush up on your Sabbat school lessons.” Dad told me.

“But I’m not-”

“Just because you might not technically be Jewish, doesn’t mean it’s not a part of you,” Grandpa play-scolded me.

I wrinkled my nose. They were right. Besides, Rosh Hashanah was one of my favorite holidays. Already I could see Dad getting the shofar out of his parents’ car.

“Jean, Steve, it’s always a pleasure.” Mom came over with Tommy and Melissa, who were instantly all over Grandma and Grandpa.

“Likewise, Cassie. We think it’s great that you’re all down here full-time. It gives us an excuse to see our grand kids more.” Grandma said.

While they were talking, I decided to go and put my stuff back in the house.

I also wanted to get away. Just for some peace and quiet.

I guess it’s times like these where I wish I could morph.

Hawk like Tobias, and fly far, far, away.

I pulled my suitcase up the stairs and looked around. It seemed that my grandparents had packed almost all of their things up and left ours. There were notes on the door, showing who had what bedroom.

I was hoping for the Master Suite, because that would just be so cool. But no dice.

I got a VERY familiar room.

Mom’s old room.

I opened the door and looked around.

Definitely not my super-cool room in Berkeley, but at least Dad can’t charge in here and destroy things.

Speaking of, if Dad couldn’t get upstairs, where WERE they going to sleep?

Before I could even unzip my suitcase, Mom-Mom knocked on the door.

“Rae, there you are! Your Dad’s parents want to have their special dinner. And they said it had to start soon, because the sun is setting,”

“Um, can they do it without me? I just want to be alone.” Hugging my knees to my chest, I stared out onto the cornfields. At any other time, like vacation, I would say they were beautiful.

Now they looked like yellow prison bars.

“Now come on, Rae, don’t be disrespectful. Your Grandfather is already down there starting, and he says he has a lot of presents and treats for you,”

“At least you guys are being nice to me,” I told her.

“What do you mean? Are you fighting with your parents?”

“Yes, I mean, it’s complicated.”

“Now don’t tell me they’re messing with my grand baby,” Mom-Mom laughed as she took me to the dining room.

All the lights were off. Dad and Grandpa were setting up the table for Sabbat Dinner. Dad was even wearing a yarmulke. Grandma was trying to get a little one to stay on Tommy’s head.

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #3 on: Apr 19th, 2008, 9:20pm »

“Do you need one, Walter?”

“I have my own, thanks,” Pop-Pop pulled out a huge colorful kufi that he got from some random trip to Africa .

“Okay, everyone else sit down. And NO TALKING. That means you Rae. Dad is going to say the prayer,”

Grandpa started to sing in really beautiful Hebrew as total nightfall came. He blessed a cup of Grape Juice as Dad lit the candles on the table. We started to wash our hands and Grandpa cut the bread. After we said “Amen,”Grandpa started blowing the shofar. Tommy and Melissa started to go wild, but I guess it was okay with them. After he finished, we just started to eat like it was any normal meal.

That was WAY intense. When Dad does it, which has been twice in my life, we just light candles and talk.

Come to think of it, neither of my parents were very religious, although I know my Mom is a lapsed Catholic. I guess after everything they went through, religion was pretty moot.

“So, Cassie. Congratulations about the position. Adolescents and Young Adults aren’t the easiest patients, but I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Grandpa winked at me as he spoke.

I wrinkled my nose again.

So what is this, Pick-on-Rae month?

“Thank you Steve. I’m still elated. This job is like a dream come true. Set hours, no more 2nd and 3rd shifts. I can actually sit and eat with my family. And especially since Rae is starting Middle School, both of us are going to need to be around a lot more. Especially since Tommy is starting Kindergarten. Jake will only have Melissa at home.”

“So where will I be going to school Mom?” I asked, gently blowing on the Chili.

“Well, I know I’ve had you pretty insulated back up in Berkeley. I mean, I like private schools Rae, but they are just too small. I was able to get away with it in Berkeley because it’s so diverse, but,”

She looked over at me.

“I think we should try out our old school.”

I gaped.

“Just a trial run. I have to get you kids out in the real world. Don’t worry, they’ll up the security, I could even hire you a bodyguard. But Rae, I didn’t like any of the other schools around here. I think you need to be around a good mix of people and the Junior High has it. Plus, it has a good girls’ basketball team. You were an all star last year, remember?”

Dad raised his eyebrows in excitement. I know one of his psycho missions is to get me into the WNBA.

“But I don’t want to play basketball anymore. Not after I hurt my ankle! I want to dance!”

“Not this again,” Dad rubbed his head “Rae, you have to at least give it another try. Your talent, I haven’t seen anyone else with it since-“

I knew what he was going to say.


I could see a glint of pain in his good eye.

Tom was still a forbidden-zone in my father’s life. Or My Grandparents’ lives.

They NEVER talked about him around us.

“I’m just saying, give yourself the option before you stop. You never know when opportunity will be snatched away from you.”

“I guess I’ll try your school. And Basketball, I’ll think about it,” I said, desperately trying to change the subject.

“Good, good,”

Dad and Mom then started to discuss other things with my grandparents, but I couldn’t even muster up the passion to talk to them. I just asked if I could put Tommy and Melissa to bed.

They said yes, and I led them up to bed.

But instead of going to bed myself, I put on a T-Shirt and overalls and I snuck out the back of the house and out to the barn. I didn’t turn on any lights, I didn’t want to hear it from Dad and I also didn’t want anyone to see me go out of the house.

Barefoot, I walked up and down the cornfield directly behind the house, gazing up at the stars. I don’t know what it was, but it was so beautiful. Maybe because in Berkeley, you never could see the stars.

But something was dragging me towards the Barn.

I put my hand on the door.

Maybe I can hang out in the hayloft...I don’t think they keep anything up there but supplies.

But as soon as I touched the metal, I got the jolt of my life.

I saw a HUGE RED EYE...staring at a little girl..

Then the little girl got sucked into a vortex.

Wait a second...

That little girl was ME!

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
-Alicia Keys

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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #4 on: Apr 22nd, 2008, 12:38am »

Chapter Tres, er Three

What the hell was that? That made NO sense.

I shook my head.

OK Rae, you’ve had a long day. Plus the hanaberos in the Chili. Maybe it’s making you sick. All you need to do is go to bed.

I let go of the barn door and ran back to the house.

“What do you think you were doing?” A tall, blond-haired young lady was levitating in the heavens, legs crossed.

“She’s twelve!!. On top of that-” The girl protested

“Well, being young didn’t stop a certain group of human adolescents from stopping him-”

“Well, you have a point there, but there has to be a better way...let me try!”

The blond girl floated over to him.

“If you send me, she’ll trust what I have to say over anyone else.”


The Ellimist stroked the beard that he had when he appeared to humans.

“But Drode has made their lives a living hell. Well, before the deal, but you know what I mean. There has to be some way you can use me-”


The Ellimist thought for a second.


“No, maybe we should give her another revolution, er, I mean, day. Man, I’ve been dead too long.”


I woke up next morning. My sleep had been pretty normal, but there was something about that Big Red Eye. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I felt like I’d seen it somewhere before.

Probably in a nightmare you had as a kid. Don’t worry, nightmares aren’t real.

I stretched my arms over my head and yawned.

It was so weird to be sleeping, living, in my Mom’s room. There were still boxes of things unpacked, as well as my half-empty suitcase.

Speaking of suitcases...

I had to find something to wear to school.

I grabbed a pair of jeans and looked around for a top to wear. I found this really nice pink 3/4ths top after a while. I took those and the rest of my clothes with me.

Then I made my way down the hall to the bathroom, but there was a MAJOR traffic jam! God, this NEVER happened at home, at least I had my own bathroom!

“MOM!” I yelled.

“What Rae?”

“I need to take a shower!!”

