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Mar 22nd, 2018, 10:58am

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xx Animorphs: The Survivor
« Thread started on: May 29th, 2008, 11:22am »

As voted on by the people who decided to vote on it, I present my next story!

*looks around to see two bored people slouching in their chairs and one person lazily clapping*

*continues anyway*

Well, like you wanted this is a story about the Auxiliary Animorphs and what happens to them from an internal point of view as they go through the final battle and beyond. Everyone thought that they were all vaporized, but there was one survivor. This is her story. link:

Chapter 1

My name is Jessie; at least that’s what everyone calls me. My full name is Jessica, but I like Jessie better. It’s shorter and easier to say.

I’m sure you’ve heard of me, but you might not remember exactly who I am. Don’t worry about it; sometimes even the other Animorphs forget I’m there as well. I’m pretty shy and quiet most of the time so I can’t really blame them I guess.

I was one of the last of the “Auxiliary” Animorphs to get the morphing power, and that was only really because James came up to me and asked me personally. I sort of had a little crush on him (who wouldn’t, right?) so I said yes to his offer to join without really thinking about it.
I knew that he’d never feel the same way about me though. I wasn’t the prettiest girl in the hospital or anywhere else for that matter by far. I guess you could’ve called me chubby but I always thought of myself as fat. I’m about 5’8’’ and weigh around 170 lbs. I have a decently thick set of glasses that made me look really nerdy and to top it all off I had started to get some acne all popping up over my face. Like I said, not the prettiest girl by far.

As for my life up until this point I can say that I never really knew my parents. They abandoned me for whatever reason when I was only a baby. I went through a whole slew of orphanages and foster homes for the next thirteen years or so; some of them being better than others. I was never really abused or anything like that, but I was really glad when I left a few of the places. And I only got to stay at the good homes for a few months or so before something made me move out. But nevertheless I tried to keep a positive attitude most of the time.

Then one day I began to feel a sharp pain in my stomach area. I had no idea my life was about to change.

The foster family I was staying with at the time was pretty poor, so they couldn’t afford to send me to a doctor. I continued to bear the pain until it eventually got so bad that I couldn’t even walk anymore. I felt bad about making them do it, but they eventually sent me to a doctor shortly before they dumped me back out into the public childcare system. The state of California paid for most of my tests in the hospital, but even the state could only afford the minimal testing required. Even so, it didn’t take much to find out what was wrong with me.

I had cancer. And it was terminal.

The doctors believed that it had started somewhere in my pancreas and had spread from there. By the time the pain started and I went to the hospital it had already spread to most of my internal organs. There was nothing they could do to save me short of a total organ transplant. People wait on lists for organs for decades sometimes, so there was no real hope that I would survive that much longer.

So I went back into the public childcare system and basically just waited to die. I had gotten some medicine from the hospital to relive the pain a bit, but other than that there was nothing else they could do. I thought I was destined to die a slow and painful death until I heard about a program from one of the counselors at the shelter I was currently staying at.

They told me that there was a chance, albeit a small chance, to apply for and receive aid from the state’s newest program for permanently injured and terminally ill children. I sent in the application not really thinking that I’d get anything from it, but to my complete surprise I was accepted as one of the twenty kids in the state to receive full aid. I was beyond thrilled and I thought that I might finally be able to be cured, but being so young I didn’t realize how bad a shape I was in. Once I heard the detail of what the plan was going to do I began to face facts and accept reality.

The aid wasn’t going to help cure me, but it was going to help send me to a specialized children’s hospital where I could receive some decent treatment for my cancer. Even though I realized that I wasn’t going to be cured getting sent to a good hospital sounded great too. So the next day I was immediately transferred to the Santa Barbara’s Children’s Hospital and began to settle in with my new roommates and friends.

I kept quiet most of the time because that’s what I always did, but even so I made a few friends and most of the others seemed really nice. The treatment I was getting here was far better than just the painkiller pills I got before too. You would’ve never noticed that I was sick unless I told you that something was wrong with me. All that along with the fact that I had a loving and caring “family” around me now made me realize that I was one of the luckiest girls on the face of the planet.

I had never stayed in one place for more than a few months so I never really had time to get to know everyone around me. But being in the same place for a few years now has allowed me to get attached to everyone here. A few come and go every now and then, but for the most part we’re one big happy family.

And right now we were waiting for a piece of our family to return. We had been in the middle of our own funeral ceremony for Ray when Tobias dropped in. He told everyone that Jake needed to see James and his lieutenants as soon as possible. We finished our ceremony quickly, much to our dismay, and then James, Collette, Craig, and Erica morphed into their respective bird morphs and took off.

That was more than a few hours ago and by now we were all starting to get worried. Most visits usually only took an hour or two since the Hork-Bajir valley wasn’t that far away really, but this visit was approaching the five hour mark. By now the sun had gone down and it was almost pitch black outside.

Everyone started to get worried after about three hours or so went by and after the fourth hour we all started to gather next to the window to wait for them. Julio was the only one lucky enough to have an owl morph so he volunteered to go out and perch on the roof to tell us if he saw them coming. For close to an hour he’d been sitting out in the cold night air with nothing to report, but eventually he surprised everyone by yelling, <I see them! They’re coming!>

Someone quickly rushed over to the window to open it as Julio quickly flew back in to demorph. Just about the time he finished a flock of red-tailed hawks flew in one by one through the window and settled gently on the floor where they began to demorph.
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