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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #30 on: May 2nd, 2008, 10:47pm »

Chapter 14


When we got into the house, our cable telephone rang. Yes, we still had one of those ancient land lines. Dad insisted. He said the satellite phones everyone used were too hack-able.

“I’ll get it!” I yelled, hoping that it would be Tanya.

“Uh-uh. No way Missie. You’re still grounded. Get in the kitchen.”

I pouted.

“Oh Rach, don’t give me that face!” Mom smiled into the receiver. “Dinner is on the table.”

I went over to the hall bathroom to wash the stink off of my hands and face. My clothes were covered with dust and poop. Luckily, a laundry basket full of clean clothes was nearby. I changed into a fresh pair of gray sweats and went back to the kitchen.Mom was sitting at the table, waiting for me.

“Where’s Dad and the Rugrats?” I asked her.

“They’re at your grandparents' house. That was him calling. Your father said that there’s some traffic. He’ll be in soon, he just has to take the back way.”

“Ah.” I sat down to my place setting and blew on my soup.

It was pretty weird, just the two of us there, eating dinner. Mom and I weren’t usually alone together. Not until lately.I almost forgot how nice it was to sit and talk to her.

“Here’s the dressing honey.” She passed me over some balsamic vinaigrette.

“Are you sure we can start eating without them?”

“Positive. He said they’ll eat as soon as they get in.”

I started eating the lentils. Hey, Mom didn’t do half-bad on this recipe.
“Rachel, I’ve been thinking. You’ve always liked to ride horses. And you really took to King out in the barn today. When I was little, before...all this...I used to be in a horse-riding club. I’m sure it’s still around. Would you be interested in that? When you get better, of course. I don’t want you riding around with a broken wrist and that leg of yours.” she explained.

“Hmm...” I put my spoon down and started scratching on my cast. Tommy had signed it this morning with some big old block letters.

“Before you start worrying, it’s pretty diverse. There are families that came with ours out of the South after the civil remember me talking about my old friend Juan?”

“Yes Mom.”

“Well, he was in it too.” she pointed out as she reached for the Tabasco.

“Hot sauce Mom?”That was something REALLY weird to use as salad dressing.

“I just needed something spicier.”


That’s strange…

“As I was saying about the riding club, it met every day after school when I was a member. I suppose it is the same way now.” Mom finished what she was saying to me. Her face was aglow.

I stabbed some tomatoes and olives with my fork. “That’s when basketball practice is. Dad wouldn’t be too happy about that.”

“This isn’t about you father Rae, or Me. It’s about you. Just think about it. I’m not saying you have to make a decision right now. When you get better, you can decide which one is right for you. In a year, you will probably be so used to living here...”

I scoffed.

“No way Mom. I could never forget the Bay.”

She reached over to touch my hand.

“I’m not saying you should. All of your experiences make you who you are-”

We were interrupted by the sound of kids yelling and Dad’s wheelchair.

“Tommy, Tommy, you can’t ride in on top of my chair! Liss! No running in the house!”

Melissa came storming into the kitchen at full speed in her little overalls. “Dinner ti-me!” She yelled.

“Hey baby.” Mom kissed her head. Dad followed behind her, with Tommy hanging halfway off Dad’s wheelchair.

“And what are you doing Mr. Tommy?”

“I’m gonna be like Daddy! Superhero!” He raised his little arms high in the sky. Though he wasn’t dressed up like one. He looked more like Indiana Jones in his khaki shorts and yellow polo.

“Aw, that’s sweet. But Tommy should be happy to be Tommy” Mom explained to him.

Tommy scratched at his Afro. Maybe it was a little to much for him to get right now.

“That might be a little over your head. But someday you will understand.”

“So what’s for dinner hun?” Dad rolled over to kiss Mom.

“Lentil soup and Greek Salad,” she touched his cheek.

“Sounds great. Let’s chow down.”

They all took their places at the table.

“How are your parents?”

“Fine, fine. Mom and Dad took them out to the tennis courts in the development. I guess they wanted them to burn off some energy.” Dad laughed as he placed a napkin over his lap.

“Good idea.” Mom grinned.

“And I saw Sara. She’s about to go off for her senior year at Irvine. She’ll be in town for a few more days.”

“Great. I definitely want to see her. Jordan too.”

“Oh yeah, didn’t I tell you? Jordan and Marco are back in town.”

“The one person who tamed him...I never believed they’d actually get engaged.” Mom chuckled.

“It’s about time. The party life only lasts so long. Hear that, Rae?” Dad winked at me.

“Yeah, yeah.” The soup in my bowl was almost gone. So was my salad.

“Well, you finished your dinner, so you are excused from the table. Get started on your homework. Your father brought your book bag in, I hope.”

“I did.” Dad pointed to the hallway.

“Well you know what to do. Your social studies teacher sent a note home, and I’m not happy about this C you got on your last report for him. Turn it around.” Mom poured herself a glass of water and gave me a stern look.

I scrunched my face up.

Darn Mr. Turner...

I pushed myself up slowly from the table and walked out to the hallway where Dad left my book bag. As I got up to my room, I felt my head start to hurt.

Not again! crap, that concussion is NOT going away.

I laid down on my bed.

A nap. Just a small nap. I’ll get up later and finish my homework.

But I wasn’t prepared for this dream.

As I lost consciousness, I could feel everything slip away. Even the air started to flicker and quiver. Smoky haze descended all around me, haze so think that my vision was obscured.
I couldn’t see anything. Everything was just this black…..nothingness


A voice. A huge booming voice. It shook me to my core. Literally. My knees were shaking, and I had no control over my body. I was a slave to this, bizarre sound.

I could hear...evil oozing from its tone. There was so much hatred, so much vileness dripping from its tone that it couldn’t be anything other than pure evil.

I tried to move around, but I was in a void. There was no light, or dark, land, or air. There was nothing.

“What’s going on?” I screamed. “Where am I?” How do you know my name?”


I tried to run, to move, but I couldn’t. It was like I was trapped, watching myself.

Like I was paralyzed.

Then this huge Red Eye materialized out of nothingness.

It stared at me. The crimson veins in its eye focused directly in on me, like I was a military target. Then it Blinked.




I woke up, sweat dripping all over me.

My sheets were drenched.

What in the HELL?

I stumbled out of bed and over to my desk. Turning on the light, I took a good look at myself in the mirror.

My hair was damp to my face. I was wet all over. My cheeks were flushed red, contrasting against my caramel skin. One good thing was that my black eye had almost faded away…

I need some water.

I clicked off the light and made my way to our dark hallway. It must have been late, because all the lights were off. Tommy and Melissa must be sound asleep, for once.


I hit my foot against our bad top step.

“Ow!” I yelped. “Not again! Son-of-a!” Could nothing go right for me?

I stopped talking when I heard voices coming from the kitchen. Silently, I went down the stairs, trying my best not to make the stairs squeak.

When I got to the bottom of the steps, the voices got louder.

“...You’re WHAT?” I heard Dad yell in shock. “Cassie, I can’t believe it!”

What’s wrong with Mom?

“Jake, I know this is unexpected, but you can’t always plan these things. Lord knows I wasn’t exactly counting on this happening.”

“Me neither. We already have our hands full...” he trailed off into a lower voice.

“Look honey, even though this isn’t what we were and I know the best gifts are surprise ones,” Mom sounded reassuring.

Ok. I HAD to know what they were talking about. I slowly walked into the kitchen.

Dad was facing Mom, holding her in his arms. He was staring at her stomach...and his faced was loaded with concern.

“Oh, speak of the Devil...” Dad tried to joke. They quickly turned to face me.

Mom frowned. “Rae. You’re drenched.”

She put a hand to my head. “You’re not running a fever.”

“Yeah,” I muttered. “Bad dream.”

They exchanged worried glances.

“You haven’t had nightmares in a very long time…not since you were two. What’s going on?” Dad adjusted his glasses and stared straight at me, fear in his good eye.

Should I tell them? No. They have enough to worry about, whatever is going on.

“Nothing. Just nothing. Maybe PMS?”

“PMS happens before your period, Rae. Remember?” Mom stroked my hair.

“Oh. Right. Maybe I just need something to drink.” I went over to the sink and filled a glass full of water.

“Whatever it is, we’re here for you. Don’t be afraid to come to us.” Dad tried to reassure me.

I almost spit the water out. Dad, of all people, was being warm and fuzzy.

I just wish that what they said was true.

Because I couldn’t stop thinking about that huge Red Eye.

The cafeteria was bustling, full of kids going every which way. Since I already had a packed lunch, I didn’t bother going up there to see the goop of the day. I did look around to see who was in the room. I didn’t see Tanya, Jon, or Derrick.

You’re early. Calm down a bit.

I picked a quiet table by myself in the corner to sit down and eat my PBJ sandwich.

“Oh there you are,” Tanya spotted me. “I was looking for you,”

She brought over her lunch tray over to me and sat down.

“Hey Tanya. What’s going on?”

“We need to talk. I thought you know, what happened in your barn, before the’t maybe real...but I’ve been seeing some things lately.”

I dropped my sandwich.

“Like what?”
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #31 on: May 2nd, 2008, 10:50pm »

She lowered her voice and pushed some braids out of her face.

“This big Red Eye...and he keeps on coming in my dreams, saying that I can’t help you...that...he’s going to get me. All of us.”

THAT creeped me out. I lowered my voice as well.“I had the same dream too, sorta.”

“What do you think it is?” She asked me. “You’re like our expert on this stuff. Could it be the same evil that the uh, Ellimist was talking about?”

I scratched at my cast.

“I dunno. But it’s sure starting to make sense. Have you heard from anyone else since I’m in permanent lockdown?”

She raised her eyes. “Derrick texted me a little earlier. He and Jon saw the same thing.”

Why not me? Other than the fact that they took my cell away...

Tanya must have seen my face, because the next thing she said shocked me.

“Don’t worry, he still likes you.”

I raised my eyebrows. My cheeks started to blush, I could tell. She giggled.

“Wait, how do you know?”

“Oh please. Just the way he looks at you, especially in class. He LIKES you.” She smiled mischievously at me.

“Right. Until my Dad nearly ripped his throat out as a tiger.”

“Well, he’s just scared to death of your Dad. That’s normal. My Dad used to joke that he would have to sit on the front porch with a shotgun to keep the boys away from me.”

I leaned back on the stiff green plastic chair.

“Dad has ruined my life for REAL.” I put my head down on the table.

“Before you start freaking out, we should probably, um go check out who this monster is.” Tanya reminded me.

“Oh, right.” I picked my head up and tried to finish my sandwich.

“Anyplace you have in mind?” She took a sip of her chocolate milk.

“Well, my parents will probably never let me look through their stuff again...maybe we could try the museum near uh, my Cousin Rachel’s memorial. I’m pretty sure they’ll let me in for free.”

“Can you go?”

“Well, my Dad visits her statue every Thursday. If I can be really nice to him, maybe he’ll let me tag along.”