“Honey, I need to give your little brother a bath. It’s his first day of school too!”

“Mom, I can’t starts in an hour. The hot water-“

“Will be fine. Your grandparents put in a new heater two years ago. Anyway, use the bathroom downstairs. It’ll be easier for you to get some breakfast.”

I shook my head and went downstairs.

I hadn’t spent too much time down here last night, but I noticed the hallway leading to the family room was longer. But then I saw why.

Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop had built an extra bedroom downstairs for Mom and Dad.

Hey, that’s thoughtful.

Though I didn’t want to use their bathroom, I had no choice.

I knocked on the door. No answer.

Good, Dad’s not in. Maybe I can have some peace and quiet.

As soon as I jumped in the shower, my plan was thwarted. I ran out of hot water almost immediately.

Oh great, this is juuuuust great!

I finished my shower in the ice-cold water. I tried combing out my hair, but, it frizzed up. Mom had some unused brushes and Dad had some hair gel.

Well, let’s try to use the best of both worlds.

5 minutes later, I had a serviceable ponytail. But I couldn’t help but look around the bathroom before I left. The whole bathroom was modified so that someone who was in a wheelchair could use it.

I bit my lip and put my clothes on.

Maybe I should just be happy I can use both bathrooms.

I ran out to the kitchen, and Dad handed me a bagel.

“Can I have some lox, Dad?” I asked him.

“No kiddo, your Mom needs to get on the road now if you and your brother want to get to school on time.” He handed me something else. A gym bad. “I got you new sneakers. Those Pink Vans you like and the New Jordans. And some gym clothes...all you’ll need to do well.”

I looked at him for a moment. He actually cared.

“Thanks, Dad,”

“You’re welcome, Rachel.”

I put my socks and sneakers on just as Mom hauled Tommy down the stairs, fully dressed.

“Rae, are we ready?” She asked as she grabbed a breakfast bar for him and took the keys off of the hook.

“Yeah,” I finished tying my shoes and started to Munch on my Bagel.

Mom took my LL Bean backpack off the coat rack. I looked back at my father.

He wasn’t dressed.

“Aren’t you coming?”I asked.

“No, I have to stay here with your sister. But have fun, Rachel. And stay out of trouble.”

The ride out of our farm was slightly bumpy, but once we got on the road, two black cars followed us to school.
“Who are they?” I asked.

“Bodyguards, Rachel. I had to take some precautions. Jake insisted on it.”


It seemed my personal space would be invaded here just like it was in Berkeley.

Tommy’s school was first. His Elementary school was closer than the Middle school. Probably because there were more Elementary schools than Middle schools.

Tommy literally JUMPED out of the car when we arrived. It was a cute little place with a bunch of kids running around.

I saw Mom run out of the car to corral Tommy.

She kneeled down to him and whispered something in his ear. Then she motioned to me.

“Take a picture, Rae!”

“But you don’t have a camera!”

“You should have one, it’s in your cell phone!”

I raised my eyebrows and got out of the car.

Seeing Mom squeezed next to Tommy was cute, I had to admit.

“Say Cheese!”

I took the picture and Mom got back in the car. We both waved at Tommy, who was escorted to the school by one of the bodyguards.

The Middle School was farther up the road.

And so was the craziness.

There were so many Paparazzi everywhere, leading up the main street.

When the cops saw our car, they escorted us into the parking lot.

“Rach, this is your stop,”

I didn’t move.

“Mom I don’t want to-”

“Rachel, I know you like to fight about everything, but this is not one of them.”

“But look around! The police have to take me into school. I’m already going to be labeled the biggest loser in school and I haven’t even stepped in the place!”

“Rae, honestly now. You haven’t even given it a chance. And look, here comes the principal.”

A woman who appeared to be Mom’s age came over to the car. Mom mouthed “Get out”, so I did.

“Hi Cassie, how is everything? How was the move?” The lady asked.

“It was fine, Melissa. We’re still getting settled in. Aren’t we Rachel?”

“Huh?” I was taking my stuff out the back of the car when the lady came over to me.

“Rachel, my name is Melissa Chapman, and I’m the Principal. I’ve come to personally welcome you to our school.” She stuck out her hand.

That Melissa Chapman?

Mom started to pull away from us.

“Be good sweetie!” I heard her yell.

I rolled my eyes.

As she and a bodyguard started to take me through the front door, I could feel the stares of all the students who were walking in.

“You’re Mom tells me you’re quite the basketball player...”

I started to tune her out. No way I wanted to talk to the principal of all people.

Great, they already think I’m a freak.

“...and this is your locker, You’re in the “B”’s obviously. Just put your things in here, you get a lock with a combination free of charge. Your homeroom is around the corner. They’ll give you a copy of your schedule. Good luck Rachel. You are going to be a welcome addition to our community.”

I shrugged my shoulders as she walked back down the hall. The bodyguard looked at me,

“Ready?” he asked as he took me to homeroom

Do I have a choice?

I slid into the back just as the teacher started to take roll.

When My last name was called, I raised my hand. Then I slunk back down into the chair.

We spent another 5 minutes listening to the teacher, Mr David, introduce himself, then the bell rang. I went up and got my schedule.

“First period Social Studies? You have GOT to be kidding me,” I muttered.

“You have Social Studies? That’s funny. I have it too.” I whipped around and looked for the girl whose voice I heard.

“Behind you,” There was a girl, maybe a couple inches shorter than me. She had braids and warm, welcoming brown eyes. They matched her coffee brown-colored skin.

“Hi, I’m Tanya. And you must be-”

“Rachel. My name is Rachel. But you can just call me Rae. Everyone else does.”

She smiled.

Maybe this won’t be so bad, after all.

“The Social Studies teacher is all the way across the building, past the cafeteria. It’s a pain to walk to, but we have enough time.”

“Really? That stinks. Back home, I went to a smaller school, everything was closer together.”

“Where did you go to school?”

She didn’t know?

“Oh, I used to live in Berkeley.”

“Ah! I knew there was something different about you. Besides your hair.”

“Um, yeah. I’m mixed. My Mom is Black and my Dad is White.” I started to nervously ramble.

“Well, I knew that. Everyone knows about your parents.”

“So why did you ask about Berkeley?” I was curious.

“Well, no one down here knew where you guys were still living there. We thought ya’ll were down here.”

“Nah, Mom never liked L.A. or San Diego. She said the Paparazzi were so bad, they would kill us, just like they killed that Princess in England.”

“She has a point there,” Tanya said. “Oh, here we are. Mr. Turner. Social Studies. My big brother had him for Social Studies when he was in middle school.”

“You have a brother?”

“Yeah, he’s 17. He goes to the high school. His name is Jamal.”

“I’d rather have an older sibling than two younger ones. Tommy and Melissa are so annoying. But that would be near impossible,”

We entered the classroom and took a seat. Mr. Turner started to take roll. Then he started to talk about what was happening in California and the rest of the world.

Well at least some things are the same everywhere you go...

School was starting to look like it wouldn’t be so terrible. Tanya was also in my second period English class, as well as Fourth period Math. For third period Spanish, I was on my own. At lunch, I spotted her again.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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She invited me to sit with her friends.

“Okay, everyone, this is Rae.”

“What up shorty?” A big guy in a football jersey smiled at me

“Uh,” Ohmigod!, I didn’t know people still said that!

“Darryl. Shut up. Don’t scare her.” Tanya threw an apple at his head.

I clutched my brown bag lunch.

“Well, I will say this, you got some good hair,” another girl told me.

“Me? No way, it takes forever...”

“But it looks so soft. You probably don’t even need a hot comb.”

Now I was getting embarrased. How could they be so right about my hair? I never met any of these people before.

“All right, all right, back off. Don’t traumatize her on the first day here.” Tanya scolded everyone.

I bit into my sandwich.

“Do you have gym next?”

