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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #45 on: May 20th, 2008, 10:39pm »

Chapter 22

Same Disclaimer Applies


As I rode my bike back to Grandma and Grandpa's development, I checked my head for what seemed like the thousandth time today.

No Myitt!

Yay! I have my brain to myself!

The last few Minutes? Hours? were so strange. Who was the architect? And why was he tired of the Crayak and Ellimist? Who was the Crayak anyway? After meeting with ‘it’, I had more questions than answers.

I finally rode into the development and into the garage. Putting the kickstand down, I quickly tried to sneak into the backyard and pretend to help Grandma take down the remaining laundry on the line.

“Oh Rachel! There you are! We almost thought you had run off again!” Grandma yelled through the back window. “Finish up there and get some breakfast, honey.”

I smiled to myself.

If only you knew…

Based on all of the security guards I had to sneak past this morning, I knew Dad was never going to let me come out to D.C. voluntarily. The second best option was to find someone, or something, to take us there. The subject of Aliens had been touchy ones the past few weeks, with the Alien internment camps for the Yeerks and Hork-Bajir. The Andalite were still allowed to walk free among us Earthlings, and many people, including Becky, didn’t think that was fair. Just because the Andalites were our most ‘trusted’ allies, didn’t mean they should be treated any differently than any other Alien species. Trust one, or none at all, was Becky’s motto.

I felt differently. I had an uncle who was an Andalite. They were a good species, from what I knew. Sure, some of them were averse to helping humans, but on the whole, they would have our backs no matter what.

Speaking of Aliens and all that jazz, over breakfast, Grandma and Grandpa finally agreed to break my grounding long enough for me to go to the Animorph Museum over the old construction site where they met Prince Elfangor. Fitting enough, I supposed. This was also where the memorial of my cousin Rachel was moved. After a while, Dad & Jordan didn’t want it in the cemetery.

Driving up to the museum, I felt pinpricks on my skin. Like I was violating some sort of sacred trust by executing this plan.

As we got closer to the site, and housing developments turned into strip malls, I could begin to see the statue erected in cousin Rachel’s honor. Because I suppose my parents respected her so much, they never drove this way when they needed to go somewhere.

I could see some tourists (alien and human) come over to the car as we pulled up to the parking lot. An attendant rushed over to open the door and escort us past the throng of tourists and hangers on who wanted pictures and autographs from us.

Ah, back to reality, it’s not perfect, but it’s not hell.

I don’t know what it was about that other reality, but it disturbed me.

How could just the subtraction of Mom and Dad, of all people, ruin the world and turn it into an apocalyptic mess? How could the world be run like that?

And how could Mom just give me up like that and not try to stick it out and protect me more?

All of these questions I pondered in my head as I went through the entrance.

The entrance was very nice and peaceful. At Mom’s request they renovated the museum from the last time I had been there. There was a waterfall in the middle of the museum, which was set up hexagon-ically. One wing for each Animorph. All around there were pictures and caption boxes of morphs, and their own portraits. Dad included a section on favorite battle morphs. In the middle detailed the story of the Animorphs and how they came to be, and ended.

I decided to start my search with the Animorph who would attract the most attention. My cousin Rachel. There were quite a few Andalites standing about, waving their stalk eyes around the room. One stopped and turned his front eyes onto me.

(Aren’t you the daughter of the humans Jacob and Cassie Berenson?)

“Um, yes,”

They all rushed me.

(Oh, you must take me to your home to sample that famous Five-Alarm Chili and Jalapeno Cornbread!) One said.

(No, pick me! I must meet the great Jake Berenson!) Another yelled in thought-speech.

I felt SOOOO embarrassed.

Before they could all surround me, I felt drawn to one in particular. He was in the corner, checking out a picture of my cousin doing gymnastics. I literally ran over to talk to him.

(How was it that this human lady was able to contort her body into such positions? They look painful for your species.)

“Um, gymnasts usually have years of experience. Earth-years.”

(Ah. I see.)

He focused all four of his eyes on me. Familiarity sparked in his eyes.

(You’re, you’re the child of Jacob and Cassandra, aren’t you? Rachel! I am honored to be in your presence. My name is Kelmiter-Pafriss-Extaran. Please excuse me for being rude, but I have seen you before. Your family. And others. In my dreams. And nightmares)

“Oh boy,” I breathed in. This is interesting. Hope he’s not a nut-job

But wait, dreams and nightmares?

