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Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 11th, 2008, 8:02pm

Okay I'm gonna try to start a RP. I was involved with one but I don't know if its gonna stay alive. So heres the story

The war has ended, the yeerks have been driven out of earth, humans are aware of aliens and begin to be visited by them yadda yadda yadda. Now, the morphing power has been leaked to the public. A small amount of escafil devices have been made available on the black market. Suddenly there is an outbreak of morph related crimes and robberies. Numerous thieves and criminals have aquired the morphing power and are threatening the lives of normal citizens.
The government has authorized the formation of a special morph capable team to combat the unconventional villians in the city where they are most numerous. The team will receive no official sanction from any form of government, giving it the ability to bypass certain legal restrictions but also limiting it.

The Rules::
1. No God modding, unless the player says it's okay.

2. Keep the heavy swears and the sex to a minimum, keep it PG-13.

3. Be creative! Don't be afraid to do some crazy stuff or throw some twists at us, try to make your character interesting and unique.

4. If you want to join post a description, bio, personailty and if your character is starting with the morphing ability then a list of morphs.

6. We will start when we get 4-5 characters.

My character will be chosen to start the team and given the power to pick any team members he wants. So your character doesn't have to be the stereotypical military boy, they can be any body and any species that might have gotten noticed for their skills. If you're interested, feel free to post a character bio.

William Higgins-me
Isabel Stone-Estelore
Ellie Hunter-ANnaBaNAnA
Daniel Nabet-Shanker
Juggernaut-Xan Kriegor
Leia Burg- Jayne Doe

Heres my character which will be the leader of the team(I'm not usually the leader but someone has to put the team together and I guess it is my RP so yea)

Name: William Higgins

Description: A tall, well built 29 yr old man, about 6'2 210lbs. With dark brown hair, always neglecting to shave, leaving a 5 o'clock shadow.

Biography: William was a prodigy in his education and later in his navy training. He recieved excellent grades in highschool and later in college at VMI where he revieved a degree in engineering and military tactics. He achieved top marks in all tests and set records in sharp shooting and atmospheric endurance. He was dishonarably discharged from service and sent to prison for disobeying an order to attack a village containing key terrorist cells but that would have resulted in the loss of numerous civilian lives. Later, the terrorists that survived the attack orchestrated attacks on the US, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives. In prison, William shared a cell with the leader of a major mob boss, who organized the use of an Escafil device to several faction bosses. Willaim befriended the boss, Luca Fischer, in order to get him to give him the morphing power, which he used to steal the cube.

Personality: Although William has an immense sense of national pride, it is obscured by the belief that Americas goverment is flawed and corrupt. He stands for everything America claims to represent, and fights for those freedoms and beliefs. He understands that there are problems with the system that we live in and is not afraid to sacrifice his own freedoms to protect others.

Morphs: gorilla, Royal Bengal Tiger, spider monkey, fly, Black Hawk, german shepherd, Saltwater Crocodile, rat, elephant

William used his power to escape from prison and disappear. He was successful in staying off the grid until a family trapped in a burning building forced him to use his powers, revealing himself to the government who had foresaken him. Once they had found him the government decided that given his experience, his reputation as a natural patriot, and his public image as a rebel to the government he would be ideal to lead a team which was officially working outside of America's authority.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 13th, 2008, 3:21pm

is this still alive if so il join
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 13th, 2008, 3:41pm

can i join if it's still alive? i've never done RP before though...
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 13th, 2008, 3:48pm

yea im still up for it if you guys wanna join, ive actually never rp'd before either, except for a few posts in another animorphs one that everyone kinda gave up on, so if you're interested then post a character
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 13th, 2008, 4:04pm

i will later tonight i'm packing right now well i'm supposed to be...
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 13th, 2008, 4:05pm

I'm in, but I can't be here all the time.

Character: Isabel Stone (not my real name), a morph-capable adult human who can smell a lie from a mile away
Morphs: White siberian tiger, Snow Leopard, Black Jaguar, Orca, Gyrfalcon (large white bird of prey, extremely fast), Goshawk (bird of prey specialized to hunt in dense woodland), Snowy Owl, ermine (a white arctic weasel), arctic fox, Tiger Shark, White Wolf, rat, Hork- Bajir, female Andalite, polar bear(but she prefers the tiger by far)

Appearance: Short, snow-pale human female, ice-blue eyes, dark brown hair, not quite athletic, but fit and a very fast runner. A dancer as well as a fighter, so very strong, but not in an obvious way. Pretty overall, but too fierce- looking and sharp-edged to be approached. (As is revealed later, her true hair-color is white and she is taller than she really looks.) Facial features a mix of Asian, Russian, and Scandinavian: round face, straight thin nose, slightly slanted eyes, thin lips.

Personality: Extremely intelligent and brutally honest, an absolute realist with no leanings toward either optimism or pessimism. Will tell it like it is, and does not tolerate illogical moralism. Virtually incapable of lying outright, but talented at the art of deception by omission and misdirection. Fierce and protective of her comrades, utterly deadly to her enemies. Focuses on stealth, speed, and endurance over long distances more than on strength. Her friends can trust her utterly, and she will always get her teammates out alive, even at the cost of the mission. Has an extensive vocabulary in seven languages and immense experience working with alien species. Especially talented at posing as an Andalite and skilled with tail- fighting. Always carries multiple daggers and flat knives concealed on her person, and can use them (slicing and throwing) at a moment's notice. More than anything, a survivor.

She is the only daughter of a Russian estreen and ambassador to the Andalites, and her mother was a skilled Scandinavian-born linguist and estreen. During Isabel's life previous to joining this team, she was a master thief and assassin, known only as "The White Lady", at the head of an all-female Asian mafia of estreens. She also served as a spy, codename "Ghost" in the CIA, but internal leaks and the assassinations of its leaders caused the Association to disband and collapse at the end of the third Alien War. This group hired her for her ability to get in and out alive and undetected.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 13th, 2008, 4:15pm

Name: "Poison"
Age: 20

Appearance: average hight, thin, long flowing silver hair (Sephiroth hair)

Personality: keeps to him self, he's quick tempered, a master of the art of deception and "ninja vanishing". Will kill teammates to get the job done. knows many forms of physical combat like kung fu. (He's a now a day ninja)

Background: At the age of four he was picked to be trained as a assassin. He trained for 8 years until he got his first assignment. He killed the targeted and soon after he was promoted. He became top of the underground organization. He then started dealing in the black market until he got a escafil device. He gained the power then destroyed it to let no one else have it. He robbed a bank and got away with 18.9 million, he saw the power he had and went to the US government to join. To join he was forced to turn in the entire assassin group, he gave the location but no one was there...

Morphs: Black widow spider, The Sea Wasp, Great White Shark, Great Horned Owl, stone fish, scorpion,Main Battle morph male Andalite, secondary battle morph King Cobra, Bird Morph Golden eagle

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 13th, 2008, 4:23pm

Very nice, Demos. Or should I say, "Poison"?
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 13th, 2008, 4:24pm

thank you ms stone
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 13th, 2008, 4:32pm

sounds good estelore, cool character, u too demos, sounds like some interesting people. i think im gonna add a few starting morphs for my character

its going to b set in a major city, prob a fictional one so i might make a little map or something and try to add some alien inventions that may hav changed things a bit, make a cool setting, if u hav any ideas for it let me kno
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 13th, 2008, 4:46pm

You wanted futuristic alien inventions?
Try these. They exist on my planet, and they are most useful to our purpose:

1. DNA and Heat-seeking throwing knives: perfectly balanced, designed to target a specific species' DNA combinations within a large range. Example: they CANNOT kill their user or her team, but they will target any other human in range, if thrown. Works for arrows , shuriken, bullets, and darts, too. Not available to the general public, and technically illegal to all but very elite and covert spy groups.

2. Magnetic hover-boards: they work like snow-boards, but you can't fall off, and they work on all terrain (Earth is a giant magnet). Very fast.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 13th, 2008, 4:53pm

hey estelore just curious how old your person is?
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 13th, 2008, 5:34pm

for purposes of this game, we'll say 27.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 13th, 2008, 10:07pm

okay here you go...

name: Ellie Hunter

Age: 17

Description: looks younger then she is, scrawny, pale, medium length black hair that always looks greasy, dull gray eyes. doesn't smile much. looks like the kind of kid who got bullied quite a bit.

Background: parents died when she was 10 when their apartment building caught fire. She had spent most of her childhood indoors and at the hospital because she was always sick. she had tutors up until her parents died then was sent to a government academy where they found out that she was incredibly smart.

Personality: quiet, smart, not really athletic other than the fact that because she's small she is a pretty good runner and pretty flexible, is a realist also, but she would do anything to finish the mission even if it means compromising her teammates (and her own) lives. thinks that the end result is what matters most. she's also a compulsive liar even though she prefers honesty from others.

Morphs: Common Black Hawk, Spotted Hyena, Hork- Bajir, Lion, Orca, fly, and wolf spider.

how's that?
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 13th, 2008, 11:20pm

sounds good, i guess we're ready to start, theres still time for anyone else who wants to join though

i made a map of the city but it was just really confusing and kinda pointless so 4get it

ill post something 2morrow, too tired right now

o btw MAAS stands for Morph Able Assault Squad pronounced Mass, yea i couldnt thnk of anything better
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 14th, 2008, 11:58am

on Feb 13th, 2008, 11:20pm, duffman669 wrote:
o btw MAAS stands for Morph Able Assault Squad pronounced Mass, yea i couldnt thnk of anything better

it's pretty cool and better than nothing smiley
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 14th, 2008, 12:40pm

(okay here we go, I think it might be good to have one more character so if no one else joins by the time you all do ur first posts then I'll just do two people or something. Yea I figured we'd just make the city new york)

“And yet another morphing related crime in the downtown area as an elephant and a gorilla attacked several banks, making off with an unknown quantity of money,” the small bar TV said, I tried to drown out the words, “details in just a few minutes, but first-“

“Difficult times huh,” a familiar voice said from behind me. A familiar voice I had not heard in a long time.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it,” I said, not turning around.

“You don’t seem surprised to see me,” the man said, taking a seat next to me.

He was a large built man, clearly aging, but fighting it. His close cropped hair and goatee were turning grey and the slightest hint of wrinkles were beginning to creep across his face. He had a large scar running down to his jaw. He held himself with the obvious swagger of ex-military, but he was no ordinary ex-military man. He had been my commanding officer only eight years ago, he had been the one to order the death of hundreds of people. I still don’t know if it was his decision or the governments, it never really mattered though.

“Actually I was wondering what was taking you guys so long,” I said, taking another sip of my drink, “but I didn’t know they were sending you.”

“Oh I volunteered,” he said, showing his viscous smile.

“Couldn’t pass up another opportunity to drag me off into some hole, huh,” I said grimly.

“Not this time,” he said, “no you lucked out this time. I’m here to give you you’re new assignment.”

I laughed, “my assignment? And what would that be?”

He smiled and pointed up at the screen, the reporter had continued his report on the bank robbery, “we want you to take care of that for us.”

“You’re going to let me go to take care of a couple of robbers?”

“No,” he said, smiling again, I could tell he was enjoying this, “all of them. Personally after all you’re talk about patriotism and justice eight years ago, I expected you to be out there doing it anyway.”

“And after I gave you that pretty little scar eight years ago, I figured you’d know that I was done taking orders from you.”

“Oh this is the part you’re going to love,” he said, “you wont be taking any orders. With all this bureaucratic bullshit with the Andalites nobody wants to be caught trying to clean up their mess. Officially, you’re a vigilante. So lets just quit all this will he wont he crap, we’ve got a team waiting for you and we both know your doing it.”

“You can keep them, I’ve got a few people in mind,” I said grimly. I’d like to say his words didn’t get to me, but I knew they were true. I would have lost it on these morphing terrorists a while ago if I wasn’t worried about his boys finding me.

“I figured you would,” he said, getting up, “welcome to Operation MAAS, Willy.”

“Cute name,” I said as he turned toward the door, “hey Cross, just be sure to stay out of our way.”

(so my character is going to be recruiting everyone to the team so u can control me for a few lines just inviting u to the meeting or leaving a message or letter or something if u want)

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 14th, 2008, 2:45pm

(I have been to New York, and I love it. It is the perfect setting for pretty much anything. May I suggest that MAAS be Morph And Attack Squad? It flows a bit more smoothly. Also, my posts will all be either from my own point of view, or that of an ambiguous narrator.)

I heard the door open at the front of the building. I couldn't see him from where I sat, but I knew that he could see me. I frequently have been mistaken for an albino, and my pale skin practically glows in the dark. In fact, the only thing dark about me is my brown hair, and it is the color of shadows, infinitely subtle. In that dark corner, where the light hardly dared stray, and dressed all in white, I must have looked like a ghost. There are no doubts about why my partners in the CIA called me Ghost, between my pallor and my ability to move silently, swiftly, and undetected through a building as though it had no walls. He wouldn't have noticed me if I didn't want him to.
I'm good at not being seen.
In the CIA I was valued for my skills as a spy, a thief, and an assassin. There isn't a human on this planet who could survive long, if I really wanted him dead. by the same token, there isn't an assassin on this Earth who can touch someone that I'm protecting. I know all the tricks in the book. I wrote the book.
Most of my skills were acquired through patience and torturous practice, but my most important skill came almost naturally. I am an estreen, able to shift swiftly between forms, even on the run, and gifted in using the various attributes of my morphs selectively. So I wasn't surprised when he walked up behind me as I sat in the most secluded corner of the New York Public Library, because I was already partially morphed. A tiger's ears don't miss anything.
"Isabel Stone?"
I lowered the book and glanced over my shoulder, staring death at the pitiable fool who interrupted my reading. He flinched visibly when he saw my eyes, already startlingly blue, shift into the soulless, icy eyes of the Snow-white Siberian Tiger.
I had chosen this morph, one of my favorites, for its stripeless white fur, which is virtually invisible against my own pallid skin, and for its blue eyes, the same shade as mine. I'm not known as the White Lady for nothing. I can morph the tiger in half a minute, and my enemies won't notice the changes until it's much too late. Also, because the genetic glitch that gives them their strange coloring also affects their growth rates, even their females are larger by half than the largest orange tiger male. If I chose, I could become the second largest land predator on the planet in a matter of seconds. Very convenient.
"Yes. I assume that you are William Higgins. If you aren't William Higgins, I suggest that you go away now, before I decide to be irritated." I groweled softly, the last sound that he would ever hear if he made me mad enough.
"Yes, I'm William Higgins. How about some coffee, and we can talk about the terms of our... agreement." I guess I won't have to kill him, then. Yet.
"Sounds good." I demorphed slightly, but I left my eyes as feline slits, just to keep him from getting too comfortable around me. He should know not to let his guard down in times like these.
We walked to the little Starbucks down the street. He sat down slowly, watching me the whole time. Good. He's not a complete idiot.
"I believe, Mr. Higgins, that you already specified our terms over the phone. You pay me five grand up front, and I keep you and lack of a better word...alive for the next two weeks." Or until I decide not to.
"That was the original idea, but some extenuating circumstances have made this a more... permanent... situation. How do you feel about joining our team in the long term, Ms. Stone? You would be paid two K a week, for as long as we feel that you are needed. Is that acceptable?"
I haven't had a long-term job since the Agency collapsed. This could be interesting. And lucrative.
"You have a deal, Mr. Higgins."

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 14th, 2008, 3:49pm

"Ah, Miss Hunter? Yes. Over here please"

My combat instructor beckoned me. Standing next to him was a man I didn’t recognize. He was tall and looked as though he could take on all 10 students and the instructor that were in the outdoor gym and win. I left my fight partner and made my over to them. A million thoughts raced though my head in the time it took to reach them. They were talking in hushed tones but as I got closer I could heard what seemed like the end of their conversation.

"a bit young though"

"She is the top student in the whole academy, Mr. Higgins, even puts most of us instructors to shame"

"Impressive" the man said with a raised eyebrow. Looked at me and said curtly "let’s go" and started to walk towards the door leading inside. I glanced at the instructor who gave me a brief nod. I followed the man through the outdoor gym into the building. Only when the door slammed shut behind me did the man speak to me.
"As i'm sure you over heard I'm William Higgins"
I nodded slowly.
"welcome to Operation MAAS, Ellie" he said with a grin.

(yeah sorry it's short but it's just sort of how she became a part of the team and I'm in a rush smiley)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 14th, 2008, 4:20pm

(Isabel's POV)

I watched the exits to the training facility as Higgins strode out with a young girl at his side. So. This is Ellie Hunter. I walked swiftly to her other side, keeping my senses on high alert for anything suspicious.
I knew at a glance that she was unarmed, yet her posture and her stride told me that this was not an ordinary child to be underestimated. She wasn't built like an athlete, but then neither was I, and she carried herself like a fighter, even though she obviously tried to look as normal as she could.
She looked sharply, almost angrily, up at me, sizing me for trouble. I met her gaze steadily, telling her with a glance that although I meant her no ill will, she shouldn't underestimate me, either.
"Hello, I'm Ellie Hunter."
"I know. I'm Isabel." In a casual display of power, my eyes flashed iridescent green and my skin suddenly darkened with cloud- shaped spots as I called on the Snow Leopard DNA that drifted through my veins. Effortlessly I retracted the morph, and my eyes returned to their usual frosty blue and my skin paled back to snow white. I kept just enough of the morph to retain its phenomenal hearing, balance, and reflexes.
She looked at me again, and I resisted the urge to laugh as her eyes widened with recognition.
"Isabel Stone? The White Lady? I've heard about you." The way she said my name made it sound like a curse and a startled gasp at the same time. This could be a problem. That cannot be allowed.
"I know. It seems that we shall be working together for the present, so let us get a few things straight. It is my job to keep you all alive, and while you seem more than capable of defending yourself against an obvious enemy (and well aware of your capabilities), I cannot and will not protect you if you insist on treating me like a threat. I am sure that if you wanted, you could snap my neck right now, and you are probably considering it. I am equally sure that before you could touch me I would have already killed your instructor and at least three of the other students, even before I put a knife at your own throat. It will be easier on all of us if you decide right now that I am your friend and not your enemy. Do you have any problems with that, Miss Hunter? If you do, I have no more use for you, which is a very bad thing for you. If you don't, then let's be friends, and for pity's sake get out of that fighting stance."
"All right then." She sized me up once more, and finally seemed to relax a bit. But not entirely. Good. She has half a brain, unlike the last kid who worked with me.
Suddenly, I heard movement to my left, and everything happened very quickly.
"Hunter, Higgins? Duck!"
I shoved both of them against the nearest car.
In a single fluid motion, I drew two of my throwing knives and cast them at the men who were drawing a bead on Higgins' forehead. As they fell, I finished my Snow Leopard morph and lunged for the throat of the wolf that ran towards Ellie's exposed neck. He went down hard, and I finished him off quickly.
I demorphed smoothly, barely out of breath. I retrieved my knife and cleaned it off as Hunter and Ellie watched me, jaws practically on the floor.
"See what I mean, ladies and gentlemen? It all goes so much better if we are all on friendly terms."
"How did you move so fast?" they gasped at the same time.
"It's what I do. Be glad of that, or else you would both be dead right now. Harris, it seems that you have more enemies than you mentioned at our last meeting. Why is that, I wonder?" I snarled at him and returned to my leopard form.
<I'm going to check the perimeter of this facility. Stay down and don't move until I get back.>
They nodded blankly as I loped away.
Three dead sharpshooters and another wolf later, I returned to their Higgins' side and demorphed.
"You are both ridiculously lucky."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 14th, 2008, 5:15pm

((if its not too late i'd like to join, this is my first RP though so i'll be pretty noob))

Name: Daniel Nabet
Age: 37

Description: Fairly tall guy with short black hair. He's average build but isn't very athletic.

Personality: He's smart but not by any means a genius. He tends to be fairly sarcastic at times when it may not be overly appropriate but knows when to keep his mouth shut. He's a skilled fighter with a longsword and is trained in close hand to hand combat as well as fighting with small and large arms. He is an excellent liar and can usually convince everyone that the most unbelievable things are true.

Background: He was tought to sword fight from the age of four by his best friends Tyler's parents. When the yeerks began their invasion Tyler became a controller and stopped hanging out with Daniel because of the sharing. Tyler was stabbed in the chest by visser one's tail blade in front of Daniel, who was hiding during a sharing meeting trying to see what was happening with Tyler. The sight of his best friend dying caused him to join the army. Daniel was an excellent soldier and after the yeerk invasion was over he was given the morphing power. Three weeks after recieving the morphing power, he was court marshalled and given a dishonerable discharge for unorthadox methods.

Morphs: Fly, Roach, Bald Eagle, Lion, Hork-Bajir, Human (his old superior officer), Golden Retriever, Cat, Great White Shark
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 14th, 2008, 5:33pm

(Greetings, Daniel. Would you please write how and why you joined the team, for all our sakes?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 14th, 2008, 6:41pm

A loud banging on the door jarred me awake. I looked over at the alarm clock beside my bed, it read 3:04 am. I glanced around the room for a second then turned over to my side and closed my eyes.
BANG! This time I jumped out of my bed as quickly as I could and focused my mind on the DNA of the most authoritative thing I could think of and felt the changes begin. My hair grew longer and i began to shrink a few inches. My muscles grew larger and more firm. After the morph was complete I looked in the mirror. The man looking back at me was one I had seen many times. Carl Stern, my old army seargent. I swiftly moved towards my desk and retrieved the small hand gun I had hidden there. Hiding it behind my back, I swung open the door and stared out. For a second i thought I was staring into a mirror.

"Nabet, why do you still use that morph? If I recall correctly, isn't that morph the reason you were court marshalled in the first place?" Seargent Stern said to me

"Sorry sir," I said as I morphed back to my familliar form, "Well Seargent, I suppose that this isn't a social visit."

"It's Colonel now, I was promoted. There's a man who wants to meet you, his name is Higgins. He needs you."

"He couldn't meet me in the morning, when normal people are awake?"

"Actually Nabet, he lives in New York. There's a private jet that will pick you up in two hours at the Toronto base. Take your weapons, we will not provide them."

Colonel Stern then turned around and walked out the door. I ran my hand through my hair, pulled some clothes on and grabbed a suit case. I threw two hand guns, an Uzi, two rifles and a couple of hand grenades into the bag. I also put enough clothes to last me a week and then closed the bag. I threw the scabbard over my right shoulder and got in my car. An hour later I arrived in Toronto and borded the jet. When I arrived in New York there was a large man waiting for me.

"Good evening Daniel, I'm William Higgins." He wasn't what i expected. When I heard the name Higgens I was expecting some stuck up 40 year old general, instead this guy looked 10 years younger than me.

"Hello Higgins, its a pleasure to meet you. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?"

"I don't know if you've noticed, but there has been a large outbreak in morph related crime. Before you moved to Canada, I heard that you were one of the best. I want you to be part of my team." He said, extending his hand for me to shake it.

I looked around the base at the soldiers surrounding me, the few that I had worked with before seemed happy for me, while some that I had not looked utterly jealous.

"When can I start?" I asked, grabbing his hand, and feeling his DNA flowing through me.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 14th, 2008, 7:06pm

(good so far! but i think we should sort of put this on hold until demos posts about how his character joined the team and until we hear from duffman because we can't control his character anymore. good post estelore. welcome to RAF shanker.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 14th, 2008, 7:44pm

(Thank you, Anna. I hope that I did your character justice. Demos, Duffman, if either of you is out there, please post so that we can move forward. Very nice, Shanker. Is that sword a longsword, shortsword, broadsword, katana[samurai & ninja], rapier, sabre, or a claymore[ a Scottish longsword, think Excalibur]? I'm rather well studied on these matters, and I am quite curious about this in particular.
On a side note, I think it should be alright to continue posting, as long as we don't hijack the characters who aren't here. For instance, if one of us [in the story] is going home and encounters a morphing criminal, by all means they should tell what happened. If it isn't too much trouble, I would like to be able to implement this philosophy. Thank you.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 14th, 2008, 8:02pm

(longsword, i don't really know much about swords or guns, so im kinda just making it up as i go along)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 14th, 2008, 8:06pm

(yeah i guess that would be cool but please ask is you want to control me smiley if i'm not online then i guess you can if you need to)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 14th, 2008, 8:56pm

(yea sorry i havent been around all night guys i had to work, it sounds good so far, but yea the rule is no godmodding unless the person gives permission, which i did for the intro, but its great theres been so much going on, ill write up a post right now)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 14th, 2008, 9:12pm

(coolie cool grin now alls we need is demos...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 14th, 2008, 9:39pm

“Well, I’ve got my team,” I said to myself, “assuming this poison guy wants to play ball.”

I had thoroughly researched all of them, and if I had learned anything about him I knew that he would not be easy to convince. I sent him the offer, but I had the feeling I might have to hunt him down myself. But after what happened with Ellie I couldn’t be sure I knew anything about them. We hadn’t even completely formed this “secret” squad and there were already attempts on our lives.

I had just finished recruiting Nabet, and was flying back to the training center. I probably should have joined him in driving back, but there was something about this situation that just didn’t feel right. I beat my powerful hawk wings, scanning the city streets. I was only a block away when I saw it. It was a good choice, the sun was just setting and even with my powerful hawk eyes I nearly missed the black panther slinking across the rooftop.

I powered upward, gaining altitude, keeping my eye on the giant black cat. I pulled into a steady dive, aiming toward the training center, <Move out now,> I shouted to the team, <one block west, keep hidden.>

I turned the dive into a sharp bank, turning and coming level with the buildings. I was hit with a strong thermal from the cars and pavement below and I was able to rise a bit higher. I kept my eyes peeling for the panther, approaching the place where I had spotted him. I never saw him coming, suddenly there was a flash of black and the panther was all over me. He bit at me with his sharp fangs as we fell toward the streets. I was able to use my wings to get above him, taking away the force of his blows. I was finally able to push away from him and slow my fall. But my wings were now badly damaged, I straightened them to slow my fall, but I was heading down to the ground, and back to the panther. I started to demorph, although it was no use, if he survived the fall he would be all over me and I would be nowhere near human.

(maybe demos can jump in and save my ass, hint hint, or anyone else of course)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 14th, 2008, 9:59pm

(if he doesn't post soon i'll save ya, but i want him to because that would be the perfect introduction.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 14th, 2008, 11:18pm

(demos u can jump in pretty much w/e u want, this isnt really a crutial time for him to start so anyone else can keep it going right now, i thnk im done for the night but ill b postin early if someone has replied by then)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 15th, 2008, 01:24am

I was inside the training center trying to figure out how Isabel had morphed so quickly although i knew it was pointless even trying. She was after all The White Lady. It was when I heard William Higgins voice in my head that I realized my fist were clenched tightly.

<Move out now!> <one block west, keep hidden!>

I knew something was terribly wrong "all those drills at the academy will finally pay off" i muttered this just as the hyena's coarse fur spread across my skin and fell to knees which weren't knees anymore. a couple seconds later I was outside feeling the nights air flattening the hyena's fur as I ran. <Isabel! Daniel! Where are you guys?>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 15th, 2008, 06:22am

(Guys, I had this wild idea earlier. It involves a radical amount of plot-twisting and godmodding, so if you hate it, say so, and I'll erase it later. Demos, it is a possible intro for your character, but it involves a few presumptions on my part. If you want me to delete it, or if you want to rewrite it from your own point of view, then by all means, please say so, and it shall be done.)

<On my way.> I broke into a run, letting the tiger's fur wash across my skin.
<Hunter, Nabet, be careful. We might need reinforcements. Catch up with us as soon as you can, but stay hidden, please. Okay?>
I didn't wait for them to anser. Within twelve steps I was half tiger, and the morph was complete in twenty. I saw a panther taking a bird out of the air, and I knew I had chosen the right morph.
<Well. If it isn't Sylvester and Tweety. Would you like some assistance, Harris?>
<What do you think I've been shouting about, Isabel?>
I tackled the panther and seized him around the throat. A panther is a huge cat, but next to the tiger he was practically a kitten.
< Drop the bird.>
<I'll kill him before you can kill me.>
<I highly doubt that. And who said I have to kill you? You've been in that morph for a very long time. I could hold you here until you're trapped forever, and I'd still have time to spare to demorph.>
<You're bluffing. Nobody morphs that fast.>
<I don't bluff, Shade, and you seem to have a dreadfully short memory.> I tightened my chokehold on the big cat.
<Ghost? Is that You?> Gasped the panther.
<How many other giant white cats do you know? Now drop the bird, and I'll let you demorph so that we can talk like normal people.>
He let Harris go, and we demorphed while Daniel and Ellie caught up with us. The entire scene had only taken a few seconds.
< Do you two know each other?> Harris mused as he returned to his normal shape.
"Yes. This lovely fellow is my old partner at the CIA. He is also the cause of the security breach that destroyed the Agency. I'd trust him with my life any day, but not with my bank account numbers."
<We have company, guys.> Daniel said to the rest of the team.
I turned to Poison.
"So, was it your brilliant idea to attack us in front of our base of operations? And more importantly, how fast can you morph? Because we're not alone."
A trio of wolves, a bengal tiger, and a polar bear stepped out of the shadows, snarling viciously. I resumed my tiger morph, and the others started back into their battle morphs. Thankfully, Hunter and Nabet hadn't demorphed. Stupid! I told myself. You saw a familiar face and you forgot to secure the exits. This will not happen again.
<One for each of us, if you're willing to fight alongside us, Shade. How about it, for old time's sake?>

(Poison & company, if you hate it, say so, and I'll modify or delete it. Sorry for assuming that you have a panther morph, Poison. I'll leave the rest to you all for now, because I'll be busy for the rest of the day, probably.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 15th, 2008, 06:52am

(its a cool twist, but since demos hasnt posted anything yet we shud prob hold off on it, once he joins we can see if he wants to do something like that, everything else is fine if u wanna just edit it so u kno the panther but its not poison and take out the parts with us cuz they arent that important here. and please ask permission first before controlling characters, or just say where u want to go with it and we can join in)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 15th, 2008, 07:07am

(Of course. I'd like to see what Demos says, if its all the same to you guys. Also, in my boredom I have done quite a bit of godmodding, for which I apologise. I probably won't be able to access the internet at all this weekend, and I don't want to hold up the plot. I've hi-jacked all of your characters at some point or another,so may I suggest that you all take my place [if I don't post enough] over the weekend, or at least send my character someplace conveniently out of the way for three days [and not the Yeerk pool wink]. You are all invited to hijack my character [within some reason], and I won't get at all upset. Quid pro quo, sort of. It just seems fair, since I've taken such liberties with the rest of you.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 15th, 2008, 09:47am

(I kept it open for w/e we end up doing about the panther, if anyone wants to post to keep things going they can just avoid adressing that til demos comes)

<I’ve got the wolves,> I said, almost completely gorilla now, <two on the bear, lets go.>

As I had expected, the wolves were fastest to reach us, and they were moving as one. I couldn’t tell if it was just the instincts of the animal guiding them or they were really this organized. Two of them leapt for my neck, I sent one flying with a punch to the midsection but the other was on me. I held it back with one hand on its neck as it gnashed its teeth inches from my face. The third was at my heals a split second later, I tried using my feet to ward him off but he maneuver too quickly and clamped down on hard on my leg. Angry now, I brought my second hand up to the wolf on top of me and lifted. Using my long, massive gorilla arms I pulled him straight off of me and through him into the brick wall a few feet away. He stayed down. The wolf around my feet ripped free of his hold, taking some flesh and muscle with him. I could see him coiling his hind legs, preparing to lunge at me. I struggled to get to my feet but the pain in my leg was unbearable. He leapt towards my face before I could raise my hand to defend myself. Instead, I thrust my own head forward, bearing my own formidable fangs. They sunk into the neck of the wolf, and I felt the taste of blood enter my mouth.

Pushing him aside, I struggled onto my feet, looking at the battle raging all around me.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 15th, 2008, 11:16am

(Isabel's POV)
<With me, Hunter.> I called. I knew that I would need her heyena's powerful jaws to take the bear down. I've been a polar bear, and I know exactly how strong they are.
As Ellie caught the bear around the throat, I leapt on his back, leaving lacerations all around his spine.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 15th, 2008, 11:21am

Stone was holding the panther in its place. She had rushed over and hadn't even secured the area. She clearly was a rookie. I looked around and almost immidiately saw 3 guys and 2 girls morphing. In seconds there were three wolves, a tiger and a polar bear charging towards us.

"We have company, guys," I said as I began to morph. I was morphing something I had recently picked up in yellowstone park. My skin grew hard and rough, blades shot out of my wrists, arms, knees and forhead. My nice new suit was torn to shreds as I grew to about 7 feet tall. A tail jutted out of my back and with that, I became the Hork-Bajir.

The tiger came running straight for me. <I'll take the wolves,> the gorilla that I assumed was Higgins shouted, <two on the bear, lets go.> I felt behind me for the hilt of my sharp friend and drew it from its scabbard. Theres just something about a 7 foot bladed creature holding a longsword that seems to make most people run away and hide for a good long while. The tiger preformed a one-eighty and ran the other direction. No way was I letting him escape. I charged at him, the Hork-Bajir morph was much quicker that I had expected and I caught up with him in seconds. He turned around and bit my leg, but I turned it and the blade caught him in the mouth. He let go and a small pool of blood was forming around him. He began getting up but I smacked him with the hilt of my sword. He wouldn't be getting up for a while. I turned towards the others.

<Tiger's down guys.> I said, and turned back towards the rest of them.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 15th, 2008, 1:11pm

(Isabel's POV. I'm going to throw in a reference to some of my old coworkers and teammates: spies known only as Frost, Onyx, and Blaze. They may be interesting for later plotlines.)

Ellie snapped at the bear's feet, keeping him from noticing the half-ton kitty cat on his back. I opened a long gash between his ninth and tenth vertebrae, effectively paralyzing his legs, and causing him to bleed out.
<Ellie, I need to see to the others. Can you handle him from here?> I called.
She nodded.
<Good. Give me two minutes, and I'll be back if you need me.>
I glanced towards my right, where Shade and Harris were finishing off the wolves.
<You guys okay over there?>
<We've got it covered.> One of them called back.
I loped into the alley where Daniel had chased the tiger.
< Daniel, where are you?> I was worried that he had gotten himself killed. Who was he kidding, going Hork-Bajir to take a tiger? I know what even the weakest cat can do, and a tiger is the king of close combat.
I finally sighted him. Then I noticed the deadly-looking longsword he was pulling out of the tiger's side.
Well. That changes things. Bengal tiger trumps Hork-Bajir every time, but Hork-Bajir plus a sword? The tiger is quite literally dead meat. A Siberian tiger, on the other hand... well, it's a tie, at best. Let's not hope for the worst.
He cleaned his sword and glanced back towards me, and I saw that he was going to challenge me for not clearing the area. I knew that this would have to be prevented, for team morale.
< Daniel, please listen carefully. I've been in various covert agencies for over nine years, now. If I failed to clear the area, it is undeniably my fault, and I'm sure you know that. However, I would not press the issue if I were you. I know your M.O., and I know why you were court- marshalled. I will warn you now, the last fool who attempted to acquire my DNA lost a hand and his pride. I am always at least partially in morph, and the time I spend between morphs lasts less than a second. You would have a tough time acquiring from me. Furthermore, you are not the only one who knows how to use a blade. Let's not fight, all right?>
I jogged away before he could answer. I returned to Ellie's side, noticing that she had already neatly eliminated the polar bear.
<Guys, I'm going to check the area. Give me three minutes.>
I quickly reverted to my human form, instantly beginning my Gyrfalcon morph as the last of my tiger's features faded away. I called out to Shade, who was standing below.
<Thanks for watching our backs over there. I don't know about the rest of them, but I'm glad that you were here.>
<Any time, Ghost>, he called back. <I'll see you around.> he walked away quickly.
I followed him overhead.
<You're leaving? I was under the impression that you intended to work with us. You were on the list of potentials for this group.>
<Was I? Well, I might sign up, and I might not. Right now, I have some thermals to catch. Take care of yourself, Ghost.> He paused and demorphed, remorphing into a Golden Eagle.
<I will. By the way, have you heard from anyone at the old Agency? I heard on the street a few days back that Frost, Onyx, and Blaze had started their own illegal morphing school.>
<I wouldn't know anything about that.> He rose smoothly from the ground, almost as fast as me.
<Oh. All right. Well, go in peace, old friend.>
<You, too.> He peeled away on an updraft, and I circled back to check the standart five block circuit. No animals.
I dove swiftly and landed in front of Harris. The others were already in their various bird morphs.
Harris took off and we all followed in a neat, perfect, instinctive, flight formation. Anyone below would think it was rehearsed.
I lagged behind, constantly scanning the ground and the sky for more trouble.
<Harris,> I called in private thought-speak,
<Next time you decide to go flying alone over unfriendly territory, please let me know. That way I can wring your neck myself, and these rookies won't nearly get themselves killed backing me up while I rescue you. We wouldn't have been ambushed if I hadn't had to save you from my former coworker. Daniel already thinks I'm incompetent, and Ellie isn't going to trust me to watch her back if I'm always saving you and not checking the perimeter. I don't have any personal problem with you, but if I'm going to take orders from you, you need to think before you act. And please, for pity's sake, never fly alone. There are faster and meaner animals out there than that panther.>

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 15th, 2008, 1:41pm

(what we could do is change the name of the panther, still have him be someone isabelle knows, which could add a cool plot device later, i was thnking of having a few vigilantes pop in who are dealing with the threat on their own, and everyone can control them and add some interesting stuff

so if thats cool estelore could u edit ur posts with just a new name, and if u erase the other characters dialogue from ur last post it doesnt really change anything, u can do pretty much everything u wanna do w/o having to hav us say or do anything if u say it right)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 15th, 2008, 1:49pm

(As you have bade it, so it was done. I'm going to be away for 2-3 days, so I'll find a way in my last post before then to sneak out of the plot until I can be back. Feel free to continue without me until I'm back. Please add some plot; I want to know what happens next!)
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(Oops didnt see ur changes, if u wanna just add that part after this wud b cool, im sure ill have something to say lol)

<Well my friend, looks like you’re all alone now,> I said to the last wolf, pinning him against the wall, <why don’t you tell us what’s going on.>

The battle had come to a quick end, and, unfortunately, most of our attackers had been killed. This one was only wounded, getting hurled against a brick wall by a five hundred pound gorilla will do that to you.

<Hey man, nothing,> the wolf said, <we didn’t do anything.>

<Well its good to know you’re talking,> I said, applying pressure to his neck, <now start telling the truth.>

<Ahh! Okay, okay!> he wimpered, <we were hired for a job, it wasn’t supposed to be you.>

<What was the job?>

<The panther! We were hired to kill the panther!>

<Who hired you?> I asked, squeezing on his neck.

<I don’t know! I never knew! I’m just a lackey!>

<Get out of here,> I said, throwing him hard onto the sidewalk, <tell your boss that things are changing.>

He ran down the street, fast. I turned to Isabel, <What’s the deal with this panther?>

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 15th, 2008, 2:18pm

(Before I elaborate on this, let me make something very clear. Before my last post, I had never read any of your Yellow Suns thread. I just read the first piece five seconds ago. When I chose the names "Ghost" and "Frost", I was pulling them straight from my own head, and I was considering "Royal" to replace Poison's name, but I decided that "Shade" fit his battle- morph better. HOW DID YOU GET INSIDE MY BRAINhuh? You know what they say about great minds, but this is flippin' nuts! That being said, I shall now continue. Isabel's POV.)

<His name is Shade. He was my old partner in the Agency. He is probably the only human alive who is capable of predicting how I will react to anything. He is definitely the only human alive who knows what I am truly capable of doing. We worked in a five-member team, alongside Specter, Phantom, and Wraith. I am Ghost. We were named for our skills at infiltration and evasion. Any one of us could move through a building as though it had no walls. Shade and I, in particular, were the best in our field.
Shade and I have worked together longer than the others, and the other three mostly stayed apart from us, working the easier missions. We were their leaders and their teachers, turning them from rookies into real spies. Shade and I had the more secretive missions: spywork, thievery, assassination. We are also the best bodyguards the world has to offer, when we feel like it, because nobody who saw us would think us a threat.>
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 15th, 2008, 2:43pm

(haha thats freaky, especially Royal. Ghost and Frost are kinda classic army codenames, i hadnt heard Royal b4. and since i came up with it first i guess thats u in my brain)

"So this guy is dangerous. He helped us out this time, but we cant assume that hes on our side," I said, "whatever his deal is he seems important to someone. We need to follow him, and that wolf. Lets split up and start searching. Nabet you and me are going dog, get on the scent of that wolf, I'll take Slade. Isabel and Ellie, get in the air, cover us."

I focused on the shape of german shepherd, and felt the changed begin. My joints rearranged and I hit the ground, barely breaking my fall. Fur grew all over my body and my nose exploded forward. Then the scents kicked in, I could smell and hear everything that had passed these streets in hours. I became disoriented by the sudden rush of senses, but after a second of focus the trail of the panther was clearly illuminated by my nose.

I bounded off after the scent, letting it fill my nostrils.
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Post by Shanker on Feb 15th, 2008, 3:00pm

I thought about what Stone had said and already felt a little nervous. If she knew that I had acquired Stern, does that mean that Higgins knew too? Did Higgins realize that the friendly handshake on our first incounter had been more than just that? Unfortunately Stone was on to me, and she was the one that I had been hoping most to aquire. Her reputation preceded her and I had hoped to be able to use that to my advantage. Oh well.

"Lets split up and start searching. Nabet you and me are going dog, get on the scent of that wolf, I'll take Slade. Isabel and Ellie, get in the air, cover us," Higgins said, bringing me back to my senses, I morphed golden retriever and immediately caught the sent of the wolf. I used my army morph training to counteract the extreme happiness that came with the dog morph and bounded after the scent. Higgins was just a few feet ahead of me, but I couldn't run fast enough to catch up with the scabbard still on my back.

<What exactly are we hoping to find?> I asked him.
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(sorry guys i got the day off and didn't wake up until 2:30 in the afternoon, my mom is probably going to kill me if she finds out... i'm not sure that after this post i'll be able to post a whole lot what with moving and all but i'll try. if you need to control me feel free to but if i'm online then please don't okay? oh pretty cool looking so far guys!)

I backed away from the now dead bear and demorphed. As the last of the fur disappeared I glared at Isabel. how could she be so stupid! Now vulnerable I decided not to call her on it but nonetheless it would be a while before I trusted her to save my life instead of risking it by making a mistake. unless... maybe it wasn't a mistake? and what was the deal with Daniel? I had to give him props for challenging The White Lady but what about what Isabel said about his acquiring her DNA? he probably acquired William Higgins DNA when they shook hands. "I don't have to worry though what good would my DNA be to him?" I spun around quickly when i realized i had muttered this aloud. okay good. it didn't seem like anyone had heard me. Immediately after that I began to shrink and my arms were becoming wings, my feet were now hard talons. I was the spotted owl that I had managed to acquire shortly before William had called for backup. A few moments later I was in the air next to Isabel.
< pretty stupid of you not securing the area! Did you want us killed?!> the moment after I said this I regretted it. But Isabel had taken a steep dive straight towards William Higgins.

(gee when i come online finally you all go offline!!)
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(sry for not posting sooner internet was being a pain and I'm ok with the idea.)

I was sitting in a tree following the panther with my crossbow in hand, bolt coted in a very deadly puffer fish poison. I watched him attack and the following battle that came after, I thought I might join in and help the one's that where attacked but I decided ageist that in hope both teams would kill each other in stead of me doing it but that was not the case. I watched as the "leader" interrogated a wolf and then morphed to a German shepherd and followed the original target, i ended up morphing scorpion and jumping onto his back.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 15th, 2008, 3:33pm

(Isabel's POV. Hello Demos.)

I saw a large scorpion crawling up Higgins' side. It was smart of him to put me on recon. I slid into a steep dive.
<Hello, little buggie. What are you doing on the nice doggie's back?> I snatched the scorpion and banked sharply, carrying the creature away with me.
<Mr. Scorpion, we need to talk, and you aren't in any position to threaten us. I can bisect you right now without any qualms. Start gabbing.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 15th, 2008, 3:38pm

<We've got to find the ringleader,> I said to Nabet, <these guys may not lead us to him, but its a start.>

I followed the panthers scent into an alleyway, a dead end. The scent began to change, becoming human. It was going to be much more difficult following a human, but impossible if he decided to go bird. No bird scent. The human scent was moving back out of the alleyway.

<Isabel, hes human, find him,> but as I looked up to make sure she had heard me, I saw her only a foot away. She swooped low and raked my back, then flew away with something in her talons, <what the hell?>

Trying to stay on target, I bounded back down the street, the scent was almost impossible to follow now, hundreds of people had walked these streets. I could only wander down the street, hoping to catch a hint of the scent. Luckily I caught his scent on the railing heading to the train, and climbed the stairs after him. The train was just leaving the stop now, I would have to hurry. I ran after it, beginning to demorph, wishing I could control it.

Just as I reached it I felt my legs changing, slowing me down. I made a desperate leap for the train, and just my paws reached for the rail, my thumbs stretched out of the sides and I managed to grab hold.

(yea the city has above ground trains, just cuz they're really cool lol and they make for cool scenes, just noticed that demos joined, welcome. i guess its good we got split up because i gotta work, ill b on at 930)
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 15th, 2008, 3:40pm

I hung there in the air watching as Isabel snatched a something off Mr. Higgins back. I flew after her. Whats she doing now? I asked her, then I noticed a scorpion in her talons.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 15th, 2008, 3:44pm

I ran, trying to keep up with Higgins, but I lost him next to one of the trains. I sniffed the air and noticed the German Shephard scent become human and then vanish.