“That’s cool, but as you said, you’re grounded to the next millennium. How will he ever let us go with you, or even let you lay eyes on Derrick.”

“Dad usually sits by himself for a while...just go to the museum and I’ll meet you there. Promise.”

A little while later, Dad picked me up from school. I was surprised.

“Hey Dad, I thought Mom was coming today.” I told him as I climberd into his truck.

“Oh, well she has a doctor’s appointment. I told her I’d take you.”

“Is something wrong with her?” I got scared about the conversation from last night.

“Um, no, but we’ll talk about that later. Right now, I have to take you to St. Augustine’s.”

“With Father Banion?” I pouted.

“Still thought you could get out of it?” he chuckled.


“Nope.” He started the ignition and pulled away. “You’re going to confession. Who knows? Maybe it will be good for you.”

Dad drove me away from school more towards the city.

We were silent.

He turned up the radio to some classic ‘90's music he had on earlier, I guess. Nine Inch Nails.

When the lyrics came on, his eyes widened.

“I wanna (bleep) you like an animal...”

“Yeah, we’re gonna turn this off now that you’re in the car.” he switched it to a talk radio station.

Ha, and Derrick touching my back was bad...

“This just in, this just in. The President of the United States has just instituted restrictions on all aliens and alien travel within the United States.”

“Huh. That’s interesting. They usually call me in regard to Alien Affairs.” Dad frowned in the rear-view mirror as he turned a corner.

The church was on the end of the street. I could see nuns walking outside the abbey.

“Look, your Mom says these things take a while, so I’m going to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. I’ll be back at 4:30. No surprises. Your new bodyguard Hank will be waiting outside just in case something happens.” His good eye shifted around suspiciously.

I got out of his truck and he drove off.

There was an old man with a bald spot outside, tending to some of the flowers in the walkway.

“Um, Father Banion?”

“Rachel?” He wiped his hands and stood up. “Wow, it certainly has been a while since I last saw you. The little flower girl at your parents’ wedding. You look just like your Mother,”

“Uh thanks.” I didn't know to take that...exactly...

“Shall we go inside?”


He walked with me up to the confession booth. Unlike Berkeley, this place was modern inside, with a lot of light and desert colors.

But the confession booth was like all the others.

“Um, Father Banion, bless me for I have sinned...I haven’t been to confession since 2013. In that time, wow, uh, where do I start? This year, I’ve gotten into a lot of arguments with my parents, gotten into a fight at school with this racist girl...and I met a guy who’s really nice, but my dad wigged out for me being alone with him. They grounded me, so I threw a barn party behind their back...and they were furious...I ran away from home and almost got hit by a truck…I guess I’ve done a lot wrong, huh.”

He was silent.

“Well, I could tell you to do seven Hail Mary’s and light seven candles and make a seven dollar donation to the poor box, which I want you to do, no doubt. But I want to ask you this question. Why did you feel it in your heart to disobey them? Your parents are sacred and to be respected. That’s what you’ve always been taught.”

“Because they don’t understand me. They try...but they expect me to live by these rigid set of be exactly like them, but I’m not. Sure, I love the planet, but I’m no tree-hugging hippie like Mom. Basketball is cool, but I’m not obsessed like Dad and I don’t want to be a superstar like Uncle Tom. That’s what he wants me to be. Like him. Actually, they want me to be carbon copies of them. I don’t want that. I just want to be myself.”

“And what is that?”

“I don’t know. Even I have a hard time with everything that makes me, me.”

“Well don’t worry. You’re destined for great things. I knew that ever since I baptized you, Teresa.”

I smiled. My saint name.

“It’s not just because your parents are who they are, either.”

“You sure?”

“I really am. However, there is something else I want you to do. I want you to apologize to them. I know that one of the other reasons you may not be getting along with them was were brought into the world,”

“How do you know that?”

“Your Mom told me.”


“Rachel, there are many people who were born out of marriage and managed to make a great mark on the world. Even our savior. Don’t let the past actions of your parents destroy your hopes for living a different future. What happened was their wrong. Don’t bear the blame for it. But they want better for you. Much better. And you will achieve that. I know it in my heart of hearts.”

I bit my lip.“Thank you, Father.”

“Anytime. I say that your sins are forgiven. Bless you, child.”

I opened the door and got out of the booth. Father Banion followed.

“If you want some privacy in the sanctuary, I’ll be outside, tending to the flowers.”

I walked to the altar and kneeled down with Mom’s old rosary beads

There were footsteps behind me.
“Excuse me, have you seen Father Banion?” A very familiar voice said. “I was just in Catchesism class and I wanted to go to confession.”

“Derrick?” I whipped around.

“Rae?” he was flabbergasted. “You go here?”He looked a little different. He had corn rowed his hair and he had a crucifix hanging around his neck. He looked extra hot!

Darnit! I shouldn’t be thinking like that in church!

“This is my Mom’s family’s church...what are you doing here?”

“My family goes here too.”

“Oh.” He started kicking at an invisible stain on the granite floor.

“Well, I should probably go looking for him,” he turned to leave.

“Wait, Derrick! We need to talk.”

He stopped for a second.


He turned around to face me.

“Rae, I think you’re cool. I really do. But-”

“But what?”

“Your Dad. I don’t think he’ll let me be your friend.” He dropped his head. I could tell it had really been weighing on him, the whole my dad trying to kill him thing.
I sighed. My chest started to feel heavy.

“It’s the tiger thing, isn’t it?” I admitted.

“Rachel, I thought he was going to KILL me! You have no idea how scared I was! Even when I first met him, I knew he didn’t like me.”

“Dad...he has problems, I know...but I don’t. Derrick, I still think you’re that cool kid who can hit any shot on the basketball court or the guy who can play the sax like Coltrane. And who held my hand when we went on that inter-dimension roller-coaster ride.”

He touched my cast.“I know that too, but will it be enough?” .

“It has to be, especially with the dreams. Tanya told me. You and Jon have been getting them. Probably Becky too. I can’t believe this is actually real.” I tried to change the subject from exclusively us.

“Neither can I. Even with the aliens...” he trailed off.

“Promise me one thing Derrick. You’ll help me get to the bottom of what’s going on. Even with Dad.”

He smiled.“Who knows...once we find out, maybe he’ll cut me some slack.”

I touched his cheek.

“You’re sweet.”

We were interrupted by the sound of Dad’s truck, honking.

“Well, I should go. Dad’s outside. So is Father Banion actually.”

“I’ll wait in here. Just tell the Father I’ll be near the confessional.”

We held hands for a second.
“I will.”

“Bye Rachel.”

“Bye.”I looked back at him, his emerald green eyes sparkled as I left the sanctuary.

I walked out of the church happy.

At least something is going right in my life.
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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
-Alicia Keys

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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Chapter 15


Dad was waiting for me as I walked out of the church into the parking lot. The sun had come out again. The golden rays made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. Like I had just done something right.

Maybe seeing Derrick there wasn’t so bad...

But Dad looked impatient. Like he was in a rush to be somewhere. He even popped open the doors to his big blue truck before I could grab the handle.

“Rach, come on, we have to go.”

“All right, all right,” I jumped into the car.

“There’s something I need to tell you and your-hey is that the boy-?” Dad raised an eyebrow at seeing Derrick and Father Banion go into the church.

“No, no...come on many people go to church here?”

He snorted.

“That better not be him...anyway...I’ll explain everything when we get to the house.”

Dad sped off. When I say sped, I mean the machines that push the pedals for him must be made of lead, because his coffee cup fell out of the cupholder and spilt lukewarm liquid all over the floor.

“So, how was your meeting with Father Banion?” He asked after a little bit, turning the HD radio down.

“It was fine.” I deadpanned.

“Just fine?”

“Confidential too.” I was NOT about to say anything to him.

“Ah, so you aren’t going to tell me.”


“Well, you know, if you feel that you have any more issues, or if you want to talk to someone else, Rabbi Kravitz is always available.” We came to a stop at a traffic light.

“Rabbi Kravitz?” That was puzzling to me. I hadn’t seen him in years...

“Yeah, you know...part of our family came over with part of his family to Ellis Island,” Dad interrupted my thoughts.

“Dad, I know who he is...but why would he want to talk to me?”

Dad made another turn down the long bumpy road to our farm.

“Because I was thinking about what the therapist said,” Dad started to say.

You were thinking?

“And Rachel, you can’t keep denying part of who you are. You weren’t born half a person. We both think it’s a good idea.”

“You and Rabbi Kravitz?”

“No, you and your mother.” He gave me his serious look. Not the one with the vein popping out on top of his head, but his good eye was focused in on me.

“That’s not fair...I don’t deny who I am...”

“But you haven’t shown any interest lately, either. Even for Rosh disappeared on us.”

“You told me some heavy stuff that night. What was I supposed to do? Smile and dance a jig?” I rolled my eyes and looked out the window at the farms and trees quickly passing us by.

“Of course not. I just want who I am to be as important to you as much as who your mom is.”

It is, but-

Dad pulled up to the driveway. There were two limousines parked in the gravel.

Limos? Who could be here and need limos?

That question was answered as soon as I walked through the door.

“...and I told my co-star...there’s NO WAY. I, Marco, MUST have the biggest trailer on the set!”

Someone was talking to Mom...Uncle Marco!

“Uncle Marco! OMG! What are you doing here?” I dropped my backpack and RAN over to give him a hug.

“Wow, kid. You’ve gotten big. You’re almost taller than me.” Uncle Marco joked.

“She is taller than you, honey.” A woman with light brown hair came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Jordan. Cousin Rachel’s sister. Wow, she looked JUST like her! I always found that slightly eerie.

“Hi Rae. You ARE getting big...almost like...” The room was silent for a second, the only sound was Dad’s wheelchair entering the room.

Rachel was still on everyone’s mind.

“Marco, Jordan, how are you?”

Dad welcomed them and they all started to sit down.

“Um, Rae? We need you to go into the family room with your brother and sister. There’s a lot of important things we need to discuss.”

I shrugged. Guess I wasn’t important enough yet to know all of their ‘big secrets’.

In the family room, a young lady, college-aged, was trying to break up a fight between Tommy and Melissa.

“Now Tommy, give your sister back her Barbie doll.”

“Whyyyyyy?” he whined.

“Because it was your sister’s first. You shouldn’t pick on her because she’s the baby. Being the youngest is hard enough.” Sara looked up and smiled when she saw me walk through the door.

“And how are you?”

“Oh, I don’t think I’ll ever get them. One day they want to be all buddy-buddy with me, the next they’re sending me off to various houses of worship to get sanctified and saved or something.” I flopped onto the couch.

“It’s good to see you too, kid.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“It’s fine. I know you’re going through some things right now.”

“Yeah, they have me seeing Father Banion and Rabbi Kravitz.”

Sara laughed.

“Man, they really want you in line.”


