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Mar 22nd, 2018, 10:59am

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 stickylock  Author  Topic: Instructions on Editing  (Read 1307 times)
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exclamation Instructions on Editing
« Thread started on: Nov 18th, 2007, 5:05pm »

1. Post each book in a separate thread. Title should be the book number and name, like this:

Book 21 (The Threat)

2. Post edits as a list. Separate them by a extra line. Edits should be in this format:

Page: <page number, as seen in acrobat> <optional comment here>
Original text: <find&replaceable text for error>
Replace with: <find&replaceable text for corrected error>

The idea here is that you can use find and replace to fix each error, while not accidentally risking changing other lines. For example, this is an example of a bad error listing

Page: 40
Original Text: "0kay"
Replace with: "Okay"

Here, when the editor replaces 0kay with Okay, he might change other lines in the book, potentially breaking other fixes down the road. Likewise, the page #s are listed so the editor can find errors that cant be searched using find/replace. A better version of the same error would be

Page: 40
Original text: "<0kay, let's give this a try,>"
Replace with: "<Okay, let's give this a try.>" (dont forget the comma-turned-period at the end)

3. Post additional errors in seperate posts in the same thread.

4. If you are editing a book, post in it's thread so that noone else takes it.

I've posted a list of fixes for books 20 and 21 to show you guys the idea.
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