<grinamn! Guys, Higgins borded the train. We wont be able to catch up to him.>

I demorphed, ran over to one of the train station lockers and locked my sword up. I then morphed eagle and flew up to the sky, scanning for Stone and Hunter.
After a few moments of looking, I couldn't find them.

<Guys, where are you?>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 15th, 2008, 3:51pm

Isabel was going fast and naturally I followed. then i heard Daniels voice in my head. William boarded a train? <hold on I'm coming back> I called to him. <I'm going back Williams taken off> and instead of waiting for an answer i flew and when i spotted an eagle i stopped. <what are you talking about Daniel?>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 15th, 2008, 3:55pm

<I'm not sure, his scent turned human right beside the trains, I saw a train go by and the scent ended.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 15th, 2008, 3:57pm

<lets go demorph and decide what to do. my time's almost up> upon saying that I landed on the pavement and returned to my own form.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 15th, 2008, 4:06pm

<If you think a little doggie will get me to talk your wrong, as we speak a little bit of poison is being ingested into you. That right I'm coted in a bit of a nasty poison so let me go and i will give you the antidote or you die a slow death as your pain represent begin to fire just befor your body cooks. 30 seconds then your doomed.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 15th, 2008, 4:09pm

(hey demos i think if you'd like to keep going with your part of the story you can control Isabel for a bit i think that Estelore said it was cool)

Daniel got down and demorphed. "so-" before I could finish Daniel had grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the way of an oncoming lion. "great. theres more!" he said as a tiger, and a grizzly bear showed up next to the lion. "a lion, tiger and a bear" i muttered. "oh my" he said with a chuckle just before he morphed. I followed suit and started to change into a lion.

(shanker if you don't mind i controlled your character for a bit, if your not cool with it i'll edit my post okay?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 15th, 2008, 4:29pm

(ya, its fine, just keep me in character, like you did)

I pulled Hunter out of the way, and immidiately began to morph lion. I longed for my sword but it was to far for me to retrieve.

<I'll take out the tiger, go for the bear, he'll be easier than the lion, just avoid the big cat, and when we finish with our own enemies we'll team up on the lion,> I said then dashed towards the tiger. Luckily I had the advantage over him because my main stopped him from going for my neck. He bit into my leg and I struggled to get loose. I smacked him in the face with my massive paw but the lion was on me as soon as the tiger let go.
<Dammit! We could use some help here Stone!> I shouted trying to fend off the two big cats.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 15th, 2008, 4:36pm

<got it> I lunged for the bears throat. Just before i could rip it's throat out the bear tossed me against the wall. i saw another lion out of the corner of my eye a split second before it was on top of me. I was pinned to the ground and the bear was advancing towards me. the lions huge paw was the last thing i saw before it blinded me. < seriously! Isabel! > I swung a huge paw but made no contact instead one of them tore it off.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 15th, 2008, 4:39pm

(I can't go on because i believe god modding is bad when there is talking involved because that is when you are able to make you character deeper also when theres a fight involved i like to control my character, for futer notice.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 15th, 2008, 4:40pm

(okay cool, yeah i don't really like to do it either)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 15th, 2008, 4:44pm

The lion and tiger were surrounding me and I was fading quickly from the loss of blood. I looked over at Hunter, and saw her on top of the bear. The bear threw her into the wall and something shot past me. What the hell? A second lion was heading for her. Two lions, a tiger and a bear against two lions? We didn't stand a chance.
<I'm sorry Hunter,> I said and dashed between the lion and tiger. I ran for a little while while the two cats chased me. I need to demorph, I thought to myself.
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(Hey, guys, sorry it took me so long to get back. I had to shower. Before I start, I want to remind you all that his name is "Shade", like lampshade [it's a kind of ghost], not "Slade". Thanks. Yes, it's all right to control my character if I'm gone, but please wait until I say that I'm leaving to take over too much. I've hijacked your characters enough, so it's only fair, really. It's also okay to have me "speak" to answer simple questions, etc.)

<Mr. Scorpion, you happen to be under the misapprehension that I intend to eat you. I am more than willing to pull you apart, piece by piece, if I need to. I used to work in the CIA. Torture is nothing new to me. If you try to sting me, you will learn that a Gyrfalcon is able to cut off blood flow from its talons. It's a nifty little trick for surviving the arctic winter without getting frostbitten. Furthermore, your poison will have to work considerably faster than that to kill me. Thirty seconds is an hour to me. I can be on the ground and demorphed before it could take effect. You should have considered that before threatening Isabel Stone. Speaking of Frost, are you working for her? I've been curious about her latest activities. If you think I'm bluffing, you have a nasty surprise in store.>

<... help...Stone!> I heard Daniel's faint voice. I banked toward the source of the cry. A block away, I found Hunter and Daniel cornered by a lion, a tiger, and a bear. I dove towards them at top speed, letting my body grow in size while retaining my wings. I landed behind Ellie and finished the demorph. I quickly pulled off the scorpion's legs and left him on the sidewalk.
"I'll deal with you later." I quickly went tiger, letting the cat's massive strength build on my own.
<Sorry, folks. I was... detained. We need to find Harris and tell him that we've got another spy. I've kept him alive. He won't have a chance at catching Shade, because by now Shade is seventy miles away. A golden eagle is almost as fast as a Gyr.> I dove at the lion, raking his belly with my rear claws. I could see that the others were fading fast.
< Daniel, you fool, get back here and get in morph!> I ripped at the lion's gut, incapacitating him but not killing him. I left him there and pounced on the tiger's back. A tiger myself, I knew his weak points. I severed his spinal chord at the neck, paralyzing him completely.
<Hunter, you had better demorph now or I will make tomorrow very unpleasant for you! SNAP OUT OF IT!> I roared.

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"Thanks for the help," I said then immidiately remorphed to lion. I helped Stone finish off the tiger.

<If I didn't demorph I would have died from blood loss, we need to help Hunter, last time I saw, she was being attacked by a bear and another lion. I only wish i could have helped her.> I ran back to where Hunter was fighting the bear and lion, a pool of blood around where her left paw should be. <Hunter, are you still alive?> I asked her, <Stone, i'll take the lion, go after the bear.> I then smacked the lion away from Hunter.

(I'm gonna be gone until about 930 or so, so feel free to hijack me, just dont make me do anything too major and keep me in character)
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(Hey, guys. I've been stricken by an idea of sorts. By now, you are all very familiar with my character, and with her role of self-appointed bodyguard and sentinel. I kill the bad guys before they kill you. Harris is well-established as leader. The rest of you, however, haven't really defined your personalities or your purposes in the group. Please begin to increase the depth of your characters.)
Daniel took down the other lion, and I leapt at the bear. The blood in his eyes must have blinded him, because he didn't flinch as I hit him. Off to the side I could see Ellie beginning to demorph, but she wasn't going fast enough, and I could hear her heart slowing. She was losing too much blood.
<ELLEN HUNTER, YOU WILL DEMORPH THIS INSTANT!> I bellowed. I also noticed a darker shape, shrinking...irrelevant right now. Deal with the bear.
The bear swiped clumsily at me. I realized that something was seriously wrong here. I looked down and saw a glossy black cobra latched onto his ankle.
The scorpion. Of course. He had demorphed and remorphed while we were fighting. The bear slowed and staggered on his feet. I crushed his windpipe in my jaws. That was the last of them. I demorphed and remorphed as a White Goshawk. Its broad wings and massive talons would make my next task a piece of cake.
<Thanks, little scorpion-cobra dude. Maybe I won't kill you yet. Do you have a name?> I swept him up in my talons, keeping his head in a tight death-grip.
<If I feel you demorphing, I will crush your skull and bite your head off. I believe that you will cooperate with me, but I could be wrong. You've shown a considerable death-wish to this point.> I flew higher to survey the area. No more animals. Finally. Time to look for Harris.
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(nice job with my charactor as long as you dont to talking or big fights with me im ok with it.)

<Hmmm. A woman after my own heart, are you married? But to the point my code name is poison. Thats it no one learns my real name. If I'm right your looking for one Mr Harris am I right because I'm your last team mate Ms Stone. I'm a trained assassin so killing me would make the job that much harder.>
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I faintly heard a voice in my head but I couldn't place it. this is bad. I knew it was bad. then all of a sudden Isabel's voice telling me to demorph. The lion had blinded me so i had no clue if it was safe or not but if i stayed in morph i knew i would die. slowly i began to demorph i felt my powerful lion claws turn into weak human fingers, and my back straiten out. faster Ellie! faster! I had lost a lot of blood from the looks of it. as i demorphed the pain that i had began to dull.
I fell to the ground exhausted. I finished demorphing and was surveying the damage.
everything had happened too quickly one minute i'm in class the next i'm part of some team. it was insane. at least now i knew why they had asked me all of those questions the past few days and why i had all of these surprise attack drills. i slowly got to my feet and my foot kicked a green c.d. case. i bent and picked it up. "what's this?" i wondered aloud.

(haha i just decided to add a plot twist if you don't like it i'll edit. also feel free to control me because chances are i'm not going to be on a whole lot tomorrow okay?)
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(hey, guys. My weekend officially begins now. Feel free to take over, but please minimize my dialogue. See you in three-ish days.)
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(hey guys sorry for being gone so long everything sounds really cool so far. yea once more on the topic of godmodding, unless the person has given permission u shud find a way to post without controlling at all. if its completely necessary to put some minor action in, i thnk everyones cool with that, but no big dialogue or major decisions. oh and dont worry I dont work as much as it seems, so ill usually b available alot more.)

I managed to lift myself up and break through the window of the train with my foot. Sliding inside, I could see that every eye was on me. That was expected, it wasn’t time for the subtle approach. I didn’t know what this guy looked like, and it appeared my team had fell behind. I would have to scare him into showing himself, and I would have to do it before he could morph.

“Come on out Shade,” I said, slowly walking down the row, staring at the surprised faces, “you know I’m not looking for a fight.”

At the last words I began morphing into gorilla. I stopped it just after my muscles began to ripple and bulge. I couldn’t control it as well as Isabel, though. There were blotches of thin black fur in random places and my face was slightly distorted. My legs felt as though they were half rearranged, making it awkward to walk. But, luckily, I had managed to morph the ears, and although they aren’t the ears of a hawk or wolf, they were more than enough to hear the slight crunching and squishing of something morphing at the end of the car. I rushed over to find a cobra underneath one of the seats.

Before I could blink the cobra has lashed forward, then back, like lightning, <That was a warning, I know you can demorph.>

“Fine,” I said, demorphing out of the half-gorilla form, “I take it then that you don’t want to kill me.”

<Yet,> he said, coiling up, ready for another strike, <why don’t you tell me why those guys were after you.>

“Sorry to disappoint you,” I said, taking a seat across from him, “but they were after you, you obviously ticked someone off. All I want to know is who.”

<And why would my killers interest you?>

“Well first of all, we got attacked too, that puts my team in danger,” I started,” second…lets just say it’s my job.”

<Haha, I see,> Shade laughed, <I was wondering when the government would send their boys to clean this up. I’m good, but I can’t deal with all of this alone.>

“We’re not government,” I lied, “we’re just like you, just doing what we can.”

<Well now you know what happens when you do what you can, government boy,> he laughed again, <you end up chasing a snake onto a train while your team dies.>

“My team is just fine,” I said, but I immediately doubted myself. Why hadn’t they followed me?

<Trust me, they aren’t,> he said, <you ticked off Wilson Kombex. People who make that mistake never last long, just look at me.>

Wilson Kombex. I didn’t know if the name he gave me was real or not, but right now it didn’t matter. His words had driven a nail right through my gut. We had definitely pissed someone off, and then I go running and leave my team behind. By now they could all be dead, I had to find them.

“I’d say don’t leave town,” I said to Shade, getting up, “but we both know you aren’t done here.” Then I began to morph.

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After the lions, tiger and bear were out for the count I took one quick look around and demorphed. I turned and ran back to the lockers. I took back my sword and ran back to the group. I looked over at Hunter and she picked up something green. I was curious as to what it was but there were more important things to attend to.

"All right ladies, if everything is ok here, I'm gonna go try and find Higgins, If we dont see you sooner, we'll meet up at our base at 2100 hours," I told them and ran over to a train that was headed in the same direction as the first one.

"Where is this train headed?" I asked the conductor. He told me and morphed lion and ran in the same direction. I would have gone eagle but I didn't want to leave my sword. Hopefully I'd catch up to Higgins before he got into serious trouble.
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After Daniel took off I sat down again. rested my head against the wall and opened the cd case. inside was an ordinary disc. that's weird, did it belong to the guys who attacked us? i put it in my pocket and leaned back again and closed my eyes. i wanted so much to sleep, i listened as Isabel left. I wondered why she was part of this team. she was the top agent in possibly the world, why on earth would she be on some crime fighting team? I also wondered wondered why we kept getting attacked, i couldn't be because of me could it? i felt my mind drifting towards sleep, i knew i had to get up and do something, that if i fell asleep Stone would kill me. i struggled to open my eyes but they were to heavy. i heard a rustling a couple of feet away from me but didn't pay it any attention. then my mind wandered off into dreamland...

(just curious... can we morph clothes?)
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(Okay, I have maybe 5 minutes. Yes, we can morph some clothes. I can handle a six-piece suit and multiple concealed weapons. The rest of you [I wear one under my usual clothes] have state-of-the-art skintight morphing suits. They have tight pockets for knives and small objects, watches for timing that send thought-speak updates and countdowns, waterproof and heatproof gloves and shoes. They work like a wetsuit in water, but all the time. Also, thought-speak amplifiers for distance contact. Sound good?)
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(yea i was thinking something like that, cuz come on who wants to be wearing spandex)

Once I had finished morphing tiger, I leapt nimbly through the window I had smashed earlier. I landed on the rail, then rolled gracefully down to the ground and started running back the way I had came. I’m sure I could have picked a faster morph, but I didn’t know whether my team would need firepower. In the distance I could see a lion racing toward me. Who on my team had a lion morph? Was it even someone on my team? I had to assume it wasn’t, couldn’t leave myself vulnerable until I was sure. I darted quickly right, into an alleyway. Vaulting off a dumpster I managed to reach the fire escape, then jumped to the adjoining roof from there. I waited until the lion was only a few feet away when I shouted, <Lion, if your MAAS then identify yourself.> Then I leapt down at him, claws extended.
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<Higgins, don't worry, It's Nabet. We were all worried about you.> I said to Higgins as he bounded at me claws forward. <Hunter and I got ambushed after you left. We managed to finish them off but it was a close call. Also, I'm fairly certain that Stone found Poison. We're meeting at our base of operations in about an hour.> I looked around at the shattered glass from the train, if I had been human, I would have raised an eyebrow. <What happened here?>
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(one thing more: think of me as sort of the group's pack mule. I can morph a full backpack and supplies, and every time I aquire a human morph, I put clothes on it. If we assume that I've acquired all of you by now, then from now on, any time one of you needs real clothes to put on over the suit, I can morph them and give them the clothes that I morph, which will automatically fit them. It's convenient, and there aren't any dumpsters to worry about. I'm the "boy scout animorph". Always prepared. Also, I can hide in plain sight because I can wear normal clothes. That's why I'm an Uber-spy. cool This will be my last post tonight. Bye, all.)

I glided back to Ellie, cobra in my talons.
<Ellie, are you demorphed?>
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(I'm fairly certain that you never recieved the chance to acquire me, unlike i did with William wink)
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Upon hearing Nabets voice in my head I rolled and moved my claws away, landing feet away from him. He told me that we were meeting at the base and that poison had decided to show. Strange, that was easier than I thought. The sense that something just wasn't right flooded over me yet again. Part of me said that I could always just back away, this never had to be my fight, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to. Like it or not, I had made it my fight.

<I caught up with Shade, he gave me a name,> I explained to Nabet, <I don't know if its what we're looking for but its something. Lets meet up with the others, I want to hear what happened to you guys.>
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(I can live with that, Shanker. I did, however, acquire Shade, and you are about his size, so I have clothes for you. cool I was thinking about our roles again. Obviously, between Nabet and I we have a walking arsenal and supply depot. Who is our tech guy/gal? Who is the Q to our James bond? demos is the loose-cannon/assassin. Ellie is the jump-kicking prodigy. Harris is the all-around veteran of war and government. I already fill more roles than I should. We need a techie, if someone will step up to the plate. Also, before I go I'll give you some background for plot while I'm away. Frost [female] is the Anti-Isabel, Blaze [male]is the Anti-Shade, and Onyx [female] is the unknown variable in this equation. The three used to work together, and they still may. Frost leads them. Let's consider our morphing suits bullet-proof and stab proof in the body area. Also, they have room for two small gun holsters. Example: 44 Magnum, Derringer, colt.)
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on Feb 15th, 2008, 11:11pm, Estelore wrote:
(I can live with that, Shanker. I did, however, acquire Shade, and you are about his size, so I have clothes for you. cool I was thinking about our roles again. Obviously, between Nabet and I we have a walking arsenal and supply depot. Who is our tech guy/gal? Who is the Q to our James bond? demos is the loose-cannon/assassin. Ellie is the jump-kicking prodigy. Harris is the all-around veteran of war and government. I already fill more roles than I should. We need a techie, if someone will step up to the plate. Also, before I go I'll give you some background for plot while I'm away. Frost [female] is the Anti-Isabel, Blaze [male]is the Anti-Shade, and Onyx [female] is the unknown variable in this equation. The three used to work together, and they still may. Frost leads them. Let's consider our morphing suits bullet-proof and stab proof in the body area. Also, they have room for two small gun holsters. Example: 44 Magnum, Derringer, colt.)

(i'll be the techie. also on msn demos said he's probably going to hit on my character... just wanted to know if that's okay. oo and is it harris or higgins duffman?)
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(well now that u mention it u havent acquired me either estelore, and how do u kno i wasnt acquiring u at the same time shanker hehe, just kididing thats ur bag. its cool that everyone seems to be developing ur own secrets and agendas, it shud offer some cool plot twists down the line

and its Higgins...William Higgins.
had to do it)
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(sorry if I get your name wrong. You remind me of the Harris' hawk. Nice big fast birdie. Very tough. Higgins, I've acquired over sixty humans during my career. I don't doubt that one of them is your size. I definitely can't post anymore tonight. I think. Bye, folks. demos, flirt away!)
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my eyes opened slowly. i had thought i heard Isabel's thought speak but i didn't see her anywhere. "your crazy ellie" i muttered to myself. i slowly stood up. and before i could morph into an owl I heard a loud "WOOSH!" and then felt something make contact with my head, something warm ran down my head and i was out.

(someone always has to get ambushed lol)
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(did you just get KO'd twice? okay i guess i'll save u this time, man we just cant seem to get a minute lol)

<Lets go find the others,> I said, and began to run down the street toward the train stop I had first left my team.

I could see Ellie a few blocks away, so she was okay. That left two teammates unaccounted for. But then a large golden eagle swooped down and raked Ellie with his talons. She went down and stayed, hopefully just unconscious.

<Nabet, if you can, get a bird morph and cut him off,> I told Daniel, still focused on my target ahead, <I'll keep him grounded as long as I can.>

I pulled ahead, not sure if he would be following my orders. I wasn't sure of any of them anymore. I had thought I had chosen the right team. Sure, maybe some of them weren't the best dinner company, but they certainly knew what was at stake here. Right?

The eagle was going in for another strike. They were capable of pinpoint accuracy, if he struck the wound exposed by his first strike, Ellie would be in trouble. About thiry feet away, I lunged at the bird, timing my strike to match his. We met in mid-air, only inches above Ellie's head.

<Hunter, you have to wake up now!> I shouted at her, as I wrestled with the giant bird, <you are losing blood, fast.>

Despite the amazing size and power of the bird, I quickly pinned it down, a paw on each wing, < Don't move,> I growled, baring my teeth, <and pray she wakes up.>

<It's you who should be praying Higgins,> the eagle laughed. Taken aback by the fact that he knew my name, I raised away from him slightly. Thats when I noticed what had arrived.

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on Feb 15th, 2008, 11:59pm, duffman669 wrote:
(did you just get KO'd twice? okay i guess i'll save u this time, man we just cant seem to get a minute lol)

(that's what us techie's do best, tech stuff and getting KO'd lol)
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((do yall mind if I join in now?

I was thinking something along these lines:

Name: Specimen 007 "Juggernaut"
Nationality: British (formery Russian)
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 450 lbs

After the proliferation of Escafil devices, the Russian government began a program to combine its abilites with some of their old Cold War DNA research. The end result were 7 specimens, Juggernaut being the last. Specimens 001 through 003 died in accelerated childhood. 004 died shortly into adulthood. 005 and 006 are currently on unknown assignment in Russia. 007 was an abberation. His will, bound not to his Russian masters but to himself.

He killed his captors and escaped from the facility. Due to the deaths of the leading scientists and the destruction of records due to arson, the program was not restarted.

Juggernaut took up residence in the UK, becomming a nationalized citizen. But he grew restless with boring manual labor and turned to assasination. He attracted the attention of Interpol, but managed to escape their clutches.

Abities: Juggernaut's abilities come from the DNA spliced into his system by the Russians. These include various cat strains (improved reflexes and balance)as well as bear and elpehant (strength, size, & durability).

Side note: Juggernaut carries with him always 2 energy pistols named Mayhem and Chaos. They are each roughly the size of a Desert Eagle and will only fire when his DNA is on the grips

So what do yall think?))
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(i'm cool with it but it's ultimatley up to duffman seeing as how it's his rp.)
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(cool character Xan, very origional, yea u can join, id say since we already hav the team, how about u start as someone in ny for some other reason (criminal, vigilante, anything really) and we'll run into you and recruit u. feel free to post it)

(actually thnking about my last post that wud b a good time for u to come in, i wasnt really sure what I was going to have show up there)
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(welcome abord juggernaught)

<Got it,> I said, to Higgins and demorphed. I placed my sword on the floor and pulled a handgun out of my pocket. I put the gun on the floor and focused on the bald eagle. Feathers started to appear on my skin and began to shrink quickly. My mouth stretched out and hardened into the cruel eagle beak. My arms became wings and my feet became talons.

With my talons I grabbed the gun that I had placed on the floor and flew up into the air. A golden eagle can take out a bald eagle in a heart beat, so I needed the gun to defend myself with. I looked over at Hunter and saw that she wasn't moving. With my eagle eyes I could see her pulse, meaning that her heart was beating, but it was slowing down. What was Higgins thinking hiring somebody so young? So far Stone and I have had to save her twice, and it wasn't looking so good.

<Hunter morph now!>, I yelled at her. She didn't move a muscle. <ELLIE PLEASE MORPH NOW!>
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The eagle flapped out from under me, scraping my face with its talons. I recoiled from the pain in my face, and he managed to gain another foot between us. I took a swipe at him but missed, and now the monster was all over me. It was an enormous deformed man, had to be almost seven feet tall. He took one swing at me and it felt like a brick wall. I went flying back at least twenty feet into the wall. I was up almost immediately, but I was hurt. I let out a massive roar, and raced towards the creature. Ten feet from him I coiled my powerful leg muscles and lunged at him. He fell back as my full weight was thrown on as I bit into his shoulder. He let out a horrible battle cry, and grabbed at me with one of his massive hands. Amazingly, he pulled me off and again threw me back to the wall.

His strength was unbelievable, and he was fast. Before I had hit the wall, he was back on his feet and coming at me. Who was this guy? He was human, but this was no morph. I lunged at him again but he was ready. I picked myself up from beside the wall and tried to find something that could help me, <If you guys are around I could use a hand here. A big hand.>

(Xan this isnt you, this is 005 or 006, i figured that cud make a cool plot, maybe u came to ny to kill them?)
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Post by Estelore on Feb 16th, 2008, 10:46am

I glided down just in time to see Higgins pinning what appeared to be half an eagle. I called down privately.
<Higgins! I seem to have found our last teammate! He says to call him Poison. He's a cobra, so be careful. I don't trust him.>

(demos, since I'm carrying you right now, you can control me until you are on the ground and we can both demorph. I battle as either tiger or polar bear, and I'll leave that to you. After that, Ellie, Nabet, and Higgins each get a turn as me if they want it. I'll see you all Monday. One more thing: since I'm almost always in morph, afterwards I am ravenously hungry, but adrenaline keeps me going until I have time to really sleep it off. I thought I could use a few weaknesses to balance things out. I morph a lot= I eat alot and sleep alot afterwards. However, I don't feel these effects until after the end of the mission, because of long practice to prevent mid-mission fatigue. Do whatever you want with that. cheesy Bye guys! Thanks a lot!)
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 16th, 2008, 11:00am

(yea we can hav u off sleeping or something wen we're not on a mission if u want, that way we wont hav to control u as much, see ya monday)
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Post by Shanker on Feb 16th, 2008, 11:05am

I saw the monster attack Higgins and shifted my attention away from Hunter. I fired one shot at the eagle and hit him square in the chest. Unfortunately birds were not meant to fire small arms and the recoil sent me sailing through the air. I slammed hard on the floor inches from my sword and demorphed. I grabbed my sword and ran towards the eagle, who was slowly demorphing. I took a swing and the bird stopped. Can't demorph without a head can you? I looked over at the mosnter attacking Higgins, but Hunter was my priority right now. I ran over to her and tried to shake her awake.

"Hunter wake up! You need to wake up and morph right now! Ellie we need you!"

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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 16th, 2008, 12:50pm

my head hurt. i could feel someone shaking me, i tried to push them off of me but i couldn't move. morph. i tried to turn into the hyena but i couldn't concentrate. i felt the changes begin, but then they stopped and i started to demorph. oh man, the middle of a fight and i can think straight enough to morph?! i tried again with no luck. my head was throbbing. what happened anyways? why where so many people after us? it couldn't be because of me could it? The only thing that it could be happened a while ago. my brain wouldn't stay on topic... think, hyena. ever so slowly i felt the changes begin again, concentrate ellie, my hands turned to paws. faster! my legs shrank and my jaw became a powerful hyena jaw. as i finished morphing i lunged at the monster who was attacking higgins. <so what did i miss?> i asked everyone.
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Post by Shanker on Feb 16th, 2008, 12:56pm

I smiled and picked up my sword again, "Not much Hunter, just another attack. This thing looks big, but as they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall." I lunged after the mutant sword in hand before I even finished my Hork-Bajir morph.

(I'm going to work until about 2am so please feel free to control me)
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Nabet arrived and managed to shake Ellie to consciousness. The monstrosity was still advancing on me, but the odds were looking better. Ellie was morphing hyena as Nabet rushed him with his long sword, blades sprouting out of his arms and shoulders. I took advantage of the distraction to make another lunge at the beast. I dug my claws deep into his shoulders and clung on, biting at his face. I could hear slashing and snarling around me and knew that Nabet and Ellie had entered the battle. The monster was still able to swing his arms blindly, I could hear them connect with something. I dug my claws deeper, trying to reach the tendons and paralyze him. Blood was spraying all over me from his arms and face.

Suddenly we began to tilt forward as his legs gave way. I tried to move out of the way, but my claws were still stuck deep in his muscle. I retracted them back into their sheaths just as we crashed hard onto the ground. I felt bones breaking as the full weigh of the monster crashed down on my. My windpipes were cut off from the force of him, I couldn’t breath.

<Get him off me,> I shouted, losing focus as I began to feel the loss of oxygen.

(I'm going to have to leave in a bit too, but I'll be back in like an hour. I'll prob only be able to post once then and then not again til 930)
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I looked from on top of the wall. There was my target, 005. The Russian government was cracking down on mobsters and 005 had been dispatched to capture the Don's son. The Don wanted revenge and hired me.

I jumped down, the fall nothing for my bulk and durability. I saw a bladed creature rush 005. "Leave 005 alone! He's mine!"

I tackled 005 and rammed him against the wall. He was strong, I was stronger. He was incomplete, not yet perfect as I was.
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 16th, 2008, 2:03pm

The monster had trown me off his back. I went flying and hit the wall. I saw Daniel go after him sword in hand when suddenly another monster appeared shouted something, and then attack the first one. <Higgins demorph> I saw he was in trouble.
<who are you?> I asked the second monster.
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 16th, 2008, 2:24pm

(i might not be back til 930, so feel free to control me while im gone)

Suddenly the creature was thrown off me. Yes thrown. Another mutated man, just like him, had lifted him clear up and tackled him against the wall. I took a deep breath, savoring the oxygen filling my lungs. I had several cracked bones and I seeping blood.

<Higgens demorph,> I heard Ellie say.

I concentrated on my own human form. Come on focus! The changes began and I felt the pain start to melt away. The battle was still raging as I lay there, vulnerable. I became fully human and darted to get out of the way of the two giants. No time to re-morph, I searched for a gun. Found one that Nabet had discarded, and aimed it at the two creatures. Which one do I shoot?
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Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 16th, 2008, 9:11pm

I had 005 pinned against the wall. I held him there and begin to use my knees to strike him repeatadly in the ribcage. I could feel his ribs crack and splinter, lack of durability was his main failing.

I continued to strike him untill he slumped to the ground. I then moved to the mount position and began to hammer his face. Each blow delivered more than 3 tons of force (fyi a UFC fighter delivers about 1 ton).

I could see he was passed out. I stepped back, drawing Mayhem and Chaos. I put a burst from each into his head.

I put them away and added to the one who had asked me. "Name's Juggernaut."
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 16th, 2008, 9:30pm

Before I could decide what to do, one of the gigantic men had slammed the other to the ground and knocked him unconscious. He then pulled two large handguns and fired two shots into the other. "Name's Juggernaut."

"Okay Juggernaut," I said, still aiming the gun at his head, "why don’t you tell us what the hell is going on. We know he was working for Kombex. How about telling me who your working for.”

I tried to sound tough and in control of the situation, but I had no idea what was going on. I took a shot in the dark with the other monsters boss. We had been ambushed three times in under an hour, I didn’t think I could handle it if this was being organized by more than one boss. I’m not the kind of guy who likes to sit around and wait to be attacked. It doesn’t matter if the odds are stacked 100 to 1, if I know its coming, then I’m going to bring the fight to there door. After all we had gone through so far, I was ready to go knock down some doors.

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Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 16th, 2008, 9:45pm

I laughed. "Kombex? Mate you must be talking out your bloody arse. That's 005. He's a lapdog for the bloody Russians. I've tracked the bugger down ever since he snatched Sergey Krensky's kid. Sergey's got a million pounds on that bugger's head. I dunno what he wants with you, he just does as his masters command."
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Post by demos666 on Feb 16th, 2008, 9:51pm

Higgins and some one where talking and I didn't like the looks of him. I was droped on his neck and i got ready to bite.
<Hello Higgans I'm poison and I'm going to bite are friend here if that is ok with you.>
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 16th, 2008, 9:54pm

"I'm going to ask him a few questions first, sit tight. So how in the hell did we get caught up in a some Russian hit? Hunter, they were definately after you at first, do you know anything about this Krensky guy? And whats your deal big guy, who are you with? And keep in mind you have a Cobra wrapped around your neck."

I was pacing back and forth on the street, no longer needing to keep my gun pointed at the 'Juggernaut'. This was getting out of hand, this could mean a whole new threat. This could be a lot bigger than petty crimes.
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 16th, 2008, 10:04pm

I looked at Juggernaut, ingnoring the others stares. "You said he got Krensky's kid." I took in a deep breath abd stuck my hand in my pocket feeling the cd case that was still in there. "which kid?"

(hehe i have no clue what i'm talking about lol but it'll probably add a nice plot twist)
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 16th, 2008, 10:08pm

(yea its too bad ur just winging it, its sounds interesting. id post but it wud just b more pacing and asking questions, im waiting on all these great plot revelations)
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(lol i know i guess we have to wait until juggernaut posts with some answers.)
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 16th, 2008, 10:15pm

(hes not on right now tho, im trying to thnk of another way to keep things going til then, without having another ambush lol)
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 16th, 2008, 10:17pm

(suddenly the yeerks came from space just to attack us. i ran but it was too late... oh wait you said without another ambush... lol)
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Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 16th, 2008, 10:55pm

I saw the cobra and grabbed it from behind, holding it's head.

"Ya mean THIS cobra?"

I held its neck vertberae between my fingers. I got no problem either holding him, or dead.

"Krensky's a boss with the Russian mafia in the UK. His new pet project is smuggling black-market Escafil devices into mother Russia. They've been used in a string of high profile bank robberies and murders. His youngest son, named Vladmir, was in charge of the project. The Russians sent 005 to capture Vladmir and shut it down. Vladmir's in Russia doing life in a labor camp of strict regime. Sergey found out 005 was responsible and put a bounty on his head."
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 16th, 2008, 11:35pm

“That doesn’t explain what that thing was doing here. If his job is to shut down Krensky’s operation, that must mean that it’s based out of New York,” I said.

I knew that if what he was saying was true, we had found the leader. He was part of the group we were trying to shut down. We would need him to lead us to them, and something told me that force would not work with this one.

”So if you’re with him, then you’ll know how to get in contact with him,” I said, choosing my words carefully, “I’d like to meet him. My team and I have been working jobs throughout town. We’ve got the power to own this town, but we need more than power. Get me a meeting with the boss of the operation here in New York, and I promise it will benefit everyone, including you big man.”

I had done the best I could, I tried not to hold my breath, waiting for his reply. I knew that if he didn’t go for it then we would be looking at another battle, and we had not done well the last time we had fought one of these things.

“And need I remind you I have a gun pointed at your head right now and my friend as a blade about a foot away from your throat!” I yelled for good measure, “put my man down!”

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Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 16th, 2008, 11:48pm

"You want a meeting with Krensky? Cant help ya there mate. You dont ask to see him, he calls you."

"I got no bloody clue what 005 is doing here, to be honest. I aim to find that out meself."
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 16th, 2008, 11:54pm

I was off the hook for the time being, it had no clue why they were after us, or even me. I had history with Vladmir but that was something else at least I think it was...
Then I remembered something. "hey! The team that ambushed Daniel and me had left this" I held up the C.D. "do you think it might have something to do with this?"

(still just winging it)
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 16th, 2008, 11:58pm

(thats the way to do it, things are getting interesting, i dno if Xan planned it or not but hes a bad guy for the time being)

"We've got things to do jumbo, we need to know if you're going to play ball. You want to be a bounty hunter tracking down peices of shit like this until that impressive body of yours starts to wither, then I guess I'll see you when I see you. But if you want to get yourself a nice big chair to sit on your ass and start collecting, we're your ticket. Lets go," I said, turning my back on the man, despite all my instincts, "Lets check out this disc."
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Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 17th, 2008, 12:33am

"With that scum dead, Im outta a job. I guess you might be able to get more some more work."

((yes, Juggernaut is suppossed to be a bad guy))
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 17th, 2008, 01:04am

(cool, i like the angle, im too tired to post anything right now tho, first thing)
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(hey i won't be able to get on until tonight so feel free to control my character for a bit but I'll try and post something tonight, but it won't be until late.)
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Post by demos666 on Feb 17th, 2008, 11:52am

<let me go>
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I slowly circled around Juggernaut slowly enough for him not to notice. After all, his attention was completely on higgens. When i was completely around him I said to Higgins, <I'm gonna acquire him to put him into a trance so that he drops poison.>

I slowly demorphed with my sword still right next to his neck. When I finally demorphed, I quickly put my hand on his shoulder and felt his breathing slow.
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 17th, 2008, 12:44pm

"Alright Juggernaut, good to know your on board," I said, "Now lets talk business. You’re going to take us to your boss. First let’s check out this disc. We’ve got to get out of the open, we can’t handle any police attention right now. I hope you can climb big guy.”

I began to morph spider monkey, I wanted something that could keep up with this thing, and handle a gun.

<Morph something that can move,> I said to my team in private thoughtspeak, < don’t let this guy out of you’re sight, and don’t give him anything. He leads us to the target, and then we take him down.>

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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 17th, 2008, 1:10pm

<Got it.> I began to morph into Hork- Bajir. <Hey Poison, don't you need to demorph?> we'd been here almost 2 hours.

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Post by Shanker on Feb 17th, 2008, 1:32pm

I toyed in my mind whether or not to morph juggernaut, but I decided not to show all my cards just yet. I looked over at Hunter and saw her morphing to Hork-Bajir. I followed suit and remorphed to Hork-Bajir
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Post by demos666 on Feb 17th, 2008, 2:00pm

<ya times almost up> I morphed back to my human form and got ready to morph again. But first using years of skill I injected a poison into are new team mate. the poison stays in the blood stream until i add another chemical then the poison will shut down your muscles so i can torcher you with out you screaming. How much of the second chemical i add is how long you parilised or i add a leathil dose and there dead.
"Now if he tries to kill us i kill him."

Right after I morphed my Male Andilite. My best morph still able to use poisons but with its own injector. I twitched my tail to test it, now i was ready.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 17th, 2008, 2:04pm

After Poison demorphed and remorphed, I looked to Higgins to see what to do next.
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 17th, 2008, 2:13pm

<Just a precaution. We can't have you running off to the cops. Now lets move, we need a place to check out this disk.> I said to Juggernaut, then I added in private thoughtspeak, <we can't let him know the location of the training center.>
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 17th, 2008, 2:16pm

<so where do we go?> I asked
<the library?> I was being sarcastic.
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I walk over to Ellie.

<Ellie, talk this small purple vile and drink it when i say its a antidote to one of my poison grenades, im going to iv one to everyone> I gave the same small vile to everyone so that way my team wouldnt died but they'd have a simaler poison as the new guy
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 17th, 2008, 2:21pm

I took the purple stuff from Poison but didn't drink it.
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 17th, 2008, 2:31pm

<Lets head to the library, its not far> I said, jumping up onto a fire escape and beginning to climb. Even if Ellie was joking, it would be the perfect place. It would be the perfect excuse to keep Juggernaut from seeing the information. whatver it was. <Everyone try to keep from being seen.>
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 17th, 2008, 2:38pm

I followed Higgins up the fire escape. Looking over my shoulder to see if the others were coming.
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(turns out im not going to b on tonight, so u can control my character, ill b on at some point but it cud b real late)

(actually i will be back around 9)
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(yeah i'm probably not going to get the chance to post tonight either so you can control my character if you want to, if i do get a chance it won't be until real late)
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We moved on the rooftops quickly and as quietly as possible. The library was only a few blocks away. In morphs useful for jumping and climbing, we covered the distance quickly and landed on the roof of the library.

<Okay, everyone demorph,> I said, <Juggernaut stay here while we go check this thing out, and stay out of sight.>

Then in private thoughtspeak I added, <we need some people to stay and make sure he doesn't try to talk to anyone.>
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Post by demos666 on Feb 17th, 2008, 10:16pm

<Who ever does I'll give you some thing to keep you safe from him>
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Post by Shanker on Feb 17th, 2008, 10:18pm

I demorphed then pulled Higgens over to the side and handed him my sword. "I'll watch him. Guard this with your life," I told him quietly. When I was sure that Juggernaut wasn't looking I morphed fly and landed on juggernaut's head. <Good luck guys, hope you find something useful.>
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Post by demos666 on Feb 17th, 2008, 10:25pm

Just before he morphed I slipped what looked like a small marble in to his pocket. <its a chemical to active a poison in his blood, he will be paralyzed for about two hours. Use it by twisting it>
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 17th, 2008, 10:33pm

I saw Poison slip something into Daniel's pocket when I finished demorphing, and made a mental note to ask him about it later. I felt weird about splitting up but knew we didn't really have a choice, i felt my pocket to make sure the disk was still in there and it was.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 17th, 2008, 10:35pm

(into Juggernauts pocket? cuz nabet is way to small for it, anyway)

We scaled down the side of the building and entered through the front door, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. Even with out Juggernaut we were an odd looking group. I knew we weren’t in danger from the cops, but there were still threats out there, as we had certainly learned. I made my way to the computers and chose on in the corner, away from anyone who might notice what we were doing.

“Alright Hunter, you’re the techie,” I said, “lets see what you can do. Where’s that disk of yours.”

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 17th, 2008, 11:05pm

I stood on Juggernaut's head and thought about what poison had put into my pocket. If Juggernaut realized that I was here, would I have enough time to demorph and activate it? Or would I end up squashed?

<You guys, if you're in morph and can hear me, keep me posted on what you find out,> I said to the team privately.
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Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 17th, 2008, 11:09pm

I felt a cold sensation as the chemical entered my bloodstream. But part of the DNA cocktail in my system was Mongoose, nature's ultimate anti-venin. I the cold began to dissipate.

I began to morph a fly, just enough to trigger tought speak <I'm not going to run to the bloody Bobbies you stupid idiot. Interpol's got 50 bloody warrants on my arse and I DON'T want to go to prison. Oh and whoever injected me with that chemical, if you want to use something effective, try nerve gas. It's about the only thing that my body doesn't effectively eliminate.>

I then demorphed.
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 17th, 2008, 11:26pm

(damn u can morph too Xan, i didnt kno that. but yea just remember that u dont kno shankers on u, maybe u guys can hav something going on outside while we're checkin this disc out. id post but we're kinda waitng on anna, or anyone else who wants to add something)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 17th, 2008, 11:33pm

((Yeah if Juggernaut had been exposed to the Escafil device smuggling ring its not a leap of imagination that he would have used it. But Juggernaut doesnt use it often, and yes he can only tell the chemical injection))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 17th, 2008, 11:43pm

My only lines of defense were gone. The poison wont work, I dont have my sword and it will take far too long for me to morph anything useful. I silently prayed that Juggernaut doesn't find me.

With my aweful fly eyes I saw something dark moving towards us from behind Juggernaut. I didn't know whether or not I should warn him.
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 18th, 2008, 02:17am

(sorry it's so late but i just got time to actually type up my post.)

I looked around to make sure no one was watching. we were in a corner near the back of the library and it was pretty late so we were alone. I took out the case and slid the disk into the drive. immediately the password prompt popped up. "figures" but with a few keystrokes I bypassed it. I sat back and waited for it to load.

(ummm yeah since i'm just making this up as i go i have no clue whats going to be on the disk... soooo anyone feel free to post whats on the disk, also i'm probably not going to be on until tomorrow errr late tonight (it's already 2:15am) if i get a chance to at all so go ahead and control me if you need to)
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Post by demos666 on Feb 18th, 2008, 08:32am

<about the nerve gas, i like to have a little fun with my victims not just kill them. And what kind of FREAK are you that you can stop my poison??!!>
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 18th, 2008, 11:57am

(okay you want youre plot twist here we go)

I stared at the information flashing onto the screen. There were several profiles to search through. I nudged Ellie out of the way and enlarged the first file, it couldn't have been what it looked like. William Higgins. Military History, Background, Personality profiles, everything. So they didn’t just know my name, they knew everything about me. This was classified information, there was no way civilians could have gotten their hands on this, especially after I was chosen for this mission. I pulled up file after file Ellie Hunter, Isabel Stone, Poison, Daniel Nabet. Pictures of my team staring back at me. This was impossible, we only just formed hours ago. I could feel everyone staring at me behind my back, they knew whatever trouble we were in, I was the one who had gotten them there.

I pulled up the last file MAAS. Men-Andalite Alliance Scapegoats. CLASSIFIED For the protection of the mutual alliance between the peoples of Earth and the Andalites, this special team was formed for the purpose of being captured and tried for the crime of distributing Classified Alien technology.

“God Damnit Cross!” I yelled, slamming my fists down onto the desk, “we’re scapegoats! We’re going to take the fall so the Andalites keep trusting the U.S.! DAMNIT!”

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 18th, 2008, 1:48pm


I pull out a GPS and turn it on.

<Ok we need to find him so I can kill him and if someone tries to stop me, you'll learn why I'm called Poison> After that little speech i walked over to a trash can and began to tear it apart with my tail in frustration.
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 18th, 2008, 2:07pm

"Poison calm the hell down," I hissed, "and demorph now. You'll only get us caught sooner. We're now public enemy number one, and if we go after them we'll be playing right into their hands."

I tried to maintain some kind of control, but we were in trouble. We had been put together for the sole purpose of being destroyed, and we had fell right into it. Everyone would be looking for us. Everyone. There had to be some way to get out of this. There had to be something we could do. The only thing I knew is that we were definately on our own.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 18th, 2008, 2:36pm

<Ok demorphing> I returned to human and went to go grab my duffel bag. I picked it up and returned to the group.

"Ok Higgens what ever where doing better involve icing that SOB. If not well then if going to do that even if i must recall the "Riders Of the Apocalypse" and detonate it.
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 18th, 2008, 2:47pm

<Okay everybody listen up,> I said, morphing into that strange half gorilla I had used earlier. I didn't want to draw any attention to us, but I needed to include Nabet in the conversation, and I was worried that things might turn hostel with the group, <we've been royally screwed, we could be looking at death or worse if the government gets ahold of us. The way I see it we have three options. We can go into hiding, and I assure you they will find you eventually. We can go kill these guys, get the revenge we deserve. Or, we can do what needs to be done, we can find the ones really responsible, let them take the fall. This isn't a group vote, this is your own choice.>
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Post by demos666 on Feb 18th, 2008, 3:22pm

(sweeeeet plot twist duff)
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Post by Estelore on Feb 18th, 2008, 5:14pm

(Hey, everybody! I'm Back Finally! Okay, this post will begin just as you all walk into the New York Public Library. Everything that happens [until I rejoin the team] is happening at the same time as you find this all out. I'm going to tie up some loose ends and give us a little bit of security. Also, we haven't once mentioned shredders or dracon weapons. Let's assume that we each carry either a gun, a dracon, or a shredder. If you like, we can have convertible GLASERS [a gun-laser sort of thing, sounds like fun].)