I nodded my head.

“It’s going to be basketball tryouts for everyone, guys and girls. Do you want to go look?

It was better than eating the brussel sprout sandwich Mom made. Or even the green goop on the lunch tray of the other people.

Tanya and I snuck out and looked.

But I was in shock. There was a big placard that read.

“The Thomas Berenson Memorial Gym”

I covered my mouth with my hand. No way Dad dedicated they gym to his brother Tom.

It was all nice and clean, even better than the gym at my old school. And there it was.

A picture of my Uncle, showing him to be the all-time points leader at our school.

I could feel the anger boiling in my blood. Dad thought he was sneaky.

“Rae, is there something wrong?”

“No, nothing at all.” I said through clenched teeth as the bell rang. I stalked off towards my locker.

A few minutes later, I came back with my gym clothes on. There were two teachers, I guess one was the gym teacher and the other held a sign for girls’ basketball tryouts.

“Everyone who wants to try out over here!” I stood in line.

It was then I noticed people pointing at my Jordans.

“How’d she get the new ish...that Rich B-”

I shot people daggers and got in line.

The teacher split us up into two groups and we started to scrimmage. I did well as the center, I pulled down a few rebounds and blocked a few shots. I also made a couple baskets, one lay-up and another off the dribble in 3-point range.

The coach wrote something down on her clipboard. When I went up for another rebound, a girl fell into me and I rolled on my bad right ankle for a second.


“What’s the matter?”

“My ankle,” I motioned to the coach. He helped us up.

“That’s enough for today Rachel. You did well. Do you need to see the nurse?”

“No, my Mom’s a doctor, I’ll have her look at it when I get home.”

I limped back to the bleachers.

“Just give me a chance to rest,” I moaned.

It was then I saw this light skinned black guy come in with the rest of the boys team, I guessed. He looked at me, smiled, and then started to drain threes.

I just sat on the sidelines

“So how was school?” Mom asked me.
After Gym, I only had History and Music. They weren’t so bad, but my ankle still hurt. Tanya wasn’t in either of them, but the mysterious guy was in my music class. He smiled as we picked instruments. I got the flute, which I’ve never played before while I could see he studied the alto sax.

Then the final bell rang. Before I could get up to say anything to this mysterious boy, he was gone. The bodyguard came to get me.

When we walked out of school, Mom and Tommy were waiting for me.

I looked around for the boy, but he was nowhere to be found.

“Hop in sweetheart.”

I got in the front seat.

“How was your day?”

“I rolled my ankle again.”

“Well, I’ll take a look at that when we get home. Did you make any friends?”

“Yes, there’s this girl named Tanya, we have almost all of the same classes.”

“That’s great honey! I TOLD you that you’d be able to make friends!”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Don’t be pessimistic,”

“I don’t know yet.”

People were still staring as well pulled out of the parking lot and into the street.

“Just wait until tomorrow” She gave me a reasurring pat on the back.

I didn’t know how ironic her statement was going to be.

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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Chapter Four


She is a wildcard, Master


No, my liege. I am just stating, she has too much psychic energy from the last time you interfered. I would say you need to go back earlier

HMMMM...Crayak thought for a milisecond.


The Drode looked at his master.


The next morning, I must have slept in a little bit, because I woke up to Mom banging on my door.

“Rae! Get up! You’re going to be late!”

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes.

“What time is it?”

“It’s 7:15!”

Shoot, I am late.

I started to get up out of bed, but I forgot about my ankle. As soon as I put my foot down, daggers shot up my leg.

“Ow, Mom, My ankle! I guess it still isn’t healed all the way.”

Mom looked at it for a second.

“Let me see that again...I see. Hmm,”

She went down the hall for the first aid kit.

As she started to wrap it up, she gave me instructions

“Now, no running, sudden movement, no sports...that includes Basketball. Just take it easy. sprains are hard to heal.”

“Yes, Mom.”

After I showered and got dressed, she and Tommy were waiting for me at the front door. Dad and Melissa were no where to be found.

“Your Dad is asleep, and so is Melissa. They don’t need to be up so early. Come come.”

I gingerly made my way over to the door. The bodyguards were outside waiting for us too.

As we drove Tommy to school, we ignored his baby talk and Mom started to ask me questions.

“How do you like school so far?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“It’s fine, I guess.”

“Do you like your classes?”

“They’re ok. I mean, we haven’t done much.”

“Have you been meeting anyone?”

“Well, there’s this girl Tanya. She’s in most of my classes. She seems pretty nice. I haven’t really gotten the chance to meet anyone else.” I paused for a second.

We came up to Tommy’s school.

“Rachel, let me get him into school.”

She took Tommy’s hand and walked him

“What’s wrong?”

“I mean...I met her friends...they seem pretty nice too, but, Mom. Did anyone ever say I had-”

“But what honey?” She cut me off.

“Mom, has anyone ever said to you that I have ‘Good Hair’?

Mom leaned back against the driver’s seat. I could tell this was a sensitive topic with her too.

“Well, you’re Great-Great-Grandmother said it when you were younger...but it’s not something I’ve ever told you about. Are they bothering you about it?” she questioned me.

“A little,”

“Rae, don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not who you are just because your hair might be different or your skin is lighter than theirs. Be proud of who you are, which is-”

“The both of you. I know I know. You’ve been drilling it in my head for the last 10 years.” I quipped.

“For times like this. Now you’re here. Let’s go. Scram. You have to get to home room on time,”

I hugged her.

“Thank you Mom,”

She smiled and waved as I got out of the car.

Why can’t you tell everyone else that?

“Welcome back to Social Studies, Class. Looks like I didn’t scare you enough yesterday. But I think I’m going to change up on you guys today. Instead of regular Current Events, we’re going to focus on Current Alien Events. Since you kids are the first generation to have Aliens openly live amongst humans, how do you feel about that?”

I could feel everyone’s eyes staring at me, even the teacher. Tanya scribbled something down in her notebook.

Don’t worry about it, I’ll answer. It said

“Mr. Turner. I think it’s pretty cool that we get to have aliens walk around on the street. My parents said they always knew there were other beings out there. Just the way it happened, I guess, it wasn’t too great.”

I looked down at the blue and white tiled floor.

“Yeah, my grandfather was a controller. Until his Yeerk got flushed.”

The girl looked directly at me. Her ice-blue eyes were like lasers.

I knew the details of that last battle all too well.

“It just doesn’t seem fair that both sides weren’t punished.” she complained.

I knew she was just about to talk about my parents, so I tried my best to shut him up.

“Well, would you rather everyone be walking around with alien slugs in their brains? A dead world? In every war there is sacrifice-” I started to say.

“Did your Dad tell you that Rachel? Or did you come up with that all by yourself?”

“What did you say about my Dad?” I could feel my cheek and neck flush up with heat.

No one talked about my family. NO ONE.

I unconsciously clenched my fist.

“Alright kids, take it easy. Take it easy. Maybe we should move on to something else.” Mr. Turner said.

“Yeah,” I whispered. The girl gave me the evil eye. I glared back at her.

Two can play that game.

Mr. Turner started talking about current Human events as I tried my best to get what she said out of my head.

Mom and Dad had killed a lot of Yeerks. But they always said it was for the ‘Greater Good’. But maybe the ‘Greater Good’ wasn’t good for everyone.

Mr. Turner talked about the President and Congress until the bell rang. Then he gave us homework. We were to bring in something that had historical significance in our family.

We filed out of the room. The girl looked like she wanted to talk bad to me, but Tanya pulled me away.

“Don’t even talk to Becky. She’s not worth it. She’s a miserable person, racist too. She’s just trying to bait you,”

“But how dare she talk about my Dad? Everyone knows he’s suffered through so much because of the war. Just look at him! He’s in a wheelchair.”

“I know that Rae. She just likes to rip people down. It’s her loss,”

I shook my head.