(Because your parents are regarded as heroes on our planet. They overthrew our dreaded enemies. I would do anything for them, or any of their offspring).

“Really?” Maybe this was the reason I was drawn to him. “Well, do you have access to a spaceship?”


“Well, let’s walk and talk,”

I went out to the waterfall and he kneeled down on all fours. I explained to him about us our dreams, our abilities as precognitics, and how the architect told me there was to be one more to round out our group.

(And you think that I am the final member of your group? Well I would honored, but I am only an Artish, a lowly cadet among our forces-)

“Pardon me, but do we look any older? In fact, we’re no older than my parents when they started fighting their war. I think we get these special powers for a reason.” I pointed out to him.

Then I leaned in, “I don’t know what ‘it’ is, but we have ‘it’. And we need to use our powers to help my Mom and Uncle Marco, or they’re going to die.”

He blinked his alien eyes, all of them, a few times.

He finally gave an Andalite smile with his eyes. (Where do I start?)

I was wrapped up in the sheets of my host’s bed in her host’s apartment.

How stupid could I be? He didn’t even stay over the night? Oh well, I must work with his miserable, horrific, personality on the rest of the mission. I cannot let this dalliance compromise it in any way.

I grabbed my clothes from off the floor and tried to get dressed again. But everything was wrinkled or torn.

Damn Esplin! So clumsy!

I finally discovered a black pantsuit the host had hanging in the closet and put it on. The host’s stomach stuck out a little bit, but I covered it with a white shirt. Finally, I went to the bathroom and escaped my host, swimming in the beautiful rays of the Kandrona. My host was catatonic. She wasn’t going anywhere.

After I finished soaking in rays, I re-entered her and stood her up and looked at my watch. The cloaked bug fighter that was to take me to the Blade Ship was to meet me in twenty minutes. Today was the day that the ones they call Cassie and Marco were to die. And Jake Berenson could do nothing to stop it.

I saw her come madly at me. We were meeting secretly in the bug fighter that would take us to outer space.

“ESPLIN!” her host yelled.

“Edriss, please, this is not the time-“

“Do you know how rude you were last night?”

“Well, I rather had a good time-”

She had her host backhand me, HARD, across the face.


“You better be glad that all you’re saying is ‘Ow’ after last night.”

“Why, I thought you were quite enjoying it,”

“As much as you’ll enjoy Kandrona STARVATION!”

“Whoa, whoa, what happened?” An assistant came over to Edriss’s side.
“Nothing you have to concern yourself with. I’ll deal with HIM later. Where’s our progress on the ones they call Cassie and Marco?”

The ship’s doors slammed shut and vibrated, I could feel the cloaking mechanisms coming on.

“Well, we have them under aural and ocular deprivation, but they aren’t revealing anything about the human’s plan.” the same assistant said.

“Well, then, kick it up to full torture. I don’t want to spare them for a minute.” I barked in my human voice.

“Esplin, don’t you think that may be a bit counterproductive? They may tell us the wrong information, and then we’re back where we started.” Edriss tried to say in her annoying way.

“Shut up Edriss,”

“She does have a point sir. Wouldn’t it be better to go after Jake Berenson himself, now that the two people in the world closest to him are kidnapped? It’s what Crayak always wanted.” The assistant said.

“Too much security. They’re watching that family like a Taxxon watching for a meal. Direct torture of Cassie and Marco is the only way to break Jacob down enough to admit defeat. He’ll never give up anyone for the world again.”

Edriss sighed heavily; I could see she was against my plan. But then again, there was a reason I, and I alone, became Visser One. She stood up, hands gripping the side of the table.

“When we get out of the stratosphere, give the call in for beatings. For both. We’ll start there.

“Are you sure we ought to do this? We could get in trouble. Ouble.” Kel and I were walking away from the museum. Very quickly.

Over to his parents’ spaceship.

I had convinced Kel, the alien, to do a Frolis Maneuver and acquire some DNA from random tourists to morph into a teenage human. I managed to sweet-talk the gift-shop owners into getting him an ‘official morphing suit’ so he didn’t expose himself. Thankfully, it fit.