From my vantage point high above, I watched the scene unfolding below. Clearly, Juggernaut wasn't going to be a problem. Yet. I'd still make sure that Nabet didn't get squished to early on, though. I called down to Higgins as he climbed up the fire escape.
<Higgins, don't look up. Juggernaut is watching you. I'm a Goshawk. I'll follow Nabet until my morph time is up. I only have enough energy for three or four morphs, and I'll be useless in a fight if I don't sleep soon. I've already checked the library's exits. You're clear for another twenty minutes, but there's a police K-9 unit headed your way. They have dracon weapons and shredders, and their dog is huge. Be careful. I'm heading back to headquarters after I know that Nabet is okay. Don't go into HQ unless you see me waving. I don't trust Juggernaut not to follow Nabet back.>

I banked west and followed Juggernaut from overhead. He wasn't covering a lot of ground very fast, and I could easily pick up his trail in wolf morph, if it came to that. Nabet could handle himself, if he needs to fight, and he has enough sense not to get himself killed, so I decided it was time to check on our base. Anyway, I only had a few minutes left in morph, and my morphing suit's countdown watch was beeping in my brain, sending a thought-speak alert. I needed to land soon, but I had enough time left to get back to base.

I peeled away and headed east toward the small office building where we had set up operation. I flew through the tiny opening in the single window. Only a bat, a bug, or a goshawk is maneuverable enough to fit through there. I checked that the door was still locked. Good. I glided up into the rafters where I had tied my hammock, and I landed and demorphed immediatedly. From here I could see the entire room and only another bird or bat could reach me. I set my alarm clock for exactly one hour and fifty-eight minutes. Heaven forbid I should ever need two whole minutes to demorph, but I like to be careful about these things. I partially morphed the Snowy Owl, whose ears and nightvision are utterly unsurpassed among birds, and who flies silent as a ghost. I still looked human, but smaller and with a feathery tattoo pattern on my skin.
I settled down on my hammock, and I drifted into a dreamless sleep, silent and still, as pale as death.
I woke suddenly to shuffling sounds below me. I swiftly turned off the alarm clock and completed the morph so that I could move faster.
Below a Hork-Bajir forced open the door of the office, and he was followed by two human women. The first was almost identical to me, except that she was taller and her hair was so blond as to look almost white. The second was shorter, with black eyes and hair. The Hork-Bajir demorphed into a tall, lean man with flame-red hair.
Frost, Onyx, and Blaze. Formerly known as Wraith, Specter, and Phantom. My old proteges, now my enemies.
"Find the disc, Onyx.", Frost snapped."Blaze, fix the wiring and set the charges. This has to look like an accident."
I watched helplessly as they ransacked Higgins' desk and placed C-4 all around the room. I gathered my hammock and my small duffel in my talons, and I flew away as quickly as my silent wings would allow. When I was half a mile away, I saw the whole building erupt in billowing flames. Time to find a new HQ.

I flew over to the Library.
<Higgins, they torched headquarters. Don't go back. If you all morph night flyers and meet me on the fire escape, you can follow me to my place. I own a city block containing a retired firehouse and a police station in Brooklyn, and the garage and warehouse that are attached to them. It is as secure as anywhere we are likely to go. I have enough beds for everyone.>

(OK. That's probably the most I can do tonight. If you wait 'til I'm available, the warehouse is seriously awesome. You've got to let me give you the "tour". Includes secret entrances to the sewers and subways [let's take this operation underground!!!]. I have a tactical room, gym, shooting range, locker room, and bunkhouse, among other things. We even have a squad car and a surveilance van. Perfect for our purposes, and virtually unknown to our enemies. See you.)

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 18th, 2008, 5:37pm

(sounds cool, i like that ur old team is involved, and my poor apartment lol, i dont kno if the cops wud carry dracon beams, shredders sure, dracons are alittle too sadistic, even for ny cops. glad u like the twist demos, cant wait to see wat everyone else wants to do w/ it)

<Unfortunately thats the least of our worries,> I said to Isabel, <we have a bit of a situation. I'll explain when we get to your base.>

No need to explain the situation to her now, not when I didn't know if anyone would be coming with me to the base. Not when I didn't know how she would react when she found out how much things had changed. I didn't have to worry about warning her for her safety, she was always on edge. I wanted to be able to see her reaction, for my safety. I stared around at my team. Would I be leaving here alone? Would I be leaving at all?
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 18th, 2008, 10:33pm

Stone had finally come back from her nap and she did not bring good news with her. Our HQ had been torched and we all needed to stay someplace safe.

<Higgens, what's your order on Juggernaut? Should I leave him to come with you guys, or should I stay? Either way I need to demorph soon, I've been a fly for an hour and 45 minutes and there is no way im being stuck a fly nothlit!>

I hoped that they had figured out what was on the disk, but they weren't telling me anything. Maybe they were out of thoughtspeak range and I was just talking to myself.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 18th, 2008, 10:57pm

<We can't let him know the location of the new base,> I said to Daniel, < Do what you have to do.>
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 19th, 2008, 12:01am

(cool idea duffman! sorry i havent been on all day! but tomorrow should be better!)

I was stunned. scrapegoats!? Higgins asked us to chose whether to quit of try and fight back. I didn't even need to think about it, i was pissed! they were going to get it!!
"I'm in!" "but before we do anything we need to get out of here and to our new HQ without being noticed."
Then I looked at Poison"you all right Poison? you look pretty steamed." yeah that was an understatement, I made a mental note not to ever get on his bad side.

(sorry it's so short i'll try and post more tomorrow morning if someone else posts)
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Post by Shanker on Feb 19th, 2008, 3:16pm

I left Juggernaut and flew towards the library. When I arrived I demorphed and ran towards the others. Higgins was a strange half gorilla thing and everyone else was human. I wouldn't admit it, but I was scared.

"What is going on!?" I asked, but I didn't need an answer, right there on the monitor 'Men-Andalite Alliance Scapegoats' "No," I said weakly. I looked at the rest of the screen. there were files on each one of us, this couldn't be happening! Then, I saw one name, and my blood ran cold.

"Colonel Carl Stern, Strategist," I read aloud.

Everyone turned towards me and I continued to stare at the screen. "I'm sorry guys, I need to go," I said to the team. "I'll meet you guys.... somewhere soon, Higgins, keep my sword, so you know I'll be back." I then morphed eagle and flew to the nearest pay phone before anyone could say anything. I demorphed, then dialed up Stern and waited for an answer.

"Hello?" He replied

"Stern, I need to talk to you."

"Where are you? Are you alright? I heard about your Headquarters!"

"Meet me at Central Park in an hour. Come alone," I said, then hung up. I remorphed eagle and flew to Central Park.

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So the first of the team had left us. I hoped things wouldn't completely fall apart. I knew that Nabet had said he would be back, he had even given me his sword, but to everyone else he was gone. Ellie was on board, I assumed she would be. It was time to find out how Isabel would react, and it looked like Poison needed some time to cool off.

"Poison, you can do what you want," I said, demorphing, "take revenge on whoever you want, but if your ready to clear your name, give me a call. Lets go Hunter."

I handed Poison a paper with a way to contact me, then turned and headed out the door. I climbed the to the roof, where Juggernaut was still waiting.

"We've got something we need to do," I told him, "meet us in central park in an hour, alone."

I then began to morph to hawk, wishing I had aquired a night morph. There would still be plenty of light, but compared to an owl or bat, I would be blind.
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I walked in to a place where my team couldn't see me.

"War?" I asked

"Yes. Who s this?" War answered

"Pestilence, and as you can guess by the code names I need them together."

"You need us all? What happened."

"Can't say now. You know the number phone me when you together. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will ride once more."

"For the end time"

"For the end time"

I walked back to the group looking pissed as ever, but I couldn't be happier.
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(uhhh, you morphed, where's my sword? and how did you know to meet in central park? I was supposed to be alone)

I flew around the park for a little while before I saw Stern. I looked around and saw that nobody was near. I landed behind him and demorphed.

"Hello Colonel," I said and he spun around. I had the advantage because Stern had never recieved the power to morph.

"Nabet! Thank God you're okay," he said to me.

"Cut the crap, Stern. Andalite-Man Alliance Scapegoats?"

He chuckled and said to me "So you figured it out, it took you a little less time than I thought it would."

"So what exactly do you have to do with this Stern?"

"It was my idea, Daniel. I needed to reshape the bonds between us and the Andalites."

"Your selling us out to the Andalites. This is inhumane."

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, you're not seeing the big picture here, it's so not like you. If I recall correctly didn't you morph me in order to call an order to execute an entire village?" he asked with such smugness that it made me want to punch him in the face.

"That was completely different Stern! That village was 90% terrorists and controllers!" I exclaimed to him, the guild slightly rising up within me.

"You killed hundreds of people, and I got blamed."

"I killed hundreds, to save the lives of thousands. I needed to do it because you were too much of a coward!"

"Coward am I? It's you who is the coward, we need the Andalites on our side. We handpicked your team and made it seem as if Higgins had done it himself. Stone and Poison were both part of the team that works for us, but they were too good and needed to be delt with. Higgins was a military genius but he was too unpredictable. Hunter was too smart, she was dangerously close to finding out the truth."

"So why me Stern?"

"You? You were just revenge!" As he said that he pulled out a Dracon beam but I was already beginning to morph. My muscles grew huge and I became taller and bulkier. I felt my reflexes become incredable. Stern was looking at me stunned.

"What the hell did you just morph?"

I chuckled, "What? Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut b-" and he fired. With cat-like reflexes I dodged out of the way of the dracon blast, feeling the intense heat right beside me. I jumped around and smacked him on the head. He slumped down to the floor in a heap.
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I followed suit and morphed owl, one of us needs to be able to see in the dark after all.
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(yea i 4got about ur sword, lets say im carrying it. and i was saying for juggernaut to meet us there as just a random coincidence, cuz we dont know where u r, so if u or juggernaut want to run into eachother the options there. and estelore u can add the HQ part back in now)
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I waited as the others shifted into various owl and bat morphs, and we rose silently on the night wind. They followed me southeast into the thickest part of Brooklyn, where my home and base of operations was located. It filled an entire city block, consisting of the old 327th fire and police district. From overhead I could clearly survey the tall firehouse, with its three aboveground stories and three more belowground, the garage to the left and the two story warehouse to the right. On the opposite side of the block were the old police station, forensic lab, and helicopter hangar with a landing pad on top. All the buildings were fit tightly together, sharing the same external walls, so that every building could be accessed from within the others.
We landed in front of the fire station and demorphed. I unlocked the front door and led the others inside.
As they walked inside, they looked up and around themselves with shocked expressions. The first floor was a massive gym area, with every kind of exercise and gymnastic equipment imaginable. The floor had mats in some areas for unarmed combat, and concrete in other areas for practice with weapons and morphs.
"This building is three stories tall, with two basement levels below. Brass sliding poles and straight staircases connect all three aboveground levels, including two poles in the third floor bunkhouse that lead straight to the first floor. They are strong enough for a bear, a gorilla, or a Hork-Bajir to slide down them easily. Spiral stairs connect the belowground levels."
They followed me down the first spiral stair. I surpressed the urge to laugh as they walked into the basement tactical office. They craned their necks to take in the full view, eyes wide.
The north wall was lined with file cabinets, the east with maps of the local area. The south and west walls were covered completely by nine-foot-tall bookshelves...bookshelves that could swivel to reveal myriad tunnels that led into the subways and sewers of the city, leading all the way to New Jersey in some places. The center of the room harbored five massive kidney-shaped desks, facing each other and with a laptop computer on top of each.
"Here is the tactics and planning room. It is utterly spy-proof, and steel plates prevent invasion from the outside while the room is in use. An elephant with a shredder and grenades could not break into this room. The bookshelves conceal a tunnel system for escape, if that prooves necessary."
I led them to the next lower level.
"Here we have the emergency pantry and cellar, as well as the kitchen, dining room, lounge, and game room. We have a big screen TV, pool tables, foozeball, you name it."
They followed me upstairs to the second floor.
"Up here are the two locker rooms, with showers and restrooms. Guys on the left, girls to the right. Everyone gets a locker, and there are hooks where you can hang your clothes."
We climbed the last set of stairs. These led to a massive room with a thirty-foot high roof, criscrossed by rafters and crowned by a one-way skylight. Part of the skylight had been converted into a solar panel. From the floor my hammock could barely be seen. A single low wall divided the room to allow some privacy, but the whole room was visible from the ceiling. There were at least thirty bunk beds on each side of the wall, and you could have housed a small army in there.
"Guys to the left, girls to the right. Take any bunk you like. As you can see, there are footlockers at the foot of each bed. My house is your house, but stay away from that bed." I indicated a neatly made bed on the boys' side. A black morphing suit and a six-piece business suit lay neatly folded on the lower mattress.
Higgins looked questioningly at me.
"It's Shade's bed. He uses it sometimes, when he's in town. He hasn't been here for two years, but I keep it neat for him. He has a locker downstairs, also clearly marked. Leave his stuff alone, and we won't have any trouble. Also, I don't sleep in the bunks, so they are all free, excepting that one."
They set their bags down, and they followed me as I guided them around the other buildings of my facility.
"The police station has a forensic lab with computers galore, if you're interested, Ellie."
I showed them the hangar with its helicopter, "for emergency occasions only".
They walked into the garage.
"We have a squad car, a surveilance van with all manner of spy gear, and three other cars for basic daily use, including a jeep that has been outfitted for a gorilla or a Hork-Bajir driver, a pickup truck, and my BMW. The white one. Tell me before you use that one."
They followed me into the warehouse.
"We have here every supply that we could need, as well as a soundproofed shooting range in the basement. The ceiling is high, so you can practice flying different bird morphs up there. On the second level there are a surplus of guns, bullets, dracons and shredders. You are welcome to use any of them, as long as you bring them back here. Don't touch any knives you find there, because most of them are coated with poisons. I'm immune to nearly all poisons, due to lifelong habituation to their effects, so they are harmless to me, but I would not want you to hurt yourselves fatally."
We went back to the tactical room and they all accustomed themselves to the desks. Once they were settled in, I had some questions.
"Higgins, you all seemed quite ready to follow me out here. You didn't even ask who destroyed the HQ, or why. This isn't like you, so either you are someone else in morph [which I doubt, because you've all been near me for the past three hours] or you are hiding something from me. You found something on that disc, and the people who torched the old place were looking for it. What's the deal?"

(What do you think of our new HQ? After you tell me about the scapegoat deal, I'll add what I know about Frost and Company as soon as I can. Let's say that I have a bit of a beef with those three. Maybe they are connected with the people in charge of the scapegoat thing, and maybe they're just scapegoats like us, trying to learn more and stay alive. Let's leave that as ambiguous as we can, while keeping things suspicious. Shade is a wild card here. He isn't against us [or at least me], but he might not be with us. He is definitely not with Frost, but he isn't against them as much as I am. Lots of plot thickening, when the time comes for it.)
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I made my over to Central Park. They wanted a meet in an hour. I found a hot dog stand and ordered a hot dog and a beer to eat while I waited. I sat down on a bench while eating my hot dog and watched.

((If yall want to meet juggernaut before the meet with shern or after either way is fine))
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(a. its stern, not shern, b. I'm alone with meeting him, c. i'm already gone)
I grabbed Stern and gagged and blindfolded him with a piece of his own shirt. We needed to question him. I went to the payphone and called Higgins.

"It's Nabett, where are you?" I asked him in Juggernaut's rough voice. He told me and I picked up Stern and ran towards our new HQ. I banged on the door and gave a thoughtspeak message to the team

<Guys, it's Nabet, let me in. I have a prisoner.>
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I heard Nabet bang the door and call out to us.
"I'll deal with you later, Higgins. Stay here unless I call, but be ready. He may not be alone."
I quickly shifted into my Black Jaguar morph. Pound for pound, the Jaguar is the strongest of all cats, making the tiger look proportionately feeble. I blended into the shadows, invisible and silent to the untrained human senses. I pushed the keypad with my nose and let the front door swing open. I scanned the street, and Nabet and his prisoner were definitely alone. They stepped inside and looked around the open room. I knew that Nabet would make good use of the gym, and I was happy to have accomodated the team so well. I helped Nabet lead his prisoner to a secure and soundproof lounge in the second basement. Then Nabet and I went back up the spiral stair.
As I led him to the tactical room and set the steel locks, he took his place at one of the open desks. I demorphed and sat down in the desk nearest Higgins.
"Okay. The prisoner is secure, and the area is clear of trouble, at least for the present. Start talking."
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The HQ was pretty amazing. It was definitely equipped with everything we would need. I could only hope that the defenses Isabel had told us about were true, because this wouldn’t be the hardest place to find. We heard Nabet call from the door and Isabel rushed to let him in. I began my morph to gorilla, whoever he had with him could be dangerous. After we dealt with this guy I had to deal with telling Isabel the truth about our little group, and that could definitely be dangerous.

<I guess we can deal with your prisoner in a minute.> I said to Nabet, throwing him his sword. Then I turned to Isabel, <Isabel, things have changed, the most obvious is that you won’t be receiving any money. We’ve been set up by the government. They need someone to blame for letting the Andalite technology leak. We’re it. So you can cut and run, I’m sure you’ll manage to disappear for awhile, or you can do what’s right. The people who are really responsible are out there. I know that doing what’s right isn’t exactly in your best interest, but maybe there’s more to you than we’ve seen so far. Right now it’s down to the three of us, are you on board or should we find a new place to interrogate the man downstairs.>

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I continued to read my newspaper while sitting on the park bench. "It's been an hour, where is he?" I thought.
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I demorphed and took a seat in one of the chairs in Stone's tactical room. I elaborated a little bit further on what Higgins had said and added on a little bit from what Stern and I had discussed.
"My old army seagent came up with a plan to help the U.S fix their relationship with the Andalites. Operation MAAS stands for Man-Andalite Alliance Scapegoats. We're being used to help the relations." I looked over at Higgins and continued, "Cross was ordered by Stern to get Higgins to believe him that a team specially selected by Stern himself was entirely Higgins' idea. He chose Poison and Stone because your team is being controlled by his agency, you two were too much of a liability for him to handle. Higgins, you were chosen because you're too unpredictable but an excellent leader, he was afraid you would stop his plan. Hunter, you were chosen because you were too close to finding out the truth."
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<Stern?> I asked, <Son of a-, I served with him, he was a good man. He was the one who helped me run backgrounds to find you guys.>

I began to demorph. I couldn't believe I had fell for it. How could I have believed all the crap he and Cross had fed me? I knew I had been away for awhile, but I couldn't believe that this would be Stern's idea. He was one of the few people I thought I could trust.
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"Well, he's downstairs right now, as soon as he regains counsienceness, we can question him," I said seeing the frustration on Higgins' face
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I glanced around the room, making eye contact with the others, reading their responses one by one. This was a lot to take in, but I couldn't honestly feel surprised. I had been wondering for quite some time why the federal government had not decided to kill me yet. I knew that I was too powerful for them to handle, and too smart for them to trap me without serious casualties and expenses on their part. Really, it was a relief to know that my worry wasn't for nothing. The government was acting exactly how I expected they would.
This group was a pretty solid bunch, already tightly knit by mutual experiences and the beginnings of trust. I honestly liked them, and it was convenient to have them around in a fight. I had to admit that I was glad to have Poison far away from my home. He was far too volatile for me to trust him.
All in all, I decided that since they already were in my home, and since they clearly needed my help for their survival, I would let them stay, and I would help them.
"All right. I'm with you all. You don't have to worry about the security here, because almost a million dollars in bribes and blackmail are keeping the city's mayor and police from touching the place or disclosing our location to the Feds. They think that this place is condemned, and the solar panels and the direct taps into the water lines hide us from the city's grid. We are untraceable here, as long as you don't bring any Feds in here with you. Furthermore, I may know more about our situation than you all."
That was a surprise to them. They all leaned in closer to listen.
"I know very personally the people that torched your old apartment, Higgins. They are known now as Frost, Onyx, and Blaze, but they used to be called Wraith, Specter, and Phantom. I believe that I mentioned them before."
I let that sink in a moment.
"Frost leads them. She was searching for the disc. Either she's in on the plot against us, or they're all in the same situation as us. They are not to be trusted, under any circumstances. If they are against us, we have a whole new world of trouble to worry about.
I trained Frost myself. She is an estreen like me, but slower. Her particular specialty is impersonating others by morphing them. She idolized me when she was younger, but she was naive. She became disillusioned when her sister betrayed her, and she blames me. I am not one of her morphs, but her arsenal includes the same tiger and polar bear that I morph in battle. She also morphs Gyrfalcon, Snowy Owl, and White Goshawk. Her fighting style and mine are almost indistinguishable. If you ever encounter her, leave her to me so that you don't confuse us and attack me by mistake. My only advantages on her are experience, vigilance, and speed. Her fastest morph is two minutes, so she's still faster than most of you. She is sadistic and an expert in torture. I've personally been tortured by her, and I know that I can endure her methods, but she's driven at least twelve people to insanity. We don't want her after us.
If Frost is after us, it scares the living hell out of me."

(Probably my last post tonight. See you. Next time you can ask about Blaze and Onyx. If you want.)
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((Can I join in? Please?))
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(hey Jayne Doe, i thnk we might b able to find a spot for u. hears a few ideas, u can b one of poisons horsemen of the apocalypse, u can b frost, onyx, or blaze which wud make u a bad guy, or u can b a random vigilante or a random bad guy that we can try to fit in wen juggernaut leads us to the boss. w/e u choose there isnt really that much information on them so ud pretty much hav free reign on their personality)

“Good to know your on board,” I said to Isabel, she would definitely be useful, “and as much as I’d love to torture Stern for a few hours, we’ve got to meet Juggernaut. He’s still the most useful lead we have, and if we leave him waiting for long he might get suspicious.”

I morphed bird, and we flew the distance to the park. We had to find Juggernaut, and hope that he would still be useful to us. After a few minutes of scanning the park with poor night eyes, we found him sitting on a bench under a lamp post. I flew down to a nearby tree and began to demorph.

"Its time," I said to Juggernaut, jumping down from the tree once mostly human.
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(Maybe this newbie can join the team, since Poison has gone Wild Card. We could use a fifth stable member, and there Are five desks... If I am sort of our Tobias (lookout, backup, etc.), Ellie is our Rachel/Ax (fighter girl, techie), Higgins is our Jake (leader), and Nabet is our Marco (ruthless but comical, very direct), we could use a Cassie-type. Just suggesting.)
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(yay, im Marco, and you can kinda compare Poison to David)
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(it wud b cool to hav more people on the other sides of the story tho, cuz xan and demos are on their own right now)

(lol poison is david)
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(All right, then, Miss Doe. I guess that that means you are in, as long as nobody else objects. Please immediately build for us a profile of your character, including any and all relevant morphs, if you can morph. Give a background for your character. Maybe you are from the Feds group that set us up, and you want to fight back against them, because they tricked you. [just suggesting, it's your character] And please find a way to meet up with the group. Maybe you are in the park when we meet Juggernaut, and you help us in a fight. It's all up to you. Be creative.)

(Yes, Poison is definitely David. Shade is sort of like Erik King, the Chee. A wild card, but mostly good. Xan is a big bad wild card, like the Drode. Frost is sort of Visser One [Marco's mom, not Alloran], Onyx is Chapman, and Blaze is Tom.)
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((remember Juggernaut doesnt have access to the boss. He can only talk to one of the underlings. However if you want to extrapolate the plot Krensky & Vladmir would be responsible for the leaks))
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"Alright Juggernaut," I said, "lets make this deal. Take us to your boss."

(its up to you xan, lead us to whoever, and remember u still thnk we're criminals, which i guess we kinda are now lol)
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Post by Estelore on Feb 19th, 2008, 9:16pm

I hid as a flea on Higgins' back, ready to jump off and morph at any second. I thought it best not to let Juggernaut know of our full numbers, especially with Poison gone. Juggernaut still didn't know about me, because I hadn't shown myself in his presence. It's better that way. Let him underestimate us.
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I flew into the park and demorphed. I seriously needed to find a way to morph my sword, I always felt naked without it, but now wasn't the time for that. I stood behind Higgins with a handgun in my hand. I placed another one in Higgins hand slowly and quietly.

"I assume you know how to use one of these," I whispered to him then stepped back a few feet.
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((Got it, I'm going w/random vigilante. Without the morphing power though, I'll let you give me that.))

Name: Leia Burg

Description: She is 19 and taller than average, 6'2" about 160 lbs., she has hair dyed in multiple shades of blue and purple. She wears steampunk-style clothes as a cover. (click here for an example)

Biography: Her parents were killed by a cougar, really a fleeing bank robber, two years ago. They left her with a good amount of money. For a long time she was reclusive, leaving home only to get groceries. She took up transforming modern things to look like they were made with Victorian era parts. (Steampunk style)
When a morph capable criminal tried to break in in a gorilla morph, she shot him with a high-powered pistol that she had modified to look like an old fashioned gun. Since then she has tried to get rid of every morph capable criminal she finds

Personality: She is jaded because of her parents death. She can be ruthless and doesn't always listen to orders.

Preferred Morphs: Scarb, ferret, Cooper's Hawk, fly, wolf, orca, jackal, white rhino, Komodo dragon

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(if you cant morph yet, how do you have morphs?)
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((Meant to put preferred morphs, it's fixed now.))
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I took out my cell phone and dialed an international number. A voice asked in Russian "Who is it?"
"It's Juggernaut." I replied, also in Russian. "The mark is dead and I want my money."

"Yob voyu maht! That was fast"

"He made an assault in the open & was easy to find. Wits were not his strong suit."

"Comrade Krensky wants a meeting with you."

"Yeah I meant to ask, their some people looking to get in touch with the boss. I dunno what their business is with him."

"Bring them along but we will watch them and dispose of them if necessary."

"Roger, out."

I closed the phone. "Get tickets on the next flight to London." I checked my phone, it was almost out of battery. "I need a charger for this bloody phone."
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 19th, 2008, 9:44pm

(yea ur gonna hav to slowly build up ur morphs, how about u attack us at some point in the future thnking that we're criminals and that can b how we meet. oh and it'll b cool if we take u to the zoo to get morphs and we end up uncovering how the criminals are getting all the powerful morphs, but thats for a later date)

"London huh," I said, "okay we'll get our tickets and get moving."

So Krensky was in london. We would have to fly there to meet him, but we were all wanted. There was no way we'd be able get tickets without getting caught by the marshalls. How would we be able to sneak onto the flight without letting Juggernaut know what had happened.
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(DAVID. i thought i was more like the chick that touchered tobais. And about being to of the horse man i don't care how you act but you must be willing to kill.)

The team left so i went on my own way. I went strait to the police station. If i want feds gotta kill some cops. I walked in and turned in some "drugs" which were really a nerve toxin in a box that would spread it. I went in to my bag and got a grappling hook to climb the building next to it. I twirled it and then released. A perfect hit, still had it. I climbed up and pulled out my 3 part sniper rifle and began to put it together. Ten seconds till bomb go's off. 4, 3, 2, 1, BOOOOOM. A man opened the door to run, a bullet hit right in the middle of the face. No one else came out, a perfect hit. More people needed to die for a fed to show. Lets see what the teams doing. Using the viles i gave out a whill ago i checked in on them. Aahhh the power of tiny cameras. Wait, the team have a FED?? The one that checked me? He'd nkow where the FED's base is. I could use him. Yes i could take him and get the location of the Fed base whill the horsemen got together. No i couldn't sneak in there. I'd be forced to pay some thugs to attack and take him alive. About 15 should do.
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(actually i dont thnk u kno about Stern, but if u wana use him maybe you could put in some way of finding out about him)
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now i know
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 19th, 2008, 9:59pm

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Post by Estelore on Feb 19th, 2008, 10:13pm

(I can't post at all for the next 8-10 hours, at least. Good night.)
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Post by duffman669 on Feb 19th, 2008, 10:17pm

"We might need Stern to get us onto that flight," I said, "lets go see if that little shit woke up."
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((Alright, here goes nothing.))

I sat in the shadows, staring at the three criminals in the park. I knew for sure that two of three could morph, I'd seen them do it, and the third was no doubt just as criminal.

"Get tickets on the next flight to London." I heard him say. I wouldn't have the luxury of being able to drop everything and follow them to London, I had to take them down now. I loaded my gun with specialized tranquilizer darts, they had been based off some Andalite chemistry to adapt to multiple animals with the same dose.

I raised it to my eye and aimed at the one who had been talking on the phone.

"Come to Mama."

I pulled the trigger and the dart flew trough the air.

((How's that?))

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 19th, 2008, 10:35pm

(sounds good)

Without notice, a dart flew through the air towards Juggernaut. I dove behind a tree and immediately began morphing, "Isabel, trouble. Get big."

Why was it just one dart? If Sterns men wanted to ambush us why had they only fired one shot. I was already getting big, very big. I needed a morph that could handle a lot of tranquilizers, and any other kind of damage that might appear. About halfway through the morph I began to wonder what was happening. Where were they? If this was an ambush it shouldn't take this long. I finished my morph, now in no way hidden by the tree. I charged forward as a full-grown African elephant, ready for the fight.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 19th, 2008, 10:39pm

I felt a prick in the back of my neck and everything began getting dark. I looked over at Higgins who was morphing elephant, what was happening

"Higgens, I dont feel very we-" then everything went black.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 19th, 2008, 10:47pm

One of them morphed an elephant! The chemical was very adaptable, but I would still need to get off two shots. I flicked it into semi-auto, moved out of the shadows to get a better view, and fired towards the elephant's flank.

"Take that, criminal!" Without checking to see if my shots hit I turned towards the other two and shot one dart at each, just to be sure. I was out of darts so I quickly loaded a clip of bullets from my belt.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:04pm

(sorry!!! i can get a whole lot of time to post at night so here you go, lol poison is david. welcom to operation maas Jayne... oh and i lurv ur new avatar shanker!)

As a dart wizzed past me I started to morph lion it was the best morph I had but I would still be in trouble if I got hit by one of those darts. I looked around Higgins was an elephant! How stupid of me not to get a morph like that! Oh man, I saw Daniel go down. <what the hell is going on!!>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:08pm

Two more darts shot through the air as I moved forward. I blocked one with my trunk but the other hit me in the leg. Now I could see where the shots were coming from. I could only see one person, a girl. Was it really only one person attacking us?

"Take that criminal!" I heard her yell. Oh great, one of the vigilante's. She assumed we were criminals, and with Juggernaut around, we would have to act like it. Elephants are deceivingly fast when they want to be, and I was an angered elephant at full speed. With her distracted firing on my team, I quickly gained ground on her. I lowered my head, tusks out, hoping I would be able to only knock her out.

<Leave now, kid,> I called to her, only feet away now, <this isn't your fight.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:20pm

I could feel the wind of the dart past my head. I turned around and saw where she was. I drew Chaos, and aimed at a sing hanging above. I pulled the trigger.

In three shakes (nanoseconds) a pump inside my pistol injected 1/200 th of a mole of argon gas into a chamber. The gas was then turned into plasma and fired.

The plasma bolt hit home, right at the sign's attachment point. The attachment point on the sign melted and the rest dropped free, aiming straight for her.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:21pm

((I took out Chuck Norris! lol grin))

I saw the sign fall. With a quick drop and roll I was out of the way.

"I choose my fights, bub. I have a whole range of bullets, even ones that can take out and elephant. See, they penetrate the muscle, goes right for the heart, and explodes!" I made a motion with my free hand to indicate an explosion.

"Not a huge explosion, but just enough. Now, tell me where you got access to an Escafil Device and I might just let you go." I lied. I kept the Lion and the guy with the gun in my line of sight, ready to snap my aim to either on in a heartbeat.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:21pm

(congrats on senior membership duffman!)

Criminals?! yeah I guess we kinda were... I saw the girl who called us that. she couldn't have been much older than i was and she was dressed kinda funky. I let Higgins deal with her and ran over to Daniel. I demorphed and checked to see that he was okay. good he's just out, nothing serious.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:31pm

(hey thanks, i didnt even realize that lol, i guess ive been posting alot today)

At the last second she rolled out of the way of my attack. I raked her side with one of my sharp tusks, hopefully just a flesh wound. As I tried to turn to face her, I felt a sharp blow on the top of my head. My head was reeling, I was losing focus from the blow to my head and the tranquilizer I had been hit with. My vision blurred as I began to lose balance. I could hear her talking but I couldn't make sense of what she was saying. My front legs finally giving way, I toppled over, my head spinning. I skidded several feet before coming to a brutal stop on the ground.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:35pm

"great" I muttered as higgins went down. I ran to him, and started to morph but before I even got halfway finished I felt something hit my arm. the moment I felt woozy I stoped morphing and began to demorph. I was fully human when I hit the ground next to higgins
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:37pm

(so only juggernaut and stone are left. This fight seems a little one sided for our outnumbering her 5 to 1)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:39pm

(yeah that's why i'm out right now)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:40pm

(I meant that its 5 to 1 and she's still kicking our asses)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:42pm

((I actually meant for you guys to catch me, but this is working for me! grin))

The elephant's tusk tore through my jacket and almost caught me in the arm.

"Why you little-" Something came crashing down on top of him. He hit the ground with a sickening thud. I ran to his side, I needed him alive. I pulled a needle full of stimulants out of my jacket. It wasn't much, but it would have to do.

"Alright, this will just take a second." I tested the needle, then stuck it behind his ear.

"Now demorph and tell me who you're working for!" I said.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:45pm

on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:40pm, Shanker wrote:
(I meant that its 5 to 1 and she's still kicking our asses)
(thats what i meant also its just her and she still took us out!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:46pm

((And I didn't mean to!))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:47pm

(lol maybe you could take us all and question us?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 19th, 2008, 11:56pm

I noticed the girl reach to stick something in the elpehant. It gave me precious time to catch up. As she stuck the needle behind its ear I reached around from behind to grab her.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 12:03am

(well i wasnt out yet i just hit the deck, but technically juggernaut took me out lol)

I felt something stick into my side and I immediately began to regain focus. I saw Juggernaut grab her from behind. If I didn't do something quick he could kill her. Sure she had shot me, but she was trying to do the right thing, I could respect that.

<I can't explain anything right now, just know that we're the good guys,> I said in private thoughtspeak.

Before she could respond I wrapped my tusk around her midsection and pulled her out of Juggernauts grip. Silently cursing myself, I brought her down swiftly, impaling her on my tusk. I dropped her to the ground as gently as I could. She lay in a pool of blood, mostly from my tusk, but her own blood was steadily flowing out of the wound.

<Alright,> I said to my team, only two of which were still conscious, <she's dead. Now lets get the hell out of here before her friends show up. Juggernaut, grab Nabet and Ellie and lets move.>

I took one final look at the girl bleeding to death on the ground, <I'll get rid of the body.>

(yea sorry I killed you, turns out we cant really have any more people, maybe next time, haha jk, i figured a mortal injury was a good excuse to hav to give u the morphing power. feel free to control me tonight ive gotta get up at like 5, but ill b able to post again at 8 2morrow
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 20th, 2008, 12:19am

(nice idea duff! same here i won't be able to post again until probably noon so control me if you want.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 20th, 2008, 01:03am

"I'm.... not..... dead... yet..." I groaned weakly. I realized it wouldn't be long before it wasn't true.

"Who... are... you?" I vaguely realized I wasn't on the ground.

"You will die if I don't do something." Damn him. We were inside, and there was something glowing blue. It was pretty.

"Put you hand on it." So pretty, I reached out and touched the pretty blue box. A tingle up my arm brought me partially back to my senses. I knew what the man had done, but I was too far gone to get upset. I saw a fly on the table and brought my hand down on it, acquiring it's DNA.

I focused on becoming the fly. Two minutes later I was seeing through fractured eyes and trying to escape from what could only hope were my pants. After I found my way out I landed and started to demorph.

<Turn around.> I said.

When I was finished I grabbed my jacket and pants, then put them back on.

"Okay, I deserve an explanation. You tell me you're one of the good guys, then you make me a living shish-kabob. Next thing I know, I'm morphing a fly."

"I want to make you an offer." He said.

"Oh, really? What do you want, huh? A new drug runner? Maybe need some help robbing a bank? Need to whack someone? I've seen what you renegades do. It's a disgrace! The Animorphs saved our hides, and here you are using the same power for petty crime!" I yelled.

"You done?"

"No! I'm... er... yeah, I'm done."

"In that case, welcome to Operation MAAS."

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 07:09am

"You say you want to help, heres your chance," I told the girl I had just seen practically come back from the dead.

We were at the HQ, I had done the only thing left to do. Despite my head telling me what a terrible mistake I was making, I trusted my gut, as always. I had given this girl, this complete stranger, the power to morph. I could only hope that she was really as self serving as she had seemed when we fought, because I had just ruined her life.

"Your a civilian, a free woman," I said, a plan forming in my head, "your going to catch a ride to London, and we're going to catch a ride on you."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 20th, 2008, 07:18am

In the park I had leapt off of Higgins' back and demorphed immediately in the brush. Higgins had told me to "get big", but I knew that even a Polar Bear, my biggest morph, couldn't stand against a trank dart. I saw the girl and knew instantly that she couldn't morph. I also knew that we could use her. I pulled my Escafil Device out of my pack and assembled it.
Then I morphed Snowy Owl and flew high with it, out of range of the darts but low enough to view the fight in case the others needed me. I could land and go tiger if it came to that, but I didn't want to hurt the kid. I called down privately to Higgins.
<Higgins, I have a morphing cube. Wound her in the gut, so that she bleeds out slowly. If she wants to live, she'll have to morph. If she doesn't, I can end it quickly for her. Let's hope that she chooses the first option.>
Higgins "accidentally" gored her in the side, and she passed out. We carried her to my Brooklyn home, and she choose to morph. She even decided to stay with us. Finally our team is large enough to fill the tactics room's desks, and we have a decent fighting force. Or, at least, we will once she has a battle morph. She can already morph fly.

(Last post for 10-11 hours. If you want, I can take her to the zoo later and "help her choose" her morphs. She needs 1 each: Fighter, Nighter, Hider, Flyer, Diver, Surviver. [Hider= small enough or common enough to hide easily: seagull, pigeon, mouse, rat, fly, weasel, cat, ermine in my case. Survivor= roach and flea, pick one or both. The rest are self-explanatory. These are the standards for a good arsenal.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 07:49am

(wow, I dont even have a nighter, i guess if we go to the zoo i'll get one)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 09:00am

(yea i thnk im missing a few useful morphs too. I figured we could go to the zoo to get her some morphs and find out some new stuff there. maybe someone could come up with some kind of surprise

check the ny zoo's, id say central park zoo is the best, but we can pretty much make up w/e we want to have in it and how its organized because the layout is pretty boring)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 20th, 2008, 09:47am

(woot!!! morph shopping!!!!! lol sorry...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 20th, 2008, 11:15am

(We're in New York. That means we all need pigeon, sea gull, and rat. Peregrine Falcon and Barn Owl are also excellent choices, because both are seen occasionally in the city, and they hunt pigeons, sea gulls, and rats. There are three real zoos in NYC: Queens, Central Park, and another park, starts with a "P", but I forgot the name. Central Parks has the largest selection, including fruit bats for a good Nighter. Penguins and Seals/ Sea Lions for decent Divers. Last post for 6-8 hours.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 20th, 2008, 3:48pm

((I'll let you guys figure it out, I'll even let you control me. Just let me at least get the hawk, wolf, and ferret.))

"Your going to catch a ride to London, and we're going to catch a ride on you."

"If you're thinking that I'm going to let you hitch a ride in my hair as bugs, think again." I said. There was no way I was going to have a bunch of bugs in my hair all the way to London. Besides, I had a better idea.

"Wouldn't you rather go without risking over staying the two hour limit?" I asked. I didn't wait for a response. "My name is Leia Burg. As in Alfred Burg's daughter. When he was killed, I inherited everything, including the private jet." I smirked, I was in control now.

"I'll take you to London under two conditions. First off, I have a source that tells me that there is a group based in Cardiff that circulates 3 Escafil devices through out the world, giving dangerous criminals the morphing power for a price. For the next week all of them will be at the groups HQ. I want to take some of your people with me to take them out. And second, I want some good morphs." I waited for him to respond.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 20th, 2008, 3:49pm

I found some thugs who agreed to take me to there boss.
We went underground in to a huge base. While I was talking to the boss I thought, Why do I need this scum, im the best and iv been reduced to this? No. I can get revenge on the FED's by joining the group. I pulled out two gas grenades.

"What are those??!!" Yelled the boss

"Your doom." And as I said that I pulled the pins. SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the gas spread out killing the one's in five feet of me but the boss had a gas mask.
I'd been wanting a good fight for a while, now i got one. While the gas came out i morphed a Male Andilite and grabbed two pistes from dead guards. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG A man with a Glock began to open fire at me, then the rest did to.

BANGBANGBANG took down 3 guards. BANGBANG another 2. AAAA!! A bullet his my right gun sending it flying. I run back to my bag while emptying my gun into the remaining people. I grab the twin UZI's from my bag and said <If you wish to live drop your guns and walk away, ten seconds.>
All but ten dropped and ran but the ten looked confused. I walked up to one and sent my tail blade in to his neck. I twisted it and then lifted him up, I quickly pulled it out but befor he touched the ground his head went rolling.

That was it the rest ran. Good now i can find the group, I checked the minicam. A new person, that can morph?? They're going some place to?? Time to find out where. I grabbed two of the men that just ran. Ihave a job for you.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 4:54pm

"Sounds like the first stop is the zoo," I said, accepting her deal.

Perhaps having her on the team would work out after all. We had a way to get to London, and the location of another criminal gathering. The only thing we’d have to do is get her a few morphs, and hope she held her end of the bargain. The closest zoo was the Central Park Zoo, the easiest way to get there was to fly. I morphed into Black Hawk and took to the sky. Aiming with perfect precision I descended and snatched my target out of midair. I flew back down to my team and began to demorph, then began to acquired the pigeon. I handed it to Leia and began to morph the pigeon.

Once in the air I flew to the zoo, passing directly over the gates. I landed on a tree near along with several other pigeons I couldn’t be sure were my team. There were hundreds of pigeons in the air, I didn’t draw any attention as I fluttered to the ground behind a wall and began to demorph.

<Alright split up,> I called to the group, <get what you need. No one goes after the big ones alone.>

I then turned around and saw the exhibit that I had chosen to demorph in. I was staring into the face of an enormous Kodiak bear.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 20th, 2008, 5:06pm

I landed on a tree behind the restrooms. I looked to make sure no one was here and demorphed. I climbed down, and made my way over to the elephants. I knew William said no one does the big ones alone but elephants were peaceful animals right?
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 5:08pm

I demorphed from the pigeon in the washroom and decided to get the two morphs that I really wanted. My first stop was the bat cave. I jogged over to the large cave with a large glass shield staying between the exhibit and the rest of the people.

"nananana batman," I heard a 6 year old kid say with his friends and they both started laughing. I went around to the large do not enter sign and looked around. Nobody was watching so I snuck in. I stood at the side, out of view from the rest of the people. A curious bat flew over to me and I immediately acquired it.

After I was done with the bat cave I headed over to the reptile exhibit. There was a show going on where the zookeeper held out the reptiles for people to touch and stuff, so I sat down and watched.

"This little creature is the King Cobra, one of the longest venomous snakes in the world. Of course, this one has had it's venom removed. Would anybody like to come up here and pet it?" A couple of kids went up with their parents and pet the snake. I then walked up to the zookeeper and put my hand on the snake. I acquired it and headed back to where we had originally landed, sat down on a bench and waited for the others.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 20th, 2008, 5:26pm

I followed the team as they demorphed, then I glided down to the aviary. I had several bird morphs, but there were a few that would be especially useful in the city. I snuck into the raptor wing of the aviary, finding just what I wanted. The Peregrine Falcon and Barn Owl exibits were empty. Perfect. The Peregrine can snatch a pigeon out of the air like nothing else. A Barn Owl has phenomenal hearning and blends in nicely among the trees of Central Park, where the Snowy Owl sticks out like a sore thumb. I acquired both, and then I searched the room for my next morph. I saw it immediately, and two others that I liked, too. First the White Hawk, bigger than a red-tail and great at soaring. Then the Secretary Bird, for fighting snakes. Last, the Swallow-Tailed Kite, for fun. Nothing flies like a Kite. I also needed something survivable, and I found it. I acquired the Cockroach and strode out of the aviary. Then, I bought some french fries and tossed a few on the ground in front of me. Immediately, a flock of gulls descended on the fries. I snatched one and acquired it. Last, but not least, I strolled over to the elephant exibit. I saw that Ellie was already inside, and I followed her to acquire the big fellow, giving her time to get out while he was in a trance. I needed a morph that could handle a tranquilizer and bulldoze a building in a smash-and-grab mission. I also picked up a rhinocerous morph and a variety of human morphs while I was in the area. You never know when you will need to be someone else.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 20th, 2008, 5:39pm

I pressed my hand against the elephants big leg and felt his breathing slow. I saw Isabel come up behind me. "hey" I said quietly. she aquired him while I got out of the exibit. I also got a bat morph, a pigeon and a seagull, a snake and managed to get a small shark at the aquarium.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 5:50pm

I was sitting on the bench awaiting the others when I heard a small child saying something to his mother.
"Mommy, when are we gonna go see the jags." A smile swept across my face and I ran over to the big cats. I snuck into the exibit and closed the door behind me. I heard a click and gulped. I just remembered Higgins saying not to take the big ones alone. I turned to go back out but the door was locked. I heard a low growl from behind me and saw three jaguars closing in, ready for the kill.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 6:12pm

Acting on instinct, I stuck my hand into the bears coarse fur, concentrating on the image of his large paws, massive shoulders, and hideously long fangs. I waited for the bear to fall into a trance, to feel the familiar tingle as I felt the DNA become a part of me.