“What do we have next?”

“Oh, it’s Tuesday. Second period we always have Health.”

I made a face.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly.”

She led me down another hallway to a bright and cheery room that had posters of the human body and random skeletons. The teacher introduced herself as Mrs. Matthews and then dropped a bomb on us.

“We’re going to start the school year off with sexual education!”

Everyone started to giggle. I did too, until I looked behind me.

There was the boy! THAT boy!

I was suddenly SO embarrassed. This couldn’t be happening. Not with everything else that had been going on, he was in health too?

“Now, does anyone want to talk about how babies are made? You all probably know how it happens?”

“Yeah, a guy and a girl get together and hit it like on those channels that you have to pay for on cable,” Someone said in the front.

Everyone giggled.

Well, that’s not ALL it’s emotional, yes, but it’s very scientific as well. One of the miracles of science. Flip open your textbooks to page twenty-four. I want to start talking about the cell...”

My mind wandered. All I could think of was that cute boy two rows behind me.

“Does anyone have any questions?”

Everyone stared back at her.

“Well, good. I expect you to do your homework and have it ready next week. Answer all the questions at the end of Chapter one.”

More embarrasment followed as I left the classroom. Someone bumped into me and I dropped my stuff all over the floor.

“Oh, my bad,” A deep voice said.

I looked up.

It was HIM!

“Oh, uh, sorry. Rachel? Is that your name?” He asked, his green eyes sparkling.

“Yeah...that’s me.”

He handed me my health book.

“My name is Derrick.”

We stared at each other for a second. His eyes started to sparkle.

“It’s nice to meet you, Derrick,”

“You too,”

“Well, I have to go now.” He hurriedly put his backpack on and he started walking towards where the bathrooms were.

Ok, that was strange. Why is he going to the bathroom?

“Yo Rae?”

I turned around. Becky was at the other side of the hall.

“I knew that’s what you people responded to.”

“Excuse me? Who do you think you are?” I asked her.

“Who do you think YOU are? You just can’t come walking into my school with your terrorist parents, build a new gym, and think that you own the place.”

“I’m not trying to do anything but go to school. And my parents AREN’T terrorists. They’re the only reason you’re free to even think in your twisted backwards way.”

“My parents aren’t war criminals. So who is from the backwards family?” She smirked.

“What did you say? You shut your mouth!” I yelled.

Now people had formed a crowd around her. Derrick ran up to me, but I saw Tanya hold him back.

This was between us.

“And I could almost forgive your Dad, if he hadn’t made a dirty mutt-”

THAT WAS IT. I didn’t know what came over me, but NO ONE made fun of my family or me. The next thing I knew, I socked her in the nose.

She grabbed me and tried to throw me against the lockers. I managed to slip away, but she still got me down on the ground.

“Half-breed!” she yelled at me

“White trash!” I yelled back.

We were still rolling around on the ground when I could hear Principal Chapman walk up in her high heels.

“WHAT IN THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?” Behind her were two school cops. They separated us. I could see that Becky had a bloody nose and was bleeding from the mouth.

“Both of you in my office. NOW.”

We sat in her office, staring at her from across the desk.

“Do I even WANT to know how this started?” Principal Chapman asked.

“You know what, I don’t even care. Fighting is NOT acceptable in any circumstance. Do you two hear me?”

“But she was making fun of my parents and my race!” I complained.

“I don’t care if she was making fun of your entire family. There are other ways to settle issues than with your fists.”

She turned to Becky.

“And you. We’ve had these discussions before. Racism is not acceptable at this institution.”

She threw up her hands.

“I don’t know what to do. You both are at fault here.”

She looked at me.

“I am very dissapointed in you Ms. Berenson. I want you to wait in the Assistant Principal’s office while I call your parents.”

I followed the school cop to another room. Principal Chapman was sort of screaming at Becky or whatever her name is.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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I still love it, Sheba!! smiley excellent writing, missy.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Dumb idiot, I thought to myself as I thumbed through some magazines on the table.

After I while, the door opened and I looked up.

It was Mom.

And she did NOT look happy.

“Rachel. WHAT is going on?”

I’m sure Principal Chapman already told her, but I decided to tell her my side of the story.

“Well, that girl was insulting you and Dad and I was trying to defend you...then she started making fun of me,”

“Rachel, that is NO excuse for putting your hands on someone.” she lectured me. Principal Chapman turned to face me.

“I talked with your Mom, and she thinks my punishment is appropriate. Your disciplinary record from your former school is nearly spotless, and since you are a new student, I have decided to give you detention for one month. You will be able to practice, but not play for the Basketball team for the first month of the season. But if you get into another incident young lady, I will have no choice but to suspend you from school. As it is, I think you should take the rest of the day off. ”

“Thank you Melissa. I really appreciate the way you handled this. As for YOU, Miss, you’re coming home with me. Let’s go. Now.”Mom took my hand and led out of the office, past Becky.

She gave me the finger. I stuck out my tongue. We went out the back way so no one would see us.

My stuff was already there.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ve already fired your bodyguard.” Mom’s sentences were very short. Clipped.

I’d never heard her so angry before.

When we got in the car, Mom started to look at me.

“Just look at yourself, Rachel. This is why fighting is stupid.”

I looked up in the rear-view mirror. I had a black eye and a busted lip. There was even some blood on my shirt.

I could never face anyone at school again.

“You think that’s bad? The girl you fought with, you broke her nose and knocked out one of her teeth! You’re lucky the two of you weren’t arrested.” Mom continued to chastize me.

“But I was just-” I tried to explain

“But nothing. We’ll talk when we get home. With your father.”

When we walked in the house, Dad was in the family room, watching Nick Jr. with my little sister. They were practicing letters.
“A for Apple!” She yelled.

“That’s right, Apple! Melissa, you’re learning fast.”

Mom cleared her throat.

“Oh, you two are home early. What’s going on?”

“Maybe Rachel can tell you,” Mom said sternly.

“I got into a ...disagreement with a girl at school.”

“More like a knock-down, drag out brawl with her.” Mom shook her head.

“RACHEL! I don’t believe this! What in the world would cause you to fight somebody?” He turned off the TV and looked at me.

The vein was popping out of his head again.

“She was making fun of me. She called me a “mutt” and a “half-breed”. She also was saying that it wasn’t the Yeerks’ fault for the war and that the two of you were war-criminals,”

I saw something flash inside of Dad, for a millisecond. Understanding. I thought he was going to be on my side. But then he let me have it.

“Rachel, your mother and I have worked VERY hard all our lives to instill certain values in you. You always have to be the bigger person, no matter WHO is trying to bring you down.”


“But nothing Rachel. Your behavior has been out-of-control for the past few weeks and your mother and I are sick of it.”

“Whatever.” I went back into the kitchen

“Don’t you walk away from me, Rachel.” I heard him wheel after me.

“Turn around and look at me. LOOK AT ME.” He yelled.

I looked at him. He didn’t look as upset as he was tired.

“People are going to say things about you ALL the time. Things about us. It’ll only get worse as you get older, believe me. But if you go around hitting everyone you argue with, you’ll be in jail for the rest of your life. And you won’t solve any of your problems.”

I folded my arms over each other.

“What about what she said about the war?”

Dad sighed.

“You leave that to us. But don’t forget, without the war, none of you kids would be here. Now go upstairs.”

I frowned and went up the back stairs to my room. I will say this though. One of the great things about living in an old house is that you can hear almost everything

I put my ear to the floor. My room was right about the family room.

“...What are we going to do, Jake? This type of behavior, I’ve never SEEN it from her before. I thought you were being overprotective, but maybe you do have a point.”

“It’s because we’ve given her too much freedom. We’ve spoiled her. We should have let her grow up as a normal child.” I could hear him grumble.

“Jake, she’s not normal.”