“Well hey. You did turn the barn into Studio 54 if what Cousin Jake said was right.” she pulled her hair back and winked at me. What was with the winking on this side of the family? I wasn’t THAT bad.

“You really trust anything my Dad says?” I gave her a spurious look in return.

“Rachel...even that’s a little crazy for me, and I go to Irvine. We find all kinds of ways to party. Trust me. One time we took this keg to the roof of my apartment and-well-anyway, that’s not the point.”

I snorted my laughter back.

She went over to the kids.“Melissa! Don’t throw the ball at Tommy!” She caught a big pink plastic ball in mid-air while Melissa clapped her hands and Tommy tried to tackle Sara.

I was glad the heat and pressure was off of me for a while. So I tried to ask some questions of her after she sent Tommy and Melissa to separate corners.

“Not that I’m not happy to see you, but what are you guys doing here? Usually, you guys don’t come unless it’s a holiday or something big-”I stopped. I remembered what I heard on the radio, about aliens being restricted to the Earth.“Is this about the Aliens?”

“I can’t be sure, but I think so. I’ve seen some troops in the streets-” she surmised.

“Troops? The Army?”

“Yeah. The National Guard, kid. Marco and Jordan personally picked me up from campus. They never do that. So I know something big is happening. And all of the rebel Yeerks...the ones that chose to ally with humans and fight against The Invasion, they were all missing from my classes.”

“Humph.” I was stumped. Maybe...nah. That could never happen again.


It was at that moment that everyone else walked in. Jordan spoke up.

“Nothing has been decided yet. So instead, we’re going to go out for dinner. Cassie recommends

Le Homard, that new seafood-vegetarian place.”

“Do you mind looking after the kids Sara? We would let Rachel, but she’s been in need of supervision lately.” Mom started to take her lab coat off.

“Aw Mom!” I grumbled.

“Rachel, this is grown up business. When you turn 21, you can come along.” She smiled and shook her head.



They all turned to leave. As they were filing out to the limo, Tommy grabbed my good arm and started to point.

“Rachel, let’s go outside and play kickball!”

I looked at Sara and shrugged.

“Let’s let them run around for a few minutes. They’ll probably tire themselves out in a few minutes. That’s what um, Rachel used to do.” Sara told me.

So she let them run free around to the back and we sat down on the old concrete steps leading down the back porch.

We both sat down on the steps leading into the house.

“Hey Sara, can I ask you a question?”

“Shoot,” Melissa was trying to whack Tommy with a wiffle ball bat.

Those two should never play organized sports. They’ll murder someone.

“Do you remember...Rachel? I mean, duh, you do, but, how well do you remember her?”

Sara ran her hands through her hair and bit her lip.

Crap. you always ask the wrong questions.

“You know, I was only a few years older than Tommy when she died. I remember your Mom coming over to spend time with her. I remember her looking after me a bit, like you do with your little brother and sister. She would always sneak out of the house, I remember her opening the window for, Tobias...but my memories are starting to fade with time. I’m worried I won’t have anything left at all.”

She looked down.

“It’s bad enough that people try to compare us all the time. I’m my own person, y’know? That’s part of the reason I went away to Irvine. To get away from all of this. And Mom. She’s off her rocker, if you know what I mean.”

I had to giggle at Aunt Naomi being crazy. She seriously had some issues, especially towards Dad. Even I didn’t hate him that much.

“But it’s even worse when you don’t remember your own sister. That’s why you should spend as much time as possible with Tommy and Melissa. Even if they get on your last nerve. Life changes that fast.”

Going to school was different the next day. I don’t know what was going on with the aliens, but it seemed that there was more police around as Mom drove me in. Even the Army was patrolling around more of the major streets.
Mom was quiet on the way in. I guess she had enough to worry about, so I didn’t bother her.

Neither did Tommy. But when we dropped him off, a soldier escorted him into the building with Mom.

“Whoa, Mom. Is that really necessary?” I asked when she got back into the car.

“Yes. You’re getting one too. There have been some...issues with the aliens lately. This is just a precaution. Your father called in the National Guard as a special favor for us.”

Usually precautions don’t require machine guns.

Mom pulled up to the Junior High building a little while later and she squeezed my hand.

“Look, I know your father won’t approve of this, but-“ she handed me my cell phone. “You get this back. For TODAY only. I can monitor your no talking too your little boyfriend.”

My cheeks flushed RED hot.

“He’s NOT my-”

“Rachel, it’s natural to feel these this about boys at this age.” She kissed me on the cheek. “Have a good day sweetie.”

Thoroughly embarrased, I opened the door to the car and a soldier standing in fatigues with a automatic weapon came up to my side of the door. If the kids used to stare at me the first day of school with my old bodyguards...
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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let’s just say they had permanent lockjaw when they saw me come in with a soldier.

No worries though. They were just going to have to deal.

The soldier was really nice though, He was a private named Doug. He just graduated from high school last spring and was telling me that he went to this school, too, when he was my age.

“I wonder if Mr. Turner is still here,” he asked me.

“Oh yeah. I have him.” I chuckled.

“We’ll have fun today in your class. At least you’ll know all the answers,” he smiled.

I guess we had to. I’m dragging a soldier to class with me because my shape-shifting parents feel my life is in danger from mind-reading aliens.


“Ew, this lunch food hasn’t changed at all.” Doug slammed his fork down in disgust. “I’d rather be eating MRE’s. I mean, we don’t have bright orange food in the Army. This looks dye.”

“Do you want half a vegan turkey sandwich?” I asked him. “It’s organic and fair trade and all that stuff. With natural pesto sauce. My Mom’s favorite.”

“Somehow that sounds worse.” he shuddered.

We were sitting in the lunchroom. My first few classes had gone well, despite Doug sitting next to me. Even Mr. Turner poked some fun at Doug ‘repeating’ the 7th grade. I guess if it weren’t so tense out there, we could all enjoy the humor more.

Tanya spotted me at this moment and decided to come sit next to me for lunch. I didn’t see Derrick or Jon anywhere. That was OK, I’d see them in band.

Tanya pulled out a stiff red chair and brought it up to the table.“Hey girl. Um, who is this?”

“Oh this is Doug. He’s watching out for me today.”

She raised an eyebrow.

“Does this have something to do with all of the soldiers and police walking around?”

I nodded.

“Oh this can’t be good.” She shook her head. “And Becky said there was this big peace rally/ sit-in downtown and she couldn’t meet up with us. She’s going after school”

“Rally for what?”

“What do ya think? Aliens, Apparently they’re taking away their rights and sequestering them into camps. All day, there are going to be protests.”

“As well they should. Them being here, it ain’t natural. They should be on their own planet.” Doug snorted.

Both Tanya and I looked at each other. I don’t know what this guy had been through, but I definitely knew know that sometimes, things weren’t so Black and White. (A/N: Pun intended)

Just then, Doug and I both felt out cell-phones vibrate.

I looked down at the screen.



Doug looked up.

“That was your Mom. She says I need to get you home immediately. Apparently, it’s code red.”

“Code Red?” I was confused.

“Apparently, down at those protests, all hell has broken loose.”
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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Chapter 18

Same Disclaimer Applies. I own NADA. Nothing.

Doug shrugged and put his machine gun over his shoulders.

“Your Mom said that there’s been a bomb threat at the protest by some freedom fighters. Your father is not taking any chances. They want you home, now.”

I pouted. All of my thoughts were on this afternoon, when we would finally test out our powers.

But that wasn’t happening now.

Looking back towards Tanya at the table, I sighed as she rearranged her braids back into a ponytail.

“Well, it looks like it won’t be today, Tanya. We’ll have to wait until later.” I looked at her. Disappointment was all over her face. But she tried to put a positive spin on everything.

“Rae, I understand. Look, go home to be with your family. We’ll try to work this out later.”

I nodded and followed Doug out of the cafeteria. We took my things out of my locker and I enjoyed a VERY bumpy ride back to the farm on the back of Doug’s Hummer. Mom would have protested on an ordinary day, but my life was always anything but ordinary.

Something was off. I don’t know what, but I got a chill down my spine as we came up the now-familiar driveway to the farmhouse. For one, I could see some familiar cars. My grandparents. Another Limo.

There must be something more serious than a bomb threat.

He parked out near the bard and we both got out. As soon as I opened the door my suspicions were confirmed.

My little siblings were sitting on the floor, crying, with my grandmothers trying to console them. Grandpa was solemnly talking to cousin Jordan and Uncle Marco, while Pop-Pop was hugging on Mom’s shoulders.

Dad looked up, like he was going to regret what he was about to say to me.

“Rae, close the door. You need to sit down for this.”

I sat on the stiff-backed loveseat in the living room. Funny thing was we almost never used this room. Now everyone was stuffed in it.

“There was something other than a bomb threat, Rae. Last night, an astronomer from The Air Force was killed with a high-powered Dracon Beam. Inside job. Apparently he saw a ship halfway between the dark side of the moon and Mars. The ship looked like….” He looked away, “The Blade Ship.” Then his focus was back on me. “The government is not taking any chances.”

Mom left Pop-pop and went over to my side.

“Honey, we got the call this morning, and it was a terrible decision to make, but we have no choice. The military has asked for our help.”

Dad rolled over to her.

“They need us to go. To Washington. Now.”

“WHAT?” I gasped. “There was no way that, this, you, can’t- ” No words, none, could express my total shock at this situation.

“We won’t be fighting Rachel. We’re not in any condition to do so. We’re just going to give them tactical and field advice.” Dad tried to reason with me.

“But it’s not fair! They were supposed to leave you alone!”

Mom hugged me.

“Sweetie, we don’t have a choice. There are bigger things than you and I…but I promise you that NOTHING will happen to us. You hear me?”

I nodded my head. Some tears started to come out which only made my little sibs cry even harder.

“Our helicopter is waiting for us, Rachel. We need to go immediately.” Dad came up to me and gave me an awkward hug.

“Yeah, Tadpole,” Marco came over and mussed my hair, “Nothing’s going to break us. How many times have we been on the brink of destruction and survived?”

I laughed through my tears. Leave it to Uncle Marco to crack me up during a time like this.

Everyone exchanged hugs and kisses, then Doug came in from the outside and made a motion with his wrist.

“It’s time.” Mom paused for a moment, then she reached around her neck. She pulled the locket that she’s always worn since the time of the dinosaurs. I never knew what was in it, but that wasn’t important now.

“Whenever you get lonely or scared, just hold this, and think of me, and everything will be ok.” I smiled up at her.

Hopefully Mom, Hopefully.

I watched them leave, and then I noticed something that wasn’t apparent to me before. All of our clothes were packed up. My suitcases were at the door.

“Um, Grandma, what is this?”

“Oh.” Everyone started to look like they have been busted.

“Well, honey, you know how your father feels about protection...he doesn’t feel the farm is safe enough…even with the invisible electric fence, the bodyguards, gates and the tripwires. He wants you to come stay with us in the development.”

Another move, huh. Well, why am I not surprised, especially with my life?