<Hehe, sorry bub, not this one,> the bear said to me, bearing its teeth.

Oh no. This was not a bear. The morphed bear took a swing at me with his massive paw. It moved with incredible speed. I was barely able to duck in time to feel his claws scrape the side of my head. Without pause he brought the paw back around to slaw me with his backhand. I flew about eight feet and hit the ground hard. I bounded right up and began to run full out away from the bear. Had to do something, I thought, but what? No time to morph.

I turned to look at my pursuer. The bear was only feet away, and it was fast. Suddenly I felt a jolt as I hit something head on and was sent flying to the ground. I rolled to avoid the bear who was right behind me, making him run straight into the identical bear already turning to see what had hit it. They clashed into each other, biting and clawing at their faces. I couldn’t tell which bear was the real one, but I knew that I didn’t want to be around no matter who won. I began to morph into spider monkey, I needed to be able to climb out of here, preferably in one piece.

<We’ve got trouble,> I called to my team, <there’s people acquiring morphs here. Some of the animals might not really be animals.>

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 20th, 2008, 6:25pm

Jakal, Komodo, wolf, sea lion, what else? I needed a solid Raptor morph. I looked around the aviary. Peregrine, Harrier, Red-tail, Bald eagle. Then I saw her, a cooper's hawk, perfect! Next up was a barn owl.

A good variety, but I needed something with a little more power. I made my way to the elephants.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 6:39pm

Three jags would be undoubtably hard to beat, if I managed to acquire one the other two would get at me.
<Trouble... aqcuiring morphs... not... animals> I heard Higgins in the back of my mind. Great, I needed to morph before the big cats got to me. One pounced and I quickly rolled to the left. Of course, I was no match for the jag's quickness and I flew backwards as it slashed at my chest. I cried out in pain and quickly acquired the jaguar. It let go and I tried to run away from the three jaguars. The jag got out of its trance and pounced at me. The jaguar jumped but was attacked by one of the others. The third jaguar backed away as the second jaguar gored at the first. The second jaguar stopped and looked up at me.

<Hello Daniel. It's been a while,> said the jaguar in a voice that I hadn't heard in at least 5 years

My heart nearly stopped imidiately, "Tyler," I whispered wide eyed.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 20th, 2008, 6:40pm

I waited as Leia walked into the elephant exibit.
"I'll keep him in the trance. When you're done, I'll follow you out. It's safer this way. I noticed that you have a Cooper's Hawk morph. Very nice. They are easily as maneuverable as my Goshawk, if a bit smaller, and just as fast. It will be the perfect morph if you ever need to fly indoors and can't afford to be a bug."
She nodded and reached out to acquire the big grey critter.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 20th, 2008, 7:01pm

Right after I acquired the elephant, I heard Higgins warning.

<We’ve got trouble,> I heard in my head, <there’s people acquiring morphs here. Some of the animals might not really be animals.>

Great! I didn't have my gun! I started morphing the Komodo, just in case.

<Well, well, well, look who can morph now.> I recognized the voice, the voice that had haunted me for almost a year. I turned and saw a black panther walking towards me.

<Erik! I thought you were dead!>

<Oh, you wish! You killed my brother, and now I'll kill you!>

I rushed as fast as my legs could carry me. I reached Erik and clamped down on his left front leg before he had a chance to move.

<You might want to demorph, a Komodo's bite is deadly.> I said.[/color]
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 7:03pm

(gasp, you just stole my plot twist from my previous post!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 20th, 2008, 7:18pm

I followed the others to the zoo in case they needed someone to hold down the big ones. When I heard <there’s people acquiring morphs here. Some of the animals might not really be animals.> I ducked into a closet. I morphed slightly into a fly <Juggernaut here, need some firepower and where at?>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 7:26pm

I swung from cage to cage, moving swiftly through the zoo. I needed to find my team, if there were other people here morphing, they could be in trouble. There was a large tree just ahead of me, I used my powerful tail to swing myself from a lampost, hurling me into the air to come to a rest near the top of the tree. Bars and branches, this was my world, I owned these trees.

I had reached one of the highest points in the park, and what I saw below nearly floored me. To my right, a Komodo Dragon against a panther. To my left, Nabet, against three jaguars.

<Erik! I thought you were dead!> I heard the Komodo say in Leia’s voice.

Leia and Nabet, both in trouble, but who do I save? I hung, staring at my two teammates, frozen in place. Then for the second time that night, I made the impossible decision that I knew I would never be able to justify.

I dove down toward Leia, we needed her to get to London, to find the meeting. In the warped reality I had dragged all these innocent people into, Daniel Nabet was expendable.

<You might want to demorph, a Komodo's bite is deadly.> I heard Leia say as she bit down on the panthers leg.

No! I had made the wrong decision! Seeing that Leia was fine I caught the bar of the cage and swung upward, using the momentum from my dive the fly into the air. I swung myself toward the Jaguar cage, but would I be in time? And had Daniel seen that I had chosen to let him die? In a complete fit of rage with myself, I leapt onto the back of the jaguar, and began raining blows onto its head as it struggled to throw me off.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 7:30pm

"NO, GET OFF HIM!" I shouted to Higgins. I needed to see Tyler's face again. I needed to see my best friend, needed to make sure it was him. How did he survive visser three? Is he still a controller?

(ouch, im expendable?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 7:52pm

"NO! GET OFF HIM!" I heard Nabet shout.

I stopped attacking the cat and merely struggled to stay on it and away from those fangs.

<Whats going on Nabet?> I asked, unable to bring myself to apologize for what I had done.

(just more expendable than Leia at the moment, dont worry, u still rank fourth, which isnt too bad, but any lower and its kill on sight)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 8:06pm

"Tyler, demorph," I said, my voice trembling like a four year old. "I need to make sure its you. Higgins, please get off of-" before I could finish my sentence, Tyler began to demorph with Higgins still on his back. A few seconds later I was staring at the face of my best friend, exactly as he had been the night he died, sword slung over his right shoulder. The only difference was that he was in full military garb.
"Hello Daniel. I suppose you're the leader of operation MAAS," he said to me. Leader? Why did he assume it was me. I couldn't speak. Tyler still looked like he did 5 years ago, almost no difference whatsoever.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 20th, 2008, 8:11pm

(Miss Doe, you might like to acquire a Gila Monster, too. Small and extremely toxic, it's like a mini-Komodo Dragon. You can use the poisonous bite even indoors. Just suggesting. Also, everyone, why don't we each "encounter" someone from our past, specially brought here to hurt us. That way, it makes our enemies seem larger and smarter, more realistic. They know us, inside and out, and we need to out maneuver them.)

Leia walked out of the exibit, and I steeled myself to run away fast, letting the elephant 'wake up' from his trance and dashing madly for the exit.
I heard a low sound behind me, and my heart almost stopped. That sound was all too familiar to me. The low growl of a Siberian Tiger. Right behind me. I hit the dirt, morphing as I fell, and the tiger leapt over me, landing where I'd just been standing.
Oh no. This tiger was white. Pure white.
Only two people in the world have that morph.
I'm one of them.
The other is Frost.
<Hello, big sister.> She cackled madly as she wheeled around. I finished my own tiger morph in record time, and I bared my nine-inch canine teeth and snarled at the identical tiger in front of me.
<Hello, Emma Frost, you little Wraith. Did you bring Onyx and Blaze to the party?> I asked her.
Just then I heard Higgins' warning to the team and Juggernaut's response.
<Juggernaut! Here, east of the elephants!> I instantly realized my mistake: he would not know which tiger was me.
<Nevermind, Juggernaut. Higgins needs help. The grizzly bear exibit. I can handle this!> I hoped that that was true.
Frost lunged for my throat, and I flipped onto my back, gutting her from below with my hind claws. I slashed her face with my front paws and grabbed her by the windpipe.
<I can end this all now, Frost. Please don't make me kill you. I will if I have to, but if you demorph now, I'll let you go.> It was pure luck that she had forgotten that she wasn't the only tiger here. The first rule of fighting a big cat: never go for the throat when you can go for the gut or the spine. The throat usually has thick fur protecting it. She forgot to fight like a cat.
She started demorphing immediately, swiftly shrinking into a tall, pale human woman with icy blue eyes and long white-blonde hair. I knew that I could demorph safely. I was infinitely faster than she was at morphing, and I could be a bear before she decided to morph and attack. As I demorphed, I thought that anyone would have believed her my twin, aside from her height and her hair color.
She wore a sleek black morphing suit under a long black overcoat with full sleeves, identical to my own clothes except for the fact that mine were pure white.
Most people wear black to funerals, but they don't realise that black is only the color of night.
White is the true color of death.
Fast as light, she drew her knife and held it to the side of my neck.
Instantaneously as the darkness rises when the light is gone, my own blade was already at her throat.
Standoff. She knew, however, that I could probably survive a throat-slash long enough to morph and live. She definitely couldn't.
"Frost, you can't keep holding this grudge against me. It wasn't my fault, what happened to you. You need to forgive me, or at least forget me and move on with your life." I said.
She seemed to consider that for a moment.
"Ghost, I know about the plot against you and the others. I don't know how you've survived so long, but I know that you aren't alone. That at least presents a challenge for me. This is a new game, unlike anything I've known since the Agency fell. You are safe for today, at least. The others know not to touch you. If you die, I want it to be at my teeth or by my blade. I can't forgive you. This is a stalemate. Let me go, Ghost, and I'll think about it, and I'll not bother you for awhile. On my word."
She withdrew her blade and slipped it almost invisibly into her trenchcoat. I followed suit, but I started my Goshawk morph, warning her with a glance as my eyes turned blood-red with the morph.
I nodded, knowing at least that she was as good as her word. That was another thing that we had in common. Neither of us could lie outright, and we couldn't break a promise.
She walked away behind a tool shed. A few moments later, a snow-white gyrfalcon flew away.
I knew that I hadn't seen the last of her, but at least I'd have a temporary peace.
I morphed Goshawk to get a better view.
<Fare thee well, little sister.> I called to her.
<Go in peace, for now, Ghost.>
I flew over the jaguar cage, seeing that Nabet needed help. He hadn't called to us in a long while.
Three jaguars surrounded him. I swept down into a bush, demorphing and going Polar Bear at top speed.
I rushed the nearest jaguar, tearing its gut with my rail-spike claws.
<It seems that you need some help, Daniel.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 8:19pm

(I actually planned to bring tyler back since the beginning, i mentioned him in my bio, and your a tad late to help considering Tyler took out the two jags)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 8:24pm

I began to demorph, apparently this jaguar was no threat, and I could see Isabel behind me taking care of the real ones, <Leia, are you all set? We need to regroup.>

"So you're Tyler huh," I said, finishing my demorph but not stopping, "I heard you were dead."

(yea sounds cool, id throw a few ppl from my past but I'm already connected to a few people, they should do.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 8:37pm

"Actually, I'm Uklin 168. I'm not dead, it took a little bit more than a tail blade through the stomach to kill me. After the visser thought I was dead, I was taken by a member of the Yeerk Peace Movement and was slowly healed by her. Afterwards, I joined the movement myself and became one with Tyler. I joined the army after I had fully healed and was almost immediately given the morphing power. A little while ago I found out about operation MAAS and was assigned to it. I thought the idea was repulsive but I couldn't defy orders," Tyler was talking but I wasn't really listening. Tyler was still a controller, he had never gotten rid of that damn parasite.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 20th, 2008, 8:39pm

(Yeah, I noticed. You posted before I finished my own post, and that's how it turned out. Sorry, folks, but I can't post for the next 8-14 hours. If the team goes somewhere, assume that I go with you. By the way, duffman, where do the rest of us "rank" in expendibility and trust? Just curious. Good night!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 8:41pm

(yea theres always at least one person whos tagging along quietly with the group, its worked out well)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 20th, 2008, 8:42pm

(Estelore, just out of curiousity, do you know that emma frost is one of the characters from x-men?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 20th, 2008, 8:52pm

((There's also a Frost from Mortal Kombat who was Sub-Zero's student))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 20th, 2008, 9:12pm

"Tsk tsk tsk. Having a fight with out me. All heads turned to look. "Guess who's back."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 20th, 2008, 9:29pm

<Erik, demorph now!> I yelled at him. He fell over. I demorphed and ran to his side.

"Dammit, Erik! Demorph! He was trying to kill me! I had no choice!" I realized I was crying. Erik had been there for me forever, I would have never gotten over my parents death without his help.

Then a man in a gorilla morph had decided to try to steal from me. I had tried to stop him and he had attacked and without thinking I shot him

It wasn't until the next morning that I found out that it had been Erik's older brother, Fred.

<Me dieing would be the perfect punishment for you, wouldn't it?> He said.

"Erik, please demorph." I was crying harder. It had been one thing when I thought he'd committed suicide, it would be completely different to be directly responsible.

<Why? You betrayed me! You didn't even try to apologize, not that that would have made a difference!>

"Your parents told me you had committed suicide!"

<You liar! They sent me packing when I tried to defend you.> He demorphed amazingly fast. My eyes widened when I saw that he was wearing Baggy jeans and a denim jacket.

"You're an estreen?" I blurted out.

"That's what saved me. Fred hadn't just used a blue box, he owned one. I used it, then sold it. I used my abilities to survive on the streets Someone discovered my talent and took me under her wing." He glanced up at the sky then back at me.

"Time for me to bug out." He morphed a bald eagle and took off.

< Don't look for me, I'll find you again when I'm ready.> He said in private thought speak as he flew away.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Having a fight with out me." I turned to look. "Guess who's back."

"Who the hell are you?" I asked.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 20th, 2008, 9:45pm

<Good to see you again Poison,> I said <have you got your blood? We could use you back.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 21st, 2008, 12:37am

<what do you think your doing?> I jumped <well?> I was just about to aquire the grizzly when it started to talk to me. "me? what do you think your doing?" I hissed "who are you?" <haha thats for me to know and for you and your petty little team to never find out!> I shunk back against a tree. Should I scream? there was no time to morph, and the grizzly started to get closer, it bared its theeth and snarled at me . "HELP!!!!" yeah I was a coward.

(lol sorry I was really busy i guess this takes place right after poison joins up... lol look if i'm not on feel free to control me. ah man i missed the action! lol.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 21st, 2008, 06:42am

"HELP!!!!" I know that voice. CRAP. I pulled out my twin desert eagles and ran to the scream.

"OK Mr Bear If you would like to live demorph. The guns are desert eagles thats 14 50cal rounds ready to enter your head, so which will it be hmmm. Death or questioning, either way i get to have fun."

The bear razed its paw to do the killing blow when I pull 4 round in his face. Looking at the very dead bear i couldnt see Ellie

"You ok down there?"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 21st, 2008, 09:47am

"uh yeah." I was shaking, "but I think we drew a crowd..." there were people staring at me and then looking to the now dead bear. I ran to the back ingnoring the fact that their were probably more bears. I climbed up a tree and mophed pigeon. I flew up to poison and demorphed in a tree next to him. I dropped down. "lets get out of here, and find the others" I said looking around me, there was a crowd and it was getting bigger around the bear habitat
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 10:22am

(Yeah, I knew about Emma Frost, the telepath of the old Hellfire Club. I wondered if any of you would catch that. Hey, someone is using Juggernaut, after all.
I chose that name, because that is the image that should come to mind when you think of my Frost. Tall, pale, blonde and deadly. It suited my purposes. Also, what happened to the guy in our basement? We never questioned him!)

<Looks like trouble, guys. We need to split. NOW. Higgins, don't argue with me right now. The last thing we need is for one of these people to be another enemy in morph. He could morph one of our battle morphs and start attacking innocent people, and we'll be public enemy number 1 in a Very Brief Time. Everyone, hide in the bushes, go pigeon, and fly east with the flock. Land on the biggest rooftop you can find, but for pity's sake, don't go back to Headquarters! We aren't alone here.>
I dove into the nearest hedge and demorphed, swiftly flowing back into my pigeon morph. I saw others following suit. I waited thirty seconds and then I took off, scanning the area while the others finished their morphs. The skies looked clear, but that means nothing in a city where falcons hunt.
<Be on your guard. There may be Peregrines around here. If one tails you, get as much altitude as you can, then land on the highest and nearest building you can find. Try to avoid demorphing, though. We need as much time as we can get.>
I knew that although a peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world in a high dive, it can only fly a solid sixty mph in level flight, and it hates steep upward flight. Its wings just aren't designed to go higher easily.
A pigeon, however, climbs quite well.
I let the others catch up, and we headed east, landing on the vacant roof of a nearby penthouse.
I counted the team.
Someone was missing.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 21st, 2008, 11:25am

I slowly demorphed, noticing all the eyes on me as I did. We had drawn alot of attention. Most of the people were gawking down at the morphing show, some were staring at the dead bear in the next habitat. Thats when I noticed the one person out of place. Everyone else was gawking into the cages, one man was walking quickly toward the aviary.

I climbed the ladder out of the exhibit and tore after him. Not only was he acting differently from everyone else, he was dressed very strangely. Sensing a battle, I began to morph as I ran after him. My back hunched over and my knuckles began scrapping the ground as I continued the pursuit. I was almost completely gorilla when I rushed into the aviary, right behind the man. Suddenly, he turned around, smiling.

“My,” he said, through a wide toothy grin, “that was easy.”

All around me birds began demorphing, at least a dozen. I was surrounded!

“Take care of his friends,” the man called, “we need to talk.”

Another dozen of the birds look flight, out through the broken glass of their cage and into the sky. The others continued to demorph, if I was going to do something, it had to be now.

<And what exactly do we need to talk about?> I asked the man, <Mr…>

“You can just call me The Zookeeper,” he said, smiling again, “see I run things around here. You want to run around my part of town, morphing my animals, you need to talk to me.”

So this guy was either some kind of connection to get morphs, a boss himself, or just a completely psychotic zookeeper. He was a middle-aged man, but well built and his grey hair had strange brown stripes in them, like a cats. His smile was broad and mischievous, showing every one of his crooked teeth. He wore a morphing suit that seemed to be made out of alligator skin, with ridges sticking out of the back and forearms. And a simple brown overcoat, I could see the bulk of a gun in the pocket. He talked with a whim as though he was enjoying our encounter as part of his game. Yep, definitely a complete psycho.

<And what exactly do I need to talk to you about?> I asked him, flexing my enormous muscles and grunting loudly.

“Well, you seem like a reasonable fellow,” he said, taking a seat on one of the benches, the birds were almost completely demorphed now, “as am I. So I’ll tell you what, just this once, I’ll give you the pass. No reason to spoil a good business relationship.”

<Can’t help but think you’re going to be asking for something,> I said, this guy was toying with me, and I did not appreciate it.

“Oh, well, there will have to be a small payment,” he added dismissively, “but I’ll even be reasonable about that. Which of your teammates would you like us to kill?”

<And there halts our business dealings,> I said.

His men began moving forward at a slight nod of his head, “Well this is most unfortunate, I was hoping it wouldn’t have to be you.”

At that I grabbed the bench he had been sitting on a swung it around at waist level, sending half of his men stumbling back. Then I barreled through a few and made a break for the exit. Once over the stun the bench had given them, they began firing on me. Their shredder blasts blazed over my head, grazing my shoulders. A few real birds made a desperate escape at the start of the shooting, I snatched one out of the air, a bald eagle, I wanted some power in the sky. Running full speed with the eagle snapping and clawing at my hand, I made a break for the bear exhibit. I swung over the people still gaping and hit the ground hard, then, still holding the bird I began to demorph. It became harder to hold once I was human, but it quickly went into a trance. Shortly after it was flying into open sky, and so was I.

(kinda a long one, got a little carried away. invented up a character to give us trouble w/e we try to go get animals tho, maybe we can use him later too)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 11:36am

I saw a huge Bald Eagle flapping wearily towards us. I was already demorphing and starting my Gyrfalcon morph. A gyr is large enough and fast enough to take down a swan or a heron. The Eagle has claws, but it isn't even a bit maneuverable. I flew quickly above the Eagle, preparing to dive.
<Land and demorph, whoever you are. I can take you down right now if you force my hand.> I called out.
He landed on the roof immediately, demorphing.
It was Higgins.
<You gave me a real scare, there, Higgins. Where have you been?>

(I can't post again for a while.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 21st, 2008, 12:22pm

I morphed pigeon and took off poison could follow if he wants to but I could care less. Yeah he saved me from that bear but we should have tried to take him alive. I just hate having to be saved I guess. I landed on the roof next to the others. And demorphed, when william came back and demorphed I remembered something. "what ever happened to our prisioner?"

(lol sorry I just had to add that)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 12:35pm

(I'm glad that I'm not the only one who remembers.)

<He's in our basement lounge. It connects to the kitchen and there is a small restroom and bath down there, so he'll be fine. I set the external locks on the room so that he can't get out by morphing. That part of the basement is airtight and the doors are coated with RAID, so if he tries to leave as a bug, he's sunk. He's probably bored though.> I laughed mentally.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 21st, 2008, 12:39pm

"so what was the deal with those guys anyways?" I was eyeing a seagull that was getting a little too close.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 12:42pm

<I think that they sent someone to deal with each of us. Someone from our pasts. Frost was there, and she nearly killed me. It was pure luck that she forgot that I have a tiger morph, too, and that I've used it more than she has.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 21st, 2008, 12:57pm

"but..." I tried to think of someone... I didn't have a whole lot of people from my past. unless.... that guy Vladmir and I screwed over... but that bear wasn't him,

Yeah but he could have sent that guy after me.

"I can't think of anyone who would want to get me."
I lied.

(haha I figured I'd add in that vladmir guy again.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 21st, 2008, 12:58pm

"Well theres one person that will know for sure," I said, "I think its time to find out exactly what Stern knows."

(damn I forgot how long ago that was)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 1:09pm

Now that everyone had demorphed and I knew that there were no strangers in our midst, I lifted off and surveyed the area. No more animals.
The others morphed various birds of prey and followed me back to our base. We landed and demorphed, walking inside and heading straight for the basement.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 21st, 2008, 1:11pm

(just get right to the point estelore 'eh? good now we finally get to interrogate him)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 1:23pm

(Yes. We really shouldn't leave loose ends hanging like that so often. Let's not forget London, either. Later, if you like, I'll dish more of my background with Frost.)

I led the others down the last spiral stair, and I opened the small airlock that led to the lounge. After sealing the locks, I unlocked steel plate that covered the lounge's entrance like a garage door. I opened the door and the others followed me in.
"All right, Higgins, Nabet, he's your meat. Let me know if you learn anything conclusive."
I shifted into my tiger morph and blocked the exit while the Higgins and Daniel walked into the kitchen where Stern was sitting at the table.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 21st, 2008, 1:30pm

"Yeah, I'm still alive,” I said, staring down in contempt at the man, “time to talk. Why?”

“Sometimes your so ignorant Higgins!” he spat at me, “this is for the good of the country, of the world. All you can think about it saving your own ass.”

“Right now all I cant think about is that the government is wasting their time framing good people, while the real criminal threat is growing,” I said, “what would have happened after you had handed us over? The problem wouldn’t have been solved.”

“Don’t you mean, what will happen?” he laughed, “its only a matter of time.”

“Why did you give up on the real threat?” I continued, ignoring his attempts to delay. I pulled out a knife, showing him the sharp blade.

“Oh please, I went through the same interrogation training as you,” he laughed, “I can take it and give it just as well as you can.”

“I’m not interrogating you,” I said, “I’m killing you. We already know that your boys are after us, and we know why. And you clearly aren’t able to find the real criminals. I really don’t see anymore use for you.”

“You wouldn’t kill your old friend,” he laughed.

“No I don’t think I could,” I said, savoring the relieved look in his eyes, then motioning toward Isabel, “but you know she’ll be more than happy to. Goodbye my friend.”

With that, I reached around his neck, pulling off his tags. I got up, and turned my back on him. There had to be something good left in him. Please, there had to be something good left in him. The old friend I knew would never bring himself to die in order to assure my death. Surely my bluff would bring something out in him. And if not, then he was already dead.

“Make it quick,” I said loudly to Isabel, not looking back, “he deserves that much.”

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 21st, 2008, 1:32pm

I watched as William stode out of the room, and waited to see what Isabel would do.

(I might not get a chance to post at all tonight so control me if you have to.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 1:50pm

< Don't worry, guys. I'm not going to kill him just yet. After all, Higgins, you didn't say "please". Don't believe everything I say publicly for the next few minutes. Most of it is for Stern's "benefit".> I told them privately
I stalked up to where Stern sat.
Publicly, so that Stern could hear, I said,
<I don't know. I don't think he deserves so quick a death. He's made my life sooo complicated over the last few weeks.>
I put my massive paws on his lap, making eye contact with the tall man.
<Why should I make things so easy for you, Mr. Stern? What good have you done for me?>
I snarled low in my throat, and I heard his heartbeat skyrocket. At the same time, in private thought-speak I created a painfully high-pitched squeal in his mind, like a smoke alarm combined with nails on a chalkboard. I felt him flinch mentally. I've driven subjects insane this way.
<I could make this very nasty for you, totally unlike anything you were trained to survive. In the CIA, they taught us how to reach inside your mind with thought-speak and show you what you fear the most. Do you fear death? Or paralysis? How about being eaten alive?> I showed him in his mind a picture of me, slicing his spinal chord, leaving him paralyzed. I intensified the screeching.
I leapt atop the huge oak kitchen table, and wrapped my teeth around his throat. He shivered violently. I showed his mind a picture of me slowly gutting him.
<I could kill you just like this, so easily.> I made the screeching rise in pitch, enough to make his ears bleed if it were real sound and not thought.
"All right, I'll talk." He reached up his hands and rubbed his temples hard, trying to clear his head of the agonizing noise.
<I don't believe you.> I tightened my grip, drawing a slight trickle of blood from the side of his throat. I could smell the arteries and veins in his neck, so I knew where to bite without killing him. I showed him a mental image of a white tiger eating him alive. The screech slid down and up rapidly, oscillating its pitch like a fire alarm.
"I SAID I'LL TALK!" he yelped.
<What do you think, Higgins, should I let him live?>
I drew another trail of blood from his neck, and he hollered in pain and fear. The screech stopped suddenly, and Stern gasped in relief. I started it up again and he shrieked in pain. I didn't enjoy it, but he wasn't the first man I'd tortured this way, and I knew that he'd not be the last.
"No, please, just stop it. I'll talk. Stop hurting me."

(I may need to leave for a little while. I'll be back when I can. If so, have me let him go or kill him, depending.
By the way, I don't really do physical torture. I prefer to get inside the enemy's head. I'll cut him and subject him to poisons, but I don't use anything beyond my knives and my morphs.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 21st, 2008, 2:03pm

(i cant think of anything for him to confess to right now, i thought of making the whole things a giant american russian terrorist conspiracy but meh.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 21st, 2008, 2:05pm

(ooo i know what he can confess...

William I am you father! no? okay...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 21st, 2008, 3:19pm

"I've been nice and kind but who's the new chick, and if she's some random thug after me i didn't do it."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 21st, 2008, 3:45pm

(hey guys ive gotta work til 930, feel free to contol me)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 21st, 2008, 4:19pm

((Assume I've got my equipment. And in case it wasn't clear, I intended Erik's mentor to be Frost.))

"Yeah, well with a name like 'Poison' I doubt you're Mr. Innocent." I remarked. I moved my Jacket and revealed my gun. No way was I going to let some guy with anime hair think he could call me a thug.

"My name is Leia, and that's all you need to know." I said. I didn't trust him at all.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 21st, 2008, 4:21pm

I raised my eyebrow. "nice gun." I looked at poison, "so where did you go off to?"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 21st, 2008, 4:38pm

"Hey death was my business and business was good. And if you thing you can scare me, think again little missy." I pull away one flap of my coat showing my twin Desert Eagles and many needles of different colors. "shooting me is a bad idea seeing as some of the poisons there are air born, but don't worry I've got a resistance to all my concoctions."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 5:03pm

I released Stern from my death-grip on his neck, and he told us what he knew about the conspiracy against us, which wasn't much more than what we knew already. Every clue pointed to the fact that we needed to go to London. He hadn't been told the names of anyone else involved, and he didn't know about Leia, so clearly he was a low man on the totem pole in terms of information. We knocked him out and released him in New Jersey at a gas station. He wouldn't be tracking us back to my house. Leia introduced herself to Poison, and we let him stay a night at HQ until he could decide if he was staying on permanently.

Pursuading Stern to talk had taken a lot out of me. I never liked torturing anyone, but it so frequently became necessary in my trade. And I was so very good at it.
The Agency had discovered that estreens like me made very good torturers for two reasons:
first, all of us have ridiculously good willpower. We can concentrate on what we are doing with utter focus, and we can force ourselves to morph faster and better. We can wait out a resistant subject, subjecting him to our will, breaking his will. It also makes it very difficult to torture us.
Second, we have quick minds and extremely active imaginations. We think on multiple levels every day to control our morphs to behave as we like them. Any image that we can form in our mind, we can build in a morph. By the same token, any image we can form in our mind, we can project in the mind of our subject, showing him truly horrific thoughts when needed. We can even imitate the thought-speak voices of other people. Some of us, although not I, can even send touch sensations to the subject's brain, causing him pain that he cannot escape. It is a delicate and deadly gift, and one which I am happy not to have.

All of us went upstairs to shower, and then we went back to the kitchen for dinner. As we sat down, I saw them all looking strangely at me, and in particular at my face and hair.
"What? Do you all have a problem?"
Higgins gestured to my head.
"Your hair, Isabel. It's white."
I took down my hair from its tight bun and shook it out around my face. He was right. I looked at my reflection in my spoon. The only color in my face was my eyes, still unnervingly blue. I had forgotten not to totally demorph. I guess I had some explaining to do.
"I suppose I haven't told you all yet. My dark hair is actually a piece of a morph. This white is natural to me. I gained the morphing ability at three years of age, and two months later I was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer. As it turns out, radiation therapy and the Escafil Device don't mix very well. The radiation caused my DNA to...twist... a bit. It bonded to the tiger DNA in my bloodstream, because that was the only morph I had acquired yet, given to me for self-defense. My body ceased to produce natural pigments, except hemoglobin in my blood. I am not an albino, rather I am leucistic: my eyes are blue, but I am otherwise utterly colorless, like my tiger morph. Another interesting effect is that I can stay a tiger for as long as I like, because as far as the morphing technology is concerned, I am a tiger and a human, at the same time. I usually am somewhere directly between the two, taking advantage of the tiger's senses. I can also go directly to other morphs from my tiger morph, as though I were already demorphed.
This has disadvantages, however, primarily that I sunburn horribly easily, so I have to live in the north for my health. Also, I have to partially morph my own mother when I go out into the public, because white hair tends to be alarming when it is worn by a young person. It also means that most of my morphs must be white in color, to prevent strange reactions from others when my hair flashes white between morphs. I can't use dark-colored morphs except at night, when it's less noticeable.
It's almost more trouble than it's worth. Almost."
They seemed to accept that, and they resumed eating.

(sorry for the dialogue, duffman. I'll edit if you want. I thought this might be a fun twisty bit. I know it's a lot of extra power for me, but it suits my future plot ideas, and our enemies are a bit too powerful if we don't have some distinct advantages. I like the flexibility involved. Who knows? So many possibilities....)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 21st, 2008, 5:30pm

I smirked.

"That's not a problem." I pulled out a very ornate looking object that was about the size of a baseball.

"Portable force field. I can toss it, take a shot, and activate it before you can make a move." I laughed. I knew he was dangerous, but I just couldn't resist a good game of 'My gun is bigger'.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 5:41pm

"Yes, Leia, and I can have a knife in each of you before either of you can pull a shot. Now, if we are done posturing, let's all finish our meal in peace. All right, kiddies?" I couldn't allow too much friction within the team, especially now that we were a united front.
Higgins may be the leader, but I'm the enforcer. They obey him, but I make sure that they obey him. It's a delicate balance of threat and smile that makes a combatative team work well together, but it had worked so far.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 21st, 2008, 5:50pm

I could definitely respect Stone. Otherworldly beauty balanced with very dangerous skills.

"I wasn't serious." I said. "Hey, does anyone here know of anybody who would take special interest in a talented estreen? All I know is that whoever it is is female and has a white gyr falcon morph."

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 21st, 2008, 6:03pm

My heart nearly stopped. No. Frost. Surely this girl wasn't connected to Frost.
"I have a white gyr morph. So does my little sister and former coworker, Frost. Why do you want to know?"
The others gasped.
"What? OH. I didn't tell you she was my sister, did I."
Their expressions very clearly said "no."
I sighed in exasperation at myself. My day had tried me to my limits, and I was forgetting important things.
"We're half sisters. We share the same mother. As a child, I thought that my mom had died in a car accident, but no body had been found. She had amnesia and married the man who found her later. Emma Frost, my sister, is their daughter. I didn't know about her until she joined the Agency and took the mandatory DNA test. The similiarities between us are uncanny, and when she started morphing she even acquired the same tiger and bird species as me. Our morph arsenals are almost identical. We are almost identical.
She was married to a young man while she was in the Agency, and he proved to be a double-agent working against us. I was forced to kill him, and Frost was tortured for information to prove that she hadn't given away any national secrets.
She has never forgiven me. She seeks to hurt me as badly as she was hurt. She is one of the few things that can truly frighten me, because I know that her wrath has nearly no limit where I am concerned, and she will hurt me in every possible way before I see my end.
Now she supposedly runs an illegal morphing school along with Blaze and Onyx, my other two students. Blaze is a pyrotechnics and chemical expert. Onyx is...strange. As far as we know, she has no conscience. No scruples. She is utterly ruthless, and she loves no one. The only thing she fears is death. She is an amazing assassin, but a rather slow morpher."

(I probably can't post again for at least the next 8 hours. Good night, all. Leia, remember to answer the question about Frost. Poison, are you staying? Duffman, what IS the "pecking-order" here?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 21st, 2008, 6:37pm

"I have a friend. I thought he had committed suicide after an incident that ended with his brother dieing in gorilla morph, but it turns out his parents kicked him out and lied to me. He was at the zoo, in panther morph." I paused.

"He demorphed in about 35 seconds, and was dressed in normal clothing." A horrifying thought crossed my mind. "Oh my God! She won't hurt him will she?" I put a hand on my gun. "If she so much as pulls a single blond hair on his head, I'll kill her!" I was acting irrational, but I didn't care, I cared about Erik. Hell, I still loved him.

"Tell me, please. Is he safe? She won't hurt him if he's on her side, right?" I asked.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 21st, 2008, 7:51pm

It had been too easy to tag one of them with a homing beacon. I followed the GPS signal on a portable monitor until it stopped. "Hmm", I thought, as I consulted the map. "An old precint house, 56th." I dialed information "Operator I need the number for the former 56th precint and every number on that premisis."
I got the number and called it.

((Mysterious caller plot twist ftw))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 21st, 2008, 7:51pm

I knew that Stern hadn't been completely honest with us, but Stone assured me that he would not have been able to resist her torture. When Higgins had ordered us to leave the zoo, Tyler had morphed and vanished before I could continue speaking with him. I sat down as Stone told us about Frost but I wasn't really paying attention. I kept thinking about Tyler, and how I'd need to see him again.

"I need to go find Tyler," I told the group. No sooner than I had said that, there was a loud banging on the door. I looked over at Stone.
"Does anybody know we're here?" I asked her. She shook her head and followed me to the door, already morphing tiger. I stood by the door, sword in hand, and quickly swung it open. Standing there with a large smile on his face and small handheld palm pilot, was Tyler.

"Hey Daniel, I put a tracer on you hope you dont mind," he said, just as soon as he finished, my blade was at his throat. "Who knows we're here?" I asked.
"Just me," he stated, "we need to talk." I stepped outside with him sword still at the ready.
"Daniel, I'm sorry for tracing you, but don't worry, it's my own personal tracer, not government. Nobody can find you. Be more careful next time," he said as he pulled a small silver disk from my neck. "I didn't know you were still around. I'm sorry I never tried to find you. I'm your friend,"

"No your not, you're the thing that enslaved him," I responded. He shook his head and said, "No Daniel, this is," and he pulled out a small jar with a grey slug inside. "Daniel, I had no idea that my best friend was part of operation MAAS, just consider me your personal government spy. Here, take this, its a gift." He threw me a large scabbard and a cellphone. "The phone is completely untracable and will be how I contact you. Nobody else has the number, and it only calls me. The scabbard is made out of a special material I purchased from the Skrit-Na, it will morph with you, allowing you your sword wherever you go. Good luck with operation MAAS Daniel I hope you guys make it."

He pulled the jar up to his ear and put the Yeerk back in his head. He turned around and walked away. I stepped back into the HQ and I fell to the floor. For the first time since the week following Tyler's 'death' I broke
down and cried.

(there, now we have an Eric too)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 21st, 2008, 9:22pm

I sat at the table, absorbing all the information. Apparently Leia and Poison wouldn’t be getting along, which could be a problem when I still wasn’t sure of Poisons intentions. The rest of the team seemed to genuinely want to help people, Leia might have her own motives but they seemed to align with ours. While Leia and Poison put their guards up, Isabel lowered hers considerably. I was surprised at how much she had told us, she had always seemed so secretive. I suppose that should be a good sign about her connection to the team, but for some reason, it wasn’t. And now we find out that there are still yeerks on earth, that one knows the location of our headquarters, knows one of the team. It would require massive organization and power to keep a yeerk pool hidden in the state America was in. They were stronger than anyone could have expected.

Whether this team was weakening or strengthening, it had a job to do. I had a job to do. I had to pull this thing together for my own goals, while preventing the goals of the team from getting in the way.

“Okay its time to move forward,” I said finally, standing up, “Leia, we need you to make good on that plane.”

Before she could answer, a phone rang somewhere, "Who has the number for here?" I asked Isabel.

(peking order?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 21st, 2008, 11:04pm

"Right, the plane." I pulled out my cell phone and dialed.

"Yes, Miss Burg?"

"Yancy, I need you to call the air field and have the plane prepped for," I Quickly counted the team, "seven for a trip to London."

"Should I hire a Pilot, ma'am?"

"No, I'll be flying. I also need you to send Jas with the minibus to Grand Central."

"Very well, is there anything else?" I looked at my torn sleeve.

"Yeah, I need my back-up Jacket."

"Of course. Master Jas is on his way and the plane is being stocked."

"Thanks, Yancy, you're a life saver." I said and closed the phone.

"The plane's being prepped, and a car is on the way to Grand Central. We should get there as soon as possible."

I morphed hawk and flew to the terminal. I hid behind a pillar and demorphed. While I waited for the others I scanned the street. The blue VW stood out among the rest of the cars.

When the others showed I walked them over to the minibus. Sitting in the specially designed driver's seat was a seven-foot-tall monstrosity that was bladed from head to toe. He was a Hork-Bajir.

"Jas, these guys are going to help us with our little side-trip to Cardiff."

"Really? I thought you only worked alone." He remarked. The others looked a little confused.

"This is Jas Hamee, he's a Hork-Bajir seer, and my assistant." I said.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 21st, 2008, 11:27pm

(Since D's coming back I probably won't be on as much, feel free to control Leia, just try and stick to the character. This doesn't mean I won't be posting, just not as much.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 22nd, 2008, 12:00am

I'd given out a lot of information tonight, testing the team's ability to deal with radically new ideas. They seemed to be taking it well, but Poison and Leia closed up like Fort Knox. I wondered what they were hiding. Leia held a serious fortune that diminished my own severely, and I knew that Poison had some serious issues with his past, but I had yet to plumb those depths. I had a bigger problem to solve right now. We had a mystery caller.
<Nobody but Shade has my number. I've done what I can to keep us off the grid. A phone line was necessary for internet and for tracing others' calls.> I told Higgins.
I jogged to the phone and read the Caller ID.
<It's an unknown number. Someone traced us. Someone other than Shade and Tyler. This is bad.>
I demorphed and picked up the phone. I kept the tiger's low growl in my voice.
"Who is this?"
I heard Juggernaut's low laugh on the other end, and I hung up immediately.
"Time to get a new number. We've been phone-jacked. We can deal with it after London."

(Probably last post for 10 hours. Pecking order is seniority or rank in a social group. Example: General, Major, Corporal, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Private. Our pecking order begins with Higgins, but where does it go from there? Who is "second-in-command"? Who is the "low man on the totem pole"? Who is "shoot on sight"? It's good to know the team's substructure, for psychosocial purposes. And I'm curious.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 22nd, 2008, 12:16am

I laughed as they hung up. I called back. "I was calling to offer you blokes a ride to London on my big-white bird. Beats commercial anyday, especially if you have sensitive material to move."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 22nd, 2008, 12:27am

"Actually, we have a ride already, although we thank you for the offer. Another time perhaps."

(I don't know how many more posts I can make. Maybe this is the last.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 06:41am

My phone ran finally. I got up and walked into another room.

"War this you"

"Yes, it is."

"Are the riders ready?"

"Yes where do you wish to meet us?"

"London. See you there." I hung up the phone and then returned to the group. Soon after I grabbed my black duffel bag. I pulled out a morter, pestle, and a high powered lighter. I started to make some new poisons. I made a new one and using one of my syringes i took a bit out to make a cure. (note I am at the table when im doing this)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 08:18am

(yea I don't really know any order, if I die someone else is free to step up, i guess u can be second if you want)

"Alright lets board and get moving," I told the team.

We had been driven to the airport by Jas, Leia's assistant. Her family must be very well connected in order to hire what must be the only seer on earth aside from Toby, the Hork-Bajirs representative in congress. Could there be a relation between the two?

I boarded the plane and took a seat, staring straight ahead at the seat in front of me. I wasn't a fan of flying, unless I was the one with the wings.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 09:10am

I took a seat and looked out the window. I didn't mind flying but William looked a bit nervous.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 22nd, 2008, 12:37pm

(Whee! I'm back!)

On Leia's private plane I made myself as comfortable as I could. Time to play some mind games and see if I learn anything.
"Daniel, how do you know that the Yeerk in the jar was Tyler's Yeerk? He could have been a different Yeerk, and Tyler could still have been a Controller. Also, did you check that sword for tracking devices? No? Here, then." I handed him a small sweeper that detected radio signals. The sword didn't set it off, but as I took it back from him with my left hand, the thing went crazy. It beeped loudly and I turned it off.
"It appears that someone wants to know where we are going." I said. I morphed my hand into the tiger's paw, and there, attached to the fur like a tick, was a tiny tracer. I plucked it off and crushed it between my fingers, letting my hand demorph.
"I think maybe we should all scan ourselves daily from now on. I wouldn't have found that if I hadn't checked his sword, and we could have been followed all the way to London. We need to be more careful from now on."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 1:17pm

"hmm maybe we should scan ourselfs now?" I asked Isabel. "someone could have slipped something on any of us."

(kinda pointless post but i'm bored and can't think of anything interesting)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 22nd, 2008, 1:34pm

"Good idea, Hunter." I passed the scanner around the plane's cabin and over each of the others in the team. Nothing else set it off, so we got off easy. At least we knew that we were being observed, so we could prepare against it.

(Where in Skart is Duffman? I know he's online. Oh, well. grin)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 1:46pm

(yea sorry I havent been posting, been working on some other stuff)

Once assured that we were not being traced, we took off. The scanner was no real comfort to me, I knew that it didn't take any technology to have someone bugged. We landed on a private airstrip in London, and made our way to the meet with Juggernaut.

"Lets have a few people hang back, go small," I said, "we may need the backup."

Juggernaut had told us to meet him at a private pub. I wasn't sure if thats where we would be meeting his contact or if he would take us from there, we needed to be prepared for both.

"We need a man outside, if this is the place then sit tight, get ready to bust in if we need backup," I said, "if hes taking us somewhere else then go fly, get on one of us."

We entered the bar and took seats in the corner. Despite the edginess and the danger of the mission, I probably felt more comfortable here than if we had met at a different spot. I spent alot of time in bars after I had escaped, I thought this team was what would save me. Pull me out from the emptiness I had been feeling. It turns out this was just another empty thing that had filled my life since that day eight years ago. I was determined to do something with this chance, I didn't care whether it was real or not.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 1:51pm

I sat down and looked around. I've been in bars before but this one felt kinda different. "what if this is a trap?" I wispered to William.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 1:56pm

"Then we'll have to hope our friends outsdie are quick," I said, also scanning the room. Everything seemed normal, but when morphing is involved traps are considerably easier to set.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:02pm

As Ellie and Higgins went inside, I waited outside, halfway to tiger so that I could hear everything that happened in the pub. If I was needed, I could finish the morph in less than fifteen seconds. Also, I could use thought-speech and vocal speech, which kept me connected to the team. So far, all was well, but I didn't trust it to stay that way.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:03pm

As Ellie and Higgins went inside, I waited outside, halfway to tiger so that I could hear everything that happened in the pub. If I was needed, I could finish the morph in less than fifteen seconds. Also, I could use thought-speech and vocal speech, which kept me connected to the team. So far, all was well, but I didn't trust it to stay that way.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:10pm

I nodded. Then I started coughing. great of all the days to come down with something. I saw a couple of big thugs eyeing us. I glared at them and they glared back. I nudged Higgins and nodded twoards them. They were still looking at us when I said "you think they're here for us?" as soon as I said that they started to make their was over to us.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:16pm

<Ellie, if there's trouble, cough again once. If not, cough twice.> I called.
<Or, if you're actually sick, and that wasn't a signal, say aloud, "Hello".>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:17pm

"Problem?" I grunted, looking up at the men who had come over to us. The didn't seem to know who we were. Seemed more like the standard bar thug that was almost a requirement of the places. We didn't need any attention drawn to us right now.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:22pm

I was sick but I coughed twice for Isabel anyways. everything seemed fine. The guys had come up to us but we could handle them if we had to.
then one of them started to say something.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:25pm

(Can't post again for awhile. See you.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:33pm

"Oy, this heres a private bar," one of them said, "oo' the hell are you?"