“Okay, her parents are Animorphs. That’s not-”

“Not that, Jake. You know what I mean.”

“She’s half-mom, half-dad. Just like everyone else on Earth.”

I had to crack a smile at that. I know Mom was probably rubbing her head.

Dad had a hard time “seeing” those types of things.

“Look, I’ll try to see if we can have a child psychologist see her. I am really concerned with her well being.”

“You do what you think is right Cassie. I still say we should ground her for a little while. Make her work in the barn. She’ll straighten up.” Dad told her.

“Fine, I’ll go tell her.”

I could hear footsteps. I pretended to read on my bed as Mom opened the door.

“Rachel, we’ve come to a decision. You’re grounded for a month. Every day after school you have to go help out at the clinic. And I’m going to take you to see a friend of mine, Dr. Wilder.

Mom came over to hug me.

“Just know I’m doing this because I love you,”

Yeah. I bet.

“Let me get something for your wounds,”

I watched her walk out and heard her down the hall with the first aid kit yet again.

Then I saw a big swirling flash of bluish-white light.

I screamed, then everything went blue.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Chapter 5

I freaked out.

My room, and outside, was swathed in dark blue light.

I couldn’t hear Mom down the hall at all.

What is going on? Where am I?

“Hello Rae,”

I looked up to see light blue and white lights materializing out of thin air.

Then, a teenage girl appeared transparent to me.

She had blond hair and warm blue eyes. She was tall, maybe 2 or 3 inches taller than me. She was extremely pretty, yet she looked familiar, VERY familiar. There was something about her eyes.

“Come on Rae, don’t you recognize me?” She asked.

I scrambled back onto the bed. “Stay away from me. I don’t know what’s going on but-”

“Rae. I’m not going to hurt you. I’ve been watching over you since the day you were born. Lord knows my thick-skulled cousin needs all the help he can get.”

I squinted my eyes.


“You’’re Rachel? My cousin Rachel? Mom’s best friend-”

“Yeah, yeah. Kid. It’s me. THE Rachel.”

I slowly put my hand through her image.

“Uh, Rae, what are you doing?” She looked slightly annoyed with me.

“Looking for wires. This has to be some prank Dad is playing to ‘set me straight’,”

“Do you see any?” I shook my head.

“This is no prank. This is dead serious. Just look around. Do you see your Mom or hear your little siblings?”

She was right. The house was eerily silent.

“So if I’m not home, where am I?”

Rachel floated closer to me.

“You’re on another plane of existence.”

“Am I dead?” I was REALLY scared now.

“No, definitely not. It’s just that, I can’t cross over to your plane of existence. So I had to bring you to mine.”

“You have the power to do that?”

“No...but it was given to me by...” she cocked her head. “An old friend.”

“So is another plane like parallel universes? We study those in school.”

“Not exactly. Only the living can fully enter into universes. Anyway. I’m here to show you something.”

She floated me down the stairs to my now-abandoned home. Outside, I could see six golden threads high in the sky.

I could feel myself levitating upwards until I was even with those strands. Then I recognized what they were. They looked like movies. People were sleeping, eating, going to school, playing in the arcade, walking in a mall, taking care of animals.

Cousin Rachel read my mind.

“Yes, they’re exactly what you think they are Rae. They’re lives. In this case, they’re our lives. The lives of the Animorphs. Or in my case, they were.”

I noticed that one of the lines flickered out suddenly.

“Yeah. That’s me. But don’t be upset. It’s peaceful here. But while you’re looking,” She pointed to two of the other lines. They were intertwined, and then they fell apart. But a little later, one sprouted a new line and the original lines came back together.

“Those were...”

“Your parents. You came from them and got them back together. It took long enough,” Rachel snorted.

“That’s not MY fault,” I said.

“Your right, it’s not. Jake, I swear...” she sighed.

I giggled. It wasn’t just me that thought my Dad was stubborn.

“This is pretty cool Cousin Rachel...but what does it have to do with me?”

“I’m just here to show you that you’ve been blessed with amazing gifts. I can’t reveal those gifts to you just yet, but I want to show you something else.”

She pointed down to the other part of the sky, where my lines intersected with five others.

“The six of you will use your gifts to do special things.”

“What kind of things?”

“I can’t tell you, but Rae, everything happens for a reason.”

“Wait! What does that mean?”

Before I could ask, I felt myself slipping out of the fog of that plane and was back in my present reality.

Time had not passed at all.

I touched the bed, then the window. It was back to being a normal, Southern California sunny day.

Mom came back into the room.

“Rae, what are you doing? Please tell me you aren’t jumping out the window.”

Should I tell her? Nah.

“No I was just looking at the cornfields.” I lied. Mom raised an eyebrow and patted my bed.

“Sit down, I need to fix you up.”

I came over to her and she started to clean up my wounds with cotton balls and alcohol.

“Ouch! That stings!” I yelped.

“Bullies you can handle, but not rubbing alcohol?” she asked.

“Ow! No!”

“Then you shouldn’t fight at all. Your cousin Rachel-” she stopped herself short.

We looked at each other for a second.

If she had known where I was...

“But Mom. You guys KILLED people. I just got into a little tiff.”

“That’s how it starts Rae. A little tiff. Then you start getting addicted to the rage.” She put the cotton balls down and then put two ice packs on my lip and eye.

“And our situations were completely different.”

“Yeah, you were the Animorphs.”

She stopped with the ice pack. I pouted.

“Rae, you know that isn’t the case and I’m not going to get into it with you right now. Now keep those ice packs on for 20 minutes, and then take a break. Join me, your father, and Melissa for lunch once the swelling in your lip goes down.”

The next day, I had detention after school. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I did see a lot of familiar faces. Tanya was sitting behind me, passing notes about the big fall dance they were going to throw at school a couple weeks from now. Derrick was also there, he was about three rows up, next to a short Japanese boy who was sketching something on his notebook. Becky was on the opposite side of the room, arms folded and staring at me. It seems like our fight had started a bigger one later, and Tanya and Derrick got involved.
Let her stare. I could care less.

The rest of the kids in detention were a mix of jocks, emos, and people who looked like they did a lot of drugs.

Hopefully this will not last long.

I was missing basketball practice today for this. Though I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay on the team. It was just that, everyone expected me to be like my Uncle, some superstar, and I didn’t know if that was for me.

Anyway, an old woman that looked about ninety waddled into the classroom with a cane and wrote her name on the board.

Ms. Bailey.

For the next two hours, it was her job to babysit us.

As Ms. Bailey sat and read, Tanya passed me a note.

Are you going to go to the dance? It read.

No way. My parents already think I’m the Spawn of Satan. I’d have to be out of my mind to think they would let me go to a dance. I wrote back.

So lets throw our own. My brother is a DJ. Why don’t we use your barn? She slipped me another one.

It would have to be a weekend when my parents were away, but I’m sure we can do it. I passed the note under the seat.

Cool. Let’s talk when we get out of detention. She smiled and pretended to do busywork as Ms. Bailey started to gaze in our direction.

I had to worry about my Social Studies homework. It required me bringing in something from the War that was important to my family.

I need to check out Dad’s old army stuff, I’m sure I can find something good.

After what seemed like a short time, detention was over. I walked out with Tanya to my locker.

We were talking about the logistics of the barn party when someone surprised me.

“Uh, Hi Rae.”

It was Derrick. And the Japanese boy. He was carrying a skateboard and had on some killer BAPE sneakers.

“ Rae. This is my boy Jon. Jon, this is Rae.”

“Hi!” he shook hands with me.

“It’s nice to meet you, finally. Derrick talks about you a lot.” Jon smiled as he said it to me.

I could see Derrick blush a little bit. My heart started racing.

Tanya saved the day. Her cell phone went off.


“Well, does anyone need a ride home? My Mom just called. She’s outside.”