“Well, who is going to stay in the house?”

“Oh don’t you worry, the National Guard will protect it. But we need you closer, and safer.”

“There’s another thing, honey. Your father….due to your recent hi-jinks in school, and your behavior, and the state of the world, your father decided to home-school you three until this settles down.”

I could have protested but I was emotionally drained. Too tired to put up a fight. The only thing I could do was clutch the locket.

More changes. This wasn’t even right.

Grandma sat next to me, dragging Tommy and Melissa. All my family could do was share in a collective hug.

Trust me, it’s not easy moving in with my grandparents they’re like, obsessed with us. Our pictures are everywhere in their house. More pictures of us are in their house than of Dad…or even Uncle Tom. Sometimes I feel like they want to make up for what happened to them by spoiling us…not that I’m complaining…it’s just annoying sometimes. Like Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, they joked to me that they almost had to fight with Grandma and Grandpa to share custody with us while Mom and Dad were away.
I contemplated that among many thoughts as I sat downstairs in my PJ’s, drinking orange juice. I could hear Grandpa praying in the front room

Grandma came downstairs and pulled out some Muselix.

“Hi Rae. We picked up some Lucky Charms for you. I know those are your favorite. Just like your father.”
“Um, thanks.” I reached over the cabinet for the box.
I’m trying NOT to be like him…

“Don’t mention it. By the way, after you finish that, you…need to go on a trip. Let’s call it a field trip.”

Uh oh.

“You father wanted you to speak with Rabbi Kravitz. We cleared the space today to do it. Nope, don’t think you were going to get out of it. Your grandfather is going to take you after breakfast.”

“But I just saw Father Banion!”

“Well, there’s no harm in speaking to someone else. It will be good for you. You may be surprised. Look Rachel, this time in a young girl’s life…it’s very confusing. None of us want you making any bad decisions.”

She reached across the table and touched my hand.

“I have full faith in you Rachel. Now show everyone else that they can have faith in you too.”

I smiled back at Grandma. In her eyes, it was obvious that she was thinking about Uncle Tom and Dad, that if she had been there, been more involved, that the alien situation would never have happened. But it was bigger than them, bigger than us. This whole messed-up situation was just insane.

“Oh good, Rae, you’re here. How was last night? Did Lyssie keep you up?” Grandpa walked in from the living room.

My new room was Dad’s old room, ironically. I was sharing it with Melissa while Tommy got Uncle Tom’s room.

“Yeah, she was fine. She was knocked out after all of that crying last night.”

“Well, Jean, give the kids a few more hours to sleep in. I need to take Rae in. Finish breakfast and get a shower, and then we can go.”

We got to the synagogue about an hour later. The parking lot was nearly deserted except for one sedan.
“We’re here." he drove home the point.

Grandpa walked me to the door and pointed left, away from the door.
“Rabbi Kravitz has his office down there. Just go down the hall to his office, he’ll be there. I’m going to go sit for a minute. I need…to reflect and pray in the sanctuary.” He walked in the opposite direction of me. I took a moment to take everything in. Of course this was my family’s synagogue, but since I was almost never here, everything looked new to me. There were beautiful purple and blue carpets on the floor and the walls were inlaid with stained glass. I pulled away from those and started to look at the pictures of the congregation on the wall. I could see my grandfather in some, some other cousins in others. But one stopped my heart. It was taken about 15 years ago. It was the Men’s youth basketball team. My Uncle Tom was in the center, holding the ball and smiling.

This must be Pre-Yeerk.

“Rachel Berenson?” An old lady came from down the hallway, “The Rabbi will see you now,”

I pulled away from the picture, but I could feel my dead uncle’s eyes on the back of my head.


I followed the lady back into the office and sat down in a plush blue chair.

Rabbi Kravitz sat across from me. Like Grandpa, he was wearing a black kippah. But unlike Grandpa, He was young. Really young. His dark hair peeked out from under his kippah and he had a medium beard, sort of like the one Dad would grow when he didn’t shave. He only seemed to be a few years older than Mom and Dad.

“Surprised? Yeah, my grandfather was the original Rabbi Kravitz. I’m just trying to follow in his footsteps. I took over the congregation last year while my grandfather retired to San Diego.”

I chuckled. My grandparents, all of them, used to joke about going there too. I looked at the walls. There were a lot of decorations in Hebrew. I also saw a lot of old pictures, including the rabbi’s grandfather with my great-grandfather, rest his soul.

"Ah Rachelle Naomi."

"Rachelle? Only Abba called me that..." (A/N: Abba-her Great-Grandfather)

"'s your Hebrew name. A very beautiful one."

I smiled. He leaned back in his chair.

"Well, I got a call from your grandfather that your father wanted you to talk to me about some things."

My cast was itching again. Good thing it was going to be off soon." Yeah, I guess."

He continued to talk.

"It must be hard for you here, with your mother and father at the Pentagon."
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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"It is. I get scared sometimes, that the whole war, with the Yeerks and the One, the invasion will begin again, and I'll lose them."

He leaned back in the chair.

"You know Rachel, I never thought that any of it was real. My entire life, I've studied the word of HaShem and nothing like this...could ever be fathomed. Even from Adam, HaShem always made it clear that we were to have free will. For it to be taken is like he lost his faith in humanity. Your family helped save creation. For that, we are all grateful. Rachel, I don't think anything will happen to your parents. For saving his world, I believe HaShem has surrounded them with special protection."

"So why is Dad in a wheelchair?"

"The body may be broken, but the mind and heart isn't." Rabbi Kravitz clasped his hands together.

"He loves his family so much. It pained me to see your family torn apart because of...what happened."

I bit my lip.

"Is that what has been bothering you?"

"No, Rabbi."

"Was it this barn party your grandfather told me about?"

"Yeah, sort of."

"Why would you disobey your parents?"

"I mean, as great as everyone thinks they are, I don't think they understand me. I don't think many people do."

"Because you are biracial?"

"Yeah. And bi-religious. Not technically. I know. My mom isn't Jewish. But enough of our family is."

"Rachel. Skin color doesn't define who you are. Those attitudes, prejudices, are repulsive. There are Jewish people from India to Ethiopia to Morocco and Argentina, and everyplace in between. As far as your heritage, the law is the law. There is nothing I can do to alter it. But it doesn't change who your ancestors are. When in doubt, try to draw on their strength."

"Thanks Rabbi."

He smiled.

"So are you staying with your father's parents until the threat is over?"

"Part time. My Mom's parents will be looking after us too."

"Why don't you come to service tomorrow? It would be good for all of you, your brother and your sister, to come learn more about your heritage..."

Rabbi Kravitz smiled.

"It's funny your Dad sent you here, he used to skip Hebrew school when he was little. He and...your big cousin Rachel. When they did come, they were always getting into it in the back.. And after his Mikveh and his Bar Mitzvah, I never saw him around. Not until all of this was over..." He stopped, probably thinking about Cousin Rachel and Uncle Tom. "I know he wants better for his children. Believe in that."

He paused for a second.

“Hey. How about you come to services tomorrow? I really think it would be good for you and your little brother and sister. Come celebrate with us!”


“Great, great, that’s what I like to hear. Now our time is almost up, but if you have any more questions, feel free to call me.” He handed me a business card. “Shalom, Rachel.”

I smiled and stood back up. He nodded as my Grandfather (probably) knocked on the door.

“Shalom, Rabbi,” I answered back.

“Come in!” Grandpa opened the door.

“Don’t worry Dr. Berenson. I think your granddaughter is going to do just fine.” The Rabbi smiled at me.

“Thank you, Rabbi. Look at you! Time flies. I’m sure your grandfather is so proud of you.”

“He is, he definitely is.”

I stood up and my Grandfather put his arms around me.

Then I had another vision, and not a good one.

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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Chapter 17

Same disclaimer applies.

I looked around, and I wasn't in the Rabbi's office. Instead I saw nothing but burnt out cars, trash, and gray street grit everywhere. I was surrounded by abandoned and gutted out buildings, and there was thick smog in the air. The smog was all over my clothes too. I could barely breathe. Just as I opened my mouth to scream,

...I was back insde the synagouge.

"Rachel, RACHEL?"

I shook my head and looked up.

My grandfather and the Rabbi were staring at me.

"You still with us?" He half-joked.

"Yeah, I was daydreaming. I'm sorry." I bit my lip. "Thank you again for everything, Rabbi Kravitz."

"Anytime Rachel." he smiled at me.

'Grandpa went over to shake his hand. "I'll see you tomorrow, Larry."

"Absolutely Steve, Absolutely."

Grandpa took my hand and we walked around to the front of the synagogue.

Then we got in and started to drive off. I think Grandpa wanted to let me absorb everything, my heritage, my talk with the Rabbi, so he didn't say anything to me. He just kept his eyes on the road.

"Oh boy, Rae, it might take us a little longer to get home, something is blocking the main road.

It looked like a bunch of people, no, Aliens? marching on the street.When I say a LOT, I mean a thousand, easily.

There were a lot of cops too. One alien was on the stage, and the rest were chanting and cheering, but the cops were putting them into busses. Even some of the big Hork-Bajir.



"This is insane Grandpa. No offense. Why do all the aliens have to go away? It just isn't right."

He looked at me sadly.

"I wish I knew Rae, so many things in the world aren't right."

As we drove closer, I could hear individual aliens scream.

"I bet you're not so tough without your guns, pig." A human-controller spat out.

"Myitt, in the bus. We don't want to use the handcuffs." A cop grabbed her.

I giggled. But then I realized that this wasn't funny. I learned about World War II in history class, weren't we doing what the Americans did with the Japanese internment camps?

Grandpa turned down a side road, away from the spectacle.

When we got back to the house, Grandma was outside hanging up laundry and watching Tommy and Melissa play pirates outside.

Grandma put down the basket of laundry, reached through the car, and kissed my cheek.

"How was it?"

"It was good." I said as Grandpa parked the car. "Hey Grandma, can I ask you a favor?"
"Go ahead,"

"Can I have some people over from school? I know, uh, Tanya wanted to bring some stuff I had left in her locker and-"

"Sorry Rachel, I personally would love to, but your parents said no. I don't want to undermine them."

I pouted.

"Rachel, don't think of this as punishment, this is more like character-building to become a stronger person."

"But Dad had people over all the time!"

"That was different. They were saving the world."

How do you know I'm not?

"When we talk to your parents next, maybe they can come to some sort of agreement. It's not healthy fo you to be by yourself," Grandma admitted.

I raised an eyebrow. Wow, they were interesting people. Why couldn't Dad have come out cooler?


Instead of seeing the little kids, I went inside. At least they were letting me watch TV, unlike Dad's crazy self.

I flipped on the TV. Tiger Woods winning golf, that's nothing new.

Some stupid reality shows. Law and Order. Mom and Dad said that it was too old for me, but I snuck downstairs to watch sometimes. But I wasn't in the mood for heavy legal drama, I had enough in my life.