“It’s the only way to get my them back from space alive. If the rebels have them up there, they won’t be alive for long. And life without them...”

Would be hell.

I went into my bad and picked up my cell phone. Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa let me have that back too. And everyone was in my favorites network. Except Becky, I still had to struggle to remember her number.

It took no time at all to call everyone to get down to the museum.

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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #46 on: May 20th, 2008, 10:45pm »

Waiting for them was another story. I swore they were slow as molasses.

My patience was running thin. Hey, if they were freaked out about the time traveling or the trip we had to take, FINE. Just let me know in advance so that they could be honest about their feelings towards all of this.


I perked up. I could hear a skateboard making its way up the street. Jon! My eyes lit up.

Jon and Derrick were making their way up the street slapping their hands and having a conversation.

2 out of 4…

“...No for real, Aquaman would whoop up on Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. Come on Jon, he can take it to the ocean.”

My heart warmed. It was great to hear that they could still have normal conversations about, you know, guy stuff, and not about all this alien mess. I worry about them…especially Derrick. I could see the stress on his face sometimes.

Stress about us?

“Oh, Rae, there you are.” Jon sped up and did a flip to land next to me on his skateboard. Derrick ran to catch up.

“What’s up? Are we ready?”

“I think we are. Guys, this is Kel, an Andalite visiting here. He’s been having dreams, same as us.” By this point, Kel had reverted back to his Andalite body.

Jon almost fell off his skateboard. “An Alien? Makes perfect sense! Now we can get to space, since he’s an Andalite and he obviously needed a ship to get here!”

“Wait, wait, not so fast we have to wait for Tanya and Becky.”

Just then, a bus pulled up at the corner and dropped a bunch of people off. Tanya and Becky were in the crowd.

“There, there they are.”

Both of them sauntered up to me casually, not yelling or fighting with each other.

I was impressed.

“Thanks for paying my bus fare, Tanya,” I heard Becky whisper.


I took everyone over to a more secluded spot in the parking lot.

“Well, everyone, this is Kel, he’s an Andalite, and he can ‘see’ like we can. I think he’s the missing member of our group and he can get us to D.C. with his parents’ ship. If anyone has any questions, or any doubts, this is the time to back out. From here on out, this is not a game.”

(Wait, so you are the leader?) Kel asked.

I didn’t know. No one ever elected me to be leader, it was just that my powers were the strongest and…

“Yeah, Rae’s our leader.” Derrick blurted out.

Kel did something odd. He bowed down to me on all four of his legs.

(Then you shall be my Princess, Rae. I will always answer to you and follow you to service wherever it may take us).

Oh no, not THIS! I read all about how Uncle Ax could never stop calling Dad ‘Prince’

I guess I was a ‘Princess’ now.

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #47 on: May 28th, 2008, 1:30pm »

Ch 23

Same Disclaimer Applies


Princess Rae.

I wasn’t too sure about this title thing. Just because my parents were the Animorphs didn’t make me a Princess. It didn’t make me a leader.

It didn’t even make me a hero.

Try as I might, my plan would never be as good as Mom and Dad’s were.

But if I had any doubts, any whatsoever, I couldn’t show it to the rest of the gang.

I took a deep breath, looked down at my pink baby tee and jeans, and spoke out to my friends.

“We should probably follow Kel into his spaceship. It’s obviously the fastest way to get to D.C.”

Everyone nodded and followed Kel who by then was in his Andalite form, to a fleet of parked spaceships. Big and Bulky, his was a visitor class, what they issue all Andalites at the Home World when they come to visit Earth. Definitely, not like the Dome ship.

And definitely not an Andalite fighter.

“Hey, it’s not your Dad’s old Bug Fighter, but it’ll do.” Jon quipped.

I had heard many beginnings of stories about the Bug Fighter, followed mostly by ‘You’ll hear more when you’re older!’

Of course.

We were all inside and Kel shut the doors. He rushed to the cockpit and I felt the engines thrust on. Another vibration shook throughout the cabin.

(Princess Rae, do not be bothered, that is just the cloaking device to disguise us while we are in your planet’s atmosphere.)

I gave a sigh of relief. I thought that the big ship was breaking apart!

There was a barely noticeable whirr, and then we were propelled into the air.