I shook my head.

“No. My Dad is coming to pick me up today. He’ll freak if I’m not outside waiting.”

“Yeah, I have to be gone too. A Bunch of us are going to shred on the fountain outside the mall.”

“We’re going to hit the arcade later on, rite?” Derrick gave Jon a pound with his fist.

“Absolutely.” Jon ran in front of us as we walked, and when we got outside, he jumped on his skateboard and went down the street, out of sight. Tanya also waved goodbye and ran out to her Mom’s car.

I saw Becky leave the school too, but she walked over to the bus stop. I guess her parents didn’t have a car.

“Don’t worry about her, she’s stupid”, Derrick said. “She’s been a pain ever since she transferred in here last year.” he placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I smiled at him and adjusted my backpack. He gathered his saxophone case and his backpack and escorted me out to a bench in front of the school.

“So, Tanya told me you um, jumped in the fight too,”

“Of course I did. You know, she insulted me too. Well, half of me anyway.”

“Wait a second. You’re mixed too?”

Derrick chuckled.

“Yeah, I’m mixed. My dad is Black and my Mom is white. Italian, actually. The opposite of you, I guess.”

“That’s really cool. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one here.”

Derrick smiled again. His was so sweet it almost melted off his face. It made me swoon inside. I was trying my best to keep my composure.

“Yeah, this place is pretty, um,” he went on to say.

“White?” I offered.

“Bingo. That’s why I get along with Jon so well. We’re both...different from most of the kids here. And so are you.”

“In a bad way or a good way?” I was curious. So many people tried to be my friend in the past just because my parents were Animorphs.

“Definitely good. I mean when they told us you were coming, I was expecting, like, one of those Hollywood types. But you aren’t like that at all. You’re so chill and down to earth. I like that.”

I took a longer look at him. His curly hair was spiked so it came up off the top of his head. Although he was almost my color, he had a nose like the ones on busts of Roman emperors.

Derrick was not like other guys. He was sweet. And very cute.

That thought made me smile.

“Though it is better than when my parents were here,” I finally admitted. “It was seriously like, Mom and Uncle Marco. And Timmy. Can’t forget Timmy.” I joked.

Derrick laughed. His green eyes sparkled at me again.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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“Let me show you something cool,”he pulled out his saxophone.“I’ve been playing for two years.”

“That’s awesome. How does it work?” I asked him.

“Well, you take a reed.” he handed me one fresh out of a pack. “Then you put it in the mouthpiece and blow into it gently. Use your fingers to play the keys.”

I blew, but nothing came out.

Derrick got up and placed one hand on my back, and the other on top of my hand.

“Now just take a deep breath-”

“RACHEL!!” A VERY familiar voice screamed.


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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Dad pulled up to the curb in his special blue truck. I assumed he had just come back from Physical Therapy, so his muscles were bulging. When I was little, Mom and I used to call him Batman. Now I really wish he would turn into a bat and go hide in a cave.

“Dad, Oh my god!” Derrick and I jumped apart.

“In the truck. NOW.” He thumbed me over to the truck.

“I’m just trying to have a little fun-”

“Yeah Mr. Berenson. We were-” Derrick tried to explain.

“YOU. Stay away from my daughter. If I ever see you around her again, I’ll make sure you won’t be walking again. EVER.” He pointed at Derrick.

“DAD!” I yelled at him

“Rachel. TRUCK.” He narrowed his eyes. Behind his glasses, I could see his good eye full of rage.

I gave Derrick a look that said “I’m so sorry,” and I went into the car with my things.

Derrick picked up his sax and sped off to the gym.

“What the heck was that?” he asked me as we rode away from the school.

“Dad. I was just having some fun after school. What’s so wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong? Rae, you were alone with a guy, that’s what’s wrong.”

He made a hard left onto the byway that would take us to the farm.

“Dad, he’s just a friend. He was showing me how to blow into a saxophone. You and Mom wanted me to make friends, remember?”

“Yeah, he probably wanted you to-” he muttered under his breath and shook his head. “Listen to me Rae. You CANNOT, under any circumstances, put yourself into that kind of situation with a guy.”

I blinked hard.

“Wait a minute, you think Derrick, of all people, would try to hurt me?”

“Not just hurt you. Rachel, why are you alone with a boy you barely know? He could take advantage of you.”

I shook my head. He did not understand at all.

“There were two school cops by the entrance, they were watching us like hawks. I would never let anyone put their hands on me-”

“Just like you didn’t let that Becky girl put her hands on you?”

I fell silent for a second. Why did he have to put her into it?

“Look Rachel, I’m not trying to be a monster. I don’t want you to be hurt and suffer the consequences of some young boy doing-”

“What you did to Mom?” I spat out.

He got quiet for a few minutes. By the look of his face, that was beet red, and the vein popping out of his head I knew I had stepped in forbidden territory.

I wasn't a fool. I knew that Mom and Dad were young when they had me. Anyone could see, plus there was the fact that my little sibs were so much younger than me. Mom was seventeen, and Dad was eighteen when I was born. I also knew that Dad had to leave before Mom had me. To go save Ax.

“But that didn’t mean that I didn’t love your Mom. She and I had been through so much, Rae.”

Dad said, interrupting my train of thought.

“Guys today, they’re only looking for one thing. And it’s starting younger and younger.”

We pulled up to the farm. I could see Tommy and Melissa playing outside with My Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop.

Retirement to them meant coming in twice a week to do hard surgeries and to see if the place was running well. And to also dote over their grandkids. At least, the little ones.

Dad parked outside the garage and I hopped out the passenger door. He pressed a button and a ramp fell out of the truck onto the pavement.

“Hey Rae! Catch!” Tommy threw me a Mini-Basketball. I dribbled it through my legs and back to him.

“There ya go sport.”

He smiled and grabbed at my leg.

“Rae, how come you don’t play with us?”

Melissa looked up from the mound of dolls she was surrounded with and nodded.

“It’s because your sister is a middle schooler now. A very busy girl. A step away from high school.” Mom-Mom Alisha came over to give me a hug.

“That’s not the only thing she’s busy with,” Dad piped up.

I crossed my eyes and broke out of Mom-Mom’s hug.

“I can’t believe this. Dad, you are ridiculous!” I stormed into the house.

Right away, I could smell Indian food. The wonderful smells coming from the kitchen must have meant that Mom stopped for takeout, thankfully.

“Hey sweetie. I didn’t have time to cook tonight,” She looked pooped in her lab coat.

“Don’t call her sweetie. She’s had enough of that today,” Dad said as he rolled into the house.

“Wait a second. Now what’s the problem between you two?” She looked at us both and put her hands on her hips.

“All I was doing was hanging out with a guy and Dad thinks I’m gonna end up barefoot and pregnant with three kids,” I glared at him.

“Wait a second,” Mom laughed a bit. “You were spending time after school with a young man?”

“Yeah, his name is Derrick-”

“That’s not all they were doing” Dad cut me off.

“Dad. He touched my back for like, three seconds when he tried to teach me how to play the saxophone.”

“The way he stared at you, he wanted to teach you something else-”

“Jake! Honestly!”

Good, Mom was on my side.

“That’s why I said Dad couldn’t say anything because of what he did to you, to us.”

Then mom swivelled her head and stared at me.

“Rachel! That is completely inappropriate! What happened between me and your father had nothing to do with you and this boy!”

She held a hand up to her head.

“Listen, just because I am a shrink, it does NOT mean I am getting in the middle of this argument between the two of you. You two need to talk to each other and work it out. Now, can you eat dinner together without ripping each other’s heads off?”

Dad shook his head and went into the dining room. I shrugged and went into the kitchen.

After dinner my parents went out on the back porch to talk with my grandparents, I suppose. They left me alone in the house. It gave me the perfect opportunity to go look for something for my Social Studies class.
I went back down to my parents’ bedroom.