Finally, MTV 5 was having a 'hit-list' with the best of Bob Marley on it. It was old, but I liked Old-School music. Reggae is relaxing to me. That and punk. There's nothing better to wake up to than some classic Fall Out Boy. But my baby has to be Corbin Bleu. I've been obsessed with him since they did 'High School Musical 4' and my parents took me to see the stage show. He's just so fine...
I don't know, but by musing, I must have fallen asleep in front of the TV. The house was dark and the sun was about to go down. I checked upstairs, downstairs, and outside. There was no sign of my grandparents, Tommy, or Melissa.

A note on the kitchen table told me everything.


You were asleep so we didn't want to bother you. Tommy and Melissa have a play date. We should be back around 8 PM.

Grandma and Grandpa.

SCORE! I knew just what to do...

I picked up the phone.

"Hey Tanya..."

Soon, everyone what over my grandparents' house.
"Nice to see everyone again!" I gave everyone hugs and high-fives.

"You too, girl, we thought your Dad had you in an underground bunker." Tanya cracked a pretty good joke.

I laughed.

"Almost. You never know what to expect with him. Well, we only have 2 hours, so let's get to this, shall we? We all know that we have the power to see forwards and backwards in time. Let's see how far we can go."

We all held hands in a circle.

"Now think of some historic event...on Earth"

I closed my eyes, and with the others, we started swirling around, like we were in a windtunnel. It was amazing to see, there were stars and planets surrounding us, then nothing but white. Finally we ended up Bob Marley's last concert.

"Bob Marley?" Becky thought out loud.

"There was a marathon today on M5. Sorry guys. How about V-Day, World War II?" I suggested.

We held hands again and were taken to Times Square, New York City. There were soldiers and saliors everywhere cheering, women dancing in the streets, and ticker-tape parade.

"Now this is what's up, better than an episode of the Twilight Zone on TV Land." Derrick nodded his head and smiled.

"Wait, don't you think we should stop?" Jon let go suddenly..

We were transported back into the future.

"Whoa, what'd you do that for?" Becky nearly spat at him.

"If we alter the past, we alter the future. We can't afford to do that. Time Travel 101." Jon reasoned.

"But the future will just correct itself with the presence of an anomaly. Duh. I was enjoying that party." Becky

I saw car lights coming from my basement window.

"Oh no! My grandparents are home! Sorry guys, you have to know"

"Us hiding from your folks. That's a theme with you there, Rae," Derrick smiled.

Luckily I didn't hear them coming down the stairs, they went up.

Quietly, everyone came up from the basement and into the laundry room. Grandma came down just as everyone made it.

"What are you thinking about."

"Seeing the world Grandma, just seeing the world."

"Well, we'll have plenty of chances to do that once your parents get back from helping the government. Me personally, I'd

love to see Ayers Rock in Australia, but it's up to you all." She picked up a basket of laundry. "Don't forget to wash your

laundry tonight, otherwise you'll have a week of stinky clothes." She smiled and went upstairs.

I motioned for the others to get out.

"Sorry it has to end like this, but if they catch you guys here, they'll roast me alive."

"We understand Rae, we really do." Derrick gave me a quick hug. "Take care of yourself."

Even though I was slightly embarassed, I played it off and gave everyone else hugs too. Then they snuck out through the back door.

I have a great group of friends. Hopefully as great as what Mom and Dad had.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Chapter 18

Same Disclaimer Applies

The next day Grandma took us out for some P.E.

In her world, that means tennis lessons.

Apparently she and Grandpa were locally ranked. And of course they wanted to pass on that wonderful talent to us. Bright and EARLY in the morning.

I tried to protest, but Grandma wasn’t listening.

“I’m not even any good at Tennis! Can’t I just take one of Dad’s old basketballs and hit the court in the development?” I complained as she pulled the sheets off of me.

“Now Rachel, you aren’t in any condition to play basketball. And even if you were, it’s time for you to learn new things,” she said in her assuring tone.

Now Basketball, I was pretty good at. But Tennis? I still had my cast on and I could barely swat that annoying green ball. I had horrible hand-eye coordination when it came to small objects.

Sighing, I yawned as Grandma went to wake up Melissa. Running my hands through my frizzy hair, I felt something that wasn’t supposed to be there.

I pulled it out.

It was white Ticker Tape.

So we DID go back into time last night!

You know, before last night, I was becoming more and more convinced that I was crazy, that I had no super-special-secret powers, and that everything else was just a trip.

I guess not.

“NOOOOOO, Grandma, I stay in bed!!” Melissa wasn’t any happier about playing tennis than I was, it seems.

I chuckled and got out of bed before the great race to the bathroom was going to begin. If Tommy and Melissa got there before me I would have no prayer of hot water.

“Grandma, I’m going to use the bathroom,” I piped up.

“Sure thing honey,” She wasn’t paying attention. She was trying to get Melissa out of bed.

I got up, went to the linen closet, got a fresh towel and washcloth, and snuck into the bathroom before anyone could get there.

Life was nice enough with Grandma and Grandpa, but was it really necessary? I mean, why couldn’t just Mom or Dad have gone off to help the government? Why did they both have to go? It seems like Grandma and Grandpa…no, I know they didn’t MEAN to, but it was like they wanted to replace our parents. But we already had a Mom and slightly off-kilter Dad that raised us the way they wanted to be raised, and loved us, at least in Mom’s case.

I actually heard a thump from Tommy’s room.

It looks like he’s up too. Let me just take a shower.

The hot water seared over my back.

AHHHHHHHH I thought. The water was pulsing all over the bag that covered my cast and me.

I could stay in here forever, it’s so peaceful. Just me enjoying MYSELF in here.

Eventually the hot water ran out (too bad!) so I hopped out and dried off and ignored the line that my family formed outside the bathroom.

“Rachel, you took 20 minutes!” Grandpa complained.

“Oops,” I mumbled as I made my way back to my room. Hey, the little kids usually wasted so much time in there; I was due a day where I could have it all to myself. On the bed, Grandma had been nice enough to lie out a tennis suit for me.

HA. HA. She’s going all out with this.

Slowly, I got dressed. At the end, I didn’t look like Venus or Serena Williams but I did look REALLY preppy, another look I despised. Right down to the white cutoff shirt and the white skirt.

After I finished tying up the tennis shoes they had been nice enough to get me, I went downstairs for breakfast.

As soon as I pulled out the Lucky Charms, the videophone rang. I curiously went over to see who was calling. It was Mom and Dad!

Okay, well, maybe I wasn’t that excited, but if was good to hear from them.

When I pressed the on button, their faces popped onto the screen.

“Hello Rae,” Dad said.

“Hi Dad,”

“How’s everything going, tennis champ?” He smiled.

“Tennis Champ? Did you know about this beforehand?”

He just kept on smiling.


“Hey baby. Ignore him. You look wonderful.” Mom’s voice of reason came over through the screen. They were holding hands and wearing all black.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to hear from you guys so soon, I was pretty sure that the government would hide you guys forever.” I marveled

“Oh don’t worry, they’re doing that,” Mom assured me “But we just needed to check in and see how our babies were doing.”

“Mom, I’m not a baby. I’m almost thirteen! A teenager!”

“Rae…” Dad started to raise his voice.

“Well, anyway, where’s the rest of the gang?” Mom asked.

“Oh, Grandma and Grandpa are upstairs giving Tommy and Melissa baths.” I answered.

“Well, we’ll give you guys a call another time. Just remember that we love you.” Dad said.

“I love you guys too…be safe…. what ever you’re doing.” I told them.

They ended the transmission just as Grandma came down the stairs.

“Who was that?”

“Oh, that was Mom and Dad. They just called briefly to say hello, but you guys were upstairs and-”

“Drat,” Grandma cut me off. “I was really waiting for their call. They can’t just dial up and chat anytime. They’re sequestered.” She explained.

“I wonder what they’re doing,” I said out loud.

“I’m sure the government has them mixed up in some mess. All of this with these aliens I swear-”

“Honey, Tommy and Melissa won’t get dressed!” Grandpa complained

“Coming right up! I’ll be right back, sweetie,” Grandma kissed me cheek and went back upstairs.

I just shrugged my shoulders and pulled out the box of Lucky Charms again. Before I could eat a bowl, the cavalry had arrived. Tommy and Melissa were cleaned and dressed up in Tennis clothes. Wow, Grandma and Grandpa work miracles.

“Ray-chel. Pass the ce-real.” Tommy said to me after he sat in the seat next to me.

“Sure thing.” I poured myself a bowl and passed the box to Tommy.

“Are you two excited to play?”

He nodded yes, I shook my head no.

“Rachel, we’re going to make you a tennis star. Just you watch.”

I raised my eyebrows and got back to finishing off my cereal.

“Now just swing at elbow’s length for the forehand. Swing it parallel to the ground honey. Don’t be so tense. Let it naturally go.” Grandma was trying to tell me instructions as I completely missed the ball. I told you that I had no hand-eye coordination.
Or at least I used to.

“Once more,” Grandpa said from the sidelines while holding back the two little ones.

“Let’s try it again. Swing then follow through.” I could tell from my shadow that I looked like a madwoman trying to fight someone.

Grr. I was getting frustrated.

Deep breaths Rae. Deep breaths.

Ok, Grandma, let’s try it again.

Grandma served me the ball. I squinted my eyes and concentrated really hard…

And the ball froze!


Time literally STOPPED!

What the hell! Were my powers increasing? Or did those creatures, the Ellimist? want to talk to me.

I even went up to the ball to touch it. It didn’t drop, it stayed where it was. Everyone else was frozen. Grandma, Grandpa, Tommy, Melissa. Even the mailman driving by.

I stopped time.

I HAD STOPPED TIME. But it might not be the best thing to keep time stopped like this.

So I squinted again…

… And the ball flew past me! Time started up once more. I tried my best to get back to my original position.

“Rae! How did you end up there?” Grandpa laughed.

I bit my lip.

You don’t want to know.

“I have an idea, let me try serving.” I suggested. “Maybe I’ll have better luck.”

I tossed the ball in the air and squinted just at the right time to stop the ball. Then I slapped it hard across the net.

“Good job Rae! That’s great improvement!” Grandma was shocked.

I grinned.

She served me 2,3,4 more. I stopped time and hit them on the spot.

Just wait and see…I’m going to improve a lot of things.

Tennis, basketball, I could use this in a lot of sports. Not just sports, I mean, this could be used for anything!

In the middle of my thoughts, some dark government SUV’s drove up to the tennis courts.

Anytime this happened, it could not be a good thing.

Two men wearing a black suit and dark sunglasses came out of the front car and over to Grandpa. He whispered in his ear. Grandpa froze up and grabbed the hands of Tommy and Melissa.

“Jean, we need to go back to the house, immediately,” He started packing up all of the tennis balls and racquets. “Kids, help me out here.”

“Grandpa, what’s going on?”

“No questions Rae just do it.” Grandpa’s mood had shifted fast into a mean one.