"We're meeting a friend," I said, "he's a member."

"And oo' might e' be?"

"That theres private information," I said, "now please, we don't want to be bothered."

"Oh you'll be bothered alright," the first said. They were starting to get excited now. This could be a problem.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:38pm

Uh-oh. this could probably be bad, but I think we could handle it. "do you seriously want to mess with us?" I asked the man who had spoken. he raised his eyebrow and looked at Higgins then back at me.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:41pm

I made may way to Kennedy to pick up my bird. "Bird" was an understatement. Like many things I had acquired its legality was questionable. But cash talks in Russia, even dirty money.

It was a Tu-160 "Blackjack", still in its anti-flash white paint. A waiver had to be acquired to export the military-grade engines but a bit of influence can go a long way.

I took off from Kennedy with full tanks, to make a high-speed supercruise dash to London. 3 hours after takeoff I landed at Heathrow, the only airport in London with a long enough runway.

I made my way to the pub for the meeting, and got a booth in the back. I ordered a beer and nursed it while waiting for them. When they walked in, I motioned them to the back.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:46pm

"Forgive my friend here, she has a bit of a temper," I laughed, "one time she freaked out and ended up destroying this guys bar, it wasn't pretty. If you want to fight her, I'd say it would be best to do it outside."

The guys eyes darted from me to the rest of the group, all of whom were glaring at him. He was a big guy, they both were, easily the toughest in the room. But they were clearly outmatched, any one of us could have torn them apart before they had a chance to apologize for bothering us. I hoped they weren't too drunk to see their mistake. I then saw Juggernaut motioning for us.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 2:53pm

I saw Juggernaut in the back. "see? Thats our friend right over there" I pointed. The man who threatened us looked over at Juggernaut then back to us. "umm..." by now everyone in the bar had their eyes on us. The man seemed as though he wanted to back off but he knew if he did everyone would see and think he was a coward. I chuckled, I didn't really care what he did now.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 22nd, 2008, 3:29pm

I was standing outside the bar with Stone, and kept thinking about what she had said to me on the plane. Then it hit me.
"Stone, Tyler put the Yeerk back in his head. Two Yeerks can't live in the same head, can they?" I asked her but still, I had my doubts.

(sorry for not posting, I go to school during the day and can't post, so control me when needed during weekdays from 9-4)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 3:44pm

(you choose school over RAFhuh! how dare you!!! lolz jk. see? that's why I don't go to school so i can be on RAF all day! cheesy, oh and I probably won't be on at all tonight and only a little bit this weekend so please control me so that my character isn't just doing her own thing. grin)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 3:50pm

I got up from the table and headed over to Juggernaut, bumping shoulders with one of the guys still standing over our table. Part of me wanted them to try something. It would be refreshing to fight in my own body for a change. I slid into the booth, across from Juggernaut.

"So whats the deal?" I asked him, "where are your friends?"

(yea we're kinda waiting on Xan right now, maybe we can get into a fight with those guys or something)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 22nd, 2008, 4:01pm

"Right now we wait for Krensky's right-hand man, Andreyevich, to call us back. You just dont walk into the Boss's house without an invitation."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 4:04pm

"Well he better call soon, we've drawn enough attention to ourselves already."

I hoped Isabel had heard what he had said, if we were going to be moving, she and Nabet would have to be ready.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 4:04pm

(okay just so were clear where everyone is at... Isabel and Daniel are out side, Ellie, Juggsomething (i can't for the life of me remember how to spell it!) and Higgins are all inside. so leia and poison are wherever, cuz if there inside and were gonna fight I think theyd want to be included.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 4:04pm

The man that was bumped started to get out of his chair. Befor he even got up i gave him a quick jab in the chest and i heard a small crack. Cracked a rib I think. His friend looked pissed but a small change to snake and my mouth now had a nice part of fangs. That stopped the man in his tracks. We all walked into the back room when Higgens asked "So whats the deal?, where are your friends?"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 22nd, 2008, 5:19pm

My phone rang. I went into my pocket and answered it.
"They know your there," Tyler said, then he hung up
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 22nd, 2008, 5:24pm

<Leaving, are we, Higgins? Allright, then. I'll divert the attention of the bar while you all slip out through the back door. Be ready to go as soon as I walk in.>
I strolled into the bar, knowing that all that male attention would immediately turn toward me. Half-tiger, but hiding it well, I let the big cat's instincts and muscle density work to my advantage. One ugly hulk whistled at me as I walked by. I rewarded him with a smile, and he followed me to the bar.
<Okay, kiddies. Time for you all to split.>
They quickly slipped out the rear door and I turned to face the man next to me. He grinned stupidly and tried to hit on me. I bared the tiger's fangs and narrowed my pupils to slits. I hissed at him and he flinched and fell off his barstool. He accidentally hit the man behind him, who punched him in the gut. As they brawled, I walked out the front door, warning the other men away with a chilling glare. I listened in amusement as a full-blown riot exploded through the pub. Not bad, for a night's work.
Outside, I considered what would be the best bird morph for travel tonight. The Snowy Owl was too slow, and the Goshawk had poor endurance. I didn't want to use my Ivory Gull or Snow Petrel morphs because their small size would put me at risk around larger birds. I had a White Tern morph, but it was more for oceanic flight. The Kite and the Secretary Bird were both ridiculously out of place, and the Pigeon and the Herring Gull were too vulnerable. The Gyr, however, was strong, fast, and large enough not to be easy prey.
I decided and I morphed my Gyrfalcon and joined the others.
<So. Where are we going?>

(May not be able to post for 8-14 hours. Good night.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 22nd, 2008, 9:17pm

(hang on a sec, anna, your 14 and you don't go to school? wtf)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 22nd, 2008, 9:30pm

(ive wondered about that one myself, but i try not to over think things, cant post, no point)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 22nd, 2008, 11:32pm

on Feb 22nd, 2008, 9:17pm, Shanker wrote:
(hang on a sec, anna, your 14 and you don't go to school? wtf)

(I do school at home, online. but I have to go to regular shcool for tests and when I do drivers ed in march)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 24th, 2008, 08:11am

(Is it just me, or has this RPG gone completely to Hell or what? Nobody posts anymore, even when we're all here!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 24th, 2008, 09:41am

(well we're kind of waiting for Xan, hes the one leading us right now, but we should try to have something else going on until then, things should move along today though, theres a good chance everyone will be on)

<Stay hidden,> I said to Isabel, knowing that would be more dificult now that I was morphing eagle, <we can't let them know how many of us there are. Get high, check out the situation, let us know if theres trouble."

I took off, flapping my massive six foot wings. Not sure where we were headed, but knowing that it may not be a good idea to stay put. Either way, it would be a good idea to get a better view of the city. We may need to know how to get around if theres trouble.

I turned to Juggernaut, <no time to wait for your friend, take us to the meet.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 24th, 2008, 11:55am

I was about to reply, but the phone rang. "1430, Barley's Pub." the caller spoke, & then hung up.
"We meet him at 1430, at Barley's Pub, be ready for anything.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 24th, 2008, 12:07pm

<1430 Barley's pub,> I said to Isabel and Nabet in private thoughtspeak, <wait a minute, then follow us there.>

<Alright lets do this,> I said to Juggernaut, turning to head to the pub.

We flew over the buildings and reached the pub quickly. I landed in the alley next to the pub and began to demorph. Once the feathers had melted into my morphing suit, I stepped out onto the street. The bar was large, but unkempt. It had a slightly dirty, run down look. We stepped in, there were several men sitting at the bar, not talking. There were some tough looking men seated in a booth near the door, they eyed us suspisciously as we entered.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 24th, 2008, 1:58pm

I morphed eagle and was amazed as my sword morphed with me. I flew to the sky with Stone and landed on the roof of the pub a few moments after the rest of them had entered.
<Guys, just a heads up, the american government knows we're here. Be on guard for them,> I told the team.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 24th, 2008, 3:16pm

(I'll post as soon as I figure out where I'm supposed to be.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 24th, 2008, 4:15pm

(Jayne, you are either with Higgins and Ellie as a bird or on one of them as a bug. Up to you.)

Nabet and I lagged behind the others, covering them as they landed. I waited for Nabet to demorph on the roof, and then I landed on the ground to demorph. I morphed Black Jaguar to blend into the darkness of the landscape, and I quickly jogged around the building to check all the exits.
<Higgins, if you need me inside, say "oh, perfect" sarcastically. There are two external doors and five large windows, one on each wall near the roof and an extra in the south wall. There is a skylight, but it's pretty thick glass. Only use it as a last resort, because it will hurt like Hell when it breaks. I'm a jaguar right now, so if you don't give me away too early, they'll never know I'm here.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 24th, 2008, 4:54pm

(I had an idea grin)

After I landed the plane, I addressed the others over the comm.

"You guys go do whatever you have to. Jas and I are going to meet my contact." About an hour later we walked down a darkened Cardiff alley. I noticed a figure in the shadows.

"Thought you wouldn't show." The figure said.

"So you're 'Jack Harkness'. I have to say, that's one cheesy alias."

"So you do have Torchwood back in the states."

"Where your assumed name is from doesn't matter. We need to know the location of the cubes." Jas said. He always got straight to the point, just like Toby.

"A seer. How odd."

"Get to the point, human, or I may loose my patience." Jas said, flashing his wrist blades.

"Alright, fine. The cubes are being transfered in an unmarked backpack that will be leaning against one of the pillars in Roald Dahl Plass in an hour. You only have 10 minutes before the pick-up." Jas and I broke into a run. We got there in five minutes.

"Leia, we can't just walk out and grab it." Jas said. I looked around, trying to think of a plan, but all I could see was some stray dog.

"That's it!" With two minutes to spare, a stray dog walked out into the plaza. It stopped, sniffing an unremarkable looking bag. It seemed to decide that it liked it and picked it up.

Not one of my brightest moves. Suddenly couldn't move, the bag had been rigged!

<Jas! It's a trap, go get the team!> I said in private thought-speak. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a running Hork-Bajir.

"Well, I have to say, you fell for that pretty easily." I looked up and saw a Blond woman wearing a black morphing outfit with a black overcoat.

"Leia Burg, I've heard quite a bit about you. But that can wait until later." I started feeling woozy, everything got blurry around the edges.

"Don't worry, just a sedative. Killing you would put Erik against me, and that just won't do." The world went dark.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 24th, 2008, 5:19pm

(Jayne, you rascal, I was considering a kidnapping! Oh, well. It is more believable that a rich-girl newbie-morpher vigilante would be trapped than a half-tiger spy-sentinel. Also, this lets me rescue you from my sister/nemesis! Thanks! Woohoo!)

I waited outside the red brick warehouse where we had been led by Juggernaut, and I listened calmly for Higgins to signal for help. They had been inside for nearly twenty minutes, when a Hork-Bajir ran up to the window nearest me. I instantly recognised Jas Hamee, Leia's Seer assistant.
<Jas.> I said.
He startled visibly and looked around for the source of the voice.
"Isabel Stone?" He whispered.
< Down here.> I stepped out of the shadows and stretched so that he could see me.
<Where's Leia? Why isn't she with you?>
"She was kidnapped by a woman with whitish hair. She looks similar to you, when you're human. Leia sent me for help."
<Hold on, Jas. I need to warn the others, and I'll come help.> I demorphed into my tiger form to maintain my thought-speak and to add to my fire -power.
<Higgins. Nabet. Burg has been kidnapped by Frost. I must deal with this immediately, because I don't know how far Frost will go. Leia might be dead. You guys will survive a while without me. Heading out.>
Jas and I ran at full speed to the plaza where Leia had been taken. I could smell that Frost had been here, and I followed the trail with Jas covering my back.
<Jas, if Frost captures me, I need you to get out fast and get the rest of the team. It will take all of us if I can't get in and out unseen.>
He nodded his assent, and we chased our lead into the darkness.

(Leia, you'll need to say where we're going. Remember, Frost walks, talks, acts, and thinks like me, but deep down she is an absolute sociopath. She'll kill most people as soon as she'd look at them, and she'd torture them sooner. Me, but dark and twisty.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 24th, 2008, 5:32pm

(yea you, but dark and twisted, right lol)

I heard Isabel tell us that Leia was in trouble. Great, there goes our backup. I almost said 'Oh, perfect' instinctively, but that was the code phrase. We weren't in trouble. Yet.

"We need to hurry this up Juggernaut," I said, getting anxious and shifting in my seat. Everyone in the bar was casually eyeing us now, and he was keeping us waiting for awhile.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 24th, 2008, 5:44pm

(You still have Daniel for backup. OK, me, but MORE dark and twisty. *Laugh*)

I hated to leave Ellie and Harris alone with only Nabet for backup, but they knew how to fight in a pinch. They could survive.
Leia, on the other hand, had no clue what she was facing, even if she had listened to my lecture earlier. Without help, she was definitely dead, and I was the best candidate to help her.
I finally found the compound where Frost had taken Leia, and I asked Jas to wait outside until I gave further instructions. Right now, I needed stealth and not muscle.
I morphed fly and buzzed in through a crack in a window pane. I surveyed the room I found, and it was empty, so I flew under its door, looking for a scent trail in the air. Nothing yet, and the hall was empty. I demorphed and stayed half-tiger, letting my white skin and hair blend into the whitewashed walls.
Suddenly, I heard a familiar laugh behind the door to my forward left. Frost. I listened at the door as I prepared to enter.

(Jayne, at this point you can converse with Frost and Erik, whatever. When you've decided to banter enough, I'll take over, or you can tell how I rescue you. As you like it. cool Sorry, Can't post for 6-15 hours.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 24th, 2008, 6:05pm

Stone left me to go and rescue Burg, leaving me alone on the rooftop to be backup for Higgins and Hunter. I demorphed from eagle and silently prayed. I looked over my shoulder and the unfamilliar scabbard with the familliar trusty sword. I breathed a sigh of relief and finished demorphing. I climbed down from the roof, cursing myself for not coming down while still in bird morph. When I got to the bottom I heard something from and around the corner and immidiately morphed cobra and snuck over to the noise. there were six americans wearing military uniforms and talking in the alley.

"Mike, go tiger. Take out the people in the bar. Sarah, you're going grizzly, Steve, you go polar bear. The two of you take out that big behemouth. Me and Suzan are going lion and taking out the rest of the team. I only saw two go in there, which means there should be two more somewhere outside, Dave and Stan, you stay here and look for them in case they decide to show up. Ready guys?"

"Lets do it," another one said.

They weren't very good soldiers, the leader didn't notice me right by his leg. "LOOK OUT!" one of them shouted, but it was too late. I bit into the heel of the leader and injected some venom. The others were quickly morphing, I wouldn't let them finish. One, two, three more got a taste of king cobra venom. I was too late for the others, and standing too far for me to bite were a polar bear, a tiger and a lion.

<Guys, the Americans are here. We have a polar bear, a tiger and a lion, so I'm gonna try to take them out, but it may be hard,> I said to the team. The lion charged at me and the others blew right past.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 24th, 2008, 6:35pm

I woke up to the sound of laughter, dark twisted laughter. I looked around and saw that I was in a small dark room. With my canine nose, I smelled someone else in the room.

<Let me guess, Frost right?> I asked in a harsh tone.

"Very perceptive, now demorph, and I need you human."

<No.> I said defiantly. She took something off the shelf.

"Very well, I'll use this. It will force you to demorph, without blocking the pain." She pointed it at me and-

"<ARGHG!>" Both out loud and thought speak.

It hurt worse then anything I'd ever felt. I felt like I should be passing-out, but something was stopping it.

I wanted to die.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 24th, 2008, 7:01pm

"LOOK OUT!" I heard a shout from outside, and immediately began morphing.

"We've got trouble," I said. I was about to warn Nabet when I heard his thoughtspeak yelling a warning.

I lopped toward the door and was about to burst through, when it was thrown off its hinges. The door hit me and sent me flying back as a polar bear and a tiger rushed into the room. I grabbed the door that had landed beside me as the tiger rushed forward. With a swing of my mighty shoulders I swung the door and connected with the tiger. He fell back but rebounded quickly. I threw the door at it, which it quickly jumped. I anticipated the jump, it didn't. I landed an uppercut with one of my ham sized fists, sending him flying through the air.

<Nabet if you can hear me, we've got to get any of these guys not in morph out of here. If Juggernaut and his guys find out the armies after us they'll scare off.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 24th, 2008, 7:10pm

The lion was running at me at me at an increadable speed and I slithered away, hoping to morph something with more firepower. A cobra may be a good assasin, but it's terrible at head to head combat. I made it over to another alleyway so instantaneously that the lion missed me. She turned and came at me again. I slithered under a door and demorphed as quickly as I could. When I finished I morphed lion and burst out the door. The other lion and I stalked each other, circling around. She pounced but I easily knocked her away with my paw. She was on the ground and I dashed at her, and ripped out her windpipe.

Higgins had told me to get rid of the humans so I ran over to the three that I had killed as a snake and dragged them back into the alley. I ripped off their uniforms and burried them under some trash in a dumpster. I threw the people into the door that I had demorphed in. I ran back over to the pub so I could help out the other two.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 24th, 2008, 7:26pm

The tiger hit the low ceiling of the bar and landed hard. I hoped that he was down for good but I knew better, I had been a tiger. He quickly rebounded and raced at me again. Without a distraction I was clearly outmatched, the tiger was on me before I could draw back a fist. We fell to the floor, the tiger biting and clawing at me. I had only enough time to bring my hands up to grab him around the shoulders, blocking him from reaching my neck with his viscious fangs. With one hand I held him back as I pulled back the other, striking him in the head with a massive fist. It sent his head reeling back a foot but he kept his claws dug into my flesh. I felt several off them ripping out, taking chunks of flesh with it. Again I punched him, hoping again to daze him.

"RAAAH" I screamed in pure gorilla with the agony of ripping the remaining claws out of my skin. I lifted him up, as he squirmed and clawed at me, and threw him across the room. He collided with the polar bear.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 24th, 2008, 8:27pm

I was still alive.

I felt a strange trance wash over me, a far away part of my mind knew I was being acquired.

Not long after that I opened my eyes to see a slug that was growing to human size. Suddenly I was looking at myself, only I had my natural blond hair. I, the real me, started morphing, not a lot, just needed to get far enough.

"Now, all you have to do is stay with Erik. He's in love with her, so it shouldn't be hard to distract him." Frost said to 'me'. 'I' nodded and walked out of the room. She turned to look at the real me.

"Now, I'm going to have some fun with you." I was just enough morphed to use thought speak.

<Help me!> I yelled, at the same time broadcasting an image of where I was and how I felt. I hadn't realized I could do that. In fact it wouldn't be until later that I would find out.

I don't know what I expected, but what happened next certainly wasn't it.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 24th, 2008, 8:54pm

I noticed the animals jumping into the bar "Yob tvoyu maht!" I yelled. "Êàìðàä Krensky, íåêîòîðîå ìîðïþ-sposobnoe óñèëèå àòàêóåò. Ñõâàòèòå îðóæèÿ, êàìðàäà (Comrade Krensky, some morph-capable force is attacking. Grab the weapons, comrade!)". I drew Mayhem and Chaos, while dodging the attack of the tiger. I rolled over & fired both of them straight into the belly of the tiger.

I could see the tiger collapse as large portions of its vital organs were instantly plasmatised. "Die you bloody pigs!" I yelled. I looked for Higgins "Higgins, come with me if you want to live!"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 24th, 2008, 9:33pm

I heard Juggernaut calling to me. I didn't want to leave my team but it looked like things were under control. I hoped there were anyway. This may be the only opportunity to infiltrate his organization.

<Lead the way,> I said to him, knuckle walking over to him.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 24th, 2008, 9:44pm

"There's a secret passageway under the bar, follow me!" I led him to the back of the bar, lifted up the trapdoor and led him through the passage till it exited. Of course, this exit was right on the Thames riverbank.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 24th, 2008, 10:03pm

<Who were those guys?> I asked Juggernaut, <what the hell is going on here?>

I hoped that they would buy it. If they knew the men were after us it could ruin everything. With Leia unaccounted for, we could be stuck here if things went sour with Krensky.
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 24th, 2008, 10:23pm

(umm okay so my characters in the fight with... Daniel right?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 24th, 2008, 10:46pm

(do what you feel, its all good)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 25th, 2008, 07:18am

(So very sorry, but way too busy. Probably cannot post for 9-ish hours. Jayne, hold on, OK? Bye all.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 25th, 2008, 1:54pm

Daniel and I managed to finish them off. I was badly injured so I quickly demorphed. Daniel was already demorphed, when a Golden Eagle landed and demorphed into a tall and very muscular man. He started to clap. "nice job you two, after your leader left I figured you would be done for." I looked at Daniel to see if he knew what was happening but he seem just as unsure about what was going on as I was. I started to morph into hyena. "no need to do that" he said looking at me. then he pulled out two dracon weapons. he leveled one at each of us. "now we need to discuss some things"

(i figured while you all are off doing your thing we'll do our thing unless shanker has a problem with it then i'll edit, sorry for controlling you shanker if you want i'll edit. I didn't make you talk so...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 25th, 2008, 4:51pm

(Jayne, I "heard" your beacon. I arrived at the door immediately after Frost finished talking, and now she is laughing darkly. There, now. We have everything chronological! grin)

I heard Leia's scream, and I knew what had happened. I sent her waves of strength and courage with thought-speak, lending her energy to help her endure. I morphed housefly and buzzed under the door, flying unnoticed behind the tilted slab where Leia was bound.
<Leia, I caught your signal. I'm here to get you out, but we need to keep Frost distracted. Form in your mind the most painful and annoying sound you can imagine, and project it at Frost with thought-speak. Be ready to morph elephant, because we'll need to be big to get out. If I am incapacitated, Jas is outside. Send him for the others if you are unable to fight.>

I heard Frost hiss with pain and irritation as Leia's mind-noise hit her. Good. I demorphed unseen behind the slab and morphed the one shape that I knew would surprise Frost.
Andrew, Frost's one love. The man I had to kill.
I stepped out from behind the slab, and I sent Frost an image of Andrew as he was the moment before he died, covered in gore.
"Emma." I said with his voice.
Frost gasped and saw the shape that I had assumed, just as my mental image hit her. This combined with the noise would keep her from focusing.
"Emma, it's all your fault. I died because of YOU. I never loved you. You were just a tool for me to get inside the CIA."
"No, no. It's not real, Andrew. You're not real. Go away."
I stepped backwards towards Leia and slipped a knife into her hand.
<Cut your bonds and start morphing.>
"Emma, I'll never go away. I'll always be waiting, hiding behind the next door."
"No. It's not true. Go AWAY!"
<Leia, make the mind-noise louder. Make it hurt her as much as you can. Keep her from thinking straight. This won't last much longer, so be ready to leave.>
"I'm dead because of you, Emma. You are as cold as ice, and you didn't deserve me."
In her mind I showed her the scene of his death, letting her see each cut and bruise. She doubled over in an agonized heap on the floor, but she must have snapped out of it, because she slowly straightened, and she started morphing the Polar Bear.
"Cold, am I? I'll show you COLD!"
<Leia, time to go. Now. First, we need a door.>
I demorphed into the tiger in a rush, following Leia through the massive hole that she left in the wall.
She trumpeted and I roared as we saw freedom at hand.
Bear claws raked my hip, and I rounded on Frost and lacerated her muzzle, knocking her silly.
She tried to trip me, but I managed to stumble past her.
I heard my hind leg crack as she slammed her weight on my injured hip.
I flipped onto my back, wrapping my forelegs around her neck in a strangle-hold. I tore at her face and severed her windpipe. She went limp and fell back.
I was losing too much blood already, so I cut my losses and left Frost sitting there. I followed Leia as quickly as I could out of the compound.

<Jas, we're out. We're heading back to where the others are.>
He waved at us and ran ahead.
Once we got outside, we both morphed birds as quickly as we could.
<We need to get back to the others. They may need us.>
She didn't respond. I knew why.
<Leia, what I am about to say will sound cruel and callous. I still expect you to listen.>
She remained silent, and I continued.
<You were tortured. It won't be the last time that happens, I'm sure. You aren't the only one. Be glad that you were in a mammal morph similar to a human. Butch up, Sally. Get over it.>
Her shock and outrage registered as an audible hiss.
<I grew up the only child of an ambassador. When I was seven years old, I was kidnapped by a mob boss that wanted to send my dad a message. I tried to escape in fly morph. The boss caught me and forced me to demorph, just like Frost did to you. I felt every change, including losing two legs and four wings, gaining a complex digestive system, and growing in size by a power of several thousands. It went very, very slowly. It was the single worst pain I have ever endured, and Heaven knows that I have endured a lot. It was that forced demorph that taught me to morph so fast. I escaped on my own, by waiting until they fell asleep, poisoning them with my Black Mamba's venom. I survived. So will you. Now you know that you can endure anything that anyone throws at you, because that is as bad as it gets. I don't doubt that you have the makings of an estreen inside you. That distress call you sent was the most detailed that I have ever heard, and your elephant morph was almost as fast as me. With a little training, you could show some real skill.>
She seemed to consider that for a moment, and the tension in the air faded a bit. Then she thought of something.
< Distress call? What are you talking about?> She asked.
< Don't you know? When you were demorphing, you sent out a thought-picture of exactly where you were. I found you quite immediately. That call was like nothing I've ever known in thought-speech. You could have been a top agent at the CIA any day, if you had wanted that.>

(Sorry for the dialogue, but you mentioned that you learned later about the signal, and this seemed like a good time. Maybe you should tell about what we find when we meet the team again. Since I made you morph elephant, you can choose a morph for me if you want. Or I can edit this post, as per your specifications. smiley)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 25th, 2008, 7:06pm

(I don't mind at all. grin)
<You could have been a top agent at the CIA any day, if you had wanted that.> Stone said.

<I'm going to assume that's a compliment.> I quipped. She had shared a painful memory to make me feel better, but the torture wasn't why I had been silent.

<I... There was a yeerk. It acquired me. I think that Frost is going to turn Erik against me.> I said quietly.

<Isabel, if he had died in the zoo I don't think I could have kept going.> My voice felt hollow and far away. If I had been human I would have been crying.

<If I have to fight him, if I have to kill him...> I let the sentence trail off. I had no doubt that I could kill him if I had to.

The question was, could I keep from taking my own life?

<God, look at me. Dumping all my problems on you.> I apologized.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 25th, 2008, 7:13pm

The man had his dracon beams pointed at Hunter and me. Hunter had tried to morph but he had stopped her. There was no way I could morph anything in time before the dracon blast killed me. I slowly raised my hands to show that I had no weapons. Hunter followed suit.

"Good, now your understanding me. I'm gonna need you to follow me now," he told us, motioning for us to follow him. I quickly grabbed my sword and felt a very hot and painful sensation in my hand. When I looked, it was gone.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 25th, 2008, 8:20pm

< Don't worry about it. All of us have to confront our demons at some point in our lives. For some of us, those demons are real people. You just survived an encounter with one of mine, so fair is fair. Take things one fight at a time, and you'll stay sane.>

We heard a commotion inside the small bar as we flew overhead.
<Sounds like they need us. Morph something stealthy, and be ready to lay an ambush.> I landed, demorphed, and immediately went Jaguar.

(Can't post again for 8-16 hours. School in the morning, you know. Jayne can cover my part of the next fight, if she wants. Bye all.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 25th, 2008, 10:19pm

"Higgins, the meet will have to be moved." I grabbed my phone and dialed a number.


"We're out mate, but the meet's blown. We're in Docklands right now. We'll need a place to meet and lose the heat."

"Go to Wong's Chinese Buffet. I'll meet you there."

"Roger, out."

"Higgins, we need to head to Wong's Chinese Buffet. Make sure you're friends don't follow use. We don't need no more heat."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 26th, 2008, 12:53am

The man started walking away while keeping his weapons on us. "come on don't make me get trigger happy" I looked at Daniel and he nodded then we followed him. We walked a couple of blocks and stood at what seemed like a back entrance to some place. He only touched the doorknob and the door flew open.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 26th, 2008, 11:53am

“Make sure your friends don’t follow us, we don’t need no more heat.”

“If they’re heat from your friends then they may already be there.”

I followed Juggernaut to the new meet. Did he suspect anything? I was going into this without any backup, if things when bad I was done. I guess that was a risk I had to take, if this failed I was done too. We entered through the back door of the restaurant. The cooks in the back did not look up at us as we moved through. There was a man waiting for us at the door to what could have been an office.

“Were there any further complications?” he asked Juggernaut, stepping in front of the door.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 26th, 2008, 1:47pm

"No. You have a safehouse to meet him?"

"Yes, get in the car."

Higgins & I followed him into the car. He got in the drivers seat and drove off.

We drove for over an hour untill we arrived in Woking. The car pulled up to a large country house. He opened the door and motioned us in to meet the boss.

"Hello Juggernaut, and who is your partner?"

"005 is dead, and this guy here is looking for some work."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 26th, 2008, 4:06pm

"I've heard alot about you Krensky," I started, trying to sound relaxed. In reality I was scanning the room carefully. Four men surrounded the room, one hand casually resting inches from their guns. There were only two exits, the large oak door we had come through, and a large window with an iron meshing.

"Not too much I hope," he said, allowing a slight grin to slip through his narrow mouth. The grin did nothing to comfort me.

"I understand you have operations in New York," I continued, "I'd like to say that my hold over the city is absolute, but that would be speaking prematurely. A mutual partnership between us would be of great benefit to both of us. I think you will find that my resources will be an important asset to you, and make no mistake, I will lock my control over the city with or without your help. If you would like to continue your business in the city it would be an advisable move to ally with me now.”

I sat back, doing my best to look supreme and secure. I could see him studying me, considering what I had said so far. I knew the discussions had only just begun, but I would have to see how he would deal with my propositions.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 26th, 2008, 5:05pm

<Leia, Higgins is going without backup. If we go flea or fly and ride on him without telling him, then he won't accidentally give us away, and he'll have backup. I'll let you decide for yourself what you do, but I'm going Fly.>
I demorphed and morphed housefly, slipping through the cracked window and landing under Higgins' collar.
I called to Ellie.
<I'm backing Higgins. Don't tell him, so he can't give us away.>
I felt Higgins get into a car.
<Leia, if you're on board, we're in a car. It feels like we're turning left. If you're not on board, please follow overhead and send directions to keep the team posted.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 26th, 2008, 5:49pm

<Jas, did you see Higgins get in a car?> I asked.

<Yes, I'll just assume you want me to follow.> Private thought speak, of course. Jas hadn't always been a Hork-Bajir. He had been born Jasic 2543, a member of the Yeerk Peace movement during the war. Afterwards he was given the chance to become a Nothlit. He had chosen Hork-Bajir.

I wasn't going to tell that to the team. Jas was a Hork-Bajir now, and that's all that mattered.

<Good call. Stay back just far enough to keep from being caught.> I said.

<Stone, I'm on the left side of the collar. I told Jas to follow us.> I said to her in private thought speak.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 26th, 2008, 7:29pm

"I've seen many people try to muscle me around." He replied. "Don't push your luck."

"I do have a proposition for you." He pushed a picture across. "This is my son, Vladimir. He is being held captive in Mother Russia. In a labor camp of strict regime. Is hell on earth for him." He looked up. "I do not want my son to spend the rest of his life like this. Break him out and return him here, that will cement our alliance. Juggernaut will be your liason."

"And what's my cut for getting him out?" I asked.

"500,000 Pounds."

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 26th, 2008, 8:22pm

When the door blew open a strange small man poked his head out.
"Are these them?" he asked quickly, pointing at Hunter and I. The big guy nodded and the little guy ushered us in quickly. I realized that the loss of blood from my missing hand was starting to make me lose concienceness. I started to morph but the big guy held his dracon beam up to me again.
"Morph something that can't fight, or i'll kill you instantly." I began to morph dog and noticed all his attention was on me.
<Hunter, get away while you can, he's distracted,> I told her privately.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 26th, 2008, 8:38pm

<Good, Leia. I just hope that Nabet and Hunter are okay. They both have some pretty tough morphs, and Higgins needs us most if these guys double-cross him, but I don't feel very good about leaving the others.>

(Where's Poison? He hasn't turned up in a while. Shanker, Anna, please don't do anything too irreversible to yourselves, since Jayne and I are "preoccupied" with Harris. Harris has first priority when he's alone and you guys are together. Leia took priority when she was nabbed, because the rest of you were together. It's all about cutting our losses while protecting the team's most vulnerable element at any given time. If any of you are kidnapped or alone and "need" me, of course that will give you priority. The chief idea of this is to always have someone to watch the other's back.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 26th, 2008, 9:06pm

"I'd be happy to break your son out," I said, glad that he seemed to be at least willing to talk about an alliance, "but what can you offer me to, cement the alliance."

"And what would you ask of me," he asked. I think he knew that he wouldn't be forced to do anything for me, but now was the time to tell him how this allaince would work.

"Information," I said, I knew that I would have to word my request carefully, "there are other organizations working inside my city, you've had dealing with some of them. I need to get rid of them."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 26th, 2008, 10:44pm

"Hmm, do you desire to 'get rid of' these people by putting an Indian Beauty Mark on their forehead?" He replied.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 27th, 2008, 01:24am

I slowly backed away from them... doing what daniel said to, I felt like a coward, hell I was a coward! But that didn't matter now. I was debating weather or not to save him or myself when I backed into a man who shoved a dracon beam into my back. I guessed I was staying then.

(yeah kinda tired and in a bad mood so I didn't do anything new.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 27th, 2008, 09:41am

"I want them out of my way," I shrugged, "I'll do what I have to, to take care of them. I wont be in Russia for more than two days, have the information ready tommorrow."

I turned away from him, walking toward the door. I nodded at the men seated next to the door, and the stepped aside. Now to find my team, I thought, I can only hope that they're looking for me and haven't found any more trouble.

I morphed eagle and took to the sky, heading back to the pub, but I didn't expect them to be there. I had been gone too long to expect them to sit and wait quietly, not this group.

<Hunter? Nabet? Stone? Burg?> I called out, flying low over the buildings. It wasn't much of a way to find them, but I didn't have many options.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 27th, 2008, 10:06am

Daniel was still morphing... I knew he was being slow on purpose to give me more time. No one noticed that I had tried to escape yet. But that all changed when whoever stopped me brought me back to the group. "ah so you thought about escaping" the small man looked at me and then to Daniel who was a dog now "why do you want us here anyways?" I asked even though I didn't expect an answer. Just as the small man was about to say something The man who was still holding on to me swung me around to face him. "we have some business to discuss with you two... without that pesky team of yours."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 27th, 2008, 3:43pm

(Duffman, her name isn't doe. Anna, I'm not sure if you had a plan for what was going on but im just gonna take it if you want)

I began demorphing and watched hapilly as my hand regrew. When I was fully demorphed I looked over at the man holding Hunter.

"What is this business you had with us?" I asked him.

"Good, I'm glad to see that you're smartening up. We want you to turn in the rest of your team. William Higgins, Poison and Isabel Stone are proving to be too much of a liability. They are working with the Russian mob and we can't have that now. If the two of you turn in the three of them, we will be willing to pay you 1.5 million dollars American as well as have you head up the New York chapter of the English mafia. Also, I think I should mention, if the two of you disagree, you will be shot." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, how could we betray Higgins. I looked over at Hunter, she too seemed to be thinking the same thing as me. Then, I got an idea. I gave Hunter a wink when I could see that they wouldn't notice.

"Sir, I believe we have a deal," I said outstretching my hand. He shook it, and the mob boss' DNA became another part of my human collection.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 27th, 2008, 3:47pm

(actually I didn't and I was hoping you'd come up with something lol)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 27th, 2008, 4:04pm

(Her name is Leia Burke, I believe.)

I decided that it was time to give Higgins the heads-up.
<Higgins, this is Stone. I'm a housefly in the feathers on your neck. Leia is somewhere else on you, I suspect. After I got her away from Frost we decided to back you up in case you needed us, but we didn't want you to accidentally give away our positions, so we didn't tell you. You tend to speak and behave differently when you know that you have nearby help than when you think you are alone and helpless. You also make smarter decisions when you are on your own, probably because you only have yourself to rely upon. I knew that this would go better for all of us if you were at the top of your game.>

(Can't post for a few hours. In a fight, duffman and Jayne have control here.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 27th, 2008, 4:29pm

I watched Daniel agree with the man and shake his hand. "well what about you kid?" everyone was looking at me. I smiled. "of course we have a deal. how could I turn it down?"
"good. now heres what you do..."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Feb 27th, 2008, 8:15pm

sry haven't posted of late but been sick as a dog. If mom finds me on the comp I'm dead so some one tell me where i am in the story so i can jump back in to the story in about a day or two. thx
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 27th, 2008, 8:34pm

He told us what to do and ushered us out of his building.
"Remember, have them here at midnight, if you're late, you're dead," he said, then slammed the door in our faces.

"Hunter, you know how terrible Higgins is at acting, and Stone doesn't like to lie. I have a plan, but I think we should keep it to ourselves. I need to show you something that you're really not gonna like, please keep it a secret," I told her. I started to morph Higgins right in front of her. "We're gonna bring him me instead. I need you to morph Stone, she trusts you, and it will probably be easier for you to acquire her. We both know they're better in a fight. But we can't tell them what we're up to, just tell them to be our backup."

I demorphed and scanned the skies for the others.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 27th, 2008, 10:55pm

(umm okay estelore your gonna need to make your character fully demorphed for a minute or two so I can acquire you.)

I whistled through my teeth. "acquire Isabel... that won't be easy." I didn't have much a choice... well I did but the other option wasn't the best option. "now all we have to is find the others." I started to morph into my Common Black Hawk morph. The sun was coming up. It was morning already. I was tired but we had a big day ahead of us. Starting with finding the team.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 28th, 2008, 06:54am

(Anna, If you've ever encountered Frost and acquired her, and you could control the morph to keep you own hair dark, it would look virtually identical to the form that I wear publicly. [Frost's own hair is actually darker and more gold, while my natural hair is totally white, when I'm totally demorphed.] I'll be nice and let you acquire me, though, as soon as Higgins, Leia and I return to where you all are.

I just thought of something, and it surprised me that we hadn't suggested it before:
Our morphing suits can be camouflaged to blend in everywhere! They could have liquid crystal cells that receive and redirect light around the body, causing near-invisibility, and if we have detachable gloves, shoes, mask/hoods etc., we could be totally chameleonized. The same liquid crystals could emit light sufficient to the local ambience, preventing us from casting shadows, and also making us hard to see in both total darkness and bright lighting. If we have hoods/masks, we could include soundproof radios and night-vision devices. Maybe these are a newer model of suit to which we suddenly gain access. Interesting concept, so much can be done with it, what do you all say?

I have school shortly, but I'll post as soon as is convenient for me. Bye, all.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Feb 28th, 2008, 10:10pm

I saw Higgins in the sky and waved at him. He landed next to me and demorphed. A couple of insects jumped off and demorphed to Stone and Higgins.

"Hey guys, Hunter and I need you to do something. The two of us are going to go into there, we need you two to stand guard a little bit away from the door, out of sight. Go to your most powerful battle morphs and stand guard. As soon as either one of us calls out to you in thought speak, or in words, come in after us, as fast as you can, and be prepared to tear the place apart. Do you guys understand?" I asked the team as they stared at me confused.

(sorry for slightly controlling you, i'll edit if its a problem)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 28th, 2008, 11:33pm

(yea sorry I havent been able to post in a bit. Not much to post about now but oh well)

"Should I ask what this is all about?" I asked Nabet, I could tell that there was something he didn't want to tell me, but I was already beginning to morph, "if you need backup you've got it, but I need to know whats going on first."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 29th, 2008, 07:07am

I demorphed quickly as soon as Higgins landed, and for a moment I thought that I felt something touch my arm for a moment. It startled me, but I felt so confident and at ease that I couldn't bring myself to feel alarmed. Instinctively I began acquiring the DNA that I could sense against my skin. I didn't know who it was, but this was going to be a fair trade-off, if not a voluntary one. I felt the person next to me relax momentarily. A second later the sensation was gone and I immediately began my Polar Bear morph.
Now that my head was clear again, I had an uneasy feeling about what I knew had to have happened.
I could see Nabet in front of me...who was behind me?
Unless that was someone else in a morph of Nabet, and the real Daniel had just acquired me...but why would Daniel risk giving away his DNA to someone else?
Surely it wasn't Ellie.
I had given her my trust before. I had saved her skin more than once. To be honest, she had helped me out in a tight spot or two.
She wouldn't decieve me like that, would she?
I wouldn't put it past Nabet, but that was how he worked. Ellie was a different story entirely.
I'd be keeping careful watch of them both.
And I'd be sending them a message.
<Ellie, Nabet, since one of you now has a morph of me, be careful not to lie in front of Frost, if we ever meet her. She'll know in an instant that it isn't really me, and any ruse we create will fall like Jericho.>

(Thought I'd make the future questionable for whomever acquired me. Bye all. cool>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 29th, 2008, 07:23am

As soon as I could, I demorphed. Being a fly on a bird had been a bit... strange.

I watched as Hunter acquired Stone and vice versa. It seemed to be a trade off, so I didn't do anything. Jas walked slowly out of the shadows.

"Good to see you could keep up." I said.

"I always do." He said. Something was bothering him.

"Jas?" He motioned his head towards the sky. At first I didn't notice anything, but then I realized there was a bald eagle and a white gyrfalcon flying together. I leaned over to Stone.

"Frost and Eric are circling above." I told her.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Feb 29th, 2008, 09:31am

I did it. I acquired Isabel! Higgins was demanding to know what was up. We couldn't tell him. I looked at Daniel, and he shook his head slightly. then I heard Leia tell Isabel that Frost and Eric were circling above us. Who is Eric anyway? no time to ask, Daniel and I had to get going. "hey!" I shouted to the birds. I picked up a stone an threw it. I hit one of the birds and it started to fall. all that time training at the academy really was paying off. I had a killer throw. While they looked at the birds Leia spun around to face me. before she could do anything I ran off when I looked Daniel was following after. we stopped behind some dumpsters. I started to morph Isabel.

(oh and I don't know which one is which so yeah I figured it could be Eric. oh and how do you make your hair brown or am I just supposed to stay white haired? meh. sorry for controlling you guys but it wasn't too much so yeah.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Feb 29th, 2008, 10:02am

I was finishing my morph when I heard the warning, I looked up and saw two birds circling overhead. Ellie took a stone a threw it up at them, hitting one in the wing. It began to slowly fall to the ground, flapping desperately with its one good wing. When I turned back to them Daniel and Ellie had already run off. I guess I would just have to trust them. I loped over to the bird, who had landed on top of a small building and was flapping along the roof struggling to fly with his injured wing. I grabbed onto the rail and climbed up to the roof, looking around for where the bird had gone. It was near the edge, probably deciding whether or not to make another try at flying.

<I'd say its time to talk pal,> I said, knuckle-walking over to the bird, <try to fly away and we'll just be all over you when you hit the ground.>

<This isn't you're fight anymore,> the bird said to me, <its all bigger than you, and none of it concerns you.>

<You have no idea what concerns me,> I said, still advancing, the bird was demorphing now, <time to tell me what you know. You've got no outs here.>

<We'll see,> he said, still morphing, almost halfway to human. At that, he tilted backward and allowed his shifting body to fall off the side of the building.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Feb 29th, 2008, 1:48pm

His body would have the ground, however a large bird swooped in a caught him. Well caught isnt exactly true. Just held him enoguh so that it was a controlled crash. I demorphed from my vulture morph and held him in a chokehold, albeit with no pressure applied. "You better start talking you bugger. I have no problems squeezing the life out of your body." I hissed.

"I caught him!" I yelled "Get your bloody behinds down here you lazy buggers!"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Feb 29th, 2008, 3:44pm

"Leave him alone!" I yelled. I ran over to the now fully demorphed Eric.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Like you care. Frost told me all about you, yeerk. The radiation experiment to duplicate what happened to Isabel Stone."

"What? That woman tied me up and tortured me! She had a yeerk acquire me!"

"Liar! You filthy liar!" I knew he wouldn't talk to me. I turned to Juggernaut.