I’m sure Dad’s footlocker has to be in here somewhere. I looked under the bed, and then in his closet. Finally, I found it.

It was tucked away in the back of the closet.

I dragged it out and opened it. It wasn’t locked.

There were many things in it. I saw a few different kinds of Army uniforms, neatly folded. There were rows of medals from a bunch of different countries. He also had pictures. One of him and Mom on a roller coaster. They had to be my age, at least. Another of six human kids. The Animorphs

There were also a lot of newspaper clippings from when the war was won.

Suddenly I didn’t feel right doing this. I should have at least asked. But then he wouldn’t let me anyway.

I dug deeper. There was a journal that looked almost two hundred years old, it said, Isaiah Fitzhenry on the cover. I passed. I needed something about my Dad, though I’d come back for that later. Finally, I thought I found something.

It was the second book he wrote.

The first was almost required reading nowadays. My parents would let me read his first one, but not this one. They said I needed to be older to understand just why everything happened the way it did.

But this, this was too good to resist. I had an author’s first edition, as well as an original manuscript.

I picked it up.

This will definitely work.

I repackaged everything as well as I could and I tried to put it back in the exact place it was. As I tried to hustle out of their room, I heard my Dad coming up the hallway. I couldn’t avoid contact with him, so I hid the book and paper behind my back.

“Rae, what are you doing back here?”

“I was, um, going to the bathroom?” My voice got shrill, like it always did when I lied.

“There’s a closer one near the kitchen.” Dad picked up on it right away.

“But, Dad, I...”

Think, THINK.

“I need to talk to Mom about it. Girl stuff.”

Dad looked incredulous.

“I’m not even getting involved in THAT. If you want to see her, she’s outside.”

He went back in his bedroom.

Thanking my lucky stars I got away, I ran upstairs and started to read the first page.

How do you deal with the shock of fatherhood, when you never knew you got your ex-

girlfriend pregnant? And you’re in a wheelchair?

Huh? I thought that they were together!

And you have to go from chasing intergalactic aliens to chasing a two-year-old?

I pushed the book away. No. They had to be lies. Mom and Dad were together, weren’t they?

I...I was wanted...

Or was I?

When I touched the book again, I got another vision. This time, it was like I was there, IN the


There was a fight going on, I could hear it from another room.

:“NO! Because you never listen to ME!” A man screamed. “You’re always undermining me!

It doesn’t matter what I say or do, it’’s not GOOD enough for you. Or Rae.”

“And this is the reason why, because ever since you didn’t get that job you’ve been full of shit! And don’t you DARE bring Rachel into this!”

“Why not! I’m a damn good father-”

“Yeah, when you FEEL like it. When you aren’t moping around feeling sorry for yourself. She doesn’t need that. Jake, Rae needs a father that will always be there for her. And puts her first above everything else!”

“Now you’’re just lying! Wait, would Ronnie make a better father? Or would he be busy beating on you and cheating on you?”

“You SWORE you would NEVER bring him up again! But you know what Jake? If you don’’t want to be with me, why don’’t you just be a real man and say it? Let me move on. Let me have a healthy relationship and let me find a father for Rae that will never, ever, put her second to his own problems."

“You say that like you almost wish I wasn’t her father.”

“Sometimes, I think it would be easier if you weren’t” she snapped back.

“Fine! Then get out! Get out of my house! Get out of my life!”

Then something weird happened. Something really weird. It wasn’t me that was hearing this. Well, It was me, but not me as a twelve year old. Somehow I had projected my mind into my body as a two year old!

“I” ran into the bathroom.

“Mommy! Daddy! STOP!” I put my hands to my ears

“Rachel. Look. I need you to wait outside with Jordan and Sara. Ok?” Cassie kneeled down and tried to shield me from him.

“But Mommy and Daddy-”

“Rachel! GO!” Dad screamed.

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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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I pointed at him.

“WED EYE!” I yelled. “WED EYE!”:

I took my hands off the book. I got returned to the present.

Funny, I didn’t remember Mom and Dad being broken up, ever. Much less twice.

But I guess there is a lot they aren’t telling me.

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Chapter 7

1 week later


I was still grounded.

But school was doing better. It didn’t seem so big and scary to me anymore. Gradually, more and more people started to act friendly to me. Like Derrick said, everyone at school thought I was going to be stuck up because of who my parents are, or were. But I was just like them.

Or I thought I was.

I had been reading Dad’s book the past week, and I was shocked.

I had no idea that Mom turned down Dad’s marriage proposal after the war. Or that, Dad’s life was a wreck outside of Xenowarfare. And Ronnie? I thought he was just one of Mom’s platonic friends, no strings attached. They were engaged?

And that I...

How could they just have a one-night stand, and...

Dad never knew about me?

What the hell gave them the right to tell me how I could hang out with my friends, especially Derrick, if they were so irresponsible themselves. They were such hypocrites.

Ever since I found out, I tried my best to avoid them. Even if it meant missing out on family dinners and being silent on the ride into school.

I just couldn’t believe they lied to me all those years.

It made the big project I was working on for school seem worthless. I didn’t even want to do it anymore.

Mr. Turner’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

“Rachel? It’s your turn to show off your project. We’re all waiting.”

I looked down at my desk. Dad’s Congressional Medal was sitting on my desk. From his second war, saving Ax. I stole it from his footlocker later on that night, making sure I didn’t get caught. As for the book, I tried to touch it again but I couldn’t. My fear was that I would see that horrible vision again.

I didn’t ask them anything about it. If I knew them, they would probably want to pretend that it never happened and that we were one big happy family.

As for the presentation, nervous was not the word to describe me. I was petrified. But one thought went through my head.

How could my Dad be a brave intergalactic leader when he couldn’t take care of his personal business on Earth?

I walked up and handed the flash disk with my complete report to Mr. Turner (since the law to conserve trees) and I faced the classroom.

Tanya nodded her head at me. Becky rolled her eyes and stared out the window.

“This is the Congressional medal awarded to my father, Jacob Berenson. As you all know, he was the leader of the Animorphs that successfully fought off the Yeerk alien invasion. But he did not receive this medal for that reason.”

“But that was the reason you were supposed to bring something in, Rachel. I thought this assignment would be easy for you.” Mr. Turner started to write something down on his sheet of paper.

Becky smirked.

Shut up.

“Actually, Mr. Turner, this DOES have something to do with the war. This crazy alien called “The One,” kidnapped Ax as a result of the Animorphs winning the Dad,” I picked up the medal...

...and was transported into another reality. This time, it looked like I was on a ship, IN THE SHIP, and I could see it colliding with this huge awful looking spacecraft that looked like, The Blade Ship?
In the ship, I could see it was abandoned, except for one person.


What was he doing? The ship was moving faster and faster towards the enemy craft and then he cried out

“Oh Cassie, what have I done?” he whispered.

Then we suffered a VIOLENT collision. There was fire smoke all around! I started coughing and wheezing and...

I was back in the classroom, but I swore I smelled smoke on my clothes.
And something else was strange. People were in the same positions they were before I had that vision. Apparenly I was the only one affected.

“Your Dad did...who is smoking in here?”

I smelled my clothes, there was definitely smoke on them.

But Becky and Tanya started sniffing their clothes too.

I put the medal back in its case.

“Mr. Turner, I have to get out of here, I’m not feeling so well.” I shook my head.

“But Rachel, you aren’t finished.” Mr. Turner said.

“I’m going to the nurse!” I half-lied.

I was actually going to call my father’s father. I must be having some sort of brain disorder because this was NOT natural. Even as I ran through the hall, I felt woozy.

“Rae! Rae! Wait! I’ve been looking for you!” I turned around.

Derrick was speeding down the hall towards me, with Jon in tow.

I tried to focus on him, but the room started to spin around.