“Alright, Alright.” I helped clean up the tennis courts and the government SUVs escorted us back to the house where Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop were waiting.

They did not look happy. In fact, Mom-Mom was crying again.


Grandpa parked, then Grandma hopped out of the car and ran right over to Mom-Mom. We got out of the car and helped her up into the house.

The Videophone was on.

Dad was on the screen.

“Dad? What’s happening? Why are there FBI agents at the house?”

“Sit down Rachel. I have some bad news for you. About 1 hour ago, you mother and Uncle Marco had to assist some Xenowarriors in battle against The One in outer space. Unfortunately…” I heard pain in his mouth “They were…kidnapped…”

“Rae, Rae, calm down!”

“I CAN’T calm down! How could you let something like this happen to Mom? How could you? This is all your fault!”
“Rae, we never planned for any of this to occur-”

“Never planned? You said you would never fight again, why should I believe you now? Dad! If something happens to her I SWEAR I’ll never forgive you.”

Dad hung his head down. He knew that it was his entire fault.

“Rachel, I don’t care if your mother is on the dark side of the moon or Mars, you don’t speak to your father that way.” Mom-Mom stopped crying long enough to chastise me.

“Yell at him, not at me. He is the one that is going to get Mom killed.”

“Now don’t think like that baby. Your mother, father, Marco. All of them are covered in Teflon. They ALWAYS find a way to get out of any situation.”

“Not when cousin Rachel died. And Tom.” Oops, I had said it. But there was no turning back. “Now Mom and Uncle Marco are going to die too. It’s not fair!” I turned to run up the stairs. Screw my grounding.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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I needed to talk to Tanya, like, right now.

The phone was in the hallway, I picked it up and frantically dialed Tanya’s number. I needed to talk to someone my age.

By the time Tanya picked up, I was in tears.

“T-T-Tanya…I need to talk to you…”

“What girl, I’m cutting gym class to be on my cell-” she started to stay.

“My mom…the aliens kidnapped her.”

“Oh Lord, honey, I am so sorry. Look. I’ll come over as soon as I can. I’ll tell the others too. Your grandparents HAVE to let you see us.”

“I hope. Just call me back when you can.”

“Keep your head up, babe. I’ll sneak over to see you soon.”



I slid down onto the floor and started to cry. I could already hear my little siblings start to wail and scream so no one noticed my tears, but I was still crying.

I just wanted my mother to come back alive.

We couldn’t even enjoy a game of tennis without something going wrong.

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Chapter 19

Same Disclaimer Applies

After a little bit, I put the phone back in the holder. My eyes were dry, but that was only because I had cried them out. I was still sick with fear for Mom.

I needed to know more. I needed to know exactly what was going on.

Pulling my hair back into a ponytail, I went back into the family room. Tommy and Melissa were gone; I guess Mom-Mom took them to the den, because she wasn’t in the room either.

All my other grandparents were talking to the FBI guys.

“Rachel, baby, you’re back.”

“Yeah, Pop-Pop” I tried to force a smile. “It’s always something with us, isn’t it?”

“Now don’t get negative Rachel, you know and I know that your parents will find a way out of this.” Grandma started to say

“This? I don’t know Grandma, I don’t even know what’s going on!” I complained.

“This information is on a Need-to-Know basis. Trust us little girl, we’re doing everything we can to get your mother back.” One of the FBI guys slicked back his hair.

Little Girl? I was almost 13! But you know what, if they won’t save her, I will!

I turned away again to go up the stairs.

“Rae, where are you going?”

“Well, since you want to leave me out of the loop, there’s really no reason for me to be here is there?”

I stormed up the stairs, who did that guy think he was? When I got to my bedroom, I collapsed onto the bed and the tears started to pour again. I mean, with all of these stupid psychic powers and time stopping powers, I couldn’t protect the person who meant the most to me.

But life has a tricky way of showing you just how everything comes together. I must have cried myself to sleep that night, in the bedroom Grandma set up for me, wearing my tennis outfit.

But when I woke up, my whole world changed, literally.



A horn woke me up that next morning.


What the-? I seemed to be in some sort of institution! A pretty run-down one at that. There were rows and rows of beds filled with girls just waking up. The whole place was an industrial gray with boards over the windows. It looked like I had woken up in hell.

“Welcome to my world kid.”

I heard a voice. IN MY BRAIN. That could only be one thing. YEERK! I was infested!

“Oh don’t worry kid, I could care less about controlling you. Myitt only looks out for Myitt. And the sensors when I have to take full control.”

“You, you, they have NAMES?” I asked in my brain.

“Yeah, we do, just like yours Teresa Rachelle.

“That’s not my name. My name is Rachel.”

“I’ve infested you for 10 years. I think I’d know what your name is, and if you don’t make a move for the shower they’re going to think we’re up to something. Now hustle!”
I dragged myself over to the decrepit showers down the hall and dirty brown water started to come out of the faucets. But when I started to disrobe I got an... ahem...bigger surprise.

“Holy cow,” I whispered. I had grown a couple of bra sizes overnight. In fact, looking into the dingy mirror, my whole body had changed. I was noticeably taller, my body had filled out, especially my butt, and my hair had grown in dreadlocks all the way to my waist. I had to be about 17 or 18 years old.

“Like yourself? That’s great, but don’t gawk all day or we’ll miss chow.”

I had been sent to a parallel universe. No books, no parents. This was real.

I tried my best to wash myself with the dirty soap and putrid water and wrapped a thin, disgusting towel around me. Myitt, or whatever that Yeerk called itself was right, most people had already gotten dressed. I saw one more pair of dingy sweats and a stained T-shirt and figured that was my clothing ration for the day. Some nasty old sneakers were at the bunk where I was sleeping, I guessed they were mine too. But then I paused.

They were the Jordans I had…I mean they looked like the Jordans Dad JUST bought me.

When I get out of here…no more complaints about anything.

“You’re never getting out of here kid, at least not until you turn 18 and the force drafts you.” Myitt so helpfully added.

“Stay out of my brain!” I yelled as I ran into the cafeteria. By accident, I bumped up against a tough-looking girl with a bandana around her head.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, bitch!” she called out to me.
“Who are you calling bitch!” I whipped my head around.
She threw her food down and threw back her hands as if she was going to punch me.

I threw my hands up, ready to block or strike, and when I squinted my eyes...

The whole room froze.

I mean, not just the people around us, the whole room.

Jeez, my powers must be expanded now that I’m older.

Myitt started to scream in my brain “What did you do Teresa?”

“Teresa? Stop calling me that!”

“Rae!!” one solitary short girl with short hair came running from the other side of the cafeteria.

“See alien, my name is Rae.”

“No. Teresa.”

“Could you please tell me what’s going on?” I almost whined.

“Look, it’s too late for that, we better get out of here…I saw a memo this morning, any use of supernatural powers will be severely punished.” Tanya told us.

The room was still frozen.

I nodded at her.

“Good idea,”

Both Tanya and I SPED out of there. We went through a time-frozen corridor, and down some back steps where there were no security guards.

“I thought I was the only one sent here.,” she said as we hid in a dumpster down a filthy street with trash and burnt out buildings everywhere. It was so grimy; you could taste the filth in your mouth. It was Post-Apocalyptic.

“Do you have a Yeerk too?”

“Yeah, and it won’t shut the hell up,”

I laughed.

“At least we’re in this together.” I tried to look at the bright side.

“I know I’m sorry about your Mom…I guess in the other lifetime.” Tanya’s deeper voice was full or sorrow.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to save her, as long as we can get out of here.” I figured.

Just then, I heard sirens.

“Shh, quiet!” she said to me.

We heard a car door open then slam shut. Footsteps crept their way to us, then I could hear a baton rap on the top of the dumpster.

“Come out and you won’t get hurt,” a familiar, yet deep voice said.


We put our hands up and a VERY different-looking Derrick in a guard’s uniform held a baton in one hand and a flashlight in the other.

“Derrick!!” He looked so grown up. His hair was buzzed off and his face and body was filled in. In short, he looked like a grown man. In fact, we all looked grown.

“Look, you guys gotta get out of here, they think you’re part of some sort of Yeerk Rebellion so they want to take you into the force early.”

We kinda just stared at him.

“Joining the One’s Army”

“That would suck, royally.” Tanya admitted.

“I’m supposed to be a lookout, apparently, but when I saw you two, I knew it was more than coincidence that brought us here. We’re here for a reason. To learn a lesson,” Derrick concluded.

“Let’s get going then. No reason to hang around if we don’t need to,” I said.

We piled into Derrick’s beater and started far, far away from that terrible place.

“Okay, now, it’s you me and Derrick. Becky and Jon have to be around someplace-”

“They’re at the resistance. Our powers, they’ve seem to been getting stronger. I can picture people and locate them now. You should be able to do the same thing, Tanya.” Derrick said as he put his baton back.

She nodded her head.

“I’m going, or my Yeerk is, going to drive us there. It’s about 400 miles away in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Don’t worry, they gave me a full tank.”

During the drive, we switched drivers, made some small talk, tried not to be so nervous. But we had no idea what the hell we were or what we were getting involved into. We didn’t even know what year it was! I was scared. Very scared. During my brief time at the orphanage, I didn’t see Melissa or Tommy. I mean, it was an Orphanage…. did that mean…NO! My family would never just give me up like that.

…Would they?

Tanya had taken the wheel, and Derrick was asleep in the back. I was feeling a little drowsy myself, and no one would question a government vehicle on the road. I don’t know how it happened, but I fell asleep on Derrick’s shoulder. He didn’t seem to mind.

I heard someone giggling as I woke up. Tanya turned around and was just watching us.
“Aww, aren’t the lovebirds cute,”

Derrick shot up and got his bearings.

“Huh? Rae! My bad. I wouldn’t disrespect you like that!”

“It’s ok,” I was trying my fastest to get away from him. Not that I wanted him to think I was easy or anything.

“Well, now that you two are done, I used my psychic sensing powers to know we’re going to have to park the car and walk 3 miles up the road and hope that our Yeerks can pretend to be rebel Yeerks long enough for us to gain access to the compound and recruit Jon and Becky.”

“Then what? After we learn a ‘value of teamwork’ lesson we get to go home?” I hoped.

“Let’s hope so.” Derrick gave me a wan smile, taking my hand for a second. I couldn't help but blush.

The walk to the compound was dusty, hot, and tiring. We were in the middle of the desert, for Pete’s sake. Derrick decided he should lose part of his uniform and took off his uniform top, leaving only a T-shirt underneath showing off his bulging muscles. He looked extra hot. Finally, after 3 mirages, we got to the compound and let the Yeerks in our brains take over.

They tricked the Gleet Bio-Filters enough for us to get inside, but we weren’t prepared for what happened when we got there.

A security guard took us to a holding area, where we saw a familiar dark haired boy with old glasses manning a Yeerk pool.


Derrick broke protocol and tackled him he was so happy to see Jon.