"Do whatever you have to, just don't kill him." I said.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Feb 29th, 2008, 8:15pm

(Anna, I keep my hair dark and my DNA untouchable most of the time by partially morphing my mother, who I acquired after the radiation incident and before she disappeared. Since you already have dark hair, if you are careful you can keep that part of the morph, or you could just dunk your head in some mud or brown dye. laugh
Also, the radiation thing will only work if the person it is used on has only one or two very similar morphs. If they have many, many morphs, they will be seriously messed up, because the multiple DNA chains will make their genes unstable. They simply wouldn't be human when they demorphed, and it would probably be a nasty experience for everyone involved. The tiger DNA is the only one that bonded to my own DNA because it was my only morph at the time, fortunately. Otherwise, I'd probably be 10% human, 10% tiger, 10% flea, housefly, etc. It wouldn't be pretty.
Also, if you were wondering [and you probably weren't, but it popped up in my thoughts, so I'll include it], my demorph-white tiger is female, but it is still larger than any ordinary Siberian Tiger male, by about 5%. Snow-white tigers are uber-rare, and any genetic flaws in one will be common in the others. Male snow-white tigers are the same size as the females, because they tend to die very young due to digestive and skin problems that are included in their Y-chromosome, allowing them to be old enough to breed, but never allowing them to grow larger or stronger than an average-sized older female. Females don't have those genetic problems, and they are stronger and faster and live considerably longer. It makes more sense to morph the female. Also, since the tiger is technically a demorph for me, anyone touching me [as a tiger] could acquire my tiger DNA, if I didn't use another partial morph, such as Gyrfalcon or Polar Bear to block that happening. Always being somewhat in morph requires good timing and endurance, but it allows me to be a flyer, fighter etc. to heal or escape even faster if need be.)

I watched the bird fall, and the gyrfalcon, virtually identical to mine, wheeled high out of throwing range, avoiding projectiles.
I wondered why Ellie was planning to morph me, but I had other issues to fix right then.
As a Polar Bear, I followed Higgins and stood behind Eric, blocking his exits and making him think twice about morphing to escape. I knew he was almost as fast as me in a morph, and I could see the beginnings of fur or feathers gathering around his neck and wrists, instinctively protecting his arteries. Smart. He wasn't finishing the morph, though, because for at least half a minute he would be vulnerable to attack.

<Eric, boy, you should be kinder to Leia. She's been through worse than you can imagine, and all for your sake. Watch yourself, or I might feel inclined to remove an arm, or something less vital and more humiliating. Now to business. Duplicating the Escafil/radiation bonding effect you say? Do you know if it has been done yet, or is it still in the prototype stage?>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 1st, 2008, 1:17pm

I morphed Higgins and looked over at Hunter, she had morphed Stone and the trap was now ready.
<Guys, now you should go battle morphs and wait for our signal,> I said to the team. "Are you ready Isabel?" I asked Hunter, already trying to get in character. The door swung open and the mob boss poked out his head.
"Ah, Ms. Stone, Mr. Higgins, please come in," he said and motioned for us to follow. We stepped through the door and were instantly thrown into a cage. The cage door was locked and the mob boss was standing over me, chuckling. He was alone, but had two dracon beams pointed at us.
"Now we just wait for Poison to get here," he said and then turned around.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 1st, 2008, 9:51pm

I looked at Higgins/Nabet then looked at the mob boss. "what's going on here?" I shouted trying to act like Isabel. "Let us out this instant!" The mob boss chuckled. "I don't think I can do that Miss Stone... or should I say The White Lady?" "You guys just sit tight. Poison should be here in about an hour and forty five minutes." He laughed again and then sat down in folding chair and just stared at us. < do you think he knows?> I asked Nabet while staring at the mob boss. We would need to demorph before then.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 1st, 2008, 9:59pm

<I don't think so, but I do actually have a plan for this, all I need is his attention somewhere else.>
He still sat in the chair and just stared at us, the man must have the patience of a saint. We needed to hope that he turned from us soon, or we'd be trapped as the others.

"Sir," the large man from before said, running into the room, "There seems to be a fight going on outside." Excellent, now was my chance. I demorphed as quickly as I could, and then quickly morphed to cobra. I slithered out of the cage and felt a horrible pain. A red forcefield seemed to be seperating the cage from the rest of the room.

"Now, now Mr. Higgins, you dont think I'm stupid enough to have allowed you to escape by morphing. It's a good thing you didn't morph an insect, you wouldnt' have survived," the mob boss said to me.
Great, now I couldn't demorph from cobra.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 2nd, 2008, 12:02am

<yeah nice plan.> I glared at the mob boss. "well since clearly we're not going anywhere, why don't you tell us what's going on?" he raised his brow. "why not? but first demorph Higgins. now."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 2nd, 2008, 12:11am

I couldn't demorph, or else the mob boss would know that we had betrayed him. Once the big guy left to deal with the rest of the team, I looked over at the boss.

<Do you really think that im going to demorph now and leave myself completely defenceless if you decide to come in here and attack us?> I asked the mob boss, then in private I said to Hunter, <I didn't anticipate this, I'm sorry, this was really stupid of me. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, call for help.>

The mob boss pointed his dracon beam at me, and deactivated the shield to shoot. Idiot, he let me get to him. I slithered as quickly as I could and dodged the hot laser blasts as they came at me from all sides. The boss yelled as I bit him. He quickly fell to floor, unable to move or speak. I demorphed and stole the mob boss's clothes. I morphed him and stashed the body in a closet.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 2nd, 2008, 12:21am

I demorphed "please It takes a lot more than this for me to call in backup." I said as I started to morph flea.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 2nd, 2008, 11:44pm

I was about to interrogate my "victim" but he just laughed. "You'll never take me alive, scum!" With that he popped a cyanide pill. I dropped the body and raced to the door to cover the others.

I heard a commotion from inside. No standard door can stand the force of a size 16 boot. I reared back and kicked the door down. Inside there were two men with dracon beams. They were disoriented the "Deer in headlights" look was obvious on their faces. That was a steel door! And he kicked it down like nothing!

Easy shots for me. Double tap in each head. I checked the room and found the mob boss in closet. He had a pulse, albeit shallow. No obvious bludgeoning wounds and penetrating trauma. I did see what looked like bite marks. Aaahhhh poision.

I extracted a dose of universal anti-venin. It used Andalite DNA technology to completely and rapidly break down any type of venom. I injected the boss with it "We need him alive. I know all about interrogations" I smirked. "We need a recompression chamber though."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 3rd, 2008, 01:14am

<Watch the falcon,> I said, jumping down from the roof and landing next to Juggernaut.

I saw the man he was talking to bite into a cyanide pill and Juggernaut turned away from him, heading toward the building Hunter and Nabet had disappeared near. There may still be time to save the man, I rushed over to his side.

<What the hell are you thinking?> I asked, <morph now!>

The man’s eyes widened with shock and he began to gurgle as his mouth frothed. Before I could say anything more I felt talons rake across my head, digging into the flesh. The gyrfalcon had swooped down and attacked while I was distracted. I turned away from the dying man, hoping he had the sense to morph out of the poison. The gyrfalcon was coming in for another attack. I reared up on my back legs and prepared to strike the bird out of the air. At the last second, the bird banked hard left, tilting onto its side. My blow missed it by inches and the gyrfalcon struck me in the side. Whoever it was, was an amazing flier, I’d never seen anything move like that. What kind of person would even imagine attacking a gorilla with a falcon morph anyway?

As if to answer my question the bird landed on top of the building and began to demorph. In no time at all a woman stood above me, almost identical to Isabel, and she quickly began morphing again. White fur spread all over her body and she dropped down to all fours. Soon a large white tiger stood over me, coiling its legs for a pounce. If this girl had managed an attack as a hawk, I really didn’t want to know what she could do as a tiger.

<Uh, Guys,> I called out to them, <I could use some help over here.>

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 3rd, 2008, 1:37pm

<I've got your back, Higgins. Don't worry about the tiger right now. She'll have to get past me to touch you.>
I signaled to Eric to stay nearby. He nodded, seeming a bit confused by everything, but he didn't finish his morph.
I faced the tiger, and she seemed less confident than she had when facing the gorilla. A bear is an entirely different problem, because its thick fur makes a killing bite hard to pull off.
I'd fought plenty of bears in my own tiger morph, and I knew that this time I had the advantage, at least for awhile.

(can't post for another hour or 2.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 3rd, 2008, 1:58pm

I heard <Uh, Guys, I could use some help over here.>
I quickly bound the boss and hurried outside. There I saw a tiger on the roof. "Demorph!" I yelled at it "Or Ill pump your bloody guts full of plasma!"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 3rd, 2008, 5:51pm

I wondered if I should laugh or groan at Juggernaut's threat. He clearly didn't know to whom he was speaking. Frost didn't care a whit for plasma or most poisons, because it usually took more than that to put her out of comission. She could demorph almost as fast as me, and usually it took a dracon beam or a poacher's bullets to slow her down.
Fast like lightning, she leapt down and knocked me a foot backwards. I lowered my center of gravity and bear-hugged the tiger, keeping her from bringing her claws forward. She snarled and bit my shoulder, but my thick fur blocked most of her teeth from getting hold. I squeezed her and heard a bone snap. She yowled and hissed at the pain, thrashing in my grip.
If it was a vertebra, this fight was over, but anything else would be negligible. Her squirming finally freed a hindfoot, and she gashed my leg, weakening my stance and forcing me to loosen my grip. She took advantage of it and pushed away from me, casting me backwards as she leapt away.
She rounded on me, and I saw that I had broken her foreleg. Not much, but a start.
I heard someone draw a bead on her with a large gun. Probably Juggernaut. I got out of his way, and I heard the bullet hit Frost in the side.
She roared in pain and ran into a side alley, trailing blood behind her. She would be demorphing as soon as she was out of sight.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:13pm

Once Hunter had morphed flea I put her neatly in my hair and walked through the door to go further into the building. Once I closed the door, I heard somebody come in to the room with the dead boss, but I ignored it. I walked through the hall and entered a room with a large round table and lots of men sitting around it playing cards. As soon as I entered the men sat up straight and put the cards away.

"Tell me about the fight outside," I said to the group as forcefully as I could.

"Sir, there are morphers fightin' out there. I think they're americans," as he said the last word, he spat on the floor.

<Uh, guys, I could use some help over here,> I heard Higgins say in my head. Damn, well, I had a small army at my disposal, may as well use them.

"Allright guys, I want you all out there. There should be a tiger and a gorilla, they're the newest part of our team. Help them however you can," I told them. They sat there and simply stared at me. "NOW!" I yelled and they all ran for some guns.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:27pm

(*Laughing my head off at the irony of this* Shanker, I hope you know that the only tiger out there is Frost, and I'm a bear right now. This will be entertaining, so I'll let you take over. I don't have much time for a post. Just don't kill me, okay?!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:31pm

I followed the tiger down the alley. I hadn't shot it, the bullet wound was a lot less severe than a plasma bolt.

If it demorphed, I could easily kill it.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:33pm

(I knew that, but my character didn't. He assumed you'd be a tiger. Otherwise thats called metagaming. Hooray for dungeons and dragons knowlege!!!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:39pm

(I compliment your presence of mind, Shanker!
Also, Xan, plasma, by its very nature, is inaccurate, because its immense heat causes rapid expansion of the individual particles. It is better than a gun at short range, and causes widespread, but lesser, damage at long range. A dracon weapon can ONLY travel in a straight line on high settings and ONLY in a fan-shape on low settings, based on the diffusion technologies involved. You seemed like the kind of character who would prefer a sure thing when facing something as fast and maneuverable as a tiger. I hope that that's okay with you.
Last thing: A shredder is more accurate than a dracon, but less intense. It can also cover a larger area in its higher settings.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:42pm

Frost re-appeared from the alley, re-morphed and ready for the fight. I began to run at her as I was tackled from the side by a large brown mass. I rolled over as the brown bear charged through. Rushing to my feet, I moved toward the bear, now turning to face me again. With a swing of my massive fist I connected with the bears muzzle, it was barely even fazed. It reared up and slashed at my with one of its paws, cutting a deep gash in my leathery chest. I doubled over, clutching at my torso. The bear was already moving to bite at my face, I took the opportunity to strike. As he lunged downward with his huge fangs bared, I caught him with an uppercut under the jaw. He didn't exactly fly back, but he went down. Hard.

Suddenly, half a dozen armed men burst through a door to my right. Guns aimed at me, they slowly formed a half-circle around me. I weighed my odds, they were all heavily armed, and seemed to know what they were doing. If I rushed the left two I may have a chance of...

"Where do you want us," one of the men asked me.

After a split second of staring dumbfounded at them, I regained my senses, <Groups of two, two with me.>

I ran back toward the bear, two of the men trailing me. I wasn't sure who they were or where they had come from, but I was definately willing for the help.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:44pm

((Right, thats why the plasma weapons are pistols and used for short range. Btw also though using magnetic fields it can be possible to distort the plasma as it exits to somewhat compensate for its pluctuations.))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:49pm

(I'm glad that Juggernaut knows what he's doing! laugh)

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:51pm

(wow u guys know way too much about fictional alien weapons. im so jealous)
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Post by Estelore on Mar 3rd, 2008, 6:59pm

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Post by Elana S. on Mar 3rd, 2008, 10:33pm

I Morphed Jas and went straight for Frost, unfortunately she had brought more than just Eric. I was caught completely off guard when another Hork-Bajir grabbed me.

<Uh, Uh, uh. You get to come with me.> I felt something press against my neck. There was excruciating pain as my entire body shifted back to human.

"<Eric!>" I cried in both thought speak and slurred words.
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 3rd, 2008, 10:47pm

<whats going on?> I asked Daniel. I could feel that something was going on but I couldn't make much sense of it. I had heard William call out for help. Then heard Daniel say something but I couldn't really understand what it was.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 3rd, 2008, 11:45pm

<Pretty much remember the two people you saw as birds, and then hit one with a rock. They came down for a fight. After I morphed the mob boss I got the mob to help us out in the fight,> as I told her this I ran and grabbed a rifle and burst through the door. I saw the tiger fighting with Juggernaught. Damnit, I knew he'd betray us. I ran over to the tiger and held the gun up to Juggernaught.
<Stone, I suppose you need some help,> I said to her.
<I'm doing just fine, but the gorilla isn't our fearless leader, go after him, the bear is also posing some threat, don't worry I can handle this thing> she told me. I ran over towards the gorilla and pointed my gun at his head. "Put your hands up, nice and easy," the two mob men beside him stopped dead and pointed their guns at the gorilla.

(thought I'd add some fun. Just remember, you guys dont know I morphed the mob boss, so you have no idea who the hell I am)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 4th, 2008, 12:00am

<I figured you guys were too good to be true,> I said, as the two men fighting with me turned and pointed their guns at me. As what appeared to be the boss gave me an ultimatum, I noticed the bear continue to charge at me from behind. What was his deal? Was he acting against the boss, or was this a completely different group I was dealing with?

Taking a risk, I lunged at one of the men, grabbing his gun before he could get a shot off. The bear charged past me and slammed into the other man. He went down and stayed down. I twisted the gun around, knocking its owner in the head and sending him to the ground. Fumbling with the trigger I wheeled the gun around to face the boss, hoping that he would be distracted by the bear closing in on him. I brought gun to aim sloppily at the two of them as I tried to get a handle on the gun with my too large gorilla fingers. Without even feeling my finger, slide over the trigger, I felt the gun fire in arms.

(but who did i hit? ooo)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 4th, 2008, 06:32am

(And which bear hit him? Me or the grizzly?
I have school now. Bye, folks.)
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 4th, 2008, 1:17pm

I heard Daniel tell the gorilla to put it's hands up and at that moment I jumped off him. I managed to get away from everything or at least I thought I did. When I finished demorphing I felt someone touch my shoulder. I spun around an knocked him to the ground. Kicked him once in the head and he was out. I bent over to get a good look at his face.

(you know demos... it could be poison who my character just knocked out if you want...)
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Post by Shanker on Mar 4th, 2008, 6:32pm

The gorilla knocked out one of my men and the bear knocked out the other. The gorilla managed to get his gun and turned around and fired. I looked down at the large hole in my stomach.
"Shi-" and I fell to the floor.
<Higgins, Stone, I've been shot, by the gorilla, help. Hunter get off my quickly,> I said faintly to the team as already my vision began getting cloudy. I tried to demorph but I couldn't focus on myself, I saw the many animals that I could become flash in front of me, but I couldn't grasp any of them.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 4th, 2008, 7:35pm

<Higgins, Stone, I've been shot, by the gorilla, help. Hunter get off my quickly.>

<Oh Crap!> I said, staring at the man who I had just shot. At Nabet.

The bear was still using the opportunity attack, still bearing down on him as he fell to the ground. I aimed the gun at the bear again, steadier now that I had found a hold on it. Squeezing the trigger with my swollen gorilla finger I pumped several rounds into the bear and sent him to the ground. I loped over to Nabet, his wound did not look good.

<Nabet! Demorph now!> I shouted at him, I could see him losing focus, blacking out, < Damnit! Demorph!>

The bear was struggling to his feet, I gripped the rifle with both hands and swung it in a wide arc. It connected with the bears face, I could hear his jaw crack. He went down again and began trashing, seemingly unable to get up as the wounds took their toll. I scanned the scene trying to see what was happening to the group. I felt blood flow around my feet, some bear blood, some of Nabets blood.

In a fit of rage I rushed over to the white tiger and began firing on it. Not able to aim properly with only one hand on the gun as I ran toward it. Bullets flew all around it as I blindly fired.
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Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 4th, 2008, 8:12pm

The bullets caused the tiger to turn. Just the distraction I needed. I jumped and blindsided the tackle. The momentum of my tackle drove it into the ground. I grabbed it with a chokehold from behind and held it so it couldnt squirm out or slash me. "CEASE FIRE! CEASE FIRE!" I yelled.
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Post by Shanker on Mar 4th, 2008, 8:22pm

I heard someone yelling in my head. Higgins, it was Higgins. Hello Higgins. Hahaha Willy Higgins, William, so many nicknames for William. Bill, Will, Willy, William the Bloody. Bloody. English? English mob. Guns. I was shot! I needed to demorph I focused but instantly my mind wandered again. Everything went black, then it was very bright. Green, I was walking through a meadow. A beautiful meadow. I walked with Tyler. He was beside me walking, only it wasn't Tyler. It was an old man.

"Hello Daniel. You need to get back into the battle, the fate of the world rests on your team," he said to me.

What was he talking about? A red-tailed hawk flew down and landed on a tree next to me. Tobias? The famous Tobias from the animorphs?

<Nabet! Demorph now! Dammit, demorph> Tobias said to me, but it didn't sound like what I imagined Tobias to sound like, he sounded more like Higgins. Demorph?

Suddenly I woke up, fully myself, no hole in my stomach. I looked around, there was a battle raging around me. I morphed Hork-Bajir and drew my sword.
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Post by Elana S. on Mar 4th, 2008, 9:58pm

I'm not entirely sure what happened, it was all a blur, all I know is that at some point a blade found it's way through my gut. There were some far away sounds of gunfire and growls, but over all everything seemed a bit fuzzy.

Then something looked at me. It was dark, completely empty, but far off I could see. Something was moving in the darkness.

Not yet.

<Leia! Morph, now!> Eric? No, Eric was dead. No, Eric was with Frost. I loved Eric once. I still loved Eric.

<If thats true, morph now!> Had I said that out loud? I mustered every bit of concentration I could and started morphing. I may have fouled it up a bit, because I'm pretty sure I grew pigeon wings and elephant tusks, but that didn't matter.

I needed to morph, only a very far away part of my mind knew why, but I knew I needed to do it.

<Your stomach is healed, you can demorph.> I did what Eric said. Just before I lost consciousness, I caught a glimpse of a black panther.

<I believe you.> Then everything went dark.

(It seems my character has the annoying habit of getting herself mortally wounded...)

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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 4th, 2008, 9:58pm

Stern? I looked closer. Yeah It was him. I remembered how he looked. <Higgins, Stone, I've been shot, by the gorilla, help. Hunter get off my quickly>
Daniel! I had completely forgotten to tell him that I had left him. I debated weather or not to go help him, when Stern started to stir. I quickly searched him and found his wallet and a Dracon Beam. I took off his boots and found a couple hundred bucks in each. I slid his walled and the money he had hidden in my pocket. I kept the dracon beam in my hand. He started to open his eyes and without thinking I quickly placed my hand on his forehead and felt his breathing slow as I acquired him. When I pulled my hand back I shuddered. what I did was wrong but I justified it by telling myself that the morph would come in use. Suddenly a hand grabbing my ankle pulled me out of my thoughts. "Hunter right?" I looked down and immediately pointed his dracon beam at his chest. "get up. now." I nudged him with my foot. He groaned as he got up. Keeping his eye on the dracon beam pointed at him the whole time. "using a man's own weapon against him. My thats low" I glared at him. "what are you doing here?" I wanted to just shoot him now and be done with him. "as if you haven't caused us enough problems" He chuckled. "Ah how's Willy doing?" He looked past me at something. I fought the urge to look behind me. It had to be a trick. Suddenly there was a loud crash behind me. I spun around and as I did stern grabbed the my wrist and took the dracon beam. I broke free of him but now I had a dracon beam pointed at me. Something shoved me from behind and I fell forwards. Stern caught me and turned me so that I was facing whoever pushed me. Still holding the dracon beam to my head Stern chuckled "why, look who's here!"

(I've been doing way too many short posts so I did a long one finally. yeah still just winging it so if anyone has something to add then please do)
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Post by Elana S. on Mar 4th, 2008, 10:01pm

(12 seconds! grin Also, at some point Eric needs to bring me back to you guys, or he'll take me somewhere safe. Whichever is more convenient)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 4th, 2008, 10:40pm

I saw someone holding Hunter. I ran over, sheathed my sword and grabbed the rifle I had dropped. I got around so I was facing her and saw another man in front. I didn't know the man, but I could tell from his uniform that he was a general. I pointed the gun and he turned around. I quickly hit him with the butt of the rifle and then re-pointed it at the man holding Hunter. Stern? What the hell? What is he doing here?

"Hello Daniel, how are you doing this fine day?" he asked me, dracon beam pointed at Hunter's head.

"Stern, let her go. Your beef is with me, not her," I said to him. I looked at the fear in Hunter's eyes as she pleaded with me not to do anything stupid.

"Well Daniel, now comes the interesting part," he pulled out a personal audio recorder from his pocket. "Daniel, this is an audio tape discribing exactly why you were court marshalled. It's been rigged to read as soon as it hits the ground. Unless you want your team to find out what you did, you'd better put down the gun and let me kill this little-" BANG! I shot him straight through the head. He collapsed letting Hunter go. I watched helplessly as the audio recorder fell to the ground.

I heard Stern's voice come out from the recorder as it had been many years before, when I had first been discharged.
"This is Seargent Carl Stern from the extra terrestrial unit reporting the dishonerable discharge of one Daniel Nabet. On April 15th 2004 Daniel Nabet morphed into his commanding officer, yours truly, and ordered the bombing of a helpless village, killing thousands of people. I had found this mission to be unethical and dangerous, and refused the order. Nabet directly disobeyed my orders and forced others to follow this unorthodox and by far unethical mission-" the recorder went on, discribing every detail of the distruction of Usam, without me explaining. I felt helpless as Hunter listened, wide eyed to my biggest and most horrible secret.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 4th, 2008, 10:48pm

I listened without surprise at Stern's recording. Now the others knew what I knew, and I didn't have to betray Nabet's trust by telling, or the team's trust by not telling. What a relief.
I checked the brown bear for life signs, and I found none. More relief.
Where were Eric and Leia? Oh, drat.

(Must sleep now. G'night.)
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Post by duffman669 on Mar 4th, 2008, 10:58pm

(oh snap, cool twist shanker, oh and i dont think everyone heard it estelore, at least I kno I didnt, maybe u can fill me in hehe)

I loped over to Juggernaut and the tiger, he had her pinned down securly. The two men around them looked at me confused, just seeing me gun down their leader.

"What do we do," the one asked the other.

"Don't move...gorilla," the other said, levelling his gun at me.

<I'm one of the good guys you idiot,> I said, moving toward them and hoping they would stay too confused to make a move.

"He said freeze!" the first man shouted.

By then I was close enough to lunge at the first man, bringing him to the ground. The other fired at me, hitting me in the shoulder as I lifted his unconscious team member into the air. Ignoring the pain I hurled the man at him before he could get another shot, they both went down hard.

<You got this one covered Juggernaut?> I asked, motioning toward the pinned down tiger, <I'm getting really sick of these guys.>

I picked up one of the discarded guns and scanned the scene.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 4th, 2008, 11:03pm

(I dont know if i made it clear, but the general i knocked out was supposed to be cross)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 4th, 2008, 11:18pm

(yea i missed that, which ones cross again? lol so many characters. oh and you called urself Daniel Shanker in the recording)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 4th, 2008, 11:20pm

(no, wasn't he was yours. I didn't recognise him)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 4th, 2008, 11:22pm

(hahaha oh yea, its been awhile)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 4th, 2008, 11:23pm

"Yeah" I replied "Want me to just choke the life outta it?" as I cinched the hold tighter.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 5th, 2008, 07:13am

(OK. We've had a lot of trouble from Frost lately. I invented her, but I'll let you all vote about what happens to her. She could still have a lot of plot left in her, but she's been making some pretty narrow escapes lately due to overuse. We just don't leave her alone!
There are seven of us, so four votes one way will be a majority. I vote we let her go this time, but we don't keep her forever. We leave her alone and play with Blaze, Onyx, Krensky, etc. for awhile.
I leave it to the rest of you, because I have to go now. If I come back and she's dead, I'll assume it was because four of you decided you were tired of her. If she's alive, I'll assume that three of you decided to keep her, along with me. This is fair, right?
How about, as a rule, we decide as a group before we kill off any of our extra characters, if only for the sake of the plot. Is that OK with you all?
Bye, guys.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 5th, 2008, 08:35am

(I vote with Estelore, keep her. We already killed off Stern in this battle, we should keep Frost for a little bit longer)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 5th, 2008, 09:07am

(yeah I say keep her. And now I'm confused. So was it stern or cross? I guess it doesn't matter anymore does it? lol.)

I stared at Daniel. how could someone do something like that? the tape recorder was still going. This was getting to be too much. I felt dizzy. I put my hand to my head and felt blood. I looked down at Stern. My head was covered in his blood! I spun around and ran into Isabel. One look at her face and it was clear she had already known about Daniel. "sorry" I muttered. and while Daniel and Isabel stared I ran off. I had needed someone to come to my rescue yet again. I was beginning to get sick of it. I ran my hand through my hair forgetting about Stern's blood. I groaned when I remembered and looked at my blood covered hand.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Mar 5th, 2008, 10:37am

(sry havent post in a bit parents locked me in my room after they found out i was sick {not literally locked in} but now im back and ready to post. Am a already in the room??)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 5th, 2008, 10:39am

(umm your wherever you want to be...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Mar 5th, 2008, 11:11am

I just landed and demorphed when i heard the tape recorder say its little message. "Hmmmm" I thought loudly right after that some one ran out of the room i didn't see who.

"Daniel, what was your reason for doing this?? i said very nicely" I'm not here to insult you I've killed that many probably more so if any one here is evil its me" I'd rather be the evil one that the honest man before me but no one needs to know that.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 5th, 2008, 2:38pm

I heard the message. "I hope you got paid a decent ammount for all the trouble it put you through."

I felt the tiger begin to go slack. "It's unconscious, how long before it gets trapped?"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 5th, 2008, 3:24pm

(Stern was the guy who grabbed you and I shot. Cross was the guy who pushed you into Stern and I knocked unconcious and woops about the daniel shanker thing, thats my actual name)

"Daniel, what was your reason for doing this?? Poison asked, " I'm not here to insult you I've killed that many probably more so if any one here is evil its me."

I sighed and looked at Poison straight in the eye. "It really doesn't matter anymore does it? They're dead, it's over. I saw the big picture, the others didn't." I turned towards Hunter to see if she was alright, but she was gone. I looked around, but I couldn't see her.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 5th, 2008, 3:27pm

on Mar 5th, 2008, 3:24pm, Shanker wrote:
(Stern was the guy who grabbed you and I shot. Cross was the guy who pushed you into Stern and I knocked unconcious and woops about the daniel shanker thing, thats my actual name)

(lol okay... oh and that's your real name... hmmm...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 5th, 2008, 3:32pm

The battle was dying down, we had killed most of our attackers. Now it was time to get some answers.

<Okay Nabet, Hunter, this was your show why don't you tell us what the hell is going on,> I said, knuckle walking over to the group, <hey, wheres Hunter going?>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 5th, 2008, 3:39pm

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around ready to attack. It was a police officer. "uh miss? are you all right?" He was staring at my hair. "um yeah. I just..." I looked around hoping something would come to me. "miss? I think you had better come with me." he started to grab my arm. I shoved him and ran back towards the group. I heard sirens. "oh crap" I muttered as I ran. I didn't want to go back just yet. I was still embarrassed about having to be rescued but I had to let them know. "Hey!" I looked over my shoulder. It was the police officer! I didn't have any time to morph so I just kept running. I was almost to the group. I saw them! "hey!" I shouted.

(might not get a chance to post after 5pm until tomorrow morning. so control me if you have to. grin)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 5th, 2008, 3:39pm

(We have three votes to keep Frost, and Xan doesn't seem to care. demos, Jayne, and duffman haven't voted, but they can chime in if they disagree. She'll live for now.
Also: don't forget that Dracon Beams run backwards in settings. 1 is instant-death, 9 is leave-a-wimpy-human-with-a-headache-and-a-sunburn. The power works exponentially, so 8 is twice as strong, 7 is four times stronger, etc.
Maybe we should take Frost captive! Try to draw out Blaze and Onyx, or convince her to work WITH us. I have to go soon, so I'll let you all have that call. I warn you now, I don't have much information for Frost to spout off, if you decide to interrogate her, and she's almost immune to torture. She won't fall for the Andrew-morph again.)

<Juggernaut, if she's out cold, let her go. Better yet, tranquilize her, if you have anything that can do that. A dracon set on seven would be sufficient to keep her out for half an hour, and she could still demorph, if needed. We could take her someplace quiet for questioning.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 5th, 2008, 4:20pm

"Get it mate." I replied. I extracted a sedative. "25mg will keep her knocked out for 1/2 hr to 45 minutes. If necessary I can administer more, up to 100mg which is LD50. I do have some stimulants, but their a nasty cocktail which is only intended for me."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 5th, 2008, 4:24pm

(I think we may be overusing Frost.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 5th, 2008, 5:57pm

(Yes, we are. After this bit, we need to let her rest for awhile, and you all can originate some plot twists. Most of our twists lately have come from Shanker and me. We don't have to kill Frost, just leave her alone for awhile.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 5th, 2008, 7:20pm

(I've run out of creative twists for now you guys'll need to come up with your own)

"I'm sorry boss," I said to Higgins when he asked what had happened, "but I can't really say. All I can tell you is that I can morph the boss of the English mob"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Mar 5th, 2008, 8:53pm

I've got the riders held off for a bit they could add a fun twist any thing involving them must go bye me.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 6th, 2008, 11:53am

(yeah I'm all out of plot twists... too so feel free to come up with any)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 7th, 2008, 12:38pm

(sorry I havent posted in awhile, been extremely busy lately)

I turned away from Nabet, not sure of what to expect of him anymore. I had known he had a history of insubordination, but he seemed like one of the members I could trust. Now he and Hunter had gone on some suicide mission, dragged the rest of us into it, and wouldn’t tell me about it. Now I could see that there was something else going on with him. Everyone was giving him an awkward look, there was a strange feel throughout the group.

“Okay, you don’t want to tell me what the hell just happened, fine,” I said, “but if you expect some trust in this group then it sure as hell better now happen again, because you sure just lost some of mine.”

I paced in front of the group, trying to group my thoughts and come up with our next move. Things were starting to get too complicated, there were too many variables. We had to deal with the Krenskys, Frosts team, the government, and whoever had just planned this attack. We needed to simplify things.

“Juggernaut, does your plane have some kind of cargo hold?” I asked, “Something that can hold a few morph capable people?”

Before waiting for an answer I went over to the unconscious Frost, grabbing he and dragging her over to the group. I began to morph gorilla as I walked into the alley, grabbed Cross and threw him over my shoulder. I then carried him into the building and found the unconscious mob boss. Grabbing him aswell I brought both of them back to the group and threw them next to Frost.

<These are the ones who are after us,> I said, <so lets throw them into a hold together, play them off eachother, see what we get. And it needs to be on the plane, we’ve got business in Moscow.>

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 7th, 2008, 3:29pm

"Use my plane instead." I replied "It's get plenty of room and a Russian aircraft in Russian airspace wont attract much attention."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 7th, 2008, 3:35pm

I caught up to the group. "um we kinda need to get out of here." I looked over my shoulder. I couldn't see the police officer but I heard sirens. "now."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 7th, 2008, 4:13pm

I looked around and found a lorry. It was childs play to bash the window and hot wire the car. "Get in!" I yelled.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 7th, 2008, 8:23pm

(Duff, I'm not there. Remember, Eric saved me, if you want though any of you guys could have him bring me back to you. Or I could think of somewhere for him to take me, but I already had that little solo deal.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 7th, 2008, 9:31pm

(oops, sorry, i just changed it to juggernaut. okay pointless post time)

I began to demorph as Juggernaut broke into the car, this might be a tough fit. I grabbed the alleys dumpster while I was still gorilla enough and hurled it at the cops. Almost human now, I dragged our three prisoners into the trunk and got in.

"Someone give me a gun," I said, hanging out the window to get a clear shot at the persueing cops.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Mar 8th, 2008, 11:13am

'Here!" I passed him a uzi with AP rounds. As i did that i pulled out the other uzi and made a sun roof. I reloaded and aimed at the cop car. "You want them alive or dead."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 8th, 2008, 11:28am

(my we're resourceful aren't we?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Mar 8th, 2008, 3:03pm

(o ya but i have used them before so im not just pulling things out of mid air they where in my duffel bag.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 8th, 2008, 3:17pm

I drove off in the car, careful to keep from drawing unwanted attention. "You guys need to blast the cop car, then we gotta ditch this one and switch cars."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 10th, 2008, 12:49pm

I hung out the window and fired on the pursuing police cars. Several bullets punctured the front tire and the lead car began to swerve. It smashed into a parked car, its rear end sliding out in front and smashing into the car behind it. It seemed we had stopped them for now.

“Alright lets ditch the car and get to the airstrip,” I said.

I then noticed the bodies in the back, two men and a changing misshapen mass. Frost had woken up! She was morphing! Before I could react, she finished morphing the squirrel and lunged at me. I dodged it and made a grab, but it had already clung to the ceiling and scurried toward the sun roof.

“Get it!” I yelled.

It dodged the hands and lunged out of the window, tumbling off the hood. I saw it dart quickly off the street and out of view.

“Damnit,” I said, then seeing the other two begin to stir hit them over the side of the head with the gun. “We’ve got these two, no time to look for her, lets move.”

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Mar 10th, 2008, 2:40pm

"Wait a sec guy i can get us a new sweet ride." I pulled out a cellphone beep beep beep

"Jim its Poison. I need you to drop off the beast as drop point 64195."

"It'll be there in five minutes."

"Thanks Jim" Click

"Ok boys we need to book it down this road for a bit. About a 5 minute run." We ran to the point and then a coach bus pulled up. "I know it doesn't look like much but its totally bullet proof, jamming equipment, radar, extra large cup holders, all the weapons you'll need, real leather seats, and a top speed of 500kmph well keeping a 150Km to the gallon. Any questions?"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 10th, 2008, 3:00pm

(lol cup holders and leather seats, nice)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 10th, 2008, 3:36pm

((lol I call bullshit on those claims, demos))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by demos666 on Mar 10th, 2008, 5:14pm

(in real life ya totally bull clames but in real life im not a assassin.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 10th, 2008, 6:29pm

"We need to get to the Business Aviation section at Heathrow. I'll need to file a flight plan and other paperwork. Anyone here a rated multiengine pilot? Itll be a long flight to Algeria, Libya & then Moscow."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 10th, 2008, 7:37pm

"I can fly. I'm not licensed for these airways, of course, but that doesn't mean anything. I flew an F-22 Raptor for awhile when I impersonated a high-ranking fighter pilot three years ago. This little bird should be as easy as pie, even if she doesn't come with a pressure suit."

(Sorry I've not posted for so long. I've been preoccupied. I probably cannot post again for QUITE awhile. Where you all go, I go. You know the drill.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 10th, 2008, 10:00pm

"It's presurised, I replied. But it's a big bird, 4 engines. But it's supersonic and I managed to get it from a supplier who doesnt ask questions. And neither do I."
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 10th, 2008, 10:04pm

(yeah I'm confused now... whats going on?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 10th, 2008, 10:25pm

((well me, higgins & poison are currently on the side of the road waiting for a ride))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 10th, 2008, 10:30pm

(uhuh, and where are the rest of us?)
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Post by duffman669 on Mar 10th, 2008, 11:48pm

(well i think what we've been doing so far is if you arent able to post we just kinda assume you're quietly following along, but you still have the option of heading off somewhere else, so you could have hopped in the car with us or you could be wherever)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 11th, 2008, 07:02am

(I'm with Higgins & Company, Jayne is with Eric. Shanker and Anna, maybe you two should go find Jayne, if you have nothing else going on. She has been "gone" for awhile, now, and I'm with Higgins. I can't post again today. See you all.)
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Post by Elana S. on Mar 11th, 2008, 12:17pm

{Why did you bring the female Jasic? It's the male we need.} It wasn't thought-speak. I was only partially conscious, but that much was obvious.

"I needed to keep her close by. She has a large amount of money to her name, a very valuable asset on this world." Jas? Who was he talking to? Jas would never let me get hurt, right? But that Hork-Bajir... No, it couldn't be, Jas would never-

{Well, perhaps you are right. Be sure not to injure her again in the future.} I couldn't believe it. Jas was my friend! Where were we anyway? I could feel the floor vibrating very slightly, maybe a bus or a plane...

Or a starship.

"I will bring both to you as quickly as possible. Glory to the Olympions!"

{Glory to the Children of the Gods!} The little bit of consciousness I had slipped away as I fell back to sleep.

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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 11th, 2008, 12:29pm

(you rock my socks Jayne! I love doctor who!!!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 11th, 2008, 12:40pm

(I toyed with the idea of using the Daleks, but then I thought I'd make my own thing up.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 12th, 2008, 10:14am

(yea never seen doctor who so I have no clue what that was, but it sounds cool)

"Okay," I said, looking around, "we've got to find the rest of the team, they must have gotten tied up with the cops back there."

I tried to think of the best course of action, we didn't have time to run all over the city looking for them. Maybe if we find a cop car we can find them through the radios, assuming the cops were still chasing them. In reality they could have lost them awhile ago and the cops could be as lost as us. I began morphing tiger anyway.

"You guys head to the airstrip and get that thing in the air, we can fly up and meet you when we're all together," I said, then bounded down the street. I began straining my powerful cat ears for a police siren and quickly got a lock only a block away.

Turning on the speed I powered my powerful cat body down the street. I could hear the siren coming from an intersecting street, it would be in view any second now. Fifteen feet from the intersection I coiled my powerful hind legs and lept foward, flying through the air. The police car sped around the corner right where I had expected it to. I hit the front hood, rolling off it and landing gracefully on the ground. That had got his attention. He braked and started to fumble for the radio. I couldn't have him calling for backup just yet. I raced at the driver door of the car full speed. I could see the horrified look on his face as he turned to see me only feet away. Then his expression went blank and he slumped down in his seat. I couldn't blame him, seeing a four hundred pound tiger charging at you should make most men pass out in terror.

Using one sharpened claw I fumbled with the door handle until I was able to get it open. Then I grabbed the man lightly by his uniform and dragged him out onto the road. As I demorphed I unlatched the mans gun and ammo clips, throwing them onto the passenger seat. Once fully human I hopped in the drivers seat, praying the man had had the courage to maintain control of his bladder, and sped off down the street.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 12th, 2008, 11:20am

As I sat in the back seat of the police car I cursed myself for getting caught so easily. I had already tried to morph, but the hancuffs that they had put on me had some sort of anti-morphing technology and I couldn't do it.

"So, what exactly did I do wrong? You never answered me when you arrested me," I asked the driver.

"Shut up, we're taking you down to the station," the driver replied. The other officer mearly chuckled.

We arrived at the station and got out of the car. When the driver opened the door, I immediately put my cuffs around his neck from behind started to choke him. Idiot, I thought to myself always put the cuffs on behind the back, isn't that the first thing you learn in police academy. The other cop drew his shredder.

"Drop it or I pop his head like a grape," I said. The driver nodded and the other cop dropped his weapon. I began backing towards the main city where I hoped I could lose them. When I was far enough that I couldn't see the other cop, I let go of the driver, and ran.
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 12th, 2008, 12:36pm

I had ran back to get a look at the scene but when I came back they were gone.

"great!" I shouted to the sky. The police had taken off and I was all alone. I started to walk down the street. I ran into someone. "sorry" I said looking at him. "you know Isabel Stone... The White Lady...right?" I backed away getting ready to morph. "I wouldn't bother with that. I'm not going to hurt you but If you want to fight I can guarantee you'll lose." I stopped. "well then, who are you?"

(look this could be a chance to introduce whoever it is you want Isabel... cuz I don't got any ideas of who else it could be...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 12th, 2008, 5:25pm

(Nice. WOOHOO! Happy Birthday.
This is from Blaze's POV, not Isabel's.)

A small teenage girl with wild eyes ran into me at full speed. She looked remarkably familiar, and then I realized that I had read her file on the Operation MAAS disc before Onyx lost it. Unless my photographic memory had failed me, this was Ellie Hunter.
I said, "you know Isabel Stone... The White Lady...right?" Shock crossed her face, and she immediately started morphing.
"I wouldn't bother with that. I'm not going to hurt you but If you want to fight I can guarantee you'll lose." She stopped.
"Well then, who are you?", she snapped. I chuckled softly. This girl was fierce; she reminded me of Onyx, when we were still in the CIA. Still, I didn't relax for a moment.
"You can call me Blaze. Maybe Isabel has mentioned me? I was wondering if you could tell me where she is, Miss Hunter. I assure you, I mean no harm to you or to Miss Stone. She probably thinks that I am an enemy, but actually Shade and I have been watching out for her. Frost and Onyx have been up to no good, and I've convinced them that I'm on their side. Next time you see the White Lady, tell her that the Boogeymen are under the bed, and they say "Boo". Those words exactly. She'll understand. Go in peace, little Hunter."
I quickly morphed Eagle Owl and flew silently away, watching her race down the alley. The roads were clear for half a mile each way. A few blocks to my left I saw a police car going far too fast. Through its window I could see a military-built man in the back strangling the man in the front seat. The fellow in the back was familiar, too. Ah. Daniel Nabet.
<One more thing, Hunter. The police vehicle containing your friend is headed due east. If you go now, you can catch up.>
I glided away and watched as she turned east.
She would give Ghost the message, and then we would see where this would lead us. In the mean time, I would go back to Shade and tell him what I had found.
Still, I didn't have to tell him, Hunter, or Ghost [by way of Hunter] everything. What they don't know can't get me killed.
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Post by duffman669 on Mar 12th, 2008, 6:06pm

“We’ve lost the MA prisoner, pursuing east on Crandon Ave on foot. Prisoner still has inhibitor cuffs on. need backup.”

“Got em,” I said, spinning the wheel and motoring down a side street.

I saw the abandoned cop car on the side of the road, looked like he had headed into the busy part of the city. If the inhibitors were keeping him from morphing he’d have to lose them the old fashion way. Smart kid, even if I knew he was keeping more than one secret from me and the team. I still knew that he would be key, and I guess I had to trust his judgment. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to need me to get him out of this mess.

“Twenty-four, we’ve got a visual,” came over the radio, was that me? “Twenty-four?”

Yeah, that’s probably me, “twenty-four, go ahead.”

“One street over, officers pursuing on foot,” the radio said.

“Received,” I said, hoping they wouldn’t miss the British accent.

I gunned it forward and swerved into an alley, driving inches from the walls on either side. Clipping a parked car on my way out, I skidded out of the alley and continued down the street. I noticed another squad car pull up next to me. They looked over in surprise at me.

“Pull the car over, now,” one shouted through the megaphone.

I swerved away from them and cut the wheel, slamming into the left side of their car. They swerved into a parked car, scraping along the side, but quickly righted themselves. They pulled out their pistols and began firing on me, I quickly ducked as the bullets hit the side of the car. Shattered glass raining down on me, I reached onto the passenger seat and grabbed the cops gun. Cocking it back I sat up straight and fired on the tires of the cop car. That’s when I noticed the line of people crossing the street, directly in front of me.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 12th, 2008, 6:32pm

I ran down the busy street attempting to hide the cuffs from nosy onlookers. I kept an eye out for other cops but couldn't see them. I quickly headed into a hardware store and looked for a wrench. I found one and grabbed it with my mouth. I hit the cuffs repeatedly, hoping they would break.

"Excuse me, would you like some help," somebody behind me asked. I turned and saw a store clerk. When she saw the cuffs, she called for security and ran away. I continued hitting the cuffs until finaly one of them broke off. YES! Now I have use of my arms. I tried morphing but when that didn't work I grabbed the wrench and ran out of the store, continuously hitting the cuffs.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 13th, 2008, 5:01pm

(Isabel's POV again.)

I split off from the main group, heading northeast across town in Gyrfalcon morph. I spotted the police car and followed Nabet from overhead as he ran into the store. I landed on the roof and called down to him.
<Nabet, I'm up on the roof. Do you need help? If you can't thought-speak, make some noise. Knock down a display, maybe, and use it for cover.>

(Can't post for awhile. If you need help, assume that I storm into the store in Polar Bear morph, "guns blazing", so to speak. If we get captured, I'm OK with that, just leave us at least one loophole so that we can escape without the team, if need be. Maybe we were caught by the guys that have Leia.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 13th, 2008, 6:48pm

I snapped the second part of the cuff and it fell to the floor. I looked behind and saw the security guards running at me with shock batons. I immidiately morphed eagle and flew up to the sky.