“So ‘Princess’, what do you feel about your new title?” Tanya said smugly.

“Not this,” I rolled my eyes. I had a feeling this was going to be a running joke for the rest of the trip.

“Yeah, for real. We should be more concerned about how much trouble we’re going to get into once we get back home. IF we get back home.” Derrick pointed out.

It finally hit all of us that we really weren’t playing a video game, we were in the cabin of a real, live alien spaceship going off to rescue my Mom and Uncle Marco.

Oh yeah, this was real.

I laid my head on the back wall and yelled out to Kel “How many Earth-minutes until we land in Washington D.C.?”

(Approximately sixteen, Princess Rae.)

“Hey Kel?”

(Yes, Princess Rae.)

“Don’t call me Princess,”

(Yes, Princess Rae.)

Darn. I knew that was going to happen.

“So Rae, um, do you think if we, uh, are successful, that your Dad will let you come back to school?” Jon asked with much hesitation.

“Hopefully. It beats being home-schooled with your Pre-K siblings.” I deadpanned.

“That would be awesome. I miss hanging out with you during lunch. Our sneaky late-night phone conversations just aren’t the same thing.” Tanya admitted.

“If we pull this off, I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about ANYTHING from my Dad again.” We all laughed.

Then we got serious. What if we didn’t pull this off? There was a good chance we all could die. This was a suicide mission no matter which way you looked at it.

Jon and Derrick went back to their superhero talk while Becky went to one of the windows and admired the view. Tanya saw some of the doubt in my face.

“Don’t worry Rae, you look like you have the world on your shoulders.”

I do, Tanya, I do.

“This isn’t going to be like before, to use our powers in the strongest way, we ALL have to be united together.”

I relaxed a bit. Tanya did make an excellent point. And with her Apple Bottom Jeans, Jacket, and shirt on, she looked so out of place, like she would rather be in the mall than a spaceship. Like a certain someone.

I swore that none of them would meet her fate.

Jon overheard our conversation. “Well since we’re going to save the world, I guess we need a name, huh? I was thinking the Precognitics. It means that we have the ability to see events before they happen, and we can do that plus a whole lot more.”

“Sounds good to me. Did everyone hear that?”

Everyone was distracted.

“Guys!” I yelled.

They all turned around.

“Much better. Jon came up with a name for us. We’re officially the Precognitics. Does that sound good to all of you?”

Everyone nodded and came together to put their hands into the middle of a circle, except Kel, who still needed to pilot this thing.

“Precognitics it is. Yeerks, you’ll never know what hit you!” I said as we lifted them away.

When we landed in D.C., it looked like a state of emergency. There were Soldiers and Marines running every which way. Gigantic tanks were rolling down the streets.

“Wow, this is NOT what I expected.” Derrick exclaimed, “We better find your father, and FAST. Before they ask what we’re doing here.”

So we all got together in a circle and held hands again. In the middle of our circle in the spaceship, we all started to get a vision.

A man with a scruffy beard and in a wheelchair rolled himself into a very nice hotel room. His eyes were red and puffy. He sighed as he undid his cufflinks and threw a briefcase onto the bed. It seemed like he wanted to cry, but he had no more tears left in his body. He hesitated and sighed. Then he noticed the mini bar in the corner of the room. He hesitated again, but seemed to have lost his nerve, went over and opened it. He pulled a small brown bottle out and started to drink.

That man was my father.

The same man who had been stone cold sober for ten years.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I broke the circle.

“Rachel,” Derrick started to come closer to me.

“Guys, just leave me alone. I can’t take this anymore. This was a mistake,” I told them.

I went to the back of the room and put my head in my hands. How could Dad do this?

How could he drink after ten years of staying sober?

“This can’t a mistake, Rae. We see what we’re supposed to-” I heard Derrick say as he came up behind me.

“Not about that Derrick…about my Dad. I didn’t want you guys to see him like this.” He lowered his voice.

“Listen to me Rae. There are people in our families with problems, too. But that can’t stop what we’re trying to do here, which is save the world. I didn’t just call anyone to be our leader; I said it was you because you have that natural ability inside of you to bring people together. We can handle this. You just have to trust us, and yourself,”

He took my hand and squeezed it. “ Because I trust you, Rachel, I trust you with my life,”

I sized him up. He still had his cute cornrows in, and he was wearing a blue football jersey and jeans. He still seemed so out of place here too, like he should be away from this, all of the craziness.