“Whoa, Whoa, don’t kill us now,” Jon joked.

“Oh, it’s good to see you man, you don’t know what we had to do to get here.”
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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“I can, I saw what was happening from my head. Our powers-”

“Are expanded now that we’re older and in this parallel universe. We know” Tanya gave Jon a playful nudge.

“So how do we get Becky?”

Jon started to kick at an invisible stain.

“She’s helping to protect the …the last one. “

“The last who? Jon, we didn’t come 400 miles for games.”

He gave me his hand.

“Rae, in this reality, I learned that...your Dad never came back from space. The remaining Animorphs died on the Blade ship. That’s why the One was able to take over the Earth and enslave us all with Yeerks, I know we all have Yeerks in our heads right now…”

It all made sense, the horrible world, the signs the Ellimist had sent me.

“We were meant to be here guys. I don’t know why, but this is more than a lesson, we have to fix something in our world. Remember all the talk about anomalies? Well, my mom is one; she can only exist in one correct timeline. If we don’t get back and save her in ours, we’ll be stuck in this one forever!” I realized

We were interrupted by a large crash.

I whipped around.

I couldn’t believe it.

It was Becky

And a wolf.

My mother?!

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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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Chapter 20


My children, that’s all I think about most days. Tommy, Melissa, and especially Rachel. She has grown up a lot in these past few months. All I want to see is their smiling faces. I know this is Rachel’s story, but I need to add in some of what happened, what she doesn’t know about.

It was all supposed to be so simple.

Just one space mission, overseeing the experts in Xenowarfare as they were to lead the charge onto the Blade Ship.

Jake couldn’t go, but Marco and I were to be present in an advisory capacity. One ship. One more time. One last fight.

But with our lives, there is never a last time.

Jake and I decided to start the day off by calling the children and his parents, to see how they were all getting along. Hopefully Rae wouldn’t be a pain as much as she had been to us over the past few months. I know changes are hard on children, but honestly, she had even me on the brink of sanity sometimes-

“So today’s the big day, huh?” I heard from the bunk below me, interrupting my thoughts.

Jake was already sitting up on the bed and smiling.

I hopped down and into his arms.

“A grand hello to you too, honey.” We kissed each other. For once, we didn’t have to worry about anyone barging in on us. The military gave us a room with total privacy.

The plan was simple. We were to send in Xenowarriors, then regular space fighters. We weren’t sure what group was behind the new attacks, but we were pretty sure they were Yeerks. We were confident that we could take them out in open battle.

Jake wanted to be there, leading the forces. During all of our meetings, I could see it in his face. But a space battle is no place for someone in a wheelchair, even if they could morph. Jake would be leading us from Earth. All I had to do was think of the Auxiliaries and…

“Did I say something wrong?” Jake offered.

“No babe. Nothing at all. Just thinking?”

“What about?” he inquired.

“Oh, you know, all of this again, the kids, how it’s affecting them.” Jake started to rub my shoulders.

“Well, I have a good idea. Why don’t we give them a call. We’re way overdue. Even prisoners get to make one call.”

I smiled and kissed his head. Jake always came with a good plan. He wasn’t the leader of this new attack for nothing.

We showered, got dressed in the black suits that were now standard issue to morphers and went over to the videophone. We dialed the number for Jean and Steve and slowly, the phone started to connect.

Surprisingly, neither Jean or Steve picked up.

Rae, in a very cute white tennis outfit, turned on the video camera.

“Hello Rae,” Jake said. I don’t think he was seeking to start in on anything today.

“Hi Dad,” she said back, calmly. GOOD.

“How’s everything going, tennis champ?” He smiled upon seeing her outfit. Probably he was thinking about how Jean and Steve were tennis nuts.

“Tennis Champ? Did you know about this beforehand?” I could sense Rae’s stress.

But Jake Just kept on smiling. I should have hit him.

“Dad!” Rae yelled

I decided to interrupt before a shouting match ensued.

“Hey baby. Ignore him. You look wonderful.” I tried to impart some reason as I took Jake’s hand.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to hear from you guys so soon, I was pretty sure that the government would hide you guys forever.” Rae was shocked. Her dark brown eyes lit up.

“Oh don’t worry, they’re doing that,” I assured her. “But we just needed to check in and see how our babies were doing.”

“Mom, I’m not a baby. I’m almost thirteen! A teenager!” She started to complain. I

forget about the emotional minefield I step in with Rae sometimes.

“Rae…” Jake started to raise his voice.

“Well, anyway, where’s the rest of the gang?” I asked.

“Oh, Grandma and Grandpa are upstairs giving Tommy and Melissa baths.” she answered.

“Well, we’ll give you guys a call another time. Just remember that we love you.” Jake said.

“I love you guys too…be safe…. what ever you’re doing.” I told them.

We ended the transmission.

“How did she become such a piece of work so fast?” Jake chuckled and ran his hands through his hair.

“I know someone else who is pretty emotional,” I smirked. He knew exactly whom I was talking about.

“That’s not fair!” He wrapped me up in the wheelchair. He sighed and held me for a minute.

“You know I don’t want to do this again, Cass” Jake’s voice paled with a hint of doubt.

“I know baby, I know.” I turned to face him. “Just one more time, and we’re done.” I

breathed in his comforting scent. Musky and strong, just like him.

Jake put his hand on my stomach. “Yes, we’ve got bigger things to worry about,”

“Um, Sir, Ma’am?” A soldier meekly interrupted us.

“Yes private?” Jake straightened himself up.

“It’s breakfast time.”

After breakfast, Jake and a few generals went over the plans with us one more time.

Marco and I would accompany some of the best-trained Xenowarriors over to the Blade Ship, where we would go on an exploratory mission dressed as an allied ship. As soon as we did reconnaissance, the heavy troops would arrive and fight whatever Yeerks that would be on board. That would be our cue to get off the ship and back down to Earth. Jake wanted to minimize the length of time we were in space, for obvious reasons. Truth was, I wasn’t so sure about this. Even though we had been going over every aspect of this battle plan in meticulous detail, I had this horrible feeling in my gut that something wasn’t right, that we would get a big surprise, and not in a good way.

Relax Cassie, it could just be that you’re-

“Cassie, we’re ready to go.” Those four, Nathan, Michael, Shawn, and Wayne, are this planet’s best Xenowarriors. They’ll be in the ship that will escort Marco and you to the Blade Ship. Four Caucasian men of average build and height nodded across the room at us.

Marco stood up.

“Then there’s no reason to delay, let’s do what needs to be done and then get the hell out of here, no offense,”

“None taken, Marco. I’ll be watching from the control room,” Jake replied.

Marco and I followed the four Xenowarriors down a hallway and to a waiting bug fighter.

Marco smiled over at me.

“No worries, Cassie. Everything is going to be fine, and you’ll be home with those rug rats in no time.”

“Let’s hope so Marco, our outer space track record isn’t that great.”

We entered the tiny fighter and sat in one of the launching seats

“Cleared for takeoff,” one of the Xenowarriors said.

I felt the familiar sickening feeling of Zero-G, and then we were propelled out of Earth atmosphere into outer space. .

“Ugh, I can never get over that,” Marco’s face was literally green.

“Try having 3 kids.” I countered. He smiled.

“Nathan, does this fighter have facilities?” Marco belted out “I have to empty the hatch.”

No answer.

“Nathan, Shawn….Michael…Wayne?”

No answer.

Even though there was no sign to take off our seatbelts, I got up and went to go investigate.

“Hold it right there.”

I turned around. Nathan was holding a Dracon Beam towards my head.

“Don’t even move, or I’ll blow your freaking brains out!”

I held up my hands and paused right where I was. I looked over at Marco, He had one aimed directly at his head by one of the others.

“Let’s see what your little husband has to say about his dear wife and best friend becoming slaves to the Yeerks.

Nathan dragged me over to the videophone and turned it on.

“Surprise, surprise. You all should have seen this coming,” he said to a group of shocked generals and Jake.

“Corporal Nathan, let her go.”

“Nathan? My name is Yisplan 3245. And this is a kidnapping. Free the human controllers on Earth from their camps and pay restitution to the Yeerk home world on the order of 1 billion American dollars for the Yeerk Rebel Movement or your precious wife and best friend are dead. He cut the transmission.

“On the floor!” He pushed me down. One of the others started to bound and gag me.

Then I could hear us connecting to another ship. The Blade Ship.

Marco was hustled past me in an equally bound state.

They dragged us out into the blade ship and down a long, long, highway.

I was getting scared, I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I couldn’t believe we were getting kidnapped. And for what? I know the Yeerks hadn’t had the best time adjusting on Earth but I thought things had been getting better.

Maybe I’m just too naive. In the world of war, will anything ever change?

Finally, we got dumped off in what looked like an empty room. They unbound us and then clicked on a big button that dropped a force field around us.

“Now remember, if you try anything, any morphs, any sneaking out, you’ll be dead before you hit the ground. Oh yeah.”

He turned off all lights.


Marco tried to talk but I couldn’t say anything. I was just in shock. How could I be so stupid to agree to something like this?

I curled up into a ball and cried.

My babies.

All I could think about were my babies.






“We got them sir,”


“Sorry I’m late sir, D.C. and interstellar traffic is a bitch.” Esplin the Prime ran into the meeting

Edriss rolled her eyes and continued with the debriefing.

“Yes. Our informants captured them on a bug fighter and they’re currently being held prisoner in the East bay. No stimulation. If they try to morph, the sensors will kill them."
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
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“Disgruntled Yeerks. Easy as pie to find now that the Humans have them under restriction. From there we got four disgruntled Xenowarriors to become voluntarily infested. Simple really. Those Terrans, so predictable.”


“Did you hear that! He called our work excellent!” Esplin was excited.

“Ugh. Do you get THIS excited every time Crayak complements you? You’re such a loser, you know.” Edriss rolled her eyes.

“But this time, Edriss, we really got them! Organizing a Yeerk Rebel Movement was a stroke of genius!”

“Yeah, Yeah.” Edriss was not impressed with Esplin’s hubris.

“And when that Jake watches Cassie and Marco die, it will be vengeance, for the hundreds of thousands of Yeerks he murdered. Then I have special plans for him. Making his immovability on this planet seem like nothing.” Esplin kept on ranting.

“You know, it was always me that came up with the good ideas,” Edriss said slyly.

“Ha, I got closer than any Yeerk to taking over this woebegone planet.” Esplin pointed out.

“Yeah, prove it.” Edriss nearly spat out. She had no time for this incompetence tonight.

“Why you rotten little dapsen.” Esplin was starting to get annoyed with Edriss. Here, they accomplished something together, and she blew it off like nothing.

He went off. “I should have Crayak send you back to the home world right now, since only proven leaders should be in charge!” Esplin lunged for Edriss grabbing her by the wrist.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”Edriss yelled at him.

“You bitch!” Esplin squeezed her wrist harder.