<Don't worry Stone, I'm alright,> I said to her and landed over on the roof with her. I look hear a noise from behind me and as soon as Stone and I turn a large cage fell on the two of us. I tried to demorph but this cage must have had the same technology as the cuffs.

"Well now little birdies. It's time for you two to come with me," a man said as he picked up the cage.
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Post by duffman669 on Mar 13th, 2008, 9:21pm

I cut the wheel hard the the side and hit the brakes. Ramming into the police car I sent us both spinning uncontrollably until we crashed into a parked car, inches from the people crossing the street. A I felt a sharp pain in my leg as the three cars collided in one heap and the air bag punched me in the face. I tried to move, increasing the stabbing pain in my leg. Reaching down, I felt the blade of a knife sticking out of my calve. Why kind of cop keeps an unsheathed knife under the seat? I pulled it out, and using my good leg, kicked open the passenger side door.

Dragging myself out, I could see that one of the cops was still conscious, climbing out of the cruiser, and two more were running towards us. I noticed one of the cops had a pair of MA inhibitors in his hand. Slamming to the ground I pulled the gun on them, hitting them both in the chest before they could get a shot off. Shots began landing all around me, I hugged the side of the car, looking around.

The cop in the car managed to lift his torso out of the wreck. He didn't look to good, he was sporting a viscious cut on his forehead, but his aim was solid. I let out a battle cry as I forced weight onto my severed leg and sprung up. Two shots. One in the chest, one in the head. He slumped onto the roof of his car, blood leaking from his mouth.

Knowing Nabet must be close, I began to scan the area. Finally I found two birds on a rooftop, a cage being thrown over them. I began to morph eagle, taking to the sky once my wings could support me. The guy that took them did not look like a cop. I picked up the knife I had dropped in my talons and took off after them.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 17th, 2008, 02:30am

gotta get to Isabel... tell her... damnit! I forgot what to tell her! I ran looking for her anyways, hopefully she'll know what I'm talking about. I raced down the ally. A dead end. I morphed black hawk and searched the skies for Stone.

(sorry it's so short but I can't think of anything and I really don't feel well)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 17th, 2008, 06:52am

(That is all very well. Get well soon, friend Anna. Shanker, I'm leaving you in charge of what happens to us, at least for now. I have to go to classes. Good day, folks.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 17th, 2008, 3:18pm

<Stone, do you know whats going on?> I asked her, I recieved no response. I asked her again but still got no answer. The net must stop thought speech as well as morphing. Perfect. The man hit a button on a remote and the net instantly turned opaque and I couldn't see at all. He carried us for about 30 minutes then dropped us hard on the ground.

"Well, I've delivered them. Where's my reward?" I heard the kidnapper say to somebody. I heard a laser fire and smelt burning flesh. I felt the ground shake under me, and then no shaking at all. The only explanation was that we were in space.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 17th, 2008, 4:28pm

I flew up above them, trying to look as inconspicuos as an eagle with a knife can, <I'm above you now, you guys okay?> I asked.

No response. I didn't want to rush in before I knew what was going on, <Whats going on?> I tried again.

They weren't responding, and they weren't demorphing. Either something was preventing them, or it wasn't them and this was a trap. Had to risk it, had to find a way of following them. There were two guys, one dragged the cage as the other roamed the rooftop, looking up at the sky occassionaly. I landed behind an air conditioning duct and began to demorph. The man was moving slowly toward me, his eyes on the sky.

As he turned the corner I grabbed him and covered his mouth, dragging him into the shadow. As I slit his throat with the knife I pressed the other hand against his neck and began to acquire him.

"Everything alright mate?" the other man called to me.

"All clear," I said, thanking god that the morph had began to change my voice. Quickly throwing on the mans clothes I moved out from behind the duct, trying to act casual. There was a ship that had landed, I couldn't believe how quiet it was. I helped the other man carry the cage up the ramp and looked around.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 17th, 2008, 5:05pm

<Nabet? Can you hear me? #&*#%&^!!!!>
I knew that Daniel couldn't hear me, and I knew why. I had encountered this particular device before. Morph-inhibitors: the bane of any estreen's existence.
I felt our captor moving us, and I knew from the stillness around me that we were no longer on Earth.
Well. This was unpleasant; however, I was the daughter of a linguist and an ambassador. I knew how to retain my composure under stress, and I knew how to communicate when thought-speak failed me.
Hopefully the army still teaches its men Morse Code.
I grabbed Nabets talon in mine to get his attention. He locked eyes with me, and I began tapping slowly with my beak on the wall of the box.
-. .- -... . -

Nabet, nod if you understand. We are in space.
I repeated the message once, and I waited for his response.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 17th, 2008, 6:36pm

Stone had figured out a way to communicate. Morse code, how could I not realize it. I nodded then responded on the wall.
.. / -.- -. --- .-- / .. / - .... .. -. -.- / - .... .- - / - .... . / --. ..- -.-- / .-- .... --- / - --- --- -.- / ..- ... / .-- .- ... / .--- ..- ... - / ..-. .-. .. . -..

I know, I think that the guy who took us was just fried

I hoped that we wouldn't exceed the two hour limit, we needed to demorph soon.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 17th, 2008, 6:46pm

I mentally sighed in relief. He knew Morse Code. We could communicate.
I tapped my response.
In case you were worried, the time-limit doesn't matter until they open the box. I had five minutes left in morph back on the roof, and you had ten. This box stops the time-limit from working. Demorph fast as soon as they turn it off.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 17th, 2008, 7:09pm

Erik's POV:

I woke up to the sound of tapping, there was no doubt in my mind that it was Morse code.

I looked around trying to find the source. I couldn't find it, but I realized that I knew the design of the cell, it was one of the things Frost had taught me. It had to be on board a spaceship judging by the stillness in the air. I looked at the door, I might be able to pick the lock.

I looked over at Leia, she was just starting to wake up.

"Leia, someones using Morse code." I said.

"Wha? huh? Just five more minutes, mom." She grumbled. So much for that. I started tapping on the wall.

- .... .. ... / .. ... / . .-. .. -.- / .--- --- -. . ... .-.-.- / .. / - .... .. -. -.- / .. / -.-. .- -. / --. . - / ..- ... / --- ..- - .-.-.-

This is Erik Jones. I think I can get us out.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 17th, 2008, 7:10pm

Oh thank god, I wouldn't be a nothlit.
do you have any idea whats going on here? I'm drawing a blank. I didn't get a good look at the guy who grabbed us, did you?

I hoped she knew what was going on, because I sure as hell didn't. I heard morse code from an area outside of our prison.

Erik, what's your plan?
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 17th, 2008, 7:25pm

Erik is an old friend of Leia's. I saw him with Frost when I rescued her. I'll trust him if she does. Remember, though: you don't know which of them is doing the tapping.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 17th, 2008, 7:26pm

(Still Erik)

If I can pull off the right combination of morphs, I might be able to bust the lock. I tapped back. I immediately morphed a beetle and flew into the lock. It would be tricky, I had to stay in the morph but at the same time regain at least some of my normal size. If I did it to fast, or couldn't hold on to the exoskeleton...

Not some thing I wanted to think about.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 17th, 2008, 7:32pm

The man carrying the cage with me jerked and fell backward, taking a dracon beam to the chest.

"I trust there was no trouble," the man with the gun said, looking at me.

I struggled to seem normal, "Not at all."

"So wheres the other one?"

Other one?
"Wasn't there," I said, not even sure if he meant a man or a woman.

It seemed the guy I had taken the place of was more important than I had hoped. I wanted to hang back, blend in. Now I was in the front row, my enemy staring me straight in the face. I heard some clicking on the cage behind me, but I couldn't make out what they were saying with the man grilling me for information. And as much as I'd like to know, I had to keep him talking or he might notice the sound.

"The target will come to us," I said, "as long as we have these two. Lets move forward."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 17th, 2008, 7:32pm

(Jayne, how is Eric morphing? The boxes prevent it. Unless, of course, your box ISN'T morph-proof. However, you could thought-speak if that was the case.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 17th, 2008, 7:36pm

(We're just in a cell, not a box.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 17th, 2008, 7:44pm

(Hey, guys. I've been tossing some ideas around with Kire, and I'm considering writing a fanfic-sort-of-back-story telling about Isabel's life before the fall of the Agency and Operation MAAS' creation. What do you think? Is it worth the trouble, and would you guys potentially enjoy learning why "I" act the way "I" do? Would any of you read it? I'd really appreciate some honest feedback. Thank you all.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 20th, 2008, 06:53am

(I'd probably read it. Jayne, we're kinda waiting on you to open the box)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 20th, 2008, 08:00am

(Oh, right. Sorry! And I would so read that fan fic!)

Leia's POV

I was woken-up by the sound of metal being twisted.

"What the hell?" I said looking at the door. As I watched some sort of giant beetle cralwed out and started growing. No, wait, it was demorphing!

"Oh good, you're up. That'll save some time." Erik said once he waas fully human.

"What happened? Last thing I remember a Hork-Bajir gutted me, then there was something about Olympians or something." I said.

"I'll explain later, I promise. For now though we need to save Stone and Nabet. They shouldn't be far."

"Then let's go!" I said, forcing open the door.

(Either Estelore or Shanker can have control of Leia or Eric in the next post.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 20th, 2008, 09:46am

(yeah I would read it... I'll post something just as soon as i can figure out what to do... lol.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 20th, 2008, 11:00am

“Kill the spare, then bring them to the machine,” the man said to me, before passing through a door that had opened behind him.

Entering the room after him was a giant creature covered in spiky tentacles. He looked almost like an octopus, with crablike legs supporting his oversized head. The base of his tentacles were covered in porcupine spikes while the ends were long and flexible. He looked very dangerous.

Suddenly the door of one of the cages swung open, Leia and a guy I didn’t know tumbled out. The creatures droopy eyes widened in surprise as he began to scuttle toward them. Acting quickly, I jumped onto the back of the creature, grabbing its two front tentacles and pulling them back. Unfortunately, with a creature like this, its front wasn’t a whole different from its back.

“Morph something,” I called to Leia, as the back tentacles began to strike my back with incredible force. The needles were digging into my legs, tearing out chunks of flesh. I started to demorph to my own body to relieve the injuries. One of the tentacles wrapped itself around my neck, choking the air out of my lungs. I pulled the knife out of my pocket, desperately stabbing at the creature, slowly losing consciousness.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 20th, 2008, 4:11pm

(Wait, what just happened?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 20th, 2008, 8:07pm

(i morphed into one of the bad guys and i was in the room when you guys got out of the cage)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 21st, 2008, 10:04pm

(Guys, I've written the first segment of my fan-fic. It is titled "Set in Stone". Impossible to miss. I hope you all like it. In a few days I'll be leaving for about 5-6 days, so this story will have to go on without me. I would appreciate it if at least one of you would comment on the fic's thread, so that I could post again. You all know about the "no double posting" rule, so I can't continue the story until then. Thank you!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 21st, 2008, 10:30pm

(im pretty sure you can double post in the fanfic section, for just that reason, cool idea though)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 22nd, 2008, 12:51pm

(yeah... not so sure where everyone else is... so I guess my character is on her own 'eh?)

It was getting dark. I needed to demorph and remorph into owl. I searched for a safe place. I landed on the roof of a drug store. I began to demorph.
I was fully human. I looked up at the orange sky. there were some crows grouping together. One of them looked at me then the rest did too. I waved, hoping they were real seagulls, and if not then they would just think I was some dumb kid. They continued to look at me so I decided not to remorph right away. I made my way over to the side of the building. "whoa... that's a long way down." I said to my self aloud. I looked back at the birds. they were watching me intently. I looked down again... it was at least 3 stories high, I'd get hurt real bad if I tried jumping. there was some rustling behind me. I spun around almost falling. Oh crap! the birds started to swarm!
<ha! we've found one!>
<tell the boss!>
< do we kill her or just take her?>
<ah... just kill her>

I backed up. Big mistake. I fell off the edge, but managed to grab on to the edge of the roof.

<get her!>

Suddenly they were all around me! "Leave me alone you damn birds!" I shouted. I looked down... I could let go and escape the birds but possible die or get back up on the roof and let them kill me.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 22nd, 2008, 10:44pm

I heard the twisting of metal then a loud crack. The lid to our box opened and I quickly hopped out and demorphed. Fully human I took a look around and saw creatures I had never seen before. Weird spikey octopus-esque things were crawling around the room. Burg and some guy I'd never met were standing over my box watching in shock as one of the octopi were attacking some guy. I drew my sword and ran over to help him. He was stabbing the thing repeatedly with a knife and I saw the guy being attacked was the same guy who kidnapped me. I stopped myself from attacking just before I hit. Let him get whats coming to him. He was struggling for air when I noticed that he was morphing Higgins. FWAP FWAP FWAP FWAP FWAP FWAP FWAP the octo thing was now a uni thing. I held out my hand and helped Higgins to his feet.

"So what exactly is going on here?" I asked eyeing the rest of the creatures around the room.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 22nd, 2008, 11:05pm

"I should probably know that huh," I laughed, rubbing my throat.

I knew that they wanted a few of my team members, and that they thought they had some of them. And the leader had said something about a machine? There had to be some way to find out what was going on here. Short of going in strong, not sure how many of these octopus things they had in there, we didn't have a lot of options.

"Alright all I know is that he expects the guy I morphed to bring a few of you into another part of the ship, and he expects the rest of you to be dead," I told them, "we don't know who those people are though. I say we take a chance, give him what he wants, set a trap."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 23rd, 2008, 10:07am

(Hi, guys. I have to leave today. I'll be gone until Friday, at least. Hopefully I can post again by Saturday evening. Have fun for me! Bye!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 23rd, 2008, 10:14pm

"Erik, they wanted Erik." I said.

"Why me? I mean the only thing special about me is that I'm an estreen." Erik said.

"'Only'? That's a pretty big thing Erik."

"That's not what I meant. There's got to be something else. I mean Stone's an estreen, so is Frost and about ten others at her school. So why me?"

"You will find out soon enough." I spun and saw Jas standing there.

"Jasic!" I screamed. Before I could do anything he had me in his grip.

"All of you, go with the Kelnek behind me or she dies." He gestured to another one of the octo-things. Without waiting for everyone to follow his instructions, he pulled me out of the room.

We went down several corridors. Suddenly he pulled e into another room.

"What the hell Jas? I trusted you!" I cried. "You were my friend! My ally! You saved my mother's life during the war! Wh-" He covered my mouth with his claws.

<There's no time to explain. It's all on the disk.> He slapped something onto my shoulder and everything disappeared in a flash.

My head was spinning, my entire body ached. Near as I could tell, I was in an alleyway.

"What the f-"

"Leave me alone you damn birds!" I heard someone yell. I looked up and saw a girl hanging off the side of a building. She looked down and I immediately recognized her.

"Ellie! It's Leia, let go and I'll catch you!"

(Sorry if it seems a bit convenient, but I mean we were all in space and she's stuck down on the planet. That being said, if you had a plan Anna I'll delete the post.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 23rd, 2008, 10:19pm

(I just want to say, i assume she knew we were all in space and had an idea of how to save herself. she does seem to be saved alot though. Im gonna take my foot out of my mouth now if you didn't plan an escape)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 24th, 2008, 12:22am

(anna plans nothing out anna always has a plan lol but there are still a few people down on earth with you guys, juggernaut and demos, but they havent posted in awhile...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 24th, 2008, 12:36am

(actually i did have an escape plan but i don't really care... you can keep your post jayne. better than my escape plan was. I usually never plan anything out though.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 24th, 2008, 08:23am

(That works. I was planning to end up back on earth one way or another, this just seemed like the most convenient place. Oh, and I'm not entirely sure why they wanted Erik, so feel free to come up with something.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 24th, 2008, 08:33am

(oo coolie new avatar and name and siggy... they rock. yeah... I'll post something once I think of something... probably tonight cuz I'm gonna be busy today.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 24th, 2008, 9:18pm

((Im just needing a good spot to come in because I was waiting for the car & didnt see yall get snatched))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 26th, 2008, 11:33pm

"So they wanted Eric?" I asked, looking over at him, "and hes an estreen, maybe that's what they're looking for. So you think we bring them Isabel and Eric, see what they really want?"

I stared at the few members that were remaining of my team. The rest had been left or dragged off somewhere, we'd have to figure that out later. What was important was where we were, and right then I had absolutely no clue. Maybe if we could just find a control station, we could find out what was going on here.

"So what do you say?" I asked, knowing I was asking two of them to risk their lives. One of which I hardly even knew.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 28th, 2008, 12:50pm

(I think that I will steal something from Isaac Asimov now that I am back. He won't mind, I'm sure, and it fits the plot. I'll fill in the finer details in my fan-fic, if you need more background.)

I demorphed into the tiger and leapt out of the box, while Nabet attacked the alien creature.
I would not underestimate his skills with a sword any time soon.
Once we were assembled, I listened to the others' theories about what was going on.
I remembered what I had learned several years ago, and I realized instantly what must be going on.
<I am ready for anything. I don't like being in a box. However, before you do anything sudden, you might want to know what we are facing.>
The others looked at me, obviously puzzled that I knew anything about why we were here.
<It is a disease called Inhibition Death. These aliens, as well as the Skrit -Na and several others, grow slowly and constantly for their entire lives. They could potentially live forever, except for a disease that causes them to suddenly stop growing, leading to death within the year. They caught the disease when they first encountered life-forms that stop growing at adulthood, namely humans, Hork-Bajir, and Andalites.>
That seemed to interest them, so I continued.
<Those three species have a common immunity to most aspects of Inhibition Death, but we are still subject to cancer, which causes uncontrollable growth. In the Agency I learned that Inhibition Death is actually a semi-sentient symbiotic microscopic life-form that lives in our cells. One symbiote lives in each and every cell, but they behave like a colony of ants, obeying a group of master-cells in the brain and lesser but more numerous command-symbiotes in the lymph nodes. A person, plant, or animal whose symbiotes die will slowly develop cancer in the part of their body where the symbiotes died. Lymphatic cancer begins with the death of the command-symbiotes in the lymph nodes, and brain cancer is caused by the death of the master-symbiotes. With Skrit- Na and other similar species, each individual's cells are constantly cancerous, forcing them to keep growing, but also preventing death by old age. The actual purpose of the symbiote is to prevent changes and mutations in DNA that cause such growth. Ordinarily, a human will have the same DNA throughout their body, but a Skrit will have different DNA patterns within the same tissues and organs. The ID cells keep our DNA in control.>
The others seemed to ask "how does this affect us?"
< The morphing technology bypasses the ID completely, by forcing the symbiotes into a state of hibernation, but usually the morpher cannot control which symbiotes sleep at any given time. An estreen is a morpher who has gained the ability to...command...their master-and command-symbiotes. Eric and I are valuable to these creatures because we carry the genetic predisposition to control our own symbiotes, at least somewhat. I have survived brain cancer by bonding my genes to those of another species, so I am even more useful to them. They believe that by experimenting with our genetic structures they can find a way to eradicate the disease.>
Naturally, I couldn't tell them everything. In this situation, at least, it was better that they knew less. Their ignorance of ID might get us home alive.
I could explain the rest later, if they doubted me.
Curiously enough, ID was also the reason estreens had difficulty lying, but nothing could stop me from omitting certain dangerous points in the information that I gave.
They still didn't seem to understand.
<We NEED the symbiotes. These aliens want to destroy them. ALL of them. They would cause the extinction of all life on Earth and the Andalite planet. We and the Hork-Bajir would die of cancer, and the Andalites would die of Stoola's disease. So would all plants and animals on both planets. That cannot be allowed. Also, they were the cause of HIV and AIDS, their first attempt to get rid of us. They didn't realize that our medical technologies would slow the spread of such diseases, but they won't make that mistake next time. Their next attempt will be swift and extremely contagious, and we are obligated to prevent it.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 28th, 2008, 4:00pm

(and she returns with a bang)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 28th, 2008, 6:28pm

(Naturally. cool)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Mar 28th, 2008, 7:23pm

((that part about the deadly virus just brings shades of Portal to mind))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Mar 28th, 2008, 7:39pm

(wow. reading your post, estelore, made my brain hurt.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 28th, 2008, 8:27pm

(If you read my additions to the fan-fic, you'll learn everything that I'm NOT telling you. grin)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Mar 28th, 2008, 9:39pm

(yay, an actual plot! lol cool twist estelore, ill have to read it through again, read your fic, then post something once i understand it all lol)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Mar 28th, 2008, 9:48pm

(Wow, I was thinking something specific about Erik. But that's a hell of a lot better!)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 28th, 2008, 11:16pm

(Thanks, but for the sake of Honesty, I feel that I should tell you all: Inhibition Death was invented by the author Isaac Asimov in his short story "Hostess". I recommend that you read it. It is marvelously clever.
I am happy to have added to our plot. This is FUN!
Remember: I am excluding vital points in the information. The Yeerks are back, to some extent. They ran the CIA while I was there. None of you know this yet, but Nabet and Leia in particular would find that both very important and very distracting. It could get us killed if they know too soon, but they will have to know eventually. Maybe one of them discovers a Yeerk. Who knows?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Mar 28th, 2008, 11:34pm

(just curious, is it important to me cuz of tyler?)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Mar 29th, 2008, 12:47am

(Indeed. This seems like something that would upset Daniel Nabet if he knew. Leia has also had some personal difficulties involving Yeerks. I find these complications interesting.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Apr 1st, 2008, 11:07pm

"So what kinds of tests do they want to run on you two?" i asked, trying to make sense of everything Isabel had told us. This was big, bigger than anything I expected we might have to deal with.

"What would happen if they didn't have estreens? Would that mess up their tests? Maybe buy us some time to look around and find out how to take these guys down."

I began to morph back to the guy I had aquired. Why were there humans helping these things? It probably just came down to money, it always did.

((sorry its been so long and this post doesnt really make up for it much, but I've been pretty busy lately. I'll try to come up with something tommorrow))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 2nd, 2008, 12:10am

(What happened to my post? I had a great twist! Grr! Too late now, I'll rewrite tomorrow.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 2nd, 2008, 07:20am

"So what kinds of tests do they want to run on you two?" Higgins asked. "What would happen if they didn't have estreens? Would that mess up their tests? Maybe buy us some time to look around and find out how to take these guys down."

I had known that a diversion would be necessary, but I wasn't looking forward to it. This would not be fun.
"Well, I've already survived a few of these 'tests' in the past, so I know that they won't kill us as long as they can learn from us. If Erik is willing to join me, I will supply a diversion so that you all can obtain us a ride home. Do you think you can find an escape pod in the next twenty minutes?"
Higgins and Nabet nodded, calculating.
"All right, then." I turned to Erik.
"This will be very unpleasant. You will have to morph repeatedly, as fast as you can. When one of these creatures says 'demorph', do it. You don't want them to use an anti-morph ray, because you will feel the pain of every change. We will probably be subjected to mild radiation and chemical solutions designed to kill our ID cells, both severely painful. The cells can be replaced with the next morph, so nothing they do is permanent.
Do not misunderstand me. This will be torture. If you don't think you can handle it, go with the others, and I'll probably be able to buy us fifteen minutes alone."
I looked at Erik and waited for his answer.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 2nd, 2008, 08:17am

(For the record, Erik is an NPC and anyone can control him as long as it's consistent. But for now I'll post his response.)

Erik's POV:

"I've had the anti-morphing ray used on me multiple times. Frost makes everyone go through various methods of torture until we can ignore the pain, or at least not give into it. She pushed me far beyond my limits, and then she pushed some more." I said. It all sounded so heroic, and it took a lot not to laugh.

Sure it was all true, sure I had the skill and resilience to get through just about any test they threw at me. That didn't change the fact that I had just made a cliche speech.

"So, Higgins, do you even know where we need to go?"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 2nd, 2008, 2:51pm

(This is all Isabel's opinions, not mine. It isn't to offend, just to flesh out the characters. I think that we will now illustrate that Isabel doesn't know everything. She was the first to be DNA-bonded to an animal, and she was the first to survive. She assumes that it only works for people with only one morph, since everyone in the files she searched had multiple morphs and died, even though each only bonded with one animal, and not several, as Isabel expected. Jayne/Dark Flame, if you feel like it, you can use this opportunity to make Erik half-animal. Please don't everybody steal that idea, though. The bonding requires that the person already be an estreen of a very high order, limiting those who can pull it off. Frost can't be half-anything because she doesn't have the skill. So far, only Isabel, Shade, and Erik have that potential, of the existing characters.)

I listened to Erik's answer, trying not to laugh or sigh in exasperation. Were all youngsters this cocky? Between Nabet and the girls, you'd think nobody I worked with had any sense of self-preservation. Then again, I couldn't exactly expect everyone to share my survival instincts. Not everybody is half a cat, after all.
I turned to Higgins.
"I haven't encountered these aliens before, but their ships are similar to those of the Hawjabrans. The escape pods should be on this level, on the farthest end away from us. We are in the ship's center right now, so you'll need all the time that Erik and I can give you. When you are all ready, we will make ourselves visible to our captors."
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Apr 2nd, 2008, 2:55pm

(wow okay I don't even know whats going on or where my character is at. It's been a while... I'll post something when I figure something out)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Apr 2nd, 2008, 4:15pm

((I like this ID idea seeing as a side effect of the geneboosting is that Juggernaut's ID cell's effects are reduced. So he keeps growing & getting bigger and stronger. Don't worry Ill meet up with yall when u get back to earth))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Apr 2nd, 2008, 4:38pm

((well more than half the team is still on earth, so you guys can still have something going on, or something to come meet us or anything.))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 2nd, 2008, 8:27pm

(Didn't she have Ellie get on the ship? She should be with the team, and only Poison and Juggernaut are actually back on Earth. Ellie can help Higgins, Nabet, and Leia find the escape pod before rejoining Erik and Isabel. It is better that we have more of you on the search, so that if you decide to split up you can cover more ground. Convenient. Meanwhile, Erik and Isabel will be enduring unspeakably unpleasant things back here. Also, I'll tell Erik some things about ID that I didn't tell the rest of you, since he technically isn't one of us and probably won't spill the beans. wink
One more thing: didn't Leia say that her grandpa was a billionaire? Why don't we ask her why? Because his name is "common knowledge" to our characters.
Jayne, may I suggest, for the development of your character and her background, that perhaps Alfred Burg invented the morphing suit? Erik will tell Isabel all about it. Since Erik and Alfred aren't Main Characters, may I please control them this much? If you hate it, I'll edit that part out. I'm going to assume that Erik has certain morphs.)

While the others prepared to run for the nearest door, Erik and I morphed BIG. I became the Polar Bear, and he became a Grizzly. Three Taxxons slithered into the room to investigate the noise. Erik and I each tackled one of them, crushing them. The third finished them off, and I slashed his back with my claws. He soon began eating himself, and Erik and I readied ourselves for more dangerous enemies.
<Miss Stone?>
<Call me Isabel. You are standing beside me in a battle morph. You've earned the right.>
<Okay, then. Isabel, I get the feeling that you weren't telling the others everything you know about Inhibition Death.>
<What gave you that idea, Erik?>
<The fact that you gave nearly no details, and that you are now dodging my questions. You can't lie, can you? Well, neither can Frost. I can, but it feels...almost painful, if that makes sense.>
<It is an estreen thing. We commit so much of our minds into creating our shapes that there is no room left to invent anything false. That's how I see it, at least. Cassie herself could lie only at great personal discomfort.>
<You still haven't answered my question.>
<You still haven't asked a question. Hard to distract, aren't you?>
<What aren't you telling us?> There was irritation in his voice.
<You'll have to be more specific than that. I'm not telling you that zebras have stripes and that the sky is blue. I'm not telling you that two plus two make four.>
<What haven't you told us about Inhibition Death? What secrets are you keeping about ID?>
<That's better. Much more specific. You're already learning.>
<Are you going to tell me?>
<Tell you what, that fish swim?>
<MISS STONE! Tell me the secret about ID that you haven't already told me.> He was clearly very angry.
<Very well, boy. First, ID is necessary to all Earth, Andalite, and Hork-Bajir species. Just those three planets and no others, as far as we know. No other planet's dominant species have ID or exibit any gender differences. Furthermore, no other planet's dominant species eats plant matter. They are all carnivores like Taxxons, parasites like the Iskoort, mineral eaters like the Skrit-Na, or direct synthesizers like Yeerks. ID is toxic to all these species.>
He seemed to find that interesting, so I continued.
<We believe that ID comes originally from the cells of plants, and bacteria, fungi, and animals gain their ID cells from digesting this plant matter. Andalites, Hork-Bajir, and all other animals on both planets eat only plants. Humans eat grains, fruit, and vegetables frequently. Even Earth carnivores eat animals that eat plants, so they share the cells. It has been noted that people who eat protein supplements and no meat or vegetables will have fewer ID cells, increasing the chances of mutations and immense growth, especially in the muscles. Similar things occur with people that take hormone supplements and steroids.>
<So that's why some baseball players are so huge.>
<Exactly. Once an ID cell is in a young organism, it can spread throughout the body, as long as there is plant matter to nourish it. ID cells will pass on to a female organism's offspring, but not to a male's, so maternal lineage can be traced through the mitochondrial DNA.>
He looked at me quizzically.
<Oh, sorry. I forgot to mention, the ID cells are what we call mitochondria. We've known about their existence all along, but we didn't understand how they got there or why. Each mitochondrion has its own DNA, inherited from the mother. They allow our cells to respirate and our DNA to replicate with minimal mutations. They also help regulate our hormones, reducing growth rates in species with ID cells. They are the cause of gender differences in the three planets' species. We already know what happens when an Earth species loses its ID cells.> Erik's eyes lit up in realization.
<The Nartec!>
<Exactly. The Nartec lost their ability to breed because radiation had killed their ID cells. They mutated beyond recognition and eventually died off. They survived individually by mutating gills, but we breathe air and thus need our mitochondria. The same goes for Andalites and Hork-Bajir. Notably, most Earth fish have no ID cells. They grow all their lives, and they are all capable of reproducing without a mate, by parthenogenesis. They never eat anything containing plants. Dolphins, porpoises, seals, and whales eat either krill or fish that eat phyto-plankton, which have ID cells. All sea mammals use the cells like we do.>
He nodded, which was funny to see in a bear. I wondered why more aliens hadn't come to attack us. I worried that the crew was busy attacking my team, but right now I had other worries.
<Isabel, you are still hiding something. Tell me.>
I watched him closely, but he seemed sincere enough. It couldn't hurt him, at this rate.
<The Yeerks are back. They have found that they are partially immune to ID, and that the other sentient races are vulnerable to it. ID still causes them death within a year of controlling an infected organism, but one in five is totally immune. This strain is the one that is trying to regain control. They want first to gain control of Earth and the weakened races who aren't immune to ID. Then they intend to eradicate or at least control the disease, making the other races usable as hosts. They wouldn't usa a sick host, after all. They don't know about the Nartec, though. They don't know that we need the ID. They think it's a parasite, not a symbiote.>
<A liar thinks everyone lies. A thief thinks everyone is stealing from him.>
<A parasite assumes that anything small and slimy is also a parasite. Fortunately, four fifths of the Yeerks are vulnerable to ID. For them, it IS a parasite, eating them out from the inside. Not pretty.>
<The parasite of my parasite is my friend and ally.>
<Naturally. I think maybe we should go and look for trouble, since it hasn't found us yet.>
<All right.>
We roared full blast and barrelled down the nearest corridor. We met one of those weird octo-things, and it immediately closed the door behind us. For a show, I slammed my bulk against the door while Erik tackled the creature. It stumbled and recovered, stunning us both with a low-setting Dracon Beam.
<Isabel, I think maybe this is a Yeerk ship.>
<What was your first clue, bachgen?> I used the old Hork-Bajir word for a useless young male, also the word for "smudge" or "little nothing".
<What did you call me?>
<Nothing important.> I laughed wildly in thought-speak.
<I would send you a withering look, Miss Stone, but I cannot turn my head. This is not a time for obscure humor.>
<On the contrary, this is a marvelous time to lighten the mood. Just because you cannot understand what is so funny, doesn't mean that you should waste time to think about your impending torture. Humor is the way to stay sane. There has to be something funny about walking blindly into a death trap.> The alien creature lifted us and carried us to a large steel table.
<I am afraid that I do not share your feelings about this.> The alien attached morph-inhibitor/controllers to our necks. It stuck some electrodes on our bodies and jabbed needles into our arms. I felt a nasty burning sensation in my arm, and it suddenly went limp and numb.
<Good, Erik.> I said, suddenly serious. <If you did, you would actually be the cocky idiot that you pretended to be earlier, and I wouldn't be able to trust you not to get me killed.>
<Thank you, I think.>
<Anytime, bachgen.>
<I don't know what that means, but please stop calling me that.>
<Very well, Erik.> I then called to my team.
<Guys, we are in a locked room with a big dent in the door, down the hall from the main bridge. We are stunned and under morph-control. Say something if you are alive, please.>
Demorph, Human scum. The alien hissed at us. We both demorphed fast, but it wasn't fast enough for us to avoid feeling some of the pain.
Not fun.
I regained feeling in my arms, and the alien forced us to morph several animals in a row, large and small, speeding the demorphs with his controls.
I didn't scream, and neither did Erik, to his credit. We did hiss and curse, though. No shame in that.
We were painfully exhausted by the constant changes, but we kept ourselves conscious, focused, and sane by talking about trivial things.
<So, Erik - OW! %&#@$, pardon my Galaard; how do you know Leia?>
<Well, we went to the same private school. Best that money could buy - $^*@# - sorry, her granddad was a friend of the family, put me through school. He invented the morphing suit, you know. Funny story, actually.>
<He actually wanted to stop global warming and clothe the homeless by putting all that carbon from the air into carbon-fiber cloth. A test sample got some weird Andalite bacteria spilled on it by his assistant. It became a living, semi-sentient computer. %$#&@!>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:22am

((well if yall want to do a good plot twist, have one of you reach a communication terminal and contact me))

I made my way to a taxi stand. I pulled out my phone and called the number. In a minute or 2, a black cab showed up. "Where to, sir?" the cabbie asked. "Heathrow. The new terminal."

Heathrow's new terminal had been built to service wealthy private space vehicles. These ranged from orbital shuttles to full-fledged interstellar limos.

I arrived there and searched for an unobtrusive ship, at a minimum capable of interstellar travel. The others had been abducted into space, who knows where they went?

I found one in the rear. It looked slightly battered. It was a cargo shuttle, that is to be expected. I went into the drivers area and hot wired it. I then fired up the navigation and comm systems. Knowing them, theyd send a distress signal. However, I had to get into space to receive any long-range traffic.

Liftoff & exit were smooth. Now to settle down and wait for a signal.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 3rd, 2008, 04:05am

(Last time I checked, Ellie was hanging from a roof and I had just been teleported back to the surface by Jas. Of course, if everyone agrees, I'm happy to ignore all that. Gives me more possibilities for my next big twist. For now I'm assuming that's the route we're going.

Also, I'm going to just assume that the team all have the morphing suit that Estelore mentioned.)

"I don't like this." I said. Erik and Isabel had been taken away for testing. Isabel had of course explained Inhibition Death, well mostly explained it anyway. I wasn't an expert or anything, but I had connections in just about every branch of the government, including the CDC.

See, she had left out the fact that ID cells and mitochondria were the same. I also realized that she hadn't even mentioned that it was theorized that mitochondria could produce psychic powers in humans, specifically telekinesis and non-morph-aided telepathy. Of course, it was entirely possible that she had never heard of the theory, since it had been published back in 1994 and wasn't in the scientific mainstream.

"Higgins, I think we should go for some stealthy morphs and take a look around. I heard Jas say something about Olympians or something, and I for one want to know what they are." I said. I didn't wait for Him to agree before I morphed a ferret and ran down a corridor.

"I can't understand why you want me to keep this up councilor." I stopped. That was Jasic's voice! I managed to slip into the ventilation system and found my way to the vent in the room. I saw Jasic looking at a monitor, but it was angled away, so I couldn't tell who he was talking to.

"It is simple, Jasic. The research these Olympians are financing could allow us to prevent the deaths of four out of every five yeerks who take hosts. Since the Andalites were not kind enough to provide our entire race with the morphing technology, it may be the only way we can once again become a part of the galaxies." The voice was distorted, obviously whoever was on the other end didn't want anyone to know their true identity.

"I understand, councilor, but it still feels wrong. I had to betray my charge in order to get into their good graces. I just want to be sure that we are doing the right thing."

"I know that these steps are desperate, but there is little other choice. The new Yeerk Republic needs to be organized before the remnants of the old Empire resurface. We can show the rest of the galaxy that we want peace, but we need to be sure our race will survive."

"If it were anyone else, councilor, I wouldn't believe a word. But I know you, and I know your host. Both of you always putting others ahead of yourself, truly something for our people to believe in."

"Jasic, you are one of the best role models for any yeerk. I wish you success on your mission. And I sincerely hope that Miss Burg forgives you one day."

"I doubt she ever will, but thank you." Jasic said. I ran, not really sure where I was going. I had an hour and a half left in morph, and I was going to use every second of it, I told myself.

But in reality I was running away from myself. Somehow I couldn't face the fact that Jas was still one of the good guys, how messed up is that?

After a few minutes I found an empty storage bay and demorphed. I slumped against the bulkhead and slid to the floor. I turned my head up to the ceiling.

"Why? Why am I here? I don't belong her, I'm just a kid!" I started sobbing. Everything had hit me all at once. The second I realized that Jasic was trying to help his people, something had snapped inside me. I realized I had changed since that night two years ago when my parents were taken from me.

I looked at the advanced morphing suit I was wearing. The design hadn't changed much at all since it had first been invented, and for some strange reason that made me feel better. Somethings never really change, and maybe I hadn't either.

"Maybe I've just been hiding from myself all this time." I said outloud.

"Be grreatful forrr that gift." My head shot up and I found myself staring directly into the eyes of a tiger.

(How long after the series does this take place? We already know that by the time Stone was 3 the war was over, so that means at least, what, 20 years?. I want to build a realistic timeline of events so that I can write a fic about Jasic. Oh, and I'm definitely going some where with the psychic powers thing I mentioned.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Apr 3rd, 2008, 06:36am

(i think 20 years makes the most sense, because when i was 17, the invasion was still going on, otherwise i couldn't have realistically joined the army the next year. sorry for not posting, i really have absolutely no ideas)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Apr 3rd, 2008, 09:31am

(that's why I'm not posting... don't worry I've got something I guess... so your still on earth getting ready to catch ellie, right Jayne? cuz if your gonna get rid of that post then that's cool... either way. I just wanna know before I type something up.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:03pm

(Alright, before anyone else posts, who thinks that we should go with having Ellie already on the ship?

Ellie on the ship - 1

Still on Earth - 2

Also, Anna has the right to choose to stay on Earth, in which case I will delete my previous post and continue with the story we had before.)

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:26pm

(It appears that our back-stories are conflicting with each other. Pooh. Well, let's see... Isabel met Aximili, already liason between Earth and his planet, when she was three. Isabel is twenty-seven now, and her father was already an ambassador when she was born. We COULD assume that the war went on four years longer than it said in the books [which didn't really give very specific timelines for the war itself], or we could say that there was a secondary war on Earth. Perhaps anti-alien fanatics and renegade Yeerks united against the Hork-Bajir and Andalite peoples, and the war itself began and ended on Earth. Eventually Earth is an Empire controlled by Asia[now including Australia and Oceania], Europe [now united as a single dominant country including Africa] and America [now including Mexico and South America]. Russia is neutral territory, and it controls the entirety of both poles [as well as Canada, Alaska, and Scandinavia, basically everything COLD]. These four super-countries are known as the Four Republics, each led by a single individual and a parliamentary legislature. The Southern Hemisphere was taken over by leaders that thought the Andalites wanted to conquer us, and wanted to separate from our influence (Africa, Australia, Oceania, Antarctica, and South America.) That would mean that there were actually THREE wars: the War of the Invasion, the War of the Rebellion, and the War of the Secession. Invasion: begun and ended 2000. Rebellion: begun 2017, ended 2018. Secession: begun 2028, ended 2039 with the fall of the CIA, orchestrated by Isabel and Shade. This war was actually probably partially caused by refugee Yeerks who resented Andalite influence in America and Europe. The CIA was their final stronghold. This was the longest and bloodiest war in history, lasting 11 years.
Our ages, oldest to youngest: Daniel Nabet-37, William Higgins-29, Isabel Stone-27, Poison- 20, Leia Burg- 19, Ellie Hunter- 17, Juggernaut- unknown.
Let's say that the first war was over in real time, 2000. Nabet was born during the peace of 2001, and he was part of the second war in 2018. Isabel was born 2013, during the peace before the second war. She met Aximili in 2016, for peace talks with her dad. In 2017, the peace talks failed and the war of the Rebellion began. Higgins was born 2011, and he was in the navy in the Secession war, 2038. Poison was born 2020, Leia was born 2021, and Ellie was born 2023, all three of them children of peacetime. It is now 2040, and we all believed that Operation MAAS was to stop morphing crime that sprang up after the last war. Hopefully this suits you all. Since it is so "future" now, I will give us some interesting new inventions, which I mentioned early on but hadn't implemented.
Higgins and company, I will now create a post leading up to our escape. Jayne, if you want Erik mutated like Isabel, let things proceed and tell me what animal. If you want him to stay...normal...cut the power to the ship's lights and morph-inhibitors. I will employ some of that "psychic" stuff, too.)

Our captor left the room to get something. I didn't want to know what.
<Erik, what do you mean "semi-sentient" and "living"?>
<The bacteria weren't bacteria at all. They were concentrated mitochondria from Andalite cells. The Andalites' mitochondria are able to communicate to each other instantaneously across distances. It is how they make their ship computers. They are totally organic, and totally alive, but resistant to heat, cold, and lack of air. That's how they survive space.>
<So that's how they thought-speak.>
<Yes. Also, I never understood the significance until now: I learned from Frost that when an organism gains the ability to morph and thought-speak, all its mitochondria become identical to those of an Andalite. ID cells are a huge component of our suits, not just ourselves. Our suits are psychic, and we could be, too.>
<You said that the suits don't need air. How do they respirate? All mitochondria respirate.>
<They breathe carbon dioxide, using the carbon to regenerate and purifying the oxygen so that the wearer can breathe, even underwater and in vaccuum.>
<So the morpher's breathing fuels the suit, and the suit sustains the morpher. Wow. Just like a plant, or a SCUBA rebreather.>
<Exactly like a plant, Isabel. The suit can sustain human life for exactly two hours without external oxygen, because it makes perfect use of all the carbon dioxide, better even than industrial air filters.>
<Back to the "psychic" thing, though. What did you mean "us too"?>
<Andalites eat only living plant matter, and they have natural telepathy. Hork-Bajir eat bark, which is mostly non-living, but they have a certain awareness. Humans eat less green food than the other species, which is natural for us. I think that if we ate plants from the Andalite world, or if our suits were designed to synthesize and secrete those substances into our skin, we would be telepathic, too, even without morphing. There are even a few Andalites with telekinesis and teleportative abilities, but I haven't witnessed it firsthand.>
<Well, we already know that every ID cell within a certain range is aware of every other ID cell, even in different species, and that they behave like a single massive colony in Andalites and like several smaller colonies within individual Humans. Maybe there is something there that we should think about.>
We had had a whole conversation in the space of a few minutes, and our captors were returning. Two of those octo-things wheeled in a radiation emitter. They brought it to bear on us. I didn't want to think about that.
<Erik, did Alfred Burg invent anything else?>
<Yes, actually. He invented the anti-morphing ray and these morph inhibitors. Ironic, don't you think?>
<I'm not laughing. What else did he invent?>
<Well...I'm not supposed to mention it, 'cause it's still in the early stages.>
<What, Erik?>
<A hoverboard. Before he died, he started inventing a snowboard-like device that hovers using the Earth's natural magnetism. I've tried the prototype. It's awesome.>
<Interesting. Very interesting....>
The aliens began turning on the emitter.
<Guys, if you can hear me, now would be a very good time to CUT THE $%#& POWER!>

(Your choice, Jayne. I say let Anna decide where Ellie is.)

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:32pm

( ah I don't care weather I'm on the ship or not... it might just be easier if I'm on the ship... whatever you guys decide)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:51pm

(If you're on Earth you can start a rescue mission along with Juggernaut and [probably] Poison. You don't work with them alot, so it would be interesting. If you're on the ship, you can stay with the team or split up, sending a distress call or cutting the power, for example. Whatever works.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:54pm

(demos hasn't posted in forever so I don't know if it would work with poison... but juggernaut could work... we'll have to see if it's coolie with xan.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 3rd, 2008, 12:58pm

(Dark Flame, tell me if you want Erik to stay his human self, or mutated like Isabel. Now is the perfect opportunity, if you want to take over from his POV, or tell me what animal he should be, and I'll do it.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Apr 3rd, 2008, 1:14pm

"Okay, go spy morphs, we've got to find a way to shut down that machine, and we'll need an escape route," I said, "I can use this morph to move freely throughout the ship, I'll keep you posted on what I find."

I took the right corridor and started at a light jog, knowing I couldn't waste time. The power source would be at the center of the ship, which should be in this direction. I slowed down as I passed a few guys in matching jumpsuits. They eyed me suspisciously as I got closer, then grew wide eyed with recognition and averted their eyes. I reminded myself that I had acquired someone of relative importance, that would come in handy.

Once they had passed I ducked through the door they had come out of. Locking the door behind me I turned to examine the room. I was inside a circular room about the size of a football field, in the middle was a large pool filled with thousands of gallons of a grey molten sludge.