I squeezed back. “I trust you too, Derrick.”

As I composed myself, I walked back to the remnant of the circle. No one seemed to be making any jokes about the situation. Becky welcomed me back with a wave.

“Over here, Rae, We think we know which hotel your father is at. In the room, before we broke contact, Tanya noticed a matchbook that said ‘The Washington’. Using our powers again, we found out that the hotel is in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood, near the White house.”

“How far are we?” I asked.

“Walking distance. This spaceship lot is near the National Mall. We are less than three blocks from it.” Kel gave his Intel report.


“Now remember, follow my lead, I’m going to go in there and say that I’m his daughter. Kel will distract the rest of the hotel staff allowing us to get upstairs to his room. Using the spare room key they give guests, I’ll go into the room and we can sober him up enough to tell him about our powers, what’s going on, and how we can save Mom and Uncle Marco. Sound good?

Everyone nodded his or her heads.

“Are you sure this is going to work Rachel? You are missing half of your family.”

“It’ll work, now to play the part.”

I pinned some souvenir pins on my shirt to show I was a tourist, flipped my hair back, and walked into the hotel.

There was a blonde lady with short hair sitting at the front desk.

“How can I help you?” she asked.

“Excuse me, is there a Jacob Berenson checked in here for tonight?”

“Hold on, let me check for you young lady, in fact...there is. But why would this information matter to you?”

“Well, because I’m his daughter, and he forgot to leave me a room key.”

“YOU’RE his daughter?” she said in disbelief.

“Yes, yes, I am.” I was peeved. Hadn’t people ever met anyone of mixed-race before? It made me want to move back to the Bay right then and there.

“But you’re-“

“Part African-American. Yeah, I get that all the time. Is my Dad up there or not?”

“Well, do you have any ID to verify your story?” She asked, quite demandingly.

ID. Damn. Well, I did have my school ID. Hopefully, that would be good enough.

Reluctantly, I gave it to her.

It seemed to pass her stamp of approval, because she issued me his room key.

“Room 720. Off the elevator to the right.”

I winked to Kel’s human form, which was outside the window. Now we could start part two to our plan.

“CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE!” Kel burst right in holding two chocolate ice cream cones and devouring them. “I never have them on the home world!”

“Please, sir. Calm down, this is a public place. There are plenty of private Andalite tasting sites in the District,” The front desk lady got up and tried to subdue him.

While the rest of the staff was distracted with Kel, I motioned to my friends to join me inside and we snuck over to the elevator. I hit the button for the 7th floor.

“Are you ready Rachel?” Tanya rubbed my shoulder.

After all of this, almost nothing could faze me.

“What did that lady say to you at the counter? We could tell you were getting mad.” she continued to say.

“Oh she just never heard of interracial relationships before.”

Derrick snorted.
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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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xx Re: The Resolution Chronicles Part 3
« Reply #48 on: May 28th, 2008, 1:33pm »

My thoughts exactly.

The tiny elevator dinged and we got off.

“Do you think we should go alone or give Rae some space? It’s up to you, Rae.” Derrick was nice enough to suggest. But I already knew the right thing to do.

“Guys, this is something I have to do on my own.” I told them. “I’ll be right back,”

I took the access card and flipped it over a few times in my hands. Then I walked with my head up to my Dad’s hotel room. I slid the card into the lock...

Don’t be nervous, you’ve never seen him drunk. Or remembered him to be drunk anyway.

I got the shock of my life when I saw him on the other side of the door.

Dad was crumpled onto the floor, surrounded by some empty bottles from the mini bar. His hair was completely tussled and it looked like he hadn’t shaved in a day. It also smelled like he had not showered either.

“Dad?” I called out.

“Ugh,” I heard him grunt.

I rushed over to his side. “Oh Dad, what did you do to yourself?” My voice came out hollowly as I felt the graveness of the situation. My Dad, a reformed alcoholic, was sitting here drinking.

“Uh, wha-RAE! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?” he yelled as he pulled away from me.

“Dad! What is going on? Why are you drinking?”

“Get out.”