“So are you going to fight me now? Oh, that’s so grown up” Edriss mocked him.

Esplin was so enraged, he didn’t know what to do, whether to chuck her out the window or slice her with one of her kitchen knives.

But his human body had a completely different reaction…

He leaned over to kiss Edriss, right on the mouth.

Her first thought was one of repulsiveness, but then her human body quite liked the sensations she was getting from Esplin.

They pulled each other into the bedroom and shut the door….and the throes of passion were heard all night.

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #43 on: May 17th, 2008, 8:34pm »

Chapter 21

Same Disclaimer Applies.


Mom wasn’t happy.

I could tell.

Mostly it had to do with the fact that she was snarling and chasing us around the Yeerk Pool room.

Being in the room itself was quite eerie. A small Kandrona stood at the top of the pool. It was industrial, with gray steel all about. Just like everywhere else in this compound. But I wasn’t focusing on the scenery so much as I was focusing on Becky trying to keep a hold on my Mom.

Becky looked different. Her hair was pulled back into a French Braid and she had a lab coat on, just like Jon. But she couldn’t hold on to Mom’s leash.

If only we could get Mom to see we WEREN’T the enemy.

Derrick was trying to tame her. “Down girl, easy, easy,” Mom was going after him the most.

“Hit her with your baton, Derrick!” Tanya screamed.

“I am not hitting Rae’s mom!” he yelled back.

“Listen, MOM, we’re the good guys.” I tried to explain.

She stopped her growling long enough and swerved her head to stare at me.

“Yes, I’m your daughter. The daughter you had with Jake Berenson,”

Now she REALLY stopped. I could see her pause. Then she began the process of demorphing. Human limbs and arms came out of her body.

Quickly, she finished demorphing and walked over to me. She examined me, looking up at my face and touching my cheek with her hands.

“Those eyes…it IS you…Teresa”

The others left the room to give us some space.

“My name is Rachel,” I told her softly.

“Of course, your middle name.” she kept on stroking my cheek.

“I don’t think you understand.” I tried to explain

“Sit down, sit down,” She led me to some metal chairs at the side of the Yeerk pool.

“Why did you give me away? Well, here, anyway?” I asked her. I stared out into the Yeerk pool. I could see many of those horrid creatures swimming around, feeding, and taking in the rays of the Kandrona.

“Hey, one more low blow about Yeerks and I’ll have you beat yourself up!” I heard Myitt yell in my brain. I ignored her. Right now, she wasn’t my focus.

Mom was.

She started to explain everything to me, with tears running down her cheek.

“When your father never came back, the world became more and more unstable. By the time you were born, I realized all of them were dead. It was so dangerous that peace loving aliens and humans had to band together to fight off the One, our main enemy. It still wasn’t enough. The One had managed to find enough rebel Yeerks to take over Earth. They were already enslaving people when you were born. I had to go on the run, and I knew that a baby…both of our lives would be in so much danger. That’s why I left you at the orphanage. I knew they could take care of you and give you a life free of fear. I guess that didn’t happen, huh.”

I was taken aback by her story of this world. No Dad…meant that the world went haywire?

That was too much. In fact, that was crazy. Crazy beyond my wildest dreams.

But the fact that I was here, now, told me otherwise.

I decided it was the right time to tell my Mom, THIS Mom at least.
“I have something to admit. I…I…don’t belong here. Life is not supposed to be this way.”

“What do you mean? In this lifetime, this is the way things have always been,”

“That’s the thing, I just got here today. I’m not of this world. Neither are my friends. I just went to sleep one night and woke up here.”

She stopped and paused.

“Ellimist. That’s the only way all of this…all of you…you could have found me. But it sounds like you come from a better world than me. He has the power to manipulate time. He must have sent you here for a reason.”

Just then, alarms went off.

We were invaded!

“There are some Dracon beams in the corner closet, grab about five of them for your friends, this is the most fortified room.” She ordered.

Everyone came running back in.

“How do we use one of these?” Jon was freaking out as I handed one to him.

“Point and shoot, like a gun.”

Everyone grabbed one and hid.

“Now when they come in, you have to be fast, these guys have elite military training.” Mom warned.

I could hear foot steps down the hall. Mom quietly turned herself into a Hork-Bajir.

(It can take the most damage), she assured me.

I heard streams, then silence. People were getting killed! And I was getting freaked out.

BOOM! I heard the door get kicked in.

Ten fierce looking fighters in black appeared.

“So Derrick, you thought you could defect with your little friends here? You’ll pay with your life!” One of them shouted.

A Dracon was aimed straight at his face. Mom sprang into action and sliced his head off with her arms.

“Come on guys, shoot!”

We picked up our weapons and tried to aim at the other soldiers.

It was hell. The soldiers had better training than us. We always barely got hit.

Suddenly, I saw a flash of light and I flew through the air, my head hitting the wall.

When I came to, I saw nothing but slaughter.
Someone must have thrown a grenade…. because everyone…. everyone….

was covered in blood.

And they weren’t moving.

I tried to help. I felt myself. Other then some cuts and bruises, I was okay. I couldn’t say the same for everyone else.

“Guys, guys, wake up!” I went over to my friends and shook them.

No response.

In Girl Scout camp they taught me how to check for a pulse.

No one had one.


“Guys, guys, what have I done? I dragged you into this mess, into my life, and you had to pay with yours.” I started to cry hot burning tears.

I heard a slight cough and I swiveled my head. Covered in blood, I went over to the coughing person.

It was Mom!

I ran over to see her….

But her half Hork-Bajir/ half-human morph was impaled on some pipes near a wall

“MOMMMMMMMM!” I yelled as I ran over.

She coughed again, blood this time.

I could tell she was dying.

“Teresa...” she reached out a hand to me.

“Mom, please, you can’t die. Try to morph out of it. Please! For me! For us!” I grabbed her hand in both of mine.

“I don’t have the…strength baby. But you…” she coughed again. “Go back and change your world, or this, this will ha-ppen”

Then her face fell over and she stopped breathing.

My Mother had died.

I sat there and bawled, her blood mixed with tears as I cried for a long time.

Then I got pissed.

“How dare you! How dare you stick me here so I can watch all of my friends and my MOTHER die? Do you have a sick sense of humor? It’s not fair! IT’S NOT FAIR!”

I closed and opened my eyes a number of times. Time started and stopped. Started and stopped.

But it didn’t matter. I didn’t have a reason to live anymore.


I heard a beautiful voice in my head. Male and female, boy and girl.

And then I was transferred to a different world.

This place was all white. There was no ground, and no air, everything was just white. But I felt like I was floating. Maybe I was in heaven. Or what heaven was supposed to feel like. Maybe I was dead-NO. I’d know if I were dead. I just looked at the infinite expanse of white and waited for someone, something, to give me an answer to what was going on.
Finally, someone, or something, spoke.

AH, THE WILDCARD. I’VE BEEN WAITING A LONG TIME TO FINALLY BRING YOU TO ME. The voice said. It was just that. A voice. I couldn’t see a body like the Ellimist.

It must be a higher power.



“Scenario?” I was confused.


“Yeah, killing all of my friends and my mother, that’s a great way to teach me a lesson. I mean, who the hell do you think you are? You can’t just play with people’s lives like this!”


“Is she dead?” My mind was full of fear.


“How will I know what is the correct timeline? Will I be sent to a random one again?”


“Just one more question. Who are you? God? The Ellimist?”


I woke up in the middle of the night, back in my bed in Dad’s room. For a second, I thought I was dreaming. Everything was back to normal. No more institutional orphanage.
It’s never a dream, never when it comes to your parents.

I went over to the other side of the room and felt for Melissa. She was asleep on the other bed!

Yes! I kissed her head.

I ran down the hall to see about Tommy. He was fast asleep in the other bedroom.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I need to call Tanya, Derrick, or someone. To see if they remember this at all.

Then I realized that it was really late. So I decided to beg Grandma to call them tomorrow.

So I sat on my bed and just took in everything ‘The Architect’ had said. I was a wildcard, so my powers were the strongest out of the group, I surmised.

But how was I going to use them to save the world? Precognition and stopping time, they weren’t exactly offensive powers. And Mom in this world was still kidnapped.

Just being with her in the other world showed me how special she was to me. We had this…connection with each other. I couldn’t afford to lose her again.

Then I snapped my fingers, I knew what to do.

We needed to go to D.C. and get Mom ourselves.

So EARLY that morning I snuck out of the house and met my friends at Starbucks near the mall since it was Saturday. Apparently none of them had any recollection of what happened in the alternate dimension. None at all.

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #44 on: May 17th, 2008, 8:39pm »

“So you’re saying I cut my hair?” Derrick half-joked.

“Yes,” but you looked good bald. I flirted back with him. “But seriously guys, someone has taken my Mom and Uncle Marco hostage. I’m thinking we should do something drastic.”

“I don’t know, maybe we should let the Army or something handle it.” Becky started to swizzle the straw in her coffee cup.

“I don’t think we can. No one on Earth that we know of has our unique powers. Besides, we can get into the kidnappers minds, knowing what they do before they do.”

"But Rae, we have no weapons, no training, how do you expect us to do this?” Jon pointed out.

“We’ll be advisors. We’ll tell the soldiers or Xenowarriors what to do so they can save my Mom and Uncle Marco.

“And how do we get to D.C.? We’re in Southern California for heaven’s sake. “ Tanya looked at me with a hint of doubt as she bit into a piece of pound cake.

‘Well, my Dad is still in D.C. I could ask him.” I always had that option.

“Yeah right, you’re still grounded Rae. No way he’ll let you come out there.” Derrick said.

“So then we do what we always do, we find another way.” I shrugged and stole some of Tanya’s pound cake.

“And what were you thinking?” Becky looked a little skeptical.

“Let’s go down to the Animorph museum and make some alien friends.” I smiled and started drinking my latte again.

Derrick smiled. “That’s a perfect idea. Any alien will give a ride to the daughter of the Animorphs. So it’s settled then, let’s leave on Friday and get to Rae’s Dad. That will give us enough time to plan. Then we can see if the government takes us seriously enough to let us help get Rae’s mom back.”

We all nodded and finished our lattes. Everyone else wasn’t grounded, so I didn’t want to get caught sneaking around.

As we said our goodbyes, Derrick stopped me.

“Wow, I can’t believe I was a cop.”

“With a big baton.” I added for effect. “Look, Derrick, if you and the others don’t want to do this, I understand.”

“No Rae, we’re almost like a big family ourselves. Whatever you need, we’ll be there for you.”

“That means a lot to me Derrick.”

He gave me an awkward hug. I felt so safe in his embrace, and then I pulled away.

“I guess I should go,” He motioned towards the door.

“Yeah, me too. My grandparents will kill me if they find I’m not there.” I admitted.

“Bye Derrick,”

“Bye” he waved.

“And remember, we’re going to save the world!” I called after him.

All he could do was laugh as he walked out of the door.

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
-Alicia Keys

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