"Oh %&*#" I exclaimed, frozen in place by the door, <We've got yeerks here! This is a yeerk ship, everyone be on guard.>

I backed out of the room and headed down the hall. Yeerks didn't matter right now, I had to find the power source, two of my people were being tortured right now. Darting down several more corridors I finally came across a large thick looking door with a key pad access. I noticed that it was a hand print identifyer, yeerks would have used a yeerk scanner. If only 1/5th of the yeerks were immune to the ID, was it possible that there were free humans on the ship? Working with the yeerks? There would have had to been some kind of initial help to get the yeerks forces up so much after the war, were there really free humans selling out their planet?

Pressing my hand to the pad I opened the door and walked in, sealing it behind me. In front of me were the power control stations overlooking the large power core. I accessed the computer and began the attempt to shut down the power. I had a decent amount of computer knowledge, after forty years earth had nearly caught up with yeerk technology, but this was an advanced system.

Access Denied

I kept plugging away at the console, making little progress, <I found the power core,> I called out to my team, giving them my location, <I need someone to come crack the system.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 3rd, 2008, 1:26pm

(If Ellie is on the ship, I think she's supposed to be our "techie". If not, Leia's g'pa WAS an uber-inventor. Both viable code-crackers. Or, if it's some alien language, contact Isabel, who knows them all.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Apr 3rd, 2008, 1:31pm

((yea i figured that one of them could, or if you want me to change it to someone walk me through this then you can do it, works either way))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 3rd, 2008, 2:00pm

(It's up to you. I can help you crack it, since nobody else is around to do it. I'd have to assume that you are answering my instructions since I can't godmod you and Isabel can't see Higgins.)

<I found the power core.> I heard Higgins call.
<I need someone to come and crack the system.>
<I know the language. I can walk you through it.> I shouted.
<Find the button that looks like an upside-down "A" with a square around it. That's the thought-speak override. Push it. Tell me what you see.>
I waited for an answer. He told me the symbols on the screen.
<Let's see...circled x...that's egik for egsake, sideways F...OH! All right, stare directly at the sideways F and privately thought-speak to the computer: "emergency manual override protocol seven".
Then, stare at the next visible symbol and tell it "shut down power station twelve-sub-five." Last, push the override button again and run away from the airlock, FAST. It will open, forcing emergency power to the alarm lights and the distress beacons. The power will be diverted away from the room I'm in, and Erik and I will be free. Tell the others to hold on to something.>
Higgins asked if there were any reserve air supplies, once the airlock opened.
<Yes, but they are in the escape pod. Tell everyone to take a deep breath, hold it, and thought-speak to their morphing suits: "engage mask and emergency air. Prepare for vaccuum." Once the masks are down, you can breathe again. It will give you two hours of air.>
I told Erik,
<Get ready. The air lock will be opening.>
He readied his morphing suit, and I did the same.

(Higgins, I leave it to you to decide if you follow my crazy plan. wink)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 3rd, 2008, 2:20pm

(I don't want Eric to be a Hybrid, or whatever you call them.)

As I stared I realized they weren't really Tiger eyes, at least not completely. The irises were an odd mix of yellow and blue, at places becoming what ould only be described a a surreal shade of green.

It was a girl. About my age, maybe a year or two older. Every exposed part of her body was covered in orange and black fur.

"I will not hrrrut you." The tiger-thing said.

"Who are you? What are you?" I asked.

"My name is Rrrachel Berrrenson." My eyes widened and my mouth fell open.

"Wha, huh, how?" There was no way! She couldn't be!

"No, not that Rrrachel. I'm herrr niece." Somehow it took me until that moment to realize she was in restraints.

"They werrre using me forrr experiments. I couldn't take it anymore, so I half-morrrphed a tiger and let myself become a nothlit."


<Guys, if you can hear me, now would be a very good time to CUT THE $%#& POWER!>

"Cut the power?" I said to myself. I realized that it had been Stone.

"Cut the powerrr? Of course! It would deactivate the rrrestrains! There is a powerrr coupling behind that bulkhead. Cut it and get yourrrself out of here!"

"What about you?" She grinned, revealing a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

"I'll be fine, I take after my aunt." I morphed ferret and climbed back into the ventilation system. I paused and turned back.

<If you see a Hork-Bajir, let him go. He's one of the good guys.> I said. I found a bunch of wires and tore them out with my teeth. for a second everything went dark, the suddenly there were red lights flashing and Klaxons blaring.

With a feeling of accomplishment, I ran towards the Escape pods.

(I didn't realize that duff had found a panel. Oh well, this could either be a good thing or a bad thing, that's up to Duff I guess.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Apr 3rd, 2008, 2:51pm

I followed Isabel’s instructions, listening to the stifled grunts of pain in between. She was doing a good job not showing it, but I knew that I had to hurry. If it worked we would hopefully be able to escape and delay their operation, but escape shouldn’t be the goal. We needed to shut this thing down now. To my left were a row of reserve power cells, I assumed in case someone shut down the main power.

I morphed gorilla and knuckle walked over to them, grabbing a pipe from the ground. Okay smart guy, I said to myself, taking a swing at the restraints bolting the cells to the floor, you're swinging a pipe at unstable power sells next to a thousand ton bomb, perfect.

I managed to bash away most of the restraints, leaving enough to hold all of them in place when the airlock was opened. In a few minutes they’d break free from the pressure and start flying around the room, I hoped that none of us were on the ship when that happened. I began to work on the wires connecting the reserve power to the ship, they weren't active yet, or else I'd be sending more power through my body than a dozen elephants could handle. As I hacked at the last one with the steel rod, an announcement proclaimed, "Rerouting reserve power to prison wing." Just as my final swing cut through the cable, they began to blast with electricity, sending me flying back.

I stumbled to my feet as the broken cables automatically shut down, knowing that a split second sooner and I would have been dead. Well, whatever was going on in the prison wing, they wont be getting any reserve power.

<Opening airlock now,> I told my team, wrapping one of my massive arms around the railing and activating my suits air supply, <everybody get ready.>


The pressure hit me like a ton of bricks, lifting me into the air. My arm took the full force but held strong as the railing was bent forward from the weight. I dug in and made my way out into the hallway. Time to find the escape pods and get the hell out of here.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 3rd, 2008, 2:51pm

(As you like it, Jayne.The boy stays normal. Hybrid is a good term, thanks.)

The light in our room suddenly went out, and I felt the anti-morphing restraints fall loose. I demorphed tiger. With my morph-energy vision I could see that a blue shape next to me. Erik was demorphing, too. He started remorphing the grizzly bear. I shifted my eyes back to the tiger's night vision, but there was little to see. Our captors had poor night vision, and they were bumping into things.
<Erik, are you pondering what I'm pondering?>
<Yeah, Brain, but where are we going to find a vat of green jell-o?>
<Seriously, though. They're blind; we're free. I'm not usually so vindictive, but I really don't feel like letting them live. You?>
<I'll take the one on the left.There is one on the left, right? This bear can't see anything!>
<Yes. Ten-o'clock, one meter ahead.>
He tackled the creature while I leapt on the other one's back. The octo-aliens shrieked and died under our weight. Those spindly legs weren't good for much. They wouldn't be able to tolerate Earth gravity for very long. Really, it was an act of mercy.
Who was I kidding. It was fun, after what we'd just been through.
<All right, Erik. Turn around, facing four-o'clock. The door is four meters this way.> I growled loudly to give him a sound to follow.
<Three more steps, then open the door, please.>
He ran full-tilt at the hatch. It screeched and popped open, and my eyes were flooded with brilliant red light. Klaxons screeched in my ears.
<Let's demorph and get ready in case the airlock is open. We'll need the emergency air.> Erik said.
<Good idea.> We demorphed and prepared our suits for survival in vaccuum. Fortunately, we didn't have to be in morph to control the suits with our thoughts. A single thought, even without true thought-speak, would trigger them. Now we only had to wait for Higgins' signal. Hopefully he, Leia, or Nabet had found the escape pod.
We exited the room and ran right into Daniel.
"Uhh...I'm here to rescue you." He said.
"We're okay now, but thank you, Daniel. Do you know the way to the escape pod? Also, you might want to activate your suit's emergency mask and air supply. It's good for two hours."
He seemed puzzled by this.
"Think directly to your morphing suit, just like thought-speak. Tell it 'prepare for vaccuum'. When the air in here runs low, think 'Vaccuum!', and a mask and goggles will cover your face, supplying emergency air. Get it?"
He nodded.
"Let's go look for the pod, then."
<Opening airlock now. Everybody get ready.> Higgins' voice was faint, but distinct.
I felt the air pressure drop, and I contacted my suit.
Immediately the mask wrapped up and over my face. Goggles materialized in front of my eyes, and I could taste the pure oxygen as it filtered out of my exhaled breath.
Hopefully I wouldn't need the whole two hours of air. Humans need a little nitrogen once in awhile, and the suit couldn't provide that.
I saw Nabet's and Erik's suits react to their thoughts, just like mine. Good. Now we had time to find the others.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Apr 3rd, 2008, 3:17pm

(gah, i had such plans for me but so much stuff happened while i was at school sad oh well, improv time)

I ran from Higgins while he went to find the escape pods, I drew my sword and took out a couple of taxons that stared at me as I went by. I needed to go make sure that Stone and the other guy were alright. I hated this plan from the start, and I wasn't one to follow orders. I suppose that me barging in would be distraction enough to buy Higgins some time. I looked around, completely lost and heard a voice in my head.

<Guys, if you can hear me, now would be a very good time to CUT THE $%#& POWER!>

Stone was clearly in pain and I needed to help her.

<Opening airlock now,> Higgins said to us, <everybody get ready.>

I didn't have any way to protect myself, so I hoped that the air would return quick enough. I saw a man walking by, he saw me and stood wide eyed.

"Where are the estreens?" I asked him with the blade at his neck. He told me before his head went rolling across the floor. The lights went out as I ran to the place the man told me. I finally made it there and saw Stone and the other guy walking out of the room.

"Uhh... I'm here to rescue you," I told them lamely.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 3rd, 2008, 3:57pm

(Shanker, I modified my last post to fit what you wrote. I hope you don't mind. Otherwise the events conflict a bit. What were your other ideas? I might be able to tweak things so that they work.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Apr 3rd, 2008, 4:05pm

(nah, dont worry about it)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 3rd, 2008, 4:14pm

(Okay, then. Leia and Higgins haven't found the escape pod....maybe Daniel has? Lead the way. Speaking of thwarted ideas, I had some ideas involving a crash-landing in the middle of the Arctic Circle and finding civilization in Siberia without freezing to death, but that won't happen until we're on Earth again. Time to put all my cold-weather morphs to good use.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Apr 3rd, 2008, 7:24pm

((well yall help is on the way and if you want to bring up another character, just retcon that they got onto the ship while I hotwired it.))

I picked up a distress signal. Near Earth orbit, maybe 5 minutes away at max burn. I lit the thrusters and made my way over.

Since it was broadcasting a distress signal, I activated the emergency dock protocol. Since there was distress it would overide any docking restrictions the ship had.

I didnt know what the inside atmosphere might be, after all it could be a valid mayday. Or it could be a signal from the others. I grabbed a space suit and put it on. It was a little tight but the seals worked in case of vacum.

I activated the hatches using the emergency override and made my way inside. It was dark but no emergency lights, the main and reserve power systems were down. I could barely see but made my way to the power core. Just to be safe I had my pistols unholstered yet unobtrusive.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 4th, 2008, 12:02am

Air rushing out! The ferret's mind went mad, and honestly so did mine.

<Help, Someone, anyone please.> I couldn't focus. Far away I realized I was demorphing. I knew the suit could keep me alive for at least ten minutes in hard vacuum, but how did it work.

Didn't matter, everything was going to be fine. I was feeling serene, at peace with the universe.

<I'm here Leia. I've got you> I felt arms wrap around me as my mind drifted away.

(Not sure who rescued me, just has to be someone with arms, or tentacles, or something of the like. Might not have even been thoughtspeak grin)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 4th, 2008, 07:14am

As Nabet, Erik, and I rushed through the corridors of the ship, I spotted a, a ferret! Running circles in panic. It slowly began demorphing.
<Help, Someone, anyone please.> It was Leia! As she demorphed, she began slowing down. Losing consciousness. I quickly picked up the growing ferret/girl in my arms and ran with her.
<I'm here Leia. I've got you> I had morphed the tiger's muscles in my arms and legs to reinforce my strength while she finished the morph, and I kept running. The partial morph also allowed me to use open thought-speak.
<Leia? Can you hear me?> She didn't respond. Out cold.
I looked at the tag on the collar of her morphing suit.
"#497 model S" it said. Ordinarily a suit would only obey the wearer, but every suit had a password for someone else to override it in an emergency.
<S -497: Switch to emergency override.>
<State password.> The suit said, in a bright and cheerful tone. Annoying.
< Password:Alfred.>
<Access Denied. Try Again.>
I thought about it for a moment. Of course!
< Password: Erik.>
<Access Granted. What orders?>
< Prepare for vaccuum; Vaccuum! Initialize one cycle of reserve air; then normalize.> When a person can't exhale enough carbon dioxide to start proper ventilation, the suit produces one breath of oxygen to initiate respiration.
The suit's mask surrounded Leia's face, and she started breathing. After a moment she seemed to pull herself together, and I set her down so that she could carry her own weight.
<Leia, you'll be wanting a new override password.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 4th, 2008, 09:22am

<I think I'll keep it just how it is.> I said wrapping my arm around stone's shoulder. <What happened? I took out a power coupling, but I didn't know it would take out the airlocks!>

(Short but sweet)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Apr 4th, 2008, 09:43am

I struggled down the hallway, and came across two of the octapus-like aliens and a tough looking guy. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at my head. Ducking quick to the side I lunged at him before he could get another shot off. The gun went flying, he went farther. I kept moving straight through him and landed a punch square on one of the creatures head. I felt an odd squishing underneath. I had no clue about the anatomy of these things, I couldn't tell what I had done to it. Not seeming very fazed, it grabbed me around my arm and leg and used my own momentum to send me flying into the wall.

Unlucky for him, I landed right next to the dracon beam. Picking it up I fired off several rounds at the round head. They blasted straight through, spewing puss as the head deflated slightly. <Oh thats just gross,> I said to no one in particular, not sure if these things could talk. I landed a few shots on the other until they both lay writhing on the ground.

<You,> I said, turning to the man struggling to his feet.

< Don't hurt me, I'm low level, I didn't do anything to you,> he whimpered, not looking as tough with a 500 pound gorilla looming over him. A 500 pound gorilla with a gun.

<The escape podsm, where are they?> I asked, casually lifting him a couple feet off the ground and pressing him against the wall.

Like any sane person, he pointed the way, quickly.

<What happened?> I heard a voice say, and looked around to see my team running down the hall, <I took out a power coupling, but I didn't know it would take out the airlocks!>

<That would be my doing,> I said, tossing the guy to the ground, <I did something else too, we have to get out of here now.>

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on Apr 4th, 2008, 12:39pm

(okay so I'll just be here on earth by my lonesome.. lol.)

I was just hanging there as the birds of doom pecked at my hands and pulled my hair. It was kinda annoying.

"what do you want anyways?!" I shouted.
I was starting to let go, my hands were hurting. I couldn't pull myself up anymore my arms were too tired, so the only choice I had was to let go and hope for the best. I wanted answers though before I let go.

"Just tell me!"
suddenly the birds stopped. One bird landed in front of me.

< we're supposed to round all of you up. every morph capable human. I'm not sure why, they never told us. But we're just following orders. Nothing personal.>

and with that they all swarmed on my hands pecking and pecking until I couldn't hold on any longer. I was falling fast. I needed to morph. I started to turn into the black hawk but I didn't think I'd have enough time. I didn't. I smashed into the pavement and screamed as my leg snapped under me. I needed to morph! I tried to concentrate but the image kept slipping my mind. I heard sirens and then I was out.

( yes I do have a plan on how to get out of this and stuff... well an idea at least. just so you guys know so no one come in and rescue me)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 4th, 2008, 3:47pm

(Guys, I will be away this weekend. I cannot post again until Sunday night at the earliest. Sorry. This is my last post until then, I think. Bye, all.)

Once Leia was on her feet, we headed toward the sound of Higgins' thought-speak voice. My ears picked up the sounds of a fight, but I didn't want to morph and lose my air supply. With my left hand I drew a longknife from its sheath on my suit's spine. With the left I pulled a tessen, my bladed folding fan, from the silk sash at my waist.
A noise to my left! I ducked and raised the open fan in front of my head, deflecting a Dracon Beam into the wall. I used the momentum of the turn to pivot, slicing my knife across the belly of one of those octo-things. He went down.
The creature behind him fired at me again. I jumped right and deflected the shot back into his body. He fell like the first one, but he was still alive. I ran forward and slashed the fan's sharp edge across his head, severing it.
The great thing about these fans: they make excellent weapons AND reflector shields due to their carbon-steel composition. The edges are sharp as razor blades, and the side surfaces are as reflective as a mirror to beam weapons.
The three of us went into the nearest room and found Higgins there, in Gorilla morph. The room was clear, so I wiped the blood off my knife and fan, putting them away.
<What now?> I asked.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Apr 4th, 2008, 4:26pm

I looked down at the octo thingy that Stone had taken out, I saw it twitch a little bit, showing signs of life and had an idea.

"Guys, maybe if we acquire these things we can get around the ship undetected and unharmed," I suggested to the team as I bent down and acquired it.
"I saw the escape pods on the way to find the two of you, just follow me."

I began morphing one of the octothings and prepared myself for whatever it's mind had in store for me.

(i always feel like i post such short things sad oh well)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Apr 4th, 2008, 9:32pm

I burst into the first room on my left and noticed a creature. My mind simply devolved to a set of genetically coded processes.

Prepare to destroy

I kept Mayhem and Chaos loose at low ready. "Who or what are you? What are doing at my planet?"

Then I noticed humans. They looked grimy but I noticed something familiar. It was the ones who I had to protect. "What are you doing here?"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Apr 4th, 2008, 11:42pm

Anger. Thats all I felt. Pure anger. I looked around and saw two humans and a gorilla. I watched them calmly, waiting for my opening to strike. I quickly turned when I heard a noise behind me.

"Who or what are you? What are doing at my planet?" asked the giant creature standing near me, "What are you doing here?" I lunged and dug my spiny foot deep into the giant thing's chest.

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 6th, 2008, 7:50pm


All of us out of morph acquired the octo-thing. Nabet and I morphed it, and I viciously clamped down onto the creature's mind as its instincts surfaced. This thing was ANGRY. It wanted terribly to kill the gorilla and the two kids, but I had dealt with worse. It wasn't as bad as the Leopard Seal was when I first morphed it.
<Leia and Erik, you should probably not morph it yet. The mind is a little crazy. We might need you to keep us in check.>
Suddenly Juggernaut surged around the corner, saw Nabet, and braced himself to fight. Nabet jumped at Juggernaut and kicked him. The kick barely made it past Juggernaut's heavy body armor, but obviously neither of them was entirely in control. %@&#.
<Juggernaut! The octo-things are Daniel Nabet and me in morph! Nabet, GET HOLD OF YOURSELF, YOU &^#$ FOOL!> I shouted to both of them.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Apr 6th, 2008, 9:25pm

Woah, get ahold of yourself Daniel. You're a person, not this creature. I pulled my leg out of Juggernaut's chest and looked at the wound I had made. It wasn't very deep but it still looked pretty painful. Good thing he had a hard chest.

<I'm really sorry Juggernaut, couldn't get it under control, but I'm fine now,> I told him. The anger was still there, but I managed to push it to the back of my mind.

<Guys, when you morph this thing, be careful. It's angry, very very angry. Just keep it under control and you should be alright.>

I stared out of the room to see if anybody was coming. Two Hork-Bajir, three Taxons and a bunch of humans were making their way towards the room.

<Guys, we need to do this fast. We have company.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Apr 6th, 2008, 10:26pm

"It's OK, I heal fast."
I peaked out and saw them coming. "Cover your eyes and ears its going to get really loud, really fast."
I pulled out a flashband & rolled out into the corridor and ducked back inside.
I prepared myself for it.
BOOM! I heard, even through my hands over my ears.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 7th, 2008, 07:14am

Ow. Owowowow. That was LOUD. I had the alien's mind under control, but its senses were something else entirely. The vision sucked, but everything has awful vision when you're used to being a cat half the time. At least it saw color, but the colors were weird. The hearing was phenomenal. It felt as though the creature had ears all over its body.
That was the problem.
Going deaf, even temporarily, was like being electrocuted and hit with a cast-iron frying pan at the same time.
<Hey, Juggernaut. Those percussion weapons work VERY, VERY WELL on these aliens. Please give me a bit more advance warning next time. Thank you.> I told him.
Then I called to the others.
<I'm going tiger now. This thing is blind AND deaf now, and I'll fight better now that I know what I'm fighting.>
I rapidly demorphed to tiger, and it seemed that the vaccuum pull was gone.
Either somebody had closed the airlock, or all the air was gone and this would be capital-B Bad, or we were in a part of the ship with emergency locks. The last seemed to be the most likely, because I could still breathe once I was tiger, but the emergency lights were still flashing.
I circled around the back of the team, searching for any new problems. A Taxxon skittered around a corner.
I leapt at him, pivoting midair to gut him with my rear claws. I landed facing the team, and I jogged back to them, winding my way to where Juggernaut stood.
< Do you have a ride out of here? We could use it.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Apr 7th, 2008, 2:43pm

"I got a cargo ship we can escape with. Of course we may get pursued by the cops. It's stolen."

Also I only have 3 more flashbangs but I do have some tear gas grenades. If you gents have gas masks make sure to put them on if I throw one.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 7th, 2008, 4:49pm

<Our morphing suits provide some protection from toxins in the air. We'll have to demorph to use them, though. I also carry an improvised gas neutralizer- a handkerchief soaked in chemicals that detoxify the air.>

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 8th, 2008, 1:06pm

"Wait! Jas! He was talking to someone, apparently the yeerks are trying to build a peaceful republic. I... I can't just leave him here..." I said. I wasn't sure how everyone would react.

"Leia, he carved out your gut! How could you possibly trust him!" Erik yelled.

"He was the one who saved my mother. If it weren't for him, she'd have been in the original yeerk pool when it was destroyed." I said calmly. "He was only 12 hours from kadrona starvation, and yet he risked his life to save hers." I realized I had made a mistake. Now everyone would know who Jas really was.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Apr 8th, 2008, 3:07pm

(you just did the same thing i did a while ago, your name isn't jayne)
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Post by duffman669 on Apr 8th, 2008, 3:48pm

<Kandrona starvation?> I asked, <you mean he's a yeerk? You've had a yeerk as your servant this whole time! That must mean you know about their kandrona source, and you kept that information from everyone?>

I stared at her, not sure what to do. We didn't have time for this, I knew that much, this whole place was going to blow in a few minutes. Was I really going to risk my life for him? But was I really going to order her to leave her 'friend'?

<He betrayed you, if hes with them then I hope hes got his own way off this place. If you want to go then go, but the yeerk peace movement is over, if they wanted peace they would have taken it at the end of the invading war.> I said, turning my back on her.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 8th, 2008, 4:10pm

<Give her a break this time, William. She certainly isn't the first of us to keep a secret from the others. You didn't demand that I leave when Frost you shouldn't ask her to throw away her closest external allies without a second thought. Plus...sorry, Leia, but it's a valid point...this Jas fellow may have useful information about the other Yeerks. We could take him as a prisoner as easily as we could rescue him, and it would be more profitable to our survival. If he knows something, we'll find out. If he doesn't, he'll be grateful that we saved him. You never know when you'll need an inside man...or slug. My kerchief will work for a gas mask, if we decide to take him along.>
I demorphed to human and pulled the "perfumed" handkerchief from the sash at my waist. It was a white, semi-transparent two-foot square, so anyone using it to protect their face and lungs could tie it around their head like a mask and still see through it. I handed it to Leia.
<Tell Jas to tie that around his face. Be sure that it covers his eyes, too. The chemicals should last about two hours, just like our suits.>

(If anyone is wondering why I picked two hours for our limits, I actually based that on sound practical knowledge. A standard SCUBA tank will provide air for two hours. A standard U.S. Army gas mask will filter air for two hours. A rebreather device will filter oxygen out of the exhalations of a human for two hours, after which the lungs no longer contain enough residual oxygen for breathing. A human can survive [with varying levels of discomfort or pain] for two hours on pure oxygen [which is eventually very toxic without nitrogen and other naturally-occurring gases in Earth's atmosphere]. The exception to the rule is in hospitals, where intense injuries, inactivity, and unconsciousness not only allow the body to endure without nitrogen, but they make the oxygen necessary to healing.
Another thing about rebreathers: they only work because humans almost never use 100% of the air they breathe. They actually exhale 70% of the oxygen that they inhale, using only 30% at a time. Some rebreathers contain back-up air capsules and/or "gills" that draw tiny amounts of air from the surrounding water or gas.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 8th, 2008, 6:40pm

I took the handkerchief from Isabel and turned to Higgins.

"Okay, first of all, Jas is a nothlit. He hasn't really been a yeerk for years. Second, he was a major member of the yeerk peace movement, I truly believe that he only wants to help his people become a part of the galactic comunity," I said. "Besides, if I remember correctly you plowed an elephant tusk through me the first time we met." Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Erik morph a Panther.

"Erik! No!" I yelled, but it was to late. He had already pounced towards Higgins.
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Post by duffman669 on Apr 8th, 2008, 7:39pm

<We don't have time for this!> I yelled, throwing a punch at Erik and sending him flying back. But panthers are quick, he roared and pounced on me. I held him around the midsection with my feet as he clawed at my forearms.

<This whole place is going to blow any minute! You want to risk you're life for the yeerks? Fine! The rest of you want to go with her? Fine! But right now we're the only ones who know that the yeerks are back, if we die then the war starts all over again!>

I kicked Erik off me, after he seemed to have slowed down a bit. I wasn't sure if I had gotten through to him or if he was just tired. I got to my feet, putting my weight onto my mangled arms slowly, <Juggernaut, show me where this ship is,> then turning back to Leia I added, <we'll pull it around and dock at the other side of the ship, you better find him fast.>
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Apr 8th, 2008, 7:47pm

(('Xan'? lol))

"It's by the main hatch. How long till this ship explodes? If the Yeerks are back, there must be a Yeerk pool. And when it's found, a large number of Yeerks WILL die. My overlord was one of "them". They and their traitorous supporters will be killed. If their are any involuntaries, well, you cant make an omelet without breaking some eggs."

I headed toward the corridor and noted the air direction. It's blowing away, get your masks on, Im popping some tear gas. I popped the tear gas canister and rolled it down the corridor to delay any pursuit.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 8th, 2008, 8:07pm

"Were you listening at all? The yeerks I was talking about are try to form a peaceful republic! They want to be good guys, but you're right, we can talk about this later." I said. "Let's go."

<There's no need, I'm no longer on the ship. And there is no yeerk pool on the ship either.> I heard Jas say in my head.

<If you aren't here, then how do you know what we're saying?> Eric asked.

<There are microphones throughout the ship. If you want to know the truth about what is going on here, go to the coordinates I just sent to your ship. Whatever your choice, you should leave soon. The self-destruct will activate in less then two minutes.>

"I guess that means we're leaving." I said flatly.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 10th, 2008, 05:31am

<Well, let's go, then!>
Re: Operation MAAS
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Sry i haven't been on in a bit boys but the little black box that gave internet exploded on me a while ago and so i couldn't log on forgive me. (where am i in the story.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 11th, 2008, 10:44pm

(You are on Earth with your home-boys, or you are on the ship with Juggernaut, waiting for the team to return to be rescued.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Apr 16th, 2008, 09:30am

<Alright lets move,> I said, knowing that we didn't have much time. A minute, maybe. We moved down the halls, the occasional crew member running out into the hall, but none of them were attempting to stop us. I assumed by now they weren't thinking about their allegiance, they just wanted to get off the ship. We reached the docking station, and I stopped, <Ah *%&^>

Crowded around the door were about fifty humans and aliens, in a mad scramble to get through to a ship. It seemed most had taken off, but one door was locked. It probably wouldn't have been that hard for one of them to crack the lock, but this was mayhem. It had turned into an all out riot, and no one was going to turn their back to it to work at a console. There were no more allegiances, this was just a maddened mob, and we had to fight our way through it.

<Okay, lets do this, wedge through, clear out the door for Juggernaut to open it up,> I said, and with that I lunged forward. Some of the people in the crowd finally noticed us, but it was too late for them. I hit two of them in the head as I landed between them, then continued to drive forward through the crowd.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Apr 16th, 2008, 7:16pm

I noticed the large crowd, with that sheer mass of people it would be hard to get through them all. I pulled out both a tear gas grenade and a flash bang, pulled the pins on both and rolled them into the crowd.

I covered my ears for the noise.



Cries of pain and I heard someone yell. "GAS! GAS!"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 16th, 2008, 7:30pm

Once again, my ears were assaulted by thunder at arm's length.
I swiftly morphed and demorphed my ears, healing the perforated eardrums. At the same time, I activated the air filter on her suit, processing out the gas.
I dove through the crowd, following Higgins.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 17th, 2008, 07:26am

Now more than ever I wished I could have morphed some of my equipment. A couple of tranq darts and I could have everything in our way knocked out.

<Self-Destruct activated. Countdown starting at 30, 29, 28...> There wasn't time! We were going-


Suddenly there was a bear pushing the crowd out of our way and towards the escape pods. We might just make it off this bucket after all.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by duffman669 on Apr 17th, 2008, 09:56am

I leapt onto the back of one of the aliens and dug my fangs deep into the head, slowing the creature down. Out of nowhere, a tentacle grabbed me and hurled me across the room. I hit a wall and slid down to the ground, dazed. Two of the human-controllers turned on me, dracon beams leveled. In a last ditch effort I pushed off from the wall with my arms, sliding a few feet across the floor to grab them each by the legs with my feet. With a jerk they were both down, both unable to get up again. But several more were already on me, I grabbed the two fallen dracon beams and began firing into the mass.

Looking around desperately for something to help me, I noticed a small control panel on the wall next to me, <I'm at the door,> I said, <I'll start clearing a path.>

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on Apr 17th, 2008, 9:04pm

(duff, you kinda changed tenses in that post)

I swung my tentacles all around attacking anything that moved that wasn't a member of the team. The anger that this thing felt was probably the most useful thing in a fight than I had ever had. I swung my tentacles and four people went down.

<I'm at the door,> Higgins said, <I'll start clearing a path.>

I looked over at where he was with the horrible eyes. There were about six Hork-Bajir, 12 humans, and three of whatever the hell I was moving in for the attack. I swung my tentacles and took down four of the humans and one Hork-Bajir in one hit. Higgins and I turned on the rest and took them all out. We were running out of time and had maybe 20 seconds remaining.

<Guys, now would be a good time to GET THE HELL OVER HERE!> I yelled to the team. Higgins and I with some strain, managed to take out the three octopeds, and clear a path for the others. <15 seconds guys, now would be nice.>
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Post by duffman669 on Apr 17th, 2008, 9:39pm

((haha I knew something sounded weird about that while I was writing it, I'll fix it now, I don't know how I did it))
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Xan Kriegor on Apr 17th, 2008, 10:22pm

I ran over to the door and saw that it was the one to my ship. I found the control panel and hit the emergency override. I groaned and only opened slightly. I grabbed it and shoved it halfway open, just enough room to squeeze through.

"Come on! Before it blows! Dropping a flash to cover us, watch out for the teargas too!"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 18th, 2008, 06:59am

Another flash. Oh, joy. I drew in a deep breath, held it, and exhaled fast as the sound reached my ears. My own breathing actually cancelled a very little bit of the noise, just enough to prevent breaking my eardrums again. It still hurt like Hell, of course, but my ears weren't bleeding.
I kept close to Higgins, avoiding his fists while shoving aside any unfortunate fools who lacked my maneuverability. I saw Higgins dive through the hatch, which was barely opened, and what appeared to be Nabet following not far behind. I stepped to the far side of the open hatch and waited for the rest to get into the escape ship. Nobody was going to get left behind, if I had any say in the matter. After the last of them made it in, I got inside and waited for Juggernaut to close the hatch.
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Apr 18th, 2008, 12:03pm

( uh I'll try and post something tonight... but it's no biggie right? coz I'm all alone so I'm not holding anything up by not posting...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 18th, 2008, 2:45pm

I went into the hatch and looked back at the crowd. The crowded bay was in chaos. Those creatures were swinging their tentacles everywhere, human and Hork-Bajir Controllers fighting to get through. Thats when I saw it.

On the other side of the room was a panel, and on that panel sat a red-tailed hawk. It just sat there and stared right at me. Next thing I knew the hatch slammed shut.

"Leia, are you okay?" I turned around to see Erik. I grabbed him waist and kissed him.

"I've been hoping for a chance to do that for a year." I said. I leaned my head on his shoulder. "I thought you were dead. I can't think why your parents would abandon you like that." He stroked his hand through my hair.

"I might know, but I have to talk to someone first." He said. I let go and we headed for separate parts of the ship.

I walked into the cockpit and saw that the co-pilot's seat was empty and sat down before even seeing who was flying. I started searching the NAV computer. Just like Jas said, there was a set of coordinates.

"We should track down Ellie. After that we can meet up with Jas and find out everything we need to know." I looked at the pilot and got the feeling that they didn't agree.

(For the record the person Erik needs to talk to is Isabel.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 18th, 2008, 4:04pm

(I'm ready when you are. Warning- I'll be away from 6 CT to 9-ish CT tonight [central time, U.S., approximately]. I have to help set up some stuff for a school production. Until then, I'm here.)
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Post by Elana S. on Apr 29th, 2008, 3:42pm

(Someone needs to post, I would but both Erik and Leia are waiting for someone to go. Erik needs to talk to stone and Leia is about to argue the value of finding out what Jas is up to with whoever is flying the ship.)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 29th, 2008, 3:49pm

Erik looked a bit uncomfortable, like he wanted to say something.
"Erik, what is it?"
I walked over to where he stood.

(Pleasepleaseplease everyone, let us get this thing going again!!!! I miss all the fun/action/crazy!)
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Post by PoiSoN ANna on Apr 29th, 2008, 5:46pm

(eh, I'm out of ideas. I'll post something once you guys get back on earth or whatever, unless you guys are on earth...)
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 29th, 2008, 6:22pm

Erik's POV:

"Why did my parents abandon me?" I asked. "I know that most people would say because of grief, but that's not it is it?" Isabel stayed steady, not giving away a single emotion.

"Don't try to fool me, I know you know something." For a moment I thought I saw her eye twitch. "You have to tell me, and I want the truth, who were my parents?"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 29th, 2008, 10:41pm

(WHOAhuh Whathuh Ummmn...okay...? I'll just make up something, I guess. Tell me if it stinks.)

It was almost unnerving, the way Erik looked at me, with that utterly level gaze. It was as though he was a stone, and he knew that I wasn't going to move.
Solid. A stone. A Stone...?
I knew those eyes. I saw them every day in the mirror.
"Erik, you don't have parents, in a literal sense. Nobody ever actually gave birth to you."
He accepted that after only a brief look of startlement.
"I've suspected it for some time now...when I was younger, the Agency took some of mine and Shade's DNA...well, to put it bluntly, I'm your genetic mother, and he, Shade, is your father. I wasn't sure of it until earlier, though. Now I've seen it proven, between your morphing style and the way you speak and move.
You have the potential to be the greatest estreen that this galaxy has ever seen, with training, and you were created to be the sacrifice...the cure for ID, and the death of Humanity and Freedom as we know them. If that failed, they probably thought to use you as a super-weapon.
It is very likely that some of your DNA is Tiger, but only a very small amount, allowing you to have your amazing pain tolerance."
His eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets, but he seemed to be getting accustomed to the idea.
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Elana S. on Apr 30th, 2008, 10:27pm

(Sorry to put pressure on you like that Estelore. I've got my own twist in the works, it heavily takes ideas and some events from 'Parasite Eve'.)

Erik's POV:

"That doesn't... But then... Actually that makes a lot of sense." I said. Isabel Stone was my mother... I should have been a bit more shocked, but I wasn't.

"So, do you know about Jayne?" I asked. There was a look of confusion on her face. Apparently she didn't. I turned around and sealed the door.

"No one can know about this. Not even Jayne." I looked back at Isabel. "On Christmas eve 1997 there was an incident at Carnegie hall in New York that ended in hundreds of people attending an opera being burned to death. There was only one survivor, an NYPD officer named Aya Brea. Over the next few days a series of strange events, all of which have been heavily covered-up, caused the government to call for a full evacuation of the city. They said that it was a gas leak, but the reality is a bit more... Disturbing." I took a deep breath.

"It was a being that called itself 'Eve'. It seems that the ID cells of one Melissa Pearce mutated after she received a kidney transplant when she was a young girl. This mutation was apparently dormant until the night at Carnegie Hall. From what little information there is suggests that her mitochondria reacted to the presence of similarly mutated cells in Officer Brea."

"See, when Aya was younger she was in a car accident with her sister and her mother. Both of them died and Aya needed a cornea transplant, which she received from her twin sister Maya. This is where things get a bit sketchy. A few reports say that Melissa received her kidney from Maya as well. There is even one theory that after she transformed into 'Eve' she tried to create the perfect being."

"In any case, she was defeated. Aya went on to get married and have a girl named Alyssa Hayden, Jayne's mother." I paused for a moment. "Alfred had her DNA tested, and there's a good chance that she may be something... More. I don't know if it has any impact on our mission, but someone else should know."

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Estelore on Apr 30th, 2008, 10:36pm

"Thank you for telling me this, Erik. I do not know if it will matter in the end, but I am glad that you trust me this way."
It was a lot to swallow all at once, but I certainly was trying to deal with it all. I'd seen crazier things, certainly.
"So. What next, I wonder?"
Re: Operation MAAS
Post by PoiSoN ANna on May 1st, 2008, 11:37am

(I am so confused. lol, cool twist though, whew, im glad my character doesn't need to actually know all of this stuff coz she's on earth.)
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Post by duffman669 on May 1st, 2008, 12:55pm

(sorry I haven't posted in awhile, haven't really had any ideas or time, anyhoo...)

We made it onto the ship and I began to demorph, glad for a rest from all of this for a second. I hadn't had a minute to think all day and I was exhausted. The constant morphing, battle after battle, and after what we had just learned, there would only be more. As we sped away from the ship I felt a violent lurch and looked back. The bombs I had rigged must have went off, the ship was imploding from the inside. Then, in one great explosion, it was blown apart, sending pieces flying in all directions. That wouldn’t be the end of it, I knew that. The yeerks would have more ships, and our own damn government would cover up this mess. How could things have gotten so corrupt.

Erik and Isabel went into a side room, I assumed more secrets were being passed through. Everyone had something to hide, I couldn’t tell who to trust. Leia and Erik were still a mystery, I knew nothing about them, and they knew nothing about war. Now I find that they are sympathetic towards yeerks. That they associate with yeerks. They weren’t going to get in the way of us stopping the yeerks this time around with their bull about a yeerk peace movement, there was no such thing.

Yeerks were evil, pure and simple, any peace with them was a joke. Maybe when they try to protect a whole camp of so called peace movement yeerks only to have it blow up in their faces they will learn. I was as naïve as them once, and what happened? I was thrown in jail for protecting those damn slugs, while they blew up a city, killed my little sister. There would be no mercy on my part this time.

I walked up to Nabet, trying to get a feeling of who I could count on, “Yeerks,” I grunted, “after all the crap we went through, nothing has changed. You think these kids are ready for another war? Ready to do what is necessary?”

(that should explain why I flipped out on Leia about going back for Jaz, and give a little depth for my character)

Re: Operation MAAS
Post by Shanker on May 1st, 2008, 8:37pm

(yea I couldn't really think of anthing either, so im kinda pulling stuff out of my ass)

I could sense Higgins' hatred for the yeerks so clearly that I decided I could confide in him. I pulled out my wallet and showed him a picture of a woman holding a baby.

"This is Amanda, she is... was my wife right before the second invasion. During one of my leaves I met her and we fell in love. For three months we were together before we got married. I left the army for a year to make a family, we had a daughter, Karen," I pointed to the baby in the photo, "then the war broke out and I was called back to the military. Amanda was one of the casualties caused by a yeerk bug fighter. I never found out what happened to Karen. This was 16 years ago, I still hope that one day I'll find Karen, a 16 year old girl who looks like my Amanda." I sighed and looked down at the photo. I placed it back in my wallet, and back into my pocket. "So you see, the Yeerks took everything from me, Tyler, my best friend; my childhood; my wife; and my daughter."

Re: Operation MAAS
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Apparently Higgins didn't notice that I was sitting right there.

"It won't be necessary. At least not a war with the yeerks. They are trying to find a way to become a productive member of the galactic community!" I yelled. I felt a little dizzy and my head started hurting. Damn, stress. "I admit they could have gone about it better, but I will not abandon the sentient who risked his life to save my mother, plain and simple!" Was it getting hot in here? Someone needed to fix the life support systems.

"And I think we... I mean we have to..." More dizzyness? What the hell? "There has to be..." My body felt like it was on fire! So dizzy, but have to get away! Can't move, can't...

"Mommy..." I whimpered then immediately passed-out in a heap on the deck.

(I've decided that Leia isn't going to morph as much anymore. Whenever it's convenient I'm going to have her get either her gun or a new one, not to mention the new powers. If she morphed all the time too she'd be a bit of a Mary-Sue. I'll probably think of a reason she won't morph.)
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(Too easy. Her ID cells are allergic to the morphing technology. wink)
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After I crawled into the hatch, I made my way to the cockpit and fired up the engines. I couldnt hear anything due to the noise of the Yeerk ship exploding.

Yeerks.....Andropov, the director who created me, was one of them. His files showed the Yeerks were seaking a perfect host, using mutated humans. I was to be infested, yet I escaped before they could follow through. There was to be no quarter given for those nefarious slugs.
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(Respond people! I hate having to take direct control of Erik.)

Erik's POV:

<Mommy> Pain, fire, fear. Leia was in trouble. I looked at Isabel, I could tell she had heard it too. I ran towards the front of the ship.

"Leia?" I dropped down to my knees and put my hand on her head, she was burning up.

"Someone get me some ice packs!" I yelled.
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"Someone get me some ice packs!" I heard Erik yell. I dashed over towards where he was standing and saw Burg lying on the floor. I put my hand down on her forehead, then checked her pulse. Her head was burning up, and her pulse was so weak that it almost wasn't there.
"Damn! Higgins, get an ice pack. Stone, get me some bandages. Erik, do you know CPR?" I spoke quickly, using the medical knowlege I had from basic training. Nobody was moving and they stared at me wide eyed.

"NOW WOULD BE NICE!" I shouted, causing everyone to move to get me the things I needed. Erik began giving her CPR and I took the ice packs and put them behind her neck. Her head was bleeding from the impact with the floor, so I bandaged that up too. When I was finished I brought her over to a bench on the ship.

"I'm not going to leave her side," Erik said to me sternly. "Good," I replied, "Let me know when she wakes up, or if something happens to her." I walked over to the rest of the team.

"Do any of you know what caused this?" I asked them
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Nabet had clearly dealt with situations similar to this before we knew him, because he was one of the few who kept a totally level head. Obviously, he also knew quite a lot about first aid.
I ran to the ship's first aid locker and pulled out several different types of gause and adhesive bandages, not being sure what we'd need. I carried them back to Daniel, and I started checking her neck for cuts and spinal injuries. I found nothing wrong with the bones of her neck, and her back seemed straight enough, so it looked like we'd be safe to move her, if necessary.

A new thought occurred to me, and I demorphed from my mother's eyes to my own eyes, letting the color vision go away. I looked at Leia and the others with my 'morph-sight', and I gasped.
All of us were glowing faintly blue, and Erik and I were shining like small suns, but Leia was something else entirely.
Usually the only color I could see with my own eyes was the blue of morphing energy, but Leia was sparkling and flashing with every imaginable shade of red, green, and yellow. The morphing-blue was spiking and fading in pulsing waves...her heartbeat...that were getting slower and weaker by the minute.
Something was seriously wrong here.
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(I'll cover the reason, I already have it set up in my head I just have to think of how to say it.
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(feel like keeping it going?)

I turned to Estelore, glaring fiercely at her, “You were at the heart of the governments corruption, was there anyone we can trust? We can’t fight this on our own, we need someone within the government to bring this to.”

I turned to the rest of the team, “those filthy, life destroying slugs are back. Like it or not, we are the ones who need to stop it. Our first step is to make as many aware of it as possible, but we all know that in the end we are the only ones that we can trust.”

I looked around at the faces of my team. How many of them could I really trust? I knew they all had their own agendas, but didn’t this supersede anything they may have planned. I knew that my judgment of them had proved slightly off, but surely none of them would place their own gain before the whole of earth.

“Juggernaut, take us back to New York, we’ll start our operation from there,” I said to Juggernaut, who was still sitting at the controls, “everyone else, if you’ve got government connections, its about time you call in some favors. Welcome to the next yeerk war.”

“The final yeerk war,” I muttered, “if I have anything to say about it.”

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I plotted a course for Kennedy International Space Port's terminal approach point. "There's no way we can get into any airport with this ship. It's stolen. Ill try and find a clearing under visual flight."

I turned to look at Higgins. "If you want to fight this war properly, it's not gonna stop till the Yeerks are extinct. Whether on earth, or on their homeworld."