Luckily, Derrick caught me just before I hit the ground.

I woke up in the nurse’s office. An older lady with a orange mullet placed an ice-pack on your head. “Are you all right there young lady?”

“Um, yeah, I just think I’m hungry from not eating lunch.”

“Well, you were lucky your friend caught you before you fell out on the floor. I’m thinking I should call one of your parents-“

“No, please don’t do that!” I begged. They’ll think I started another fight. My Grandpa is a pediatrician. I’ll go over to his house after school.” I pulled myself up off of the examination table.

“Well, I guess you’re free to go. I would definitely go over to your Grandparents’ house after school though, young lady.”

Jon and Derrick were out in the waiting area. They waited for the nurse to return to her office before they talked to me.

“Hey, we were looking for you. Something strange happened to the two of us. We were just sitting in math class, trying not to be bored-” Derrick started to say.

“That’s what YOU were doing. I was trying to keep kids from copying my work. I don’t see why they all do it, I have, like a D in Pre-Algebra-” Jon complained.

“Anyway, they next thing we knew, we were on this ship, it looked like a bug fighter from history class. And your Dad was standing there, as it was heading into that other ship, what was it called?”

“The Blade Ship-” Jon remembered.

“Yeah, the Blade Ship. And just before the ships slammed into each other, we were back here.”

“But our clothes smelled like smoke, and Derrick’s hair is singed.”

Derrick pointed at his hair.

A little had been taken off of the top. But that made sense, because Derrick was the tallest of all of us, even taller than me.

“Oh-oh my goodness...I thought it was just me...” I leaned against the wall.

“Rae! Where have you been girl, we’ve been looking for you!” Tanya came around the hallway with...Becky?

The girl started to rant.

“Yeah, we had this awful daydream in Social Studies class, we were on this ship with..your Dad...when he was younger...and then it hit another ship and blew up! But when Mr. Turner asked about the smoke, we smelled it on our clothes. Then you bolted out of there like-”

“I saw it too guys. All of it.” I cut her off. “And I really don’t know what the hell is going on. All I know is, we need to find some answers. And we aren’t going to find them here. We need to go to my house. My parents HAVE to have something on this.”

I moved towards my locker.

“I’ll call my Dad, and say we’re working on a science project or something and need to use the clinic. I’m still grounded you know.”

“But maybe if your Dad knew this was about the war, Rae, maybe he would un-ground you.”

I stopped for a second to turn and look back on them. They had no clue.

“My Dad tries to forget about the war every single day of his life.”

After school let out, Derrick and I ditched practice to meet up with the others at the pick up line. Luckily, Mom was picking me up from school today.
“Hi angel, how are...who are these people?” She asked as I came over to the car.

“Oh, Mom, these are my lab partners. We have to dissect a pig for science class, and I told them we could do it at the clinic,” I lied.

She looked at me in a way that said “Are you serious?”

“Rachel, I don’t think so. You are still grounded, and-”

I got in the car.

“So you would rather have me fail science because you and Dad want to teach me a lesson.”


“Oh come on!”

“Rachel, how can I instill any sort of values in you if you don’t understand the consequences of your actions?”

I hung my head.

“Can I at least say goodbye?” I asked her.

“Yes. But make it quick.”

I ran over to them.

“Meet met tonight a mile down the road from my farm. Dad is insane about security, so I’ll have to sneak you in.”

I was doing real homework and at about eight-thirty, I felt my cell phone start to vibrate. I didn’t want it to ring and my Mom to hear it. It was Tanya. She text-messaged me to tell me she was outside.

I snuck out the back of the house and checked to see if the light in my parents’ room was on.

It wasn’t. Mom was probably in the family room, watching TV. It was Yom Kippur, so Dad was with his parents at Temple.

I took my bike from the side of the house and passed the bodyguards at the newly-built gate on the way out.

There were still traces of sunlight in the sky. I used them to find Jon, Derrick, Tanya, and Becky. They had all biked to the next farm up the road and were waiting for me.

“It’s about time you got here,” Tanya said.

“Yeah, yeah.” I adjusted my bicycle helmet.”You try sneaking out the house with Super-Mom watching your every move. Let’s just do this. I have an idea.”

We all biked back to my farm, then we got to the gate.

“Watch this,” I put my thumb up to a touchpad. It recognized my print and the gates opened.

“Cool,” Becky said, surpisingly.

“Yeah, when I told you my Dad was crazy about security, I wasn’t kidding.”

The bodyguards at the gate looked us over.

“Don’t worry, they’re with me. School project,”

They nodded their heads in agreement and let us past.

In the barn, I laid something important on a table.

“Cool. You know, I think it’s amazing that we’re really in Cassie’s Barn.” Jon marveled.

“Don’t remind me. Now, I was thinking about this all day today, and I realized that all the visions seemed to be connected. Whenever I was near anything related to...the war, I would get a vision. I touched the barn door, I got a vision. I was in my room with my Mom, I got a vision. I touched this book” I pointed at the book, “I got a vision."
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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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And finally, the medal.” I pulled the medal box out of my pocket. “Something big is going on, and if I’ve learned anything from my parents, I’ve learned that there is always a reason for everything supernatural.”

“Rae, that’s great, but why did WE get the vision today? We don’t have any of this stuff.” Derrick told me.

“There’s only one way to find out, but I have my own suspicions,” I motioned to the book. “We all got taken to the same place the last time, right? So maybe it will work again if we try and control the visions. Come on. What do we have to lose?”I put my hand on the book.

“Well, you’re the leader with this alien stuff, Rae. I’m following you.” Tanya followed me, putting her hand on the opposite side.

But I’m not like my father.

Jon cautiously did the same. Becky shrugged her shoulders and added her hand. The only person who didn’t was Derrick.

“Don’t worry, Rae. I trust you.”

Now I was really starting to like this guy. As in Like.

He put his hand next to mine. As soon as he did, we were whirled out of the barn.

“Crap! What is happening!” I grabbed on to Derrick’s jacket.

“I don’t know Rae!”

We tried to look around us, but only wind and blue light surrounded us.

Finally we landed.

Someplace familiar.

The ghostly plane I met Cousin Rachel on.

In fact, that was the first ‘person’ I saw there.

“Hello Rae. I see you finally found them.”

“Oh these guys? They’re just my friends...and enemy,”

Becky narrowed her eyes at me.

“They’re more than that, kid. They’re going to help you save this universe as you know it.” she said.

My jaw dropped.

“Look, I’m not my parents. Let’s leave the alien-busting to them.”

I don’t see why everyone compares me to them.

“What you have to do Rae, is beyond anything the Yeerks could ever do to the planet.” Cousin Rachel said, while everyone else was shocked beyond belief.

“Is that REALLY your cousin?” Tanya asked, dumbfounded.

“Yes. That’s her ghost.”

“Man, I do NOT want to go to your family reunion.” Becky whispered.

“Becky-” I wanted to curse her out. I invited her to my home, had her join me in the ghostly plane, and she was still a witch.

Thankfully, a booming voice cut me off.


We all looked up. A figure materialized out of the void next to Cousin Rachel. He was gigantic. He looked human but his face was blue. A lot of white hair came from the top of his head.

“Who are you?” Jon asked.


“No I’m not. I have no idea what you are,”


“He’s someone special to us. You too Rae.” Cousin Rachel said.


“But how? We don’t have the morphing power.” I pointed out. “And wouldn’t you want to use Mom and Dad if you needed-”

He, or it, cut me off.


“So what is? Seeing flashbacks of my parents’ life? That hardly seems-”



At the same time...


Yes Master. If all goes as planned tomorrow, she will damage her parental bonds enough for her to become vulnerable and unwilling to listen to good. Then the Ketran will have nothing to defend Earth with. Even the remaning Animorphs are not powerful enough to stop your plan.

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
-Alicia Keys

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