He was PISSED at me.

“I said. GET OUT. Are you deaf? And aren’t you grounded? How did you get out here anyway?”

I had only seen Dad look this mad at the Barn. But I wasn’t going to sit back and take his yelling at me. I was going to stand up for myself.

“That’s it! You can’t yell at me like that anymore!” I screamed back.

He looked shocked. Before he could say another word, my thoughts came pouring out of my mouth.
“Mom’s in trouble and I’m not going anywhere because I care about you both, and that I know something that could save Mom-”

Dad cut me off right there.

“Nothing can save your Mom. Not after how bad the situation is now. I really fucked things up this time.” He wiped his puffy red eyes with his sleeve.

“Wait, what do you mean?” I sat down on the bed.

“The men, the ones who took your mother hostage, they’re my oldest troops. I trusted them with the world, INSISTED they escort your mother and Uncle Marco to space, and they get infested and defect over to the other side. I couldn’t stand to be around any more military people, I had to leave the complex; I simply can’t bear to be there when-” his voice cracked.

“But I can save her, Dad, WE can save her.”

He shook his head.

“My morphing is restricted to animals only, and you have no powers at all.”

“That’s what I came here to tell you. I DO have powers.”

Dad just shook his head again. “Man, that rum was plenty powerful in there-”

I cut him off.

“No Dad, for real. I have powers. Strange ones. Supernatural ones. So do my friends.”

For the first time, it seemed like he was listening to me, even though he looked like he’d seen a ghost.

Now would be a good time for some backup. I called out to my friends who were lounging in the hotel lobby.

“Um, does anyone know how to sober someone up quickly?” I asked as a general statement.

“Oh, I know plenty of home remedy cures,” Becky volunteered, “Best thing to do would be to brew him a cup of coffee. I’ll get on that.”

Dad was still slumped over as they got over to him. Becky raced into the bathroom to start making the coffee with the complementary brewers they hotels leave in bathrooms.

“Uh, Dad? Here are my friends, Tanya, Derrick, and Jon. Kel is downstairs and Becky’s in the bathroom making you some fresh coffee. We’re the Precognitics, and we’re going to save the world.”

He just blinked.

“That’s ridiculous, you don’t any powers like having the power to morph. Your mom and I swore never to give that to you. Even if you somehow went behind my back and got it, you don’t have other resources to go and help your mother.”

“We do, Dad. We can see and move back and forth in time. Plus, look.”

Keep Dad unfrozen, I thought as I squinted my eyes.

“Check that out.”

The entire room was frozen except for us. Derrick was hiding behind a table just in case Dad went Bezerk! Jon and Tanya were talking, while Becky was walking in with a pot of coffee.

Dad was almost speechless. “What the hell did you just do?” He managed to eke out after he calmed down.

“I froze time, Dad. I froze time.”

He pushed himself up to a sitting position, he seemed to be sobering up really quickly.

“Is that the boy I told you to stay away from?” he narrowed in on Derrick, balling his fists up.

“Yes, yes, but Dad, please don’t kill him. Please, he’s a Precognitic too.”

Dad’s fists released from their balls.

“I suppose I should give the boy five minutes to explain himself. Anyway, how, how are you doing all of…this?”

“With my mind. I’m using the psychic energy the Ellimist said I possessed to stop time, at least in this room.”

He leaned back, impressed.

“Can you start it up again?”

“Oh sure.”

I blinked my eyes again, and everyone became animate.

“Hey Rae, here’s your coffee. They had instant Sanka,” Becky handed me the steaming cup.

“Thanks Becky,” I handed it to Dad. “You should probably drink this,” I suggested to him.

He took a big gulp and put it down.

“Oh boy, wow. Just wow. I can’t believe it. This is what the Ellimist-the prophecy, just, oh boy.”

The Prophecy? He knew?

“This is amazing kids, this really is,” Dad finally admitted.

“So will you help us Mr. Berenson? We can’t save them without your assistance.” Jon asked.

Dad was silent for a couple of minutes. Then, he spoke. Loud and clear.

“Get me my wheelchair. We have Yeerks to fight.”

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Dragon Days, and the fire's hot. Like a desert needs water, I need you a lot. Dragon Days, I need to be saved, I'm missing you, and the days drag-on and